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LEAD TWIST Wire Twisting System

The device is used for twisting of single wires. It consists of a drive unit with the twisting head and a compensating element. In all versions of the device there is an option to activate the device by means of a foot switch. A lot of working memory allows the parameterization and storage of up to 999 wire sets. An integrated touch screen offers usability. The number of windings can be freely selected both forwards and backwards. The motor speed can be adjusted as well as the start and stop ramp. In addition, precise lay lengths without lay errors can be achieved with two cores. A good dynamic twist of more than two wires is possible. The single wire cross-section can be between 0,25 - 2,50 sqmm. Harnesses up to 15 m can be processed.

Thonauer becomes Komax

Per october 2022 a rebranding process took place within the Komax group: the Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer and TSK brands are being transformed into Komax. The websites of these companies will remain online for the time being.

Acquisitions along the value chain

Following various acquisitions over the past few years, the Komax Group has developed into a provider of solutions and services along the entire value chain. It is present in the market with seven brands: Komax, Artos, Exmore, Kabatec, Laselec, Thonauer, and TSK. The companies and innovative products behind these brands have increasingly converged over recent years, complementing each other optimally. In order to accentuate this development even more, in future the Komax Group will focus on the strong, globally established Komax brand..


What does this mean for Thonauer - business partners?

The 5 Thonauer business units in Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, that belong to the Komax group since 2016, change their legal name: 

  • Komax Austria GmbH 
  • Komax Czech Republic Trading s.r.o.
  • Komax Slovakia
  • Komax Romania Trading SRL
  • Komax Hungary Kft


Speed, flexibility and reliability

Your local Komax office will continue to take care of “everything to do with cables”. The main focus is on the processing of electrical wiring, as well as on mixing and dosing technology. For over 30 years, our company has made individual customer needs its priority and stands for expertise, speed, and reliability. 

The one-stop-shop with the wide product range and accessories covering all aspects of wire processing, as well as the flexibility and personal service provided by your local point of contact, will remain key features of Komax Austria. Everything will continue to be provided on a one-stop basis and our experienced employees remain on hand to provide you with the best possible service.

The new branding strategy has no impact on organizational structures. The worldwide 40 Komax entities and their 3300 employees stay at your disposal. What is changing is the company names and the visual appearance with the new brand Komax.

The Komax group is also working on a new web platform, that unites the existing websites of all business units. This integration will take place in 2023, in the meantime all websites, products and services are accessible as you are use to.

In case of questions please contact: info.vie@komaxgroup.com

Thonauer Hungary is moving!

We would like to inform you that Komax Thonauer Kft. is moving to a new building.

New address from the 16th of September 2019:

2092 Budakeszi, Cserszegi utca 2-6.

Release and acceptance of goods will be unavailable from September 9th through 13th 2019! 

Please note that release and acceptance of goods at our company will be unavailable between 9-13 September. We will send you more information about the official changes of our company after it becomes effective. Our other contact details (phone contacts, email addresses) remain unchanged.


Grommet expander EXPANSORA TRES Pneumatic three-pronged device incl. Positioning Unit

EXPANSORA TRES is a pneumatic table-top device with advanced function, operating at 6 bar working pressure. Flexible grommets can be spread with the help of this three-pronged device. The assembled cable set can be removed by the hand lever attached to the tool. Both cables and hoses can be fed through the expanded grommet. The pull-off unit offers a useful addition to the simple pneumatic bench tool. The cable set or hose is pushed through the expanded grommet to the target position. Positioning aids with sensory or mechanical sensing can be integrated for this purpose. By activating the pull-off unit, the grommet is set down on the cable set/hose in a process-safe manner. Time-controlled, the device returns to the home position.

Successful MACH-TECH in Hungary

After three years without any exhibition due to Covid, it was a pleasure to participate at the most important and popular exhibition of Hungary, called MACH-TECH. Komax Thonauer had a really successful week by showing their wire processing machines, digital products and solutions to the numerous visitors. About 30 new companies from various industrial segments visited Komax Thonauer during the four day event which brings new business opportunities for the future.

Besides that Komax Thonauer is proud that their booth has been awarded as the „most beautiful booth” in the category of large booths at MACH-TECH 2022 exhibition. They added to the well known technical layout of the booth decor the unusual contrast of real plants. It was a great eye-catcher and surprised many fairgoers and the jury.

Komax Thonauer is excited to return next year with the new company name after the re-branding process as Komax Hungary.



Bálint Alcsuti

Komax Thonauer Kft.


Thonauer Automatic brings innovation closer to its partners


With the purpose to be closer to local partners and following the tradition which has been initiated in  2017, we organized an exhibition that took place between 28-29th of May in our location in Bucharest.
The event was a great success mostly because of the new products launched and by the large number of participants, both clients and suppliers who came to discover the newest technologies for cable processing, especially for HV and antenna cables.

A total of 14 companies send representatives to our event showing off the great partnership between Thonauer and its business partners.

We particularly would like to thank  our colleagues from Komax, SLE, TSK, Laselec and Thonauer Hungary , who held presentations and ran tests of the newest solution in cable processing and from whom our visitors could find out the answers about the latest processes that have been or will be implemented within their production facilities.

