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Stripping machines

The ideal stripping machine with an extraordinary range of applications, easy handling and boosted productivity.

Mira 230

Stripping machine

The programmable Mira 230 by Komax is the answer to today’s demands in wire processing with a large mix of products. The machine meets the high demands with an extraordinary range of applications, easy handling and boosted productivity. Thanks to special functions and its article library, it achieves reproducible top quality. It is first choice for multi-conductor processing owing to its suitability for sequence processing.


Technical data

Line cross-section (stripping)0.03–8 mm², AWG 32–8 ¹)
Max. external diameter6.5 mm
Stripping length1.5–46 mm
Stripping length with cutting46 mm - cutting length
Cutting length46 mm - stripping length
Pull-off length0.01–46 mm
¹) In the case of lines and conductor diameters of over AWG 10 that are difficult to process, we recommend sampling prior to purchase

Mira 340

Rotary stripping machine

Exceptional high-performance due to 4 rotary X-blades. Perfect cut even with critical insulations such as Teflon®, Kapton® or silicone. Sequence processing enables stripping of multi-layer cables. Easy operation by 5” touch screen. State-of-the-art and flexible.


Technical data

Conductor cross-section (stripping)0.013–16 mm²
Stripping lengthup to 72 mm
FeaturesZero-cut, twisting function

Cosmic 32M / 32M CDD

Electrical stripping machines

They process single conductors and inner conductors of multi-core cables. The portable machines are easy to operate and have extremely short cycle times.

The Cosmic 32M CDD satisfies the ever tougher quality requirements in wire processing. Your integrated conductor damage detector is unique in this price category.


Technical data

32M 32M CDD
Wire range 0.03–3.3 mm² (AWG 32–12)
Stripping length 1–25 mm
Features -- Integrated conductor damage detector

Cosmic 42R / 48R / 48RX

Stripping machines for coaxial and semi-flexible cables

Highly precise processing of multi-layer cables. The Cosmic 48R processes coaxial, triaxial and other multi-layered cables in up to 9 steps. The Cosmic 48RX is optimised for the stripping of semi-flexible coaxial cables. All have a twisting function.


Technical data

Application Micro coaxial wire Coaxial-, triaxial and other multilayer cables Semi-flexible coaxial cables
Conductor cross section 0.005–1.5 mm² 0.013–13 mm² (AWG 36–6)
Resolution diameter 0.01 mm
Maximum pull-off length 40 mm

Cosmic 927R / 927RX / 60R-L

Stripping machines for processing demanding conductors

The rotating blade heads of the Cosmic 927 series provide the perfect solution for processing demanding insulation.


Technical data

Applications High variety of conductors Thin, strong sticking isolations (eg Teflon) For high stripping length
Wire outside diameter 0.25–5.3 mm0.25–5.3 mm2.5–10 mm
Stripping length 1–25 mm 1.5–25 mm 3–200 mm
Twisting function Available Available --

Thermal wire stripping machine

Thermal wire stripping machine

The heated electrode is pushed against the insulation and rotated around the wire in order to cut through the composite insulation layers in order to melt the braided insulation. The stripping head mechanism is pneumatically actuated and able to process wire diameters up to 11 mm.


Technical data

Max. outer wire diameter

11 mm

Max. stripping length

100 mm

Cycle time

approx. 10 sec.

AI 01 / AI 02

Electrical stripping machines

Continuous change of wire cross section without tools. Continuous change of stripping length from 3 to 20 mm; integrated spare knife; full or partial stripping possible.

> THONAUER delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

AI 01 AI 02
Wire cross section 0.05–6 mm² 0.05–2.5 mm²
Max. cable diameter 5 mm 4 mm
Min. push in length 22 mm 15 mm
Stripping length 3–20 mm 3–20 mm

AI 03 / AI 04

Electrical stripping machines

Continuous change of wire cross section from 0.05 to 6 mm² without tools. Continuous change of stripping length from 3 to 20 mm; integrated spare knife; full or partial stripping possible.

