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RAMATECH Systems AG is an international company and leading manufacturer of wire feeding systems and cable assembly machines as well as insertion devices for non-wovens and equipment for the food packaging industry.


KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind + Pull


KRI 450 / 850 Coil

The Komax Kappa cut-to-length machine guides the cable directly into the winding mandrels of the ring coiler via a guide tube. The winding diameters can be individually adjusted. After the winding process, the mandrels lower automatically, the safety hood is opened, and the cable ring can be removed. Even very heavy cable rings can easily be pushed away flat over a table.


KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind

Integration of an additional manual taping device. The cable ring is shifted sideways at the same height and guided flush into the taping device by hand.


KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind + Pull

Integration of a fully automatic handling and tying-off system. The handling system carries out a fully automatic taping process and releases the cable bundle in a controlled manner.


Technical data

KRI 450KRI 850
Cable diametermax. 20 mmmax. 35 mm
Cable lengthmin. 1,000 mm
Inner winding diameter120 mm250–600 mm
Outer winding diametermax. 430 mmmax. 850 mm
Winding weightmax. 80 kgmax. 80 kg
Coil + Bind + PullOptionalOptional

Fully automatic reel storage system "Cable Cat"

The storage system has been designed exclusively for reels and provides optimum use of storage and production space. The absence of warehouse pallets allows not only the best utilisation of storage height, but also reduces operating costs. Our storage system offers the possibility to connect several production lines, such as cable cutting/stripping lines or cable rewinding systems. The integrated double de-reelers make for high productivity through fast exchange of cables (within max. 60 seconds).


Technical data

Small versionBig version
PlatformMotor driven
Reel dimensionsup to 800 mmup to 1,250 mm
Reel weightup to 250 kgup to 1,000 kg
Reel numberfrom 250from 300
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