The exhibition hosted the official launch on the Romanian market of Gamma 450 - the compact, fully automatic machine. With high level of process stability and comprehensive monitoring, a fast setup and changeover, this equipment offers a compact machine design and efficient operation and also a cost-effective maintenance and traceably quality. Our visitors were able to test the functionality of the new product and have all their inquiries about the new machine answered by our colleagues. The displayed machine runs on the new standard communication platform EtherCAT, resulting in faster set-up and higher productivity, having an user interface based on the new operating software Komax HMI.

There are some trends that are contributing to the transformation of the automotive industry, such as  fully electric vehicles and autonomous driving concept. This brings on a new challenge for the cable process manufactures, high voltage and antenna cables. Komax and it’s partners are ready to take on these challenges building tailored platforms for our customer needs.

The Lambda 240 SP offers a compact, semi-automated solution to process the shielding braid of high voltage cables used in electric vehicles. In Romania the production of HV cables is still at the beginning and we were amazed  by the interest and the enthusiasm that this device was received by the participants at the exhibition.

Because innovation is one of our core values, we brought to our customer’s attention the Lambda 420 machine, used for assembly of coax connector systems . The Lambda 420 is a machine base for semi automatic assembling of multi-layer connector systems. The precise machine elements and reliable components offer high process stability and short cycle times. The main purpose of all presentations and tests was to highlight once more that Komax has a large range of solutions for all of sectors in the wiring industry.

After the success of the Mira 230 which received the Reddott Award 2017, the Mira family makes a step forward. The Mira 440 wire stripper is a great choice for wire harnesses with a large proportion of coaxial or triaxial cables. It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized series runs. This new technology was an instant success among our visitor and this shows the level of commitment of Komax for innovation and customer focus.

Overall the Thonauer Romania inhouse exhibition was a success and this only proofs that in the 16 years that have passed, our company build along with its partners , supplier and customers alike, a sustainable relationship based on trust and professionalism and we are looking forward to the future.

BSV 1006

Braid Twister BSV 1006

The braid twister BSV 1006 is used for machine twisting of shield wires and single strands. It produces a reproducible twisting result for crimp force monitoring. The unit can be adjusted to all cross sections by a programmable motor control with clockwise/anticlockwise rotation. This automation reduces the amount of manual labor required. The shield twister is applicable for small series and large series and processes twisting lengths from 10mm. Optionally, it can be equipped with an automatic guide.


Technical data

Footprint (controls):approx. 250mm x 350mm
Weight:approx. 10 kg
Connection data:230 V, 670 W

Vorstellung Daniel Schrock, Verkaufsaußendienst


Der gebürtige Münchner ist seit April 2019 im Verkaufs- und Kundenbetreuungsteam von Thonauer tätig und für den Süden von Österreich zuständig. 

Daniel Schrock bringt langjährige Erfahrung im Verkauf sowie technisches Verständnis als gelernter KFZ-Meister mit zu Thonauer. Mit seiner Offenheit, mit der er mit neuen Leuten umgeht, und der Freude in der Zusammenarbeit mit Menschen passt er optimal in die Firmenkultur von Thonauer. 

„Mir ist beim Umgang mit (potenziellen) Kunden bzw. generell allen Mitmenschen besonders wichtig, dass man seinem Gegenüber immer auf Augenhöhe begegnet – egal ob Arbeiter oder Geschäftsführer.“, so Daniel Schrock. „Ein guter Verkäufer geht mit seinen Kunden ehrlich um und versucht das Optimalste für sie zu finden bzw. deren Wünsche bestmöglich zu berücksichtigen.“ 

Daniel begeistert aber nicht nur die Technik, sondern auch der Motorsport. Wenn er in seiner Freizeit nicht gerade eine Ausfahrt auf dem Motorrad unternimmt, dann auf dem Rennrad oder im Winter auf den Skiern. 


Daniel Schrock

Tel.:+43 1 8042871-24 
Mobil: +43 664 380 73 73 

> V-Card


Available now: Test our On.Line training courses


Would you like to expand your knowledge of our products?

With our new On.Line training courses, it is quite easy and possible from anywhere, at any time!

The courses are available 24/7/365 and can be completed at your convenience on your computer or tablet (with Internet access).

The courses are available in German and English and are provided by Komax Academy.

 On.Line training courses are provided for the following manufacturers:

> Komax

> TSK 

> Kabatec


You’ll find more information on our On.Line training courses here

Here you can get to the demo version of an On.Line training course

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



Contact information

T:+43 1 804 2871-0


BSF 1004

Braid cutter BSF 1004

The shield milling cutter is used for the complete removal of the shielding at the ends of coaxial cables and shielded cables. By adjusting the tool to the respective cable, damage to the insulation of the inner conductor can be excluded. The specific milling tools depending on the cable type are easily and quickly interchangeable.


Technical data

Footprint:approx. 250mm x 350mm
Weight:approx. 9 kg
Connection data:230 V, 670 W











Intertool 2022: Thonauer präsentiert Zeta 620, Kappa 330, Z+F Evocrimp

Großer Auftritt der „kleinen“ Zeta 620


Thonauer hat heuer nach langer Zeit wieder auf der Intertool ausgestellt. 

