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Printing, Marking

High-performance printer for line and cable marking. Extremely versatile solutions for die-cut labels or continuous labels, etc.

ims 295 BC / BS / MC

Inkjet printer

The Komax ims 295 BC (Black Colour), ims 295 BS (Black Small) and ims 295 MC (Multi Colour) inkjet marking systems excel in their high marking speeds and in the simple and reliable way in which they process the wire. All IMS marking systems have two different interfaces, an RS232 and an Ethernet (TCP/IP). That means they can be operated with current as well as future Komax machines. They are particularly suitable in combination with automatic Kappa strippers and with the Alpha, Gamma and Zeta fully automatic crimping machines.


Technical Data

ims 295 BC ims 295 BS ims 295 MC
Min. font height 1,3 mm 0,9 mm 1,3 mm
Inks Non-/lightly pigmented Non-pigmented Highly pigmented
Maximum marking speed 8 m/s 9 m/s 8 m/s

Nova 50-100i

UV laser wire marking system

Benchtop wire processing system with marking, measuring and cutting. The improved sealed UV laser doesn't need a specialized maintenance engineer. Unpowered single benchtop dereeler.


Technical data

Marking speed 12 m/min20 m/min27 m /min
FeaturesKnot and splice detectorKnot and splice detector,
Bar code reader,
Automated power meter

Nova 800

Laser marking system

High-performance UV laser marking system for complex applications. Can be used inline; continuous printing on thin and asymmetric wires with no damage to insulation. The right choice for aerospace and military applications since marking is permanent.


Technical Data

Laser UV 355 nm
Wire range diameter 0.686.4 mm
Print specification Full alpha-numeric + customised

Nova 1000

Laser printing system

The Nova 1000 in-line unit is a high-speed UV laser marker designed for the printing of manufacturer identifications onto wire and cable with laser-markable insulations. Designed for integration into the extrusion line, the material to be marked does not require any treatment (flame/heat/plasma/irradiated) prior to marking. In addition, the system can be incorporated into an external re-wind line with suitable pay-off and take-up units.


Technical data


Character setFull alphanumeric and graphical capability possible
Min./max. diameter0.8–10 mm
Max. marking speed105 m/min

Wraptor™ Printer

Print jobs for the Wraptor printer applicator are created on a PC with Brady's easy-to-use, LabelMark™ labelling software. LabelMark™ software eliminates the material handling cost of manual identification, and also optimises wire identification with variable, serialized and graphical information as well as multi-legend marking and barcode.


Technical Data

Processing diameter dia. 1.516.00 mm
Printing head 300 dpi, thermal transfer

BMP™41 / BMP™71

Mobile label printer / Bench top label printer

The BMP™41 Label printer is a rugged, portable solution that gives you the versatility to create die-cut or continuous labels up to 25 mm wide, anywhere, anytime!

The mobile Label printer BMP™71 is Brady's newest high performance printer for wire and cable marking. The versatile printer BMP™71 is especially suitable in the telecommunication and electronic industry.


Technical Data

BMP™41 BMP™71
Type Bench top label printer Mobile label printer
Max. label width up to 25 mm up to 51 mm

CS 405 / CS 407 / WP 405

Inkjet printer

The CS Series devices are suitable for use as standalone printers or in a production line. The easy installation and operation, together with easy ink change, reduce your operating costs. The WP Series is designed for integration into a cable processing line and prints on the cable at defined positions.


Technical Data

CS 405 CS 407 WP 405
Font height 112 mm
Inks lightly pigmented lightly and highly pigmented lightly pigmented
Maximum marking speed up to 800 m/min.

Printer Ink

Wiedenbach offers one of the widest portfolios of inks, covering all types: dye based, lightly pigmented and highly pigmented. Our inks are known for their bright colours, fast drying time and excellent adhesion on a range of different substrates.

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