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Komax Corporation (Artos Engineering)

Komax Corporation (Artos Engineering) is a leading company in cable processing automation. The company optimizes standard machines with applications that meet specific customer needs. Over their long history, Komax Corporation (Artos Engineering)has delivered more than 100,000 wire processing machines to its customers.



Fully automatic crimping machine
The CrX-44HD can handle the largest-gauge applications. The machine leads the industry by taking on large-gauge copper and aluminum wires of up to 95mm2 (000 AWG), with fully-automatic crimping to 70mm2 (00 AWG).

The powerful processor features a heavy-duty feed drive, cutter head and wire grippers. The “Pick and Place” terminal technology allows for fast changeovers of the terminal gripper and die set and lower tooling costs. Different loose-terminal feeding systems can be incorporated, including feeding bowls and feeding tracks, both of which can be easily exchanged for different terminal set-ups.

Technical Data

wire sizes6-95mm2 or 10-000 AWG
max wire O.D.17mm (0.67inch) OD
wire lengths100mm-100M (4-3937inch)
strip lengths0 to 25mm (1 inch) Longer strip lengths are possible with optional stripping units
electrical requirement208 to 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 or 60 Hz

Artos CS-370

Heavy cable wire cutting and stripping

The Artos CS-370 cutter can strip and cut heavy wires with a diameter of up to 35 mm and a length of just 50 mm with high performance and precision.

The robust wire leveler guides the product on the Artos CS-370 to the precise cutting device. The servo feed drive takes over the additional driving force to enable hands-free and safe working. Optionally, a rotary blade can also be upgraded to make even more accurate cuts without damaging the wires. This cutting module enables several alternatives to stripping for multi-layer and shielded wires. In addition, the Artos CS-370 can be equipped with inkjet wire marking and a wire slitter in order to combine further wire processing steps in one machine.

Technical Data


Wire SizesUp to 300 mm² (500 MCM) - Wire Dependent
Wire DiameterUp to 35mm (1.4") Wire Dependent
Minimum Wire Length (Standard Mode)250 mm (10")
Minimum Wire Length (Short Mode) < 50mm (< 2") Wire Dependent
Strip LengthsProgrammable from 0 to 1000 mm (0 to 40") Wire Dependent
Dimensions (L x W x H) Approximately 998kg (2200 lbs.)
Wire collectionOptions for short, long and coiling collection
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