Die österreichische Fachmesse für Fertigungstechnik fand von 10. bis 13. Mai 2022 in der Messe Wels statt. Viele interessante Gespräche mit den Besuchern drehten sich um die Automatisierung, alles rund um das Kabel und um am Messestand ausgestellte Exponate.

Thonauer Österreich Geschäftsführer Thomas Nechi und sein Team präsentierten die kompakte, vollautomatische Kabelverarbeitungsmaschine Zeta 620, die modulare Kappa 330 Cut & Strip und der Abisolier- & Crimpautomat Z+F EVOCRIMP.


Die Zeta 620 war die Attraktion und sorgte für großes Interesse. Das relativ kostengünstige Modell ermöglicht auch Unternehmen mit kleinem Budget den Einstieg in die automatisierte Kabelbearbeitung und somit einen Schritt in die Zukunft der Kabelverarbeitung.

Wirtschaftliche Automatisierung beim Schaltschrankbau wird immer wichtiger, um ökonomisch zu produzieren. Dank der Zeta kann eine Reduktion der Fertigungszeit bis zu 50 % erreicht werden. 

Der durchgängige Datenfluss, die wirtschaftliche Just-in-Time Produktion ab Losgröße 1 und die optimale Kabelablage, die die Verdrahtung vereinfacht, sind nur einige Features.

Hohe Produktivität wird durch die Los- oder Sequenzproduktion ohne Umrüsten erreicht und durch den automatischer Kabelwechsler mit bis zu 36 unterschiedlichen Leitungen.

Sie haben die Zeta auf der Messe verpasst?

Sehen Sie sich das Produktvideo zu Zeta 620 hier an:Requests from referer are blocked. - forbidden


Die Kappa 330 überzeugt mit ihrem breiten Verarbeitungsspektrum. 

Sie ist als Single Head oder Dual Head erhältlich (kann umgerüstet werden). Als Dual Head stehen zwei Messervarianten gleichzeitig zur Verfügung.

Z+F Evocrimp ist ein elektrisch angetriebener Abisolier- und Crimpautomat für isolierte Aderendhülsen. Er ermöglicht eine universelle und zuverlässige Verarbeitung von Z+F Aderendhülsen von 0,5 bis 2,5mm².

Das Video zum Produkt sehen Sie hier:Requests from referer are blocked. - forbidden



Thonauer GmbH

Perfektastraße 59,1230 Wien


Tel: +43/1 804 28 71 

Thonauer Inhouse Show und Roadshow 2022

Digital automatisierte Kabelkonfektion trifft Schaltschrankbau

 »Kosten senken, Durchsatz und Produktivität steigern, Facharbeitermangel abfedern und ein kleiner Schritt in Richtung Digitalisierung.« Diese Themen werden von Thonauer, CAE Expert Group und Peter KHU Sondermaschinenbau aufgegriffen und zu einer passenden Lösung geschnürt.

Die Automatisierung im Zusammenschluss mit der Digitalisierung ermöglicht eine effiziente und durchsatzstarke Produktion und Montage. Durch die Kooperation von Thonauer GmbH, CAE Expert Group GmbH und Peter KHU Sondermaschinenbau GmbH ist dies aus einer Hand verfügbar. 


Road Show Stationen

--> Termine für 2022 folgen


Wien - Thonauer GmbH, Perfektastraße 59, 1230 Wien

Steiermark - KPS Automation, Gewerbeparkstraße 125, 8143 Dobl

Oberösterreich - Ennshafen, Donaustraße 3, 4470 Enns 

Salzburg - Stiegl-Brauwelt, Bräuhausstraße 9, 5020 Salzburg

Tirol - e-term Handels GmbH, Feldstraße 11, 6020 Innsbruck

Vorarlberg - Schloms Kabelkonfektion GmbH, Im Bradafos 14, 6820 Frastanz


Ablauf der Roadshow-Events

08:45–09:00 Begrüßung der Gäste 

09:00–09:15 Vorstellung des Gastgebers 

09:15–10:30  CAE Expert Group GmbH, Vortrag zum Thema  Schaltschrankbau 

  • Digitaler Zwilling – von der 3D Schaltschrankkonstruktion direkt in die Fertigung
  • Smarte Schaltschrankfertigung – Endlich Papierlos und Unterstützend
  • Smart Assembly Center (SAC) – Ein digitales Montagecenter für alle Schritte

10:45–12:00  Thonauer GmbH, Vortrag zum Thema  Automatisierungslösungen

  • Projektvorstellung inkl. Berechnung des ROI
  • State-of-the-art Automatisierungslösungen
  • Maschinenshow 

13:00–15:00  Peter KHU Sondermaschinenbau GmbH, Vortrag zum Thema Individuelle Automatisierung in der Kabelkonfektion

15:15–16:00 Diskussionsrunde


Wir freuen uns über Ihre Anmeldung*:

Doris Seidlböck
Thonauer GmbH
Tel.:      +43 1 804 28 71-53
E-Mail:  doris.seidlboeck@thonauer.com

*Limitierte Teilnehmerzahl

SMART Messeauftritt 2021

Thonauer präsentiert eine Weltneuheit auf der SMART Automation Austria 2021

Von 19. bis 21. Oktober 2021 stellte Thonauer auf der SMART Messe in Linz die neuesten Produktinnovationen vor. Das Highlight war die Weltpremiere der neu entwickelten „Trilly“.

