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Amada Weld Tech

Amada Weld Tech is the market leader in Europe, Asia and America in the field of reliable and high quality systems for making precision connections. More than 50 years of experience and expertise in joining techniques is translated into assignments from application research to turn-key delivery of complete machines and is shared with customers around the world.

Precision joining techniques include: Resistance Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Laser Cutting, Soldering, Dispensing, Micro TIG Welding and Hot Bar Bonding and are widely used in high tech products for the automotive, telecom, electronic, medical and precision mechanical industries among others. Amada Weld Tech has over 120 employees and is part of the Amada Group.


DC-L0600A and DC-L1000A series

DC-L0600A and DC-L1000A Series Linear DC Resistance Welding Power Supplies

The DC-L Family of Linear DC Resistance Welding Power Supply are high performance 1,000 Amp precision Linear DC spot welding power supplies. Both models combine an easy-to-use touch panel interface, integrated database process control and monitoring with a high accuracy, zero ripple linear transistor output stage that delivers ultra-fast 10µs dynamic process response rates, with absolute closed loop 1amp incremental accuracy and repeatability.


Technical data

Max. output current1,000 A1,000 A
Duty Cycle5% @600A, 3% @1,000A5% @ 1000A
Input Voltage95 – 265 VAC, Single Phase380 – 480 VAC, Three Phase

DC-H3000A and DC-H6000A

DC-H3000A and DC-H6000A High Performance DC Resistance Welding Power Supplies

The DC-H Family of HFDC Resistance Welding Power Supply are high performance 3,000 Amp and 6,000 Amp precision Inverter DC spot welding power supplies. Both models combine an easy-to-use touch panel interface, integrated database process control and monitoring with high duty, low ripple DC output.


Technical data


Maximum Output Current3,000 A6,000 A
Duty Cycle3%@3000A5% @ 6000A
Input Voltage380 – 480 VAC, Three Phase380 – 480 VAC, Three Phase





WH-M070A, WH-U070A and WH-L090A

WH-M070A, WH-U070A and WH-L090A Resistance Welding Weld Heads

The WH Family of Weld Heads offers a flexible, simple and feature rich range of Weld Head solutions for Micro Joining Applications. Incorporating a precision ultra-low inertia mechanism, Weld Heads can be specified as modules for machine integration, standalone Weld Heads or fully integrated into bench solutions. Displacement monitoring and force setting options can be selected to suit application and process optimisation requirements.


Technical data

WH-M070A ModuleWH-U070A Weld HeadWH-L090A Weld Head
Drive TypeModule OnlyMechanical (Cable) or Pneumatic    Linear Motor
Force Range2 – 70N    2 – 70N7 – 90N
Configuration OptionsModule OnlyOpposed, Compliant Tip, Twin ModuleOpposed, Compliant Tip



PA-H series

PA-H Series Pulsed Arc Power Supplies

The PA-H range of programmable pulsed arc power supplies are linear DC precision arc-welding units extensively used in contactless, high-speed solder-free coil and wire termination industries. Available for single output laboratory use and multi-output high-speed automation applications alike, these units employ state-of-the-art closed-loop electronic arc control circuitry to deliver output accuracies and repeatability better than 1% with currents up to 200 amps.

Welding currents and profiles are fully programmable with real-time graphical oscilloscope feedback that provides process monitoring and quality assurance.

Technical data

Maximum Output Current20A40A60A100A200A
Input Voltage110V/230 VAC, Single Phase110V/230 VAC, Single Phase110V/230 VAC, Single Phase380 / 415 VAC, Three Phase380 / 415 VAC, Three Phase





C16 and C25

C16 and C25 Compacting Equipment

Resistance Welding Compacting is ideally suited for stranded wires, sensors and Y connectors. It applies an eve, intense and massive compression. As compared to ultrasonic methods the surface of a compacted Resistance Welding wire is even and uniform. There are no individual strands in the compacting areas. Compacting delivers an even and uniform wire surface. Combined with the brazing technique compacting is ideally suited to join cables of a large dimension in automotive applications such as the intelligent battery sensor application which allows for smart battery power management. The compacted wire diameter may be up to 16, 25 or 70 mm2.


Technical data

ConfigurationSingle or double compacting unit for a copper braid with a diameter of up to 16 mm2Single compacting unit for a copper braid with a diameter of up to 25 mm2
Air pressure supplyMax. 6 barMax. 6 bar
Copper braid diameterUp to 16 mm2*Up to 25 mm2*

*Exact ranges depend on the application. AMADA WELD TECH is pleased to recommend a suitable configuration for compacting devices which meets the specific needs.




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