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Mixing and dosing systems and their special accessories are now the company's main products. It is also possible to adapt these devices for different applications and assemble fully automatic encapsulation plants as well. With the addition of consumables - mixing nozzles, dispensing needles, etc. - to the range, Fritz Giebler GmbH provides everything you need for encapsulating from one source.



Mixing and dispensing system

This mixing and dispensing system delivers 2-component material and adhesives based on polyurethane, epoxy and silicone quickly and accurately.


Technical data

Mixing range1:1 to 1:10
Flow rate201,000 g/min
Mixing systemstatic


Hobbok dosing system

HOBBO-DOS is a device with which the two components A and B from the two containers on the ground below – HOBBOK – are directly conveyed into the 2-K-DOS mixing and dosing device.


Technical data

Flow ratemax. 1,000 ml/min depending on the potting compound
Viscositymax. 40,000 mPas


3-axis working table

The ROBO-DOS in combination with the mixing and dosing system 2-K-DOS forms a robot system for fully automatic dispensing and application of electronic assemblies, sensors, seal tracks, etc.


Technical data

Work areafrom 40 x 30 to 100 x 60 cm
Max. speed50 mm/sec.


Linear unit

LIN-DOS is a three axis linear unit for the automatic sealing of rails, in particular LED strip light, in combination with the mixing and dispensing units 2-K-DOS or 2 K MiniDOS.


Technical data

Work areaX: 6 m max.; Y: 50 cm max.; Z: 110 mm
Transportation speed0.1100 mm/sec.
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