Obwohl in diesem Jahr weniger Besucher vor Ort waren, punkteten die Aussteller mit hoher Qualität. Es herrschte reges Interesse an den innovativen Produkten und Lösungen für alle Automatisierungsgrade, die das Unternehmen präsentierte.


Großes Maschinensortiment – Alles rund um's Kabel

Das umfangreiche Sortiment von Thonauer bietet die passenden Produkte für alle Unternehmensgrößen.

Bei der diesjährigen Smart wurde eine Vielzahl an Kabelbearbeitungsmaschinen gezeigt: von handlichen Tischmaschinen für kleinere Unternehmen bis zu Vollautomaten für Großbetriebe. Zusätzlich gab es die Möglichkeit, alle Maschinen am Messestand im Betrieb zu sehen, sich eingehend beraten zu lassen und gleichzeitig die Qualität des Endproduktes hautnah zu erleben.


Automatisierung mit hohen Qualitätsstandards

„Unsere Kunden automatisieren ihre Prozesse aufgrund des Fachkräftemangels immer mehr. Gerade im Kabelverarbeitungsprozess sind dabei höchste Qualitätsstandards und Lösungen entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette ein Muss. Mit unserem Maschinen- und Service-Portfolio für jede Betriebsgröße liefern wir gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern genau das, was unsere Kunden hierzu benötigen", so Friedrich Pohle, der Geschäftsführer der Thonauer-Gruppe.

Ein Großteil des Messestandes war dem Schaltschrankbau gewidmet. Die Lösungen für effiziente Kabelverarbeitung bieten ein enormes Einsparungspotential. Auf der SMART nutzte Thonauer die Gelegenheit, die cleveren Automatisierungsprozesse in der Anwendung zu zeigen.


Messehighlights mit bis zu 50% Einsparung

Ein besonderes Highlight stellte die innovativste und leistungsstärkste Kabelbearbeitungsmaschine ihrer Klasse, die Zeta 630, dar. Der Vollautomat liefert bereits ab Losgröße 1 produktive Ergebnisse in der Kabelkonfektion. Der hohe Automatisierungsgrad verkürzt die Fertigungszeit um bis zu 50 Prozent zeigen.


Kooperation mit CAE Expert Group

Viele der Kabelbearbeitungsmaschinen werden mit CAD-Programmen verbunden. Durch die Kooperation mit der CAE Expert Group stehen Thonauer-Kunden in Österreich mehrere Software-Lösungen im CAD-Bereich zur Verfügung. 


Misch-, Dosier- und Dispensertechnik

Auch im Bereich MDD bietet Thonauer großartige Lösungen. 

Auf der SMART Automation 2021 wurden auch die TM6800 Hotmelt-Spritzgussplattform sowie die Alpha 6 Coating/ Dispensing Plattform vom Hersteller Werner Wirth präsentiert

Die Spritzgussmaschine TM6800 ist speziell für die Umspritzung von Einlegeteilen in der Großserie konzipiert und ist besonders flexibel in der Werkzeugaufnahme.

Alpha 6 ist eine innovative, kompakte Verarbeitungsplattform für unterschiedlichste Beschichtungs- und Dosieranwendungen, die vorallem durch einfache Bedienung und Flexibilität überzeugt.


Die Weltneuheit “Trilly”

Zu den diesjährigen Highlights bei der Leistungsshow zählte auch die brandneue „Trilly“, die auf der SMART ihre Weltpremiere feierte.

Der Verdrillautomat kann zwei bis vier Leitungen mit hoher Präzision verdrillen und umspulen und stellt die sortierten Drähte und Kabel im Speicher dem Monteur optimal zur Verfügung. 



Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59,1230 Wien
Tel: +43/1 804 28 71 

BSB 1005/B

Shield Brush BSB 1005/B

This device is used to unbraid cable shields for a brush length of up to max. 70 mm. Due to quickly exchangeable brushes, the device can be individually adapted to the respective cable type. It is suitable for processing small batches and large series. It also has adjustable width and speed, and reverses direction of rotation. In addition, it can be optionally equipped with an automatic start.


Technical data

Footprint:approx. 340×340 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
Connection data:230 V, 520 W

SAR800 – 1250

Spool Unwinder SAR800 - 1250

The tension-free cable dispenser can feed the uncoiled material to the assembly machines without counter-drawing. The non-contact sag control eliminates errors such as material-damaging stretching of the insulation sheath.

The device settings allow individual adaptation to the workplace at hand. The unwinding speed can be controlled with the DHS1000 D non-contact sag control or a KSP/LSP series cable accumulator.

Technical data

Drive:Three-phase motorThree-phase motorThree-phase motor
Velocity:max. 2,0 m/smax. 2,0 m/smax. 2,0 m/s
Length:1800 mm2000 mm2300 mm
Width:1760 mm1920 mm1980 mm
Height:1320 mm1440 mm1510 mm

Zeta 620

Fully automatic cable assembly machine

The Zeta 620 assembly machine provides wires on two process models fully equipped for control cabinet construction – including labeling and terminals.

