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Artos Engineering

Artos Engineering is a leading company in cable processing automation. The company optimizes standard machines with applications that meet specific customer needs. Over their long history, Artos Engineering has delivered more than 100,000 wire processing machines to its customers.


Artos CS 327

Heavy cable wire cutting and stripping

Run large cable processing with the Artos powerful Large Cable Wire Processor. Ideal for battery cable, welding cable, appliance power cables, multi-conductor cable for signal and power, and other heavy-duty cables and wires. Featuring servo-driven, belt feed system and outfeed drive units with a standard dual blade cutterhead for crisp, uniform accuracy (3-blade available). Includes a short wire mode for special applications. Optional ink-jet marking available. Updatable, intuitive user interface.


Technical Data

Wire SizesUp to 300 mm² (500 MCM) - Wire Dependent
Wire DiameterUp to 35mm (1.4") Wire Dependent
Minimum Wire Length (Standard Mode)250 mm (10")
Minimum Wire Length (Short Mode) < 50mm (< 2") Wire Dependent
Strip LengthsProgrammable from 0 to 1000 mm (0 to 40") Wire Dependent
Dimensions (L x W x H) Approximately 998kg (2200 lbs.)
Wire collectionOptions for short, long and coiling collection
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