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The company tknust is a specialized trade and service provider for cable processing in the automotive sector based in Porta Westfalica. In addition to products for cable assembly on the laying board, test adapters and twisting tools, the supplier's product range also includes grommet expansders of all kinds. The Expansora products can be found in our product range.



LEAD TWIST Wire Twisting System

The device is used for twisting of single wires. It consists of a drive unit with the twisting head and a compensating element. In all versions of the device there is an option to activate the device by means of a foot switch. A lot of working memory allows the parameterization and storage of up to 999 wire sets. An integrated touch screen offers usability. The number of windings can be freely selected both forwards and backwards. The motor speed can be adjusted as well as the start and stop ramp. In addition, precise lay lengths without lay errors can be achieved with two cores. A good dynamic twist of more than two wires is possible. The single wire cross-section can be between 0,25 - 2,50 sqmm. Harnesses up to 15 m can be processed.


Grommet expander EXPANSORA TRES Pneumatic three-pronged device incl. Positioning Unit

EXPANSORA TRES is a pneumatic table-top device with advanced function, operating at 6 bar working pressure. Flexible grommets can be spread with the help of this three-pronged device. The assembled cable set can be removed by the hand lever attached to the tool. Both cables and hoses can be fed through the expanded grommet. The pull-off unit offers a useful addition to the simple pneumatic bench tool. The cable set or hose is pushed through the expanded grommet to the target position. Positioning aids with sensory or mechanical sensing can be integrated for this purpose. By activating the pull-off unit, the grommet is set down on the cable set/hose in a process-safe manner. Time-controlled, the device returns to the home position.

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