Manual processes take time and require properly trained personnel. The Zeta 620 wire processing machine simplifies the wire assembly process. It produces complete parts lists fully automatically and sorts and labels the wires. Up to 24 wire types and up to five different ferrules can be processed without conversion. Module options customize the process to customer requirements and also simplify complex production processes. After the assembly and disbursement in wire bundles by Zeta 620, the wires only need to be routed in the control cabinet. Manual processes such as cutting to length, stripping, labeling and inserting sleeves are completely eliminated – with reproducible and continuous quality.


Technical data

Weight (approx.)700 kg
Network connectionEthernet
Noise level (without crimp modules) max.80 dB
Width1545 mm
Length2150 mm
Air consumption (without modules)7 m³/h


Alpha 565

Fully automatic crimping machine

Alpha 565 is suitable for crimping and seal assembly for the application of ferrules or MIL crimps, tinning, twisting, solidifying, ultrasound, welding, etc.

With seven process stations, the Alpha 565 wire processing machine offers plenty of space for special processing and individual processes. Customer-specific applications are easily and effectively integrated. Thanks to the modular machine design, even complex assembly processes such as dual core wire processing, ultrasonic solidifying or welding processes are possible. Elements such as the Y1582 twisting unit, the Y1585 fluxing and tinning module, the DC double gripper module, the AEH-LS ferrule module, the S1441 seal module and the selection of various crimp modules can be integrated individually. This means that the machine also meets changing and complex requirements. Accurate processing is ensured thanks to the CFA+/CFA, ACD and Q1250 quality process monitoring.

Technical data

Length with basic module4 m / 187.48 in    6025 mm
Wire protection/ground32 A
Air consumption with wire length of 500 mm & 19.7 in (Seal Crimp / Seal Crimp) 500 mm / 19.7 in (Crimp / Crimp)    7 m³/h
Air consumption with wire length 500 mm & 19.7 inch (Seal Crimp/Seal Crimp)11 m³/h
Length4080 mm
Hard, tough wiresIn the case of extremely hard, ductile or thick-stranded wires, processing might not be possible even within the cross section range. In case of doubt, Komax will be happy to provide processing samples of your wires.


Crimp Height Measurement Device

Precision crimp height measurement device for verification of non-insulated crimp terminals. The CHM can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into the Komax machines* for quality verification.

The device consists of an anvil to support the crimp and a descending measuring tip on a dial gauge to determine the height of the crimp. A spring-loaded lamella in the center of the anvil ensures the exact positioning of the terminal. This centering aid minimizes operator-induced errors and guarantees correct measurement of the crimp height.

Technical data

Mains voltage5 V
Measurement range0 – 10 mm (0 – 0.39 in)
Measuring force≤ 2 N
Resolution0.001 mm (0.00005 in)
Data transmissionUSB

Thonauer punktet mit Vielfalt auf der Smart Automation 2019 in Linz


Auch dieses Jahr überzeugte Thonauer bei der SMART AUTOMATION AUSTRIA 2019 in Linz mit Innovationen und Lösungen für alle Automatisierungsgrade. Die Geschäftsführung, die die Gäste auf der Empore empfing, freute sich über eine deutliche Steigerung der Besucherzahl und das große Interesse an den innovativen Lösungen von Thonauer und Komax.

> Hier geht’s zu den bildhaften Einblicken des Smart Auftritts 


Großes Maschinensortiment 

Ob Klein-, Mittel- und Großbetriebe, das Portfolio bei der diesjährigen Smart zeigte einen breiten Fächer an Kabelbearbeitungsmaschinen, von handlichen Tischmaschinen für kleinere Unternehmen bis zu Vollautomaten für Großbetriebe. Zusätzlich gab es die Möglichkeit, alle Maschinen am Messestand im Betrieb zu sehen, sich eingehend beraten zu lassen und gleichzeitig die Qualität des Endproduktes hautnah zu erleben.


Automatisierung inklusive Qualitätsstandards

„Unsere Kunden automatisieren ihre Prozesse aufgrund von Fachkräftemangel immer mehr. Gerade im Kabelverarbeitungsprozess sind dabei höchste Qualitätsstandards und Lösungen entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette ein Muss. Mit unserem Maschinen- und Service-Portfolio für jede Betriebsgröße liefern wir gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern genau das, was unsere Kunden hierzu benötigen",
so der Geschäftsführer Friedrich Pohle. In diesem Zusammenhang war ein Großteil des Messestandes dem Schaltschrankbau gewidmet, um hier beste Automatisierungsprozesse in der Anwendung zu zeigen.


Messehighlights mit bis zu 50% Einsparung

Ein besonderes Highlight stellte die innovativste und leistungsstärkste Kabelbearbeitungsmaschine ihrer Klasse, die Zeta 630, dar. Neu vorgestellt wurde ebenfalls das Prozessmodul MV-20TP des Partnerunternehmens Schunk zum Ultraschallverdichten von Leitungsenden – eine Alternative zur Aderendhülse. Automatisierte Abläufe sowie die Los- und Sequenzproduktion ohne Umrüsten verkürzen die Fertigungszeit z. B. im Schaltschrankbau bis zu 50 Prozent.