> THONAUER delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

AI 03AI 04
Wire cross section 0.5–6 mm² 2.5–16 mm²
Max. outer diameter 5 mm 8 mm
Min. infeed length 32 mm 22 mm
Stripping length 13–30 mm 3–20 mm

AI 2.5–20 auto / AI 16–20 auto

Electrical stripping machines

A sensor measures the cable diameter and automatically defines the corresponding cutting depth. Full and partial stripping is possible.

> THONAUER delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

AI 2.5–20 autoAI 16–20 auto
Cross section 0.5–2.5 mm² 4–16 mm²
Max. outer diameter 4 mm 8 mm
Min. infeed length 24 mm 24 mm
Stripping length 3–20 mm 3–20 mm


Stripping head with rotating knives

With the BERI.CO.FLEX we present a new and modular concept of a flexible and universal stripping head for all stripping requirements. The head is particularly suitable for stripping coaxial cables. Useable in combination with all standard cutting machines.


Technical data

Stripping diameter Up to 17 mm
Number of knives Up to 6


The BERI.CO.MAX and MEGAMAX are coax machines for large cables and designed for the precise stripping of coax cables 25.0 mm (0.98”) OD and for stripping length up to 100.0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now.


Technical data

Stripping diameter 2.0–18.0 mm
(0.079”–0.71”) OD
2.0–25.0 mm
(0.07”–0.98”) OD
Stripping length 0–100.0 mm0–100.0 mm
Stripping steps Up to 10Up to 20


Coax Shielding Cutting Device

The BERI.CO.CUT is a highly accurate device for cutting shieldings and braidings of the type found in coax cables with multiple layers. In particular high voltage cables used in the new generation of electric vehicles can be processed with the BERI.CO.CUT reliably, within seconds and cost-effectively.


Technical data

Outer diameter From 0.28” (7.0 mm) up to 0.71” (18.0 mm) depending on insulation
Braided shield length Up to 15.75” (400.0 mm) depending on insulation


Pneumatic cable stripping unit

The AM.STRIP.1 is a universally usable, semi-automatic cable stripping machine for use in harsh industrial environments for economical production of small and medium volumes. Its special knives, adapted to the processed cable, can process nearly every available cable on the market.


Technical data

Wire Diameter:
Round cable,
Flat ribbon cable
0.5–15 mm,
up to 20 mm width
1.0–25 mm,
up to 35 mm width
up to 30 mm,
up to 32 mm
Stripping length:
up to 65 mm,
up to 250 mm
up to 120 mm,
up to approx. 450 mm
up to 500 mm


Pneumatic stripping machine with rotating blades

With the semi-automatic stripping machine AM.ALL.ROUND you can perform high-precision round cuts and strip jobs quickly, easily and safely. Easy stripping of demanding insulations, where conventional cutting and stripping processes are not sufficient or even not possible.


Technical data

Wire diameter 2–24 mm
Stripping length:
5 to 160 mm,
up to 400 mm

Sienna 200 / Sienna 300 / Sienna 500

Laser stripping for demanding applications

Contact-free, thus damage-free selective stripping by means of a laser. The method is simple: the laser light is absorbed by the insulation and vaporized. The conductor reflects the laser and remains undamaged. This is perfect for asymmetric wires, flat ribbon cable, specialised insulations, and so on. Sienna 500 has a rotating laser head. The laser stripping technology is approved and used by the aerospace industry and the military.


Technical data

Sienna 200 Sienna 300 Sienna 500
Laser 10 watt 25/50 watt 10/30 watt
Wire cross section up to 6 mm 1–25 mm
Insulation types PTFE/Teflon, Tefzel, PVC, Polyurethane, Silicon, Kapton®, ... PTFE/Teflon, Tefzel, PVC, Polyurethane, Silicon, Kapton®, Polyester, Fibreglass, Polyethylene, Nylon, ...
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