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Werner Wirth Systems GmbH

Werner Wirth specializes in connection technologies and component protection and acts as a think tank for the supply of integrated solutions to the electronic industry. Various methods, such as hot melt molding, coating using the thick film or thin-film process together with potting & melting are of particular interest to manufacturers of electronic assemblies and components.

Alpha 6

Coating / dispensing unit

The unit delivers the highest level of precision and repeat accuracy by up to 4 axes with closed loop servo motors. It can be used for inline as well as stand-alone applications. The main applications are coating of PCBs, precise dispensing of 1-K material and electrical component potting.


Technical data

Drive system Closed loop servo drives with encoder
Speed up to 700 mm/s
Resolution +/- 0.01 mm
Working area from 80 x 50 mm to 500 x 500 mm

TM 2000

Handset for laboratory and sample production

The TM 2000 Series offers electronically controlled hand dispensing devices for the processing of hot-melt polyamide. Mounting stand and timing ensure reproducible results.


Technical Data

Conveying system Compressed air
Temperature control electronic

TM 2200

Compact  Hotmelt-moulding machine

The TM 2200 moulding machine is our new, low-cost entry-level machine for hotmelt moulding. It is the ideal solution for processing small and medium-sized series

Technical data

Operating pressure min./max.6–10 bar
Clamping force pneumatic0.7 kN (6 bar)
Mould separation level 60–120 mm
Mould height120–240 mm

TM 2300

Hotmelt Process Unit

Due to its unique, modulare layout, the processing unit TM 2300 offers a very flexible and compact solution to fit your hotmelt-application perfectly.

The system comes either with a manual sliding table (to give you the most space for your tools) or else equipped with an cross sliding table. Both can work with single or multipoint gating. Injection can be done vertically or horizontally.


Technical data 

Melting pressure min/ max.550 bar
Material temperature range0240 °C
Standard mould size (HxWxD)120 x 130 x 120 mm
Clamping force pneumatic14 KN (6 bar)

TM 2500

Hotmelt Process Unit

As stand-alone devices, the processing systems of the TM 2500 series offer an ideal and economical entry into the hotmelt production of small and medium-sized batches. The freely accessible tool area with its maximum room for manoeuvring is particularly suited for the cable-manufacturing branch.

In order to make inserting the assembly easier, the lower tool half can be pulled out of the machine manually via a sliding table. To facilitate unloading of the parts while the system is in operation, the lower mould half is moved towards the operator pneumatically.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/max.550 bar
Material temperature range0240 °C
Standard mould size (H x W x D)120 x 130 x 120 mm
Clamping force pneumatic15 kN (6 bar)

TM 3500

Hotmelt Process Unit

The processing systems of the TM 3500 series were developed for stand-alone operation. They are designed for small to medium batch serial hotmelt moulding. The modular design for several tool holders enables efficient production. A set of tools comprises 2 bottom halves of a mould and one mould top half. While the moulding process is operating automatically on one side of the sliding table, the finished part can be removed from the second bottom part of the mould and a new part inserted. The table is slid manually.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/max.550 bar
Material temperature range0240 °C
Standard mould size (H x W x D)120 x 130 x 120 mm
Clamping force pneumatic10 kN (6 bar)

TM 1106 / TM 1500

Material preparation

Either all the material is heated in an oven or only the required amount is melted by an extruder and conveyed to the injection mould.


Technical Data

TM 1106 TM 1500
Type Melt oven Extruder
Easy cleaning, Weekly timer, Temperature lowered when not in use, Tank volume: 4.1 l
Quick change of material, Low thermal material load, Low maintenance, Pressure monitoring

Hot melt moulding sub-contracting

Hot melt moulding sub-contracting

If you want to use the hot-melt process without having to invest in your own machine, THONAUER provides the opportunity of producing your product on our Werner Wirth Equipment TM 2500. Small quantities, prototypes or small series production will be produced inexpensively and quickly.


Hotmelt-Moulding materials

To find out the right material for your application is an important challenge. The know how of our specialists will help you. Beside the materials listed below, there are a few specialized materials more which will meet your requirements.

The full details of all materials like mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical properties are available on request!


Technical data

TM 195TM 865TM 867PAR 1000TM 950
Max. temperature for use [°C]20/+170-55/+12040/+150-40/+200-40/+150
Tensile strength [MPa]173669
Elongation at break [%]630500500210500
Hardness Shore D5626403038
Mass spec. resistivity [Ω*cm]10111011101110111012
Therm. conductivity [W/m°K]-0,2-0,2-0,2n. d.0,2
UL94 Flammability classV2V2V0/V2n. d.n. d.
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