Vorstellung der Kooperation mit CAE Expert Group

Viele der Kabelbearbeitungsmaschinen werden mit CAD-Programmen verbunden. Durch die Kooperation mit der CAE Expert Group stehen Thonauer-Kunden in Österreich ab sofort mehrere Software-Lösungen im CAD-Bereich zur Verfügung. Eines der Softwarehäuser innerhalb der CAE Expert Group, die Firma Zuken GmbH, war mit einem Infoportal vor Ort.


Weitere Specials

Zu den Specials bei der Leistungsshow zählte die Abisoliermaschine Mira 230, die bereits mit dem reddot Award ausgezeichnet wurde. Diese Maschine stellt mit ihrer einfachen Handhabung und außergewöhnlichen Performance die erste Wahl für die Mehrleiter-Verarbeitung dar.



Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59,
1230 Wien
Tel: +43/1 804 28 71
Fax: +43/1 804 28 71 10 

Komax Inhouse Show in Dierikon


Voll auf ihre Kosten kamen alle, die aus aller Welt zahlreich zur diesjährigen Komax Inhouse Show angereist waren. Begeisterte Besucher scharten sich um Lösungen, die ihnen genau das bieten, was sie für ihre zukünftigen Herausforderungen brauchen. Besondere Anziehungskraft bildeten die Fachvorträge mit ihren lebhaften Diskussionen und der Besuch der „heiligen Hallen“, wo man Stärken und Qualität von Komax hautnah erleben konnte. Dass Komax Services die Produktivität an den Maschinen bedeutend erhöht, zeigte sich anhand des ausgebauten Dienstleistungsangebotes, welches sich gezielt an den Bedürfnissen der Kunden orientiert und auf großes Interesse stieß. Kurzum: ein Anlass, der viel Mehrwert geboten hat.



Fully automatic crimping machine
The CrX-44HD can handle the largest-gauge applications. The machine leads the industry by taking on large-gauge copper and aluminum wires of up to 95mm2 (000 AWG), with fully-automatic crimping to 70mm2 (00 AWG).

The powerful processor features a heavy-duty feed drive, cutter head and wire grippers. The “Pick and Place” terminal technology allows for fast changeovers of the terminal gripper and die set and lower tooling costs. Different loose-terminal feeding systems can be incorporated, including feeding bowls and feeding tracks, both of which can be easily exchanged for different terminal set-ups.

Technical Data

wire sizes6-95mm2 or 10-000 AWG
max wire O.D.17mm (0.67inch) OD
wire lengths100mm-100M (4-3937inch)
strip lengths0 to 25mm (1 inch) Longer strip lengths are possible with optional stripping units
electrical requirement208 to 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 or 60 Hz



> Download Festzeitschrift (PDF)


30 Jahre Firmenbestehen zu feiern, ist sicher eine große Sache für jedes Unternehmen und etwas, worauf man stolz sein kann. Aus diesem Anlass wollen wir Sie mit einigen Highlights dieser Erfolgsgeschichte versorgen.

Um dies abwechslungsreich und spannend zu gestalten, und um interessante Zusammenhänge aus verschiedenen Gesichtspunkten zu erfahren, lassen wir Marc Schürmann, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung der Komax AG, für den neuen Eigentümer Komax sprechen, dann natürlich auch den Firmengründer und Initiator der Idee hinter der Unternehmung „ Thonauer”, Ing. Friedrich Thonauer, des Weiteren Herrn Peter Degen von der Deakon Degen GmbH, die von unserem Anfang an treuer Kunde ist, und schließlich Werner Ulmer vom gleichnamigen deutschen Unternehmen und seit vielen Jahren geschätzter Lieferant und Partner. Auch meine Gedanken zu den letzten fünf Unternehmensjahren will ich Ihnen nicht vorenthalten.

So hoffen wir, den Geist des Unternehmens erlebbar und vielleicht die Philosophie dahinter spürbarer zu machen.

Wir danken allen Mitarbeitern der Thonauer-Gruppe, allen Kunden und Lieferanten für die Treue, denn letztendlich waren Sie alle am Erfolg beteiligt.


Herzlichst, Ihr

Thonauer Team



Highlights der Thonauer Inhouse Show

Leistungsshow 2018

Die jährliche Inhouse Show der Firma Thonauer GmbH, die im Bereich Kabelbe- und -verarbeitung eine bekannte Größe in der Industrie darstellt und seit Anfang des Jahres 2016 zur Schweizer Komax Gruppe gehört, wurde bereits zur Institution in der Branche. Der herbstlichen Einladung folgten wie in den Jahren zuvor zahlreiche Kunden als auch Interessenten aus dem In- und Ausland. Der Zubau inklusive Schulungsräumen und großzügig angelegtem Showroom, der im Jahre 2017 eingeweiht worden war, bot den passenden Rahmen, eine umfassende Leistungsshow im Bereich Kabelbe- und -verarbeitung zu präsentieren.


> Hier geht's zur Fotostrecke


Programmvielfalt auf der diesjährigen Inhouse Show

Der Showroom beinhaltete eine Vielzahl von Geräten, die vor Ort ausprobiert werden konnten, wie beispielsweise die ZETA 630. Auch der in Kooperation mit der Fa. EPLAN angesetzte Infoaustausch erfreute das Fachpublikum und stieß auf großes Interesse.


