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Feintechnik R. Rittmeyer GmbH

Feintechnik R. Rittmeyer GmbH produces and installs equipment , systems and plant for measurement and control technologies used in water and energy management. The range includes measuring instruments for pressure, level, flow, angle and position as well as turnkey process control systems for water and power supplies and power plants, together with process and environmental engineering installations.



Stripping head with rotating knives

With the BERI.CO.FLEX we present a new and modular concept of a flexible and universal stripping head for all stripping requirements. The head is particularly suitable for stripping coaxial cables. Useable in combination with all standard cutting machines.


Technical data

Stripping diameterUp to 17 mm
Number of knivesUp to 6


The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a coax machine for large cables and designed for the precise stripping of coax cables 24.5 mm (0.96”) OD and for stripping length up to 100.0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now.


Technical data

Stripping diameter1.0–24.5 mm
(0.04”–0.96”) OD
Stripping length0–100.0 mm
Stripping stepsUp to 10


Coax Shielding Cutting Device

The BERI.CO.CUT is a highly accurate device for cutting shieldings and braidings of the type found in coax cables with multiple layers. In particular high voltage cables used in the new generation of electric vehicles can be processed with the BERI.CO.CUT reliably, within seconds and cost-effectively.


Technical data

Outer diameterFrom 0.28” (7.0 mm) up to 0.71” (18.0 mm) depending on insulation
Braided shield lengthUp to 15.75” (400.0 mm) depending on insulation


Pneumatic cable stripping unit

The AM.STRIP.1 is a universally usable, semi-automatic cable stripping machine for use in harsh industrial environments for economical production of small and medium volumes. Its special knives, adapted to the processed cable, can process nearly every available cable on the market.


Technical data

Wire Diameter:
Round cable,
Flat ribbon cable
0.5–15 mm,
up to 20 mm width
1.0–25 mm,
up to 35 mm width
up to 30 mm,
up to 32 mm
Stripping length:
up to 65 mm,
up to 250 mm
up to 120 mm,
up to approx. 450 mm
up to 500 mm


Pneumatic stripping machine with rotating blades

With the semi-automatic stripping machine AM.ALL.ROUND you can perform high-precision round cuts and strip jobs quickly, easily and safely. Easy stripping of demanding insulations, where conventional cutting and stripping processes are not sufficient or even not possible.


Technical data

Wire diameter2–24 mm
Stripping length:
5 to 160 mm,
up to 400 mm

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