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Böwe Elektrik GmbH

The manufacturer BÖWE-Elektrik GmbH covers the full range of cable assembly, including injection molding and in-house toolmaking. Since 2005, the company's portfolio has also included the design and manufacture of special machines for wire processing. Komax appreciates the many years of experience in wire processing of this manufacturer, especially in the products for shielding processing. They can be found in our product range.


BSV 1006

Braid Twister BSV 1006

The braid twister BSV 1006 is used for machine twisting of shield wires and single strands. It produces a reproducible twisting result for crimp force monitoring. The unit can be adjusted to all cross sections by a programmable motor control with clockwise/anticlockwise rotation. This automation reduces the amount of manual labor required. The shield twister is applicable for small series and large series and processes twisting lengths from 10mm. Optionally, it can be equipped with an automatic guide.


Technical data

Footprint (controls):approx. 250mm x 350mm
Weight:approx. 10 kg
Connection data:230 V, 670 W

BSF 1004

Braid cutter BSF 1004

The shield milling cutter is used for the complete removal of the shielding at the ends of coaxial cables and shielded cables. By adjusting the tool to the respective cable, damage to the insulation of the inner conductor can be excluded. The specific milling tools depending on the cable type are easily and quickly interchangeable.


Technical data

Footprint:approx. 250mm x 350mm
Weight:approx. 9 kg
Connection data:230 V, 670 W











BSB 1005/B

Shield Brush BSB 1005/B

This device is used to unbraid cable shields for a brush length of up to max. 70 mm. Due to quickly exchangeable brushes, the device can be individually adapted to the respective cable type. It is suitable for processing small batches and large series. It also has adjustable width and speed, and reverses direction of rotation. In addition, it can be optionally equipped with an automatic start.


Technical data

Footprint:approx. 340×340 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
Connection data:230 V, 520 W

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