Software und Schaltschrankbau ‒ Anwendung

Die anschauliche Life-Vorführung der von Komax entwickelten Software DLW (Digital Lean Wiring) zog viele Besucher an, da sie den Kunden zahlreiche Vorteile bei der Automatisierung des Schaltschrankbaus bietet. So können beispielsweise mittels Digital Lean Wiring Datenimport und -Aufbereitung auf verschiedenste Weise, wie mit fotografischer Vermaßung oder 2-D Zeichnungen, durchgeführt werden. Der Facharbeiter verdrahtet virtuell mittels DLW am Bildschirm die Leitungen. Die Kabellängen pro Verbindung können somit effizient ermittelt werden, die Fertigungsdaten werden konvertiert und auf die Kabelverarbeitungsmaschine geladen, die die Leitungen einbaufertig produziert. 


Abisolierung von Kabeln für die Luft- und Raumfahrt

Die Sylade 7, speziell für die Kabelindustrie in der Luft- und Raumfahrt entwickelt, erzeugte großes Staunen bei den Besuchern. Die Maschine aus dem Haus Laselec, die als eigenständige Einheit erhältlich ist oder in eine automatische Produktionslinie für den Kabelbaumbau integriert werden kann, wurde zu einer Referenz für das Abisolieren von geschirmten und verdrillten Kabeln und erfüllt die neuen Anforderungen der Luftfahrtnormen ASD EN2812, SAE AIR6894.


Leise, platzsparende Tischcrimpmaschine mit weltweitem Einsatzgebiet

Neu zu bewundern war im Ausstellungsraum ebenfalls die hydraulische WDT-Tischcrimpmaschine UP 150 mit integriertem Hydraulik-Aggregat und integrierter Crimpkraftüberwachung. Mit einer Crimpkraft von 150 kN stellen auch große Querschnittsbereiche keine große Herausforderung für die Maschine dar. Die integrierte Crimpkraftüberwachung kontrolliert selbstständig jeden Crimpvorgang bezüglich Kraft und Einhaltung der Toleranzen, um eine 0-Fehler-Fertigung zu erzielen.


Rückblick 30 Jahre Thonauer

Selbstverständlich wurde im Rahmen der Inhouse Show auch das Jubiläum gebührend gefeiert. Das Unternehmen Thonauer wurde im Jahre 1988 von Hrn. Ing. Friedrich Thonauer gegründet. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit erkannte man das Potential im osteuropäischen Raum und so wurde das Unternehmen Zug um Zug um Thonauer-Standorte in den Ländern Slowakei, Tschechien, Ungarn und Rumänien erweitert. Das Unternehmen wird von heute von 70 Experten im Bereich Kabelver- und -bearbeitung getragen und gehört seit Beginn 2016 zur Komax Gruppe in der Schweiz.


Vorschau ‒ Expansion im Bereich Elektromobilität

Erst vor Kurzem wurde mit dem Ausbau eines großen Kompetenzzentrums für Elektromobilität in Ungarn begonnen. Hr. Marc Schürmann, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung der Komax AG: „Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass die ungarischen Mitarbeiter in den kommenden Jahren zahlreiche Lösungen entwickeln und produzieren werden, die unseren Kunden viel Freude bereiten.“


Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien

Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 

Dies (example)

Depending on the contact type and cross-section, the right WDT-branded die for hand tools or machines can be used, easily and at low cost. The widest range of contact types can be processed in this way, from wire end ferrules to tube cable lugs or twisted contacts. Further dies and tool heads are available for almost all types of loose contact.

Technical Data

Set 441
Set 66 (D) Set RM 4 CSV 10 - F 4,8
0.5 - 6.0mm2
dies for insulated press cable lugs
0.1 - 10.0mm2
dies for insulated crimp cable lugs (mandrel crimp)
0.14 - 4.0mm2
dies for twisted contacts incl. RM positioner
0.5 - 1.0/1.5 - 2.5mm2
tabs + receptacle for 4.8mm width tabs to DIN 46247 Sheet 2

ILC Bench Top

Laser Stripping Device

The ILC Bench Top laser stripping device is equipped with advanced features, making your cable processing both rapid and uncomplicated. A variety of cable types can be processed extremely cleanly, thanks to its high-precision infrared laser rotary cut. Depending on the model, the device accepts a wide range of cable diameters. The modern program supplied ensures quick mechanical changes between cables with different characteristics and external diameters. The ILC Bench Top can handle the majority of insulation materials and the most difficult types of cable, even processing intermediate insulation.


Technical Data

ILC-20/8 BTILC-20/8 BTSILC-30/20 BTS
Outside diameterfrom 0.5 to 7.8 mmfrom 0.5 to 7.8 mmfrom 1 to 20 mm
Stripping length3-115 mm3-115 mm 3-115 mm
Laser type and strengthInfrared CO2, 20 wattInfrared CO2, 20 wattInfrared CO2, 30 watt
Laser cutCircumferential cutCircumferential, longitudinal, and spiral cutCircumferential, longitudinal, and spiral cut

Thonauer chooses a new design


Company Anniversary

Thonauer is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The company was founded by Ing. Friedrich Thonauer in Vienna and offers its services in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania. Ing. Mag. (FH) Werner Renner, CEO since 2016, explains the success of the industrial company as follows:

“We are very close to our customers and with our large portfolio we are able to offer the right product to solve our customers’ problems.  Furthermore, we only sell high quality equipment supplied by leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring both quality and longevity.  But that’s not all. Our customers appreciate the expertise and commitment of our sales and service team."


