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Thonauer becomes Komax

The Komax goup focusses on the brand Komax

Per october 2022 a rebranding process took place within the Komax group: the Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer and TSK brands are being transformed into Komax. The websites of these companies will remain online for the time being.

Acquisitions along the value chain

Following various acquisitions over the past few years, the Komax Group has developed into a provider of solutions and services along the entire value chain. It is present in the market with seven brands: Komax, Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer, and TSK. The companies and innovative products behind these brands have increasingly converged over recent years, complementing each other optimally. In order to accentuate this development even more, in future the Komax Group will focus on the strong, globally established Komax brand..


What does this mean for Thonauer - business partners?

The 5 Thonauer business units in Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, that belong to the Komax group since 2016, change their legal name: 

  • Komax Austria GmbH 
  • Komax Czech Republic Trading s.r.o.
  • Komax Slovakia
  • Komax Romania Trading SRL
  • Komax Hungary Kft


Speed, flexibility and reliability

Your local Komax office will continue to take care of “everything to do with cables”. The main focus is on the processing of electrical wiring, as well as on mixing and dosing technology. For over 30 years, our company has made individual customer needs its priority and stands for expertise, speed, and reliability. 

The one-stop-shop with the wide product range and accessories covering all aspects of wire processing, as well as the flexibility and personal service provided by your local point of contact, will remain key features of Komax Austria. Everything will continue to be provided on a one-stop basis and our experienced employees remain on hand to provide you with the best possible service.

The new branding strategy has no impact on organizational structures. The worldwide 40 Komax entities and their 3300 employees stay at your disposal. What is changing is the company names and the visual appearance with the new brand Komax.

The Komax group is also working on a new web platform, that unites the existing websites of all business units. This integration will take place in 2023, in the meantime all websites, products and services are accessible as you are use to.

In case of questions please contact: info.vie@komaxgroup.com

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