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Laird PLC

Laird is a global technology company specializing in the activation of wireless communications and intelligent systems, as well as components and systems for the protection of electronic devices from electromagnetic radiation.


Fabric over Foam, Conductive Foam

Electrically conductive textile gaskets (FoF – Fabric-over-Foam) and conductive foam (CF - conductive foam) represent a cost-effective and easy-to-handle method of EMI shielding. A large number of different profiles and dimensions as well as customer-specific stampings are available. This type of seal in addition to EMI shielding also serves as environmental seal (IP54).


Contact strips

The contact strips made from beryllium copper are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and mounting options. To avoid problems with the compatibility of the material, contact strips are supplied with different surface finishes.


Electrically conductive elastomers

Electrically conductive elastomers (EcE) are available in many different elastomer compounds, fillers and shapes. Common variants are gaskets made from silicone filled with carbon or silver-plated glass or silicone foam with a silver-plated surface. Very good environmental sealing (IP65-IP68) is also guaranteed with this seal.


Full metal fabric cords, metal mesh over elastomer

These highly conductive gaskets are available in different material combinations and profiles and are widely used in cabinet construction.


Board Level Shields

Standard surface mount shields one- and two-piece

One-piece standard surface mount shields offer six sides of protection, with the sixth side being the board itself. One-piece designs offer economical shielding protection where access to covered components is not necessary.

Two-piece standard surface mount shields offer users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without risking board damage by removing the entire shield or incurring tooling costs. Covers snap on and off with ease, which makes repair of the component under the shield quicker and easier and reduces board re-work. Two-piece shields are available unassembled* and are designed to survive drop, shock and no-rattle tests.

There are no tooling costs associated with either the one and/or two-piece design.

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