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Semi automatic reel storage system

The requirements for cable storage are clear: The storage facilities must have a simple structure, be cost-effective, space-saving and safe.

Fully automatic reel storage system "Cable Cat"

The storage system has been designed exclusively for reels and provides optimum use of storage and production space. The absence of warehouse pallets allows not only the best utilisation of storage height, but also reduces operating costs. Our storage system offers the possibility to connect several production lines, such as cable cutting/stripping lines or cable rewinding systems. The integrated double de-reelers make for high productivity through fast exchange of cables (within max. 60 seconds).


Technical Data

Small version Big version
Platform Motor driven
Reel dimensions up to 800 mm up to 1250 mm
Reel weight up to 250 kg up to 1000 kg
Reel number from 250 from 300

Cable reel storage

Cable storage requirements for are well known! They should be easy to build, cost effective and space saving. Above all, they should be safe. De-reeling has to work smoothly, quickly and easily. These requirements are also applicable to the change-over of the reels.


Technical Data

Work area Customer specific
Realisation Together, we plan the best storage for your wires. Then, THONAUER and Nicoletti design the most suitable rack for you. The aim is to build a cost-effective and space-saving storage system.
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