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Komax Taping (KABATEC)

Komax Taping (KABATEC) is the leader in the cable taping technology. Their machines are geared to the individual needs of customers and provide high usability, ergonomic design and high performance.


KTS 50 Comfort

Tape dispenser

This machine is a robust tape dispenser made for industrial tapes with high unwind forces. The tape pieces are dispensed in succession or in single-step mode. Up to 12 lengths can be set via touch panel.


Technical data

Tape width9–50 mm (customized widths on request)
Tape sections25–9,999 mm
Materialany conventional tape

KTHB Micro

Hand taping tool

This tool is the first step towards reproducible quality compared with manual taping. Consistent tape tension and an ergonomic motion lead to a uniform slope and wrinkle-free surface.


Technical data

Tape core diameter 1.5" or 1.25", optional 1"
Cable harness diameter3–20 mm
Tape width9–19 mm


Hand taping tool

The KTHB Mini is a mobile, electric taping tool for use on assembly boards. This makes it possible to tape even longer segments quickly and easily by pressing a button.


Technical data

Rotational speed120–280 rpm
Cable harness diameter3–20 mm
Tape width9–19 mm, optional 25 mm
Tape core diameter1.5" or 1.25", optional 1"
Tape outer diametermax. 110 mm


Benchtop taping machine

The KTHB-SMART is easy to handle, ergonomic and efficient, can be set up anywhere and is small, light and compact. This machine is specially designed for short and medium-length cable windings. The KTHB-SMART is suitable for all commercially available adhesive tapes. The clever design allows working in both directions, from left to right and from right to left. The winding head can be easily adjusted to different working positions.


Technical data

Tape width919 mm, optionally 25 mm
Tape holding arbor1.5", optionally 1", 1 1/4", 3"
Tape roll outer diameter max.max. 110 mm
Taping diameter325 mm


High dimensional accuracy, easy handling and tailor-made options: The KTR 10 CS (Control System) table machine offers an ideal introduction to program-supported taping. It has a combined length measuring and roll feed system and can store up to 20 production steps. This means that high-precision taped products can be created according to individual specifications. Whether simple cable sets or module cable sets for doors, mirrors or headlining:the powerful KTR 10 CS impresses with its speed and reliable performance.

KTR 15

When dealing with long cables and branches, optimal handling is vital. That is why KABATEC has developed the KTR 15 for cable sets, which can be conveniently inserted into the machine from the front or from the side. In addition, the open winding head allows maximum flexibility when long sets are being taped with different types of adhesive tape. There is no need to laboriously thread the cable through a closed winding head, it is simply passed through the open winding head. The process then starts at precisely the desired point. An advantage that certainly pays off when manufacturing trailer cable harnesses, for example. On the one hand, these are exceptionally long (up to 10 meters), while on the other, different types of adhesive tape are required for indoor and outdoor use.

KTR 10

Taping machine

Easy, quick and cost-effective taping solution. It is flexible and easy to use. This device processes any conventional adhesive tape.


Technical data

Rotational speed1001,000 rpm.
Wire diameter< 20 mm
Tape width919 mm

KTL 10

Taping machine

Small, quick and reliable for completing the most diverse taping tasks. It offers a customized solution and reproducible repeat accuracy for every application that requires in particular length measurement of individual winding laps.


Technical data

Rotational speed100–1,000 rpm.,
variable speed control via foot pedal
Cable harness diameter< 20 mm (as per customer requirements)
Tape width9–19 mm (other widths upon request)

KTR 160

Taping machine

Taping cable harnesses and modules, e.g. door cable harnesses,mirror wiring, battery cable harnesses, roof cable harnesses, etc. Taping lengths and feed rates can be programmed in individual winding steps and processed in succession, enabling a wide variety of cableharness geometries.


Technical data

Rotational speed100–1,000 rpm, programmable
Cable harness diameter< 20 mm
Tape width919 mm
No. of visualized programming stepsup to 20

KTR 1800

A model that is creating some excitement in the trade: The KTR 1800 is perfectly designed for processing high-voltage (HV) cables and cable sets with large diameters. Technically, the machine is based on the KTR 160 and, as an option, has two different lengths of the linear system: With a length of 750 mm and optionally 1,500 mm, it is ideally suited for taping long cables and branches. The open winding head is designed for easy handling and fast processing times. This allows long branches to be inserted and removed from the front. The KTR 1800 was also specially designed for taping cable harnesses that have up to 25 branches. The individual taping steps can be visualized on the 15-inch display.

KT 800

Taping machine

The KT 800 combines minimum cycle times through high-speed taping with the highest precision and contributes significantly to innovation in taping technology. Due to the high degree of automation and very short process times, this machine sets new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness for the taping of simple and short cable sets.


Technical data

Revolutions100–2,000 rpm, programmable
Cable diameter< 10 mm
Tape width919 mm
Tape core diameter1,5'' and 3''
Tape outer diameter< 180 mm


Spot taping machine

The versatile and robust machine for spot taping, marking, fixing and insulating. You save up to 50 % processing time compared to manual production. This device can be integrated into a fully automated process.


Technical data

Tape width9–50 mm
Bundling diameter3–40 mm
Materialany conventional adhesive tape

KTB E Twist Spot

Twisted cables require a secure fixing at the open ends so that the twist does not unravel. To protect such cables, KABATEC has developed the KTB E Twist Spot electric automatic bundling machine. It is based on the proven technology of the KTB E PLUS. The KTB E Twist Spot is used after the cables have been removed from the fully automatic or semi-automatic twisting machine. Using specifications defined by the user, the semi-automatic machine applies a spot tape to fix the open ends of the twisted-pair cables, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality. The KTB E Twist Spot is also the ideal solution for processing critical cable cross-sections.

KTB 50 E Plus / KTB E9P

Taping machine

Taping of simple and long cable kits as well as complex cable harnesses without length measurement. High rotational speed reduces processing time. This device processes any conventional adhesive tape.The KTB E9P is particularly suitable for integrating into a production line, thanks to its slim design.


Technical data

KTB 50 E Plus
Bundle diameter318 mm118 mm
Adhesive tape width950 mm919 mm
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