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Laselec S.A



Sylade 7 H

Hand-held laser stripping device

The first hand-held laser wire stripper in the world. Difficult cables – such as twisted or asymmetrical ones – can be easily and reliably stripped with this laser. Its unique feature is its handy design that enables a laser stripper to be used in mobile situations for the first time.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.9–7 mm
Stripping length180 mm
Insulation materialPTFE, polyimides, ETFE, X-ETFE, FEP, etc.
StandardsCE, FDA, FCC, Class 1 laser, EN2812, SAE AIR6894

Sylade 7

Laser stripping device

A laser wire stripper is the safest and fastest way to strip the insulation from shielded and twisted cables. The rotating diode laser cuts without making contact and is thus even able to remove difficult insulations gently and accurately.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.9–7 mm
Stripping length2–200 mm
Insulation materialPTFE, polyimides, ETFE, X-ETFE, FEP, fiberglass, etc.
StandardsCE, FDA, FCC, Class 1 laser, EN2812, SAE AIR6894

MRO 200

Laser marking device

When compared to other marking methods, its greatest advantage lies in the elimination of consumables (e.g. ink) and the fact that the system requires no maintenance. The MRO 200 is particularly suited to small and medium-sized quantities.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.75–6.3 mm
Conductor length0.15–999 m
Laser355 nm UV-Laser Class 1

ULYS Modena

Laser printing system

UV-laser printing system for high volumes. Cable marking of thin or asymmetric conductors without damage to the insulation. Ideal for aerospace and military applications, because the lettering no longer wears off.


Technical data

Laser355 nm solid-state laser, Class 1
Cable diameter0.75–6.3 mm
Special featuresAuto calibration of the laser, powered pot coiler, knot and splice detection
OptionsMulti-roller cable feeder system, automatic cable changer, robot for automated cable removal (RapidShare)


Laser printing system

UV laser printing device for inline applications. Ideal for integrating into a production line. Komax offers ready-made solutions for integrated use with Kappa or Zeta (UVM03).


Technical data

Laser355 nm diode solid-state laser, Class 1
Max. optical power3 watts10 watts
Cable diameter0.8–5 mm
CharactersAlmost unlimited, including bar code and logos


Electronic harness assembly board

An electronic harness assembly board allows different wiring harnesses to be produced without having to make a board for each harness. This eliminates the need for storage of harness assembly boards. Subsequent changes in the wiring harness can be implemented quickly. Installation instructions are displayed online, thus reducing faults in the manufacture of the cable harness.


Technical data

Wiring harness lengthup to 11 m
Screen sizeup to 86" modular


EasyWiring Additional functions

Touch mode
EasyTouch automatically detects when an operator touches the cable end. The cable identification as well as the routing and pinning information are transmitted and displayed directly to the EasyWiring wiring harness assembly board. This makes the operation of your electronic cable harness assembly board even faster and easier.


Continuity test mode
By connecting a plug connector to the test unit, the continuity test can be performed on a single connector during the cable harness assembly process. This way, errors are pointed out to the operator who can rectify them more quickly. But when you create all connections to the EasyTouch test unit, a final testing of the entire cable harness is performed. A comprehensible test report is delivered. It ensures a strict quality control. This function makes your production more efficient and boosts quality.

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