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The company was founded with the goal of supplying the wire harness industry with the best possible crimping equipment. They achieved this aim in less than 30 years, and Mecal now commands a respected position as a market leader. Their products are used in the automotive, communications and IT industry wherever high quality jointing is required.


Crimp Press

Press TT

The TT Crimping Press is available either in semi-automatic (for bench-top use) configuration or in full automatic (integrated into a cut and strip machine) configuration. The standard stroke is 40 mm, but other different strokes are available upon request. The 135.8 mm ± 0.02 mm crimping height allows the TT to accept all the mini-style applicators fitted with the standard T-coupling. A proprietary safety cover guarantees the operator a perfect view of the crimping zone while enjoying complete protection from any hazard. Mecal’s own CFA crimp force analyser can be fitted as an option.


Technical data

Force20 kN
Stroke40 mm
Crimping height135.8 mm ± 0.02 mm

Evolution Series

Mini Applicator

The Mini Applicator processes linked terminals with a cross section of up to 6 mm². This Evolution crimping tool is available in side-feed and end-feed versions. It fits all presses with a T-coupling and a crimping height of 135.8 mm. It can be used with bench top presses as well as with fully automatic crimping machines.

We deliver the right applicator for almost all contacts.


Technical data

Crimping height135.8 mm
Stroke40/30 mm
Pitch< 28 mm
Wire cross-sectionmax. 6 mm ²
Terminal thickness< 0.6 mm

Restyling Serie


The Restyling mini-applicator crimps on-reel terminals with a thickness < 1.2 mm, pitch < 27 mm and wire section from between 0 and 10 mm². Mechanical side-feed system for linked terminals to be unrolled left to right. Can be fitted to any benchtop or automatic press having a crimping height of 135.8 mm (mounting plate to press T-coupling). Available as: left-side-feed (MRS), end-feed (MRF), pneumatical left-side-feed (MRSP), pneumatical end-feed (MRFP)

We deliver the right applicator for almost all contacts. 


Technical data

Crimping height135.8 mm
Stroke40/30 mm
Pitch< 28 mm
Wire cross sectionmax. 10 mm²
Terminal thickness< 1.2 mm


Stripping device with crimp option

The SC11 is a stripping device that can be integrated in a crimping station (squeezing machine and applicator). With a gentle motion, the SC11 grips the cable, strips it and moves it to the anvil of the applicator where it is crimped. The electro-pneumatic drive system is PLC-controlled and allows for easy installation, handling and maintenance. The SC11 by Mecal is also suitable for multi-core cables.


Technical data

Wire cross-section0.035–3 mm² (32–12 AWG)
Stripping length2–12 mm
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