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Komax Belgium nv (Exmore)

Komax Belgium nv (Exmore) is a worldwide player in the field of cable & wire and connection technology. Their high quality cable & wire processing machines and tailor made automation solutions make industrial standards work in many different industries.



Crimp Height Measurement Device

Precision crimp height measurement device for verification of non-insulated crimp terminals. The CHM can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into the Komax machines* for quality verification.

The device consists of an anvil to support the crimp and a descending measuring tip on a dial gauge to determine the height of the crimp. A spring-loaded lamella in the center of the anvil ensures the exact positioning of the terminal. This centering aid minimizes operator-induced errors and guarantees correct measurement of the crimp height.

Technical data

Mains voltage5 V
Measurement range0 – 10 mm (0 – 0.39 in)
Measuring force≤ 2 N
Resolution0.001 mm (0.00005 in)
Data transmissionUSB


Bench Top Stripper/Crimper BT-SC

The Exmore benchtop crimping presses are designed for the production of single and multi-conductor cables. The crimp presses are not only available with a standard foot pedal, but also with a two-handed activation or start sensor. These crimping presses are outstanding in terms of short cycle times, short changeover and setup times. The “patent pending” drive system ensures the short cycle time with a long crimping time.


Technical Data

Crimping force 20 kN
Cross-sectional areaup to 6 mm² (10 AWG)
Cycle Time0.5 s


This semi-automatic un-twisting machine offers high production efficiency in combination with perfect processing quality. It is also easy to operate, attractively priced and guarantees accurate performance. With its compact dimensions, it can be placed on any bench top hardly taking up any space. The intuitive software (touchscreen operated) enables you to save the un-twisting parameters.


Technical data


Max. cable diameter2x1 mm² (2 x 17 AWG)
Min. cable diameter2 x 0.15 mm² (2 x 26 AWG)
Max. twisted length100mm (3.94”)
Min. twisted length17 mm (0.67”)


Wire-XL / Wire-XXL

Multi Connection Machine

The Wire-XL / Wire-XXL can be equipped with a wide variety of modules for the following processes: Stripping multi-conductor cable, shrinking of contacts and sensors, compacting, welding, fluxing-soldering, splicing, housing insertion, etc. Various modules are also available for quality control, such as crimpheight measurement, colour detection, crimpforce monitoring, pullforce measurement, camera, insertion force, insertion depth, etc. It’s designed for high volumes in the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors.


In-line Wire and Cable Laser Marking Solution

Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available in the market, without usage of additives e.g. ink or any other undesirable substance. The laser beam does not wear, it produces a highly accurate, repeatable marking time after time. Laser marking is therefore the most economical solution when wires or cables must be identified.


Technical Data

Cable outer diameter 2 - 35 mm
Font typesLaser Font, True Type Font, Crystal Font, Open Type Font, Laser Font extended, Crystal Font extended, Free Type Font
Barcodes EAN128C, EXT-2 (=EAN-2), EXT-5 (=EAN-5)
2D codesdata matrix, QR-codes (square and rectangular)

Splicing Machine

The flexible Exmore splicing machines make it possible to manufacture perfect and efficient connections. In one processing step the necessary piece of the continuous splice band is cut off without waste, the cut piece is formed and the connecting components are crimped to a durable and reliable crimping connection using the pre-formed piece of the splice band. These splice bands are made in a wide range of materials/alloys, sizes and profiles.

IR Mobile Device (IRMO)

The Exmore Infrared Mobile Device is an Infrared (IR) processing device for product diameters up to 16 mm. The Infrared processing appliance allows efficient and reliable processing of the following components: Heat shrink tubing, Adhesive coated heat shrinking tubes, Label sleeves, Solder sleeves, Heat shrinkage caps, Related heat-shrink materials and products.

An additional Infrared Digital Control Unit IRDC-2000 is required for the operating of the processing appliance.


Technical Data

Connected loadmax. 300W
Cable length3m
Estimated life of the IR radiant element 2000 h

IR Single Shrink Device (IRSS)

The Exmore Infrared Single Shrink Device is an Infrared (IR) processing device to process multiple shrinking sleeves in one action, depending on the dimensions of heat shrink tubing and cable. Multiple cables or wires can be held in different holders, which gives the Single Shrink Device a wide range of applications. By sliding the movable unit between the emitters, the shrinking process is started.


Technical Data

Ambient temperature range0-40°C
Ambient humidity range15 - 85% r.h.
Cable length1.5m
Estimated life of the IR radiant element5000h

IR Digital Control Unit (IRDC)

The newest Exmore IR Digital Control Unit, is a digital controller with ergonomic design and a clear display with touchscreen, for controlling the Exmore Infrared appliances. There are different versions available, so that we can offer the most suitable device for every wish or application. Both versions can also be operated via a PC, tablet or smartphone.


Technical Data

Power Supply110-230VAC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption10W (w/o Infrared Unit)
Connecting load230V
1 Channel: 2300 W/Ch
2 Channel: 1150 W/Ch
1 Channel: 1100 W/Ch
2 Channel: 550 W/Ch
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