Thonauer in a new outfit

On the occasion of their 30th anniversary and to celebrate being part of the Komax family, the company has changed their tried and tested "outfit" and relaunched it.

“Innovation is an important factor in our business strategy, so we decided to also modernize our visual brand identity. In addition, this new brand identity will underline our closeness to the parent company. I would also like to take the opportunity of this anniversary to thank our customers, who have been with us for the last 30 years. My team and I are already looking forward to the next 30 years ", said the Thonauer CEO.



Press contact:

Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien

Phone: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 

Thonauer's smart(er) Messeauftritt 2018


Wie jedes Jahr, war Thonauer auch diesmal auf der SMART Automation in Wien präsent und begeisterte mit seinen neuesten Innovationen im Sortiment.

Dazu zählte beispielsweise der Laserstripper von Laselec Sylade 7H, der bereits auf der Productronica 2017 mit dem Innovation-Award ausgezeichnet wurde. Ein weiteres Produkt-Highlight auf der Messe war der universale Stripper-Crimper UNIC-GV von Zoller & Fröhlich mit der Möglichkeit, ohne Umrüsten bis zu fünf verschiedene Aderendhülsen zu verarbeiten.

Die Besucher konnten nicht nur die einzelnen Produkte am Thonauer Stand bestaunen, sie profitierten auch von der Standnähe zum Connected4Productivity-Partner EPLAN. So konnten sich die Kunden über das Thema Prozessautomation von der Planung bis zur Fertigung allumfassend informieren.

> Mehr Informationen zu der Firmenkooperation rund um den Schaltschrankbau finden Sie hier.



Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com


The STCS-SYX is a heat shrink system based on infrared technology capable of processing up to six meters long harnesses. The equipment can be supplied only as onesingle main module suitable to process products up to one meter long and extension modules are available to enlarge the machine’s production area.



Thonauer presents the new stripping and crimping machine UNIC-GV from Zoller + Fröhlich.

This machine allows processing five ferrules on reel with different cross sections. The user chooses the cross-section in the range of 0.5–2.5 mm² (AWG 20 – 14) and the machine adjusts itself independently and gets the correct ferrule automatically.


Benefits for you:

  • Sorted ferrules storage
  • Fast cycle time
  • Prepared for max. 23,000 ferrules
  • Excellent price-performance-ratio
  • Easy operation with a touch display
  • Communication interface


> Download Data Sheet (PDF)

> Download Product News Z+F (PDF)

Standard: Trapezium



> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


For more information contact
Thomas Stummer
or +43 1 8042871-23


Herbert Wiesinger
or +43 1 8042871-54



The ISAC14 (Integrated System Automatic Centering) is a newly developed system to integrate to the existing STCS-CS14 to guarantee the centering of the heat shrink tube on the splice. It’s an automatic system, developed as an addon for STCS-CS14 and it’s compatible with all the previous versions of this model.

Sparkling with new ideas at Productronica 2017


As always, the invitation was followed by a large number of visitors, each rushing to stay ahead with their knowledge of the latest product innovations. From a visitor's point of view, our stand was one of the most attractive at the Munich fair.

> Click here for photo gallery


eCar cable processing
There was a crush around the latest development from the Hungarian subsidiary of the Thonauer group – a special cable processing machine for high voltage cables that are used in electric cars. This high-tech device will greatly simplify the production of eCars.


Mobile stripper for aerospace applications
Laselec’s Sylade 7 H – the first mobile laser wire stripper – was immediately presented with the "Innovation Award 2017” at the exhibition, as this stripper is perfect for the sophisticated cable processing needed in the aerospace industry.


RoboSpot shows how it works
Streams of spectators crowded around the RoboSpot – a robot by Kabatec with a KTB E9 bundling head. With this robot, Kabatec convincingly demonstrated that fully automatic shaping of cable harnesses using spot tapes is already feasible.


And even more eye-catchers
KOMAX also presented the recently developed MES Manufacturing Execution System, which optimizes the value chain in cable production, together with the HMI machine interface that had just arrived from the developers. Once again, this will significantly simplify the operation of Komax fully automated machines.

Further highlights included the Zeta 640 and Omega 740 cable assembly machines.  These machines can be used to manufacture complete cable sets. The Omega 740 even fits plug housings fully automatically, making it ideal for the automotive industry.

Kabatec presented a further development of the KTB E Plus, called the KTB EK for short, in which an ultrasonically welded splice is bandaged in a continuous process.

Zoller & Fröhlich also showed battery-powered strippers such as the new AI 01E, and also the 5-way stripper-crimper, the UNIC-GV.

You weren’t there? Then come and visit us in our showrooms in Vienna or Bucharest and make yourself familiar with the latest machines on site. We look forward to seeing you.


Press contact
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien

Phone: +43 1 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 

Umfirmierung von Thonauer Ungarn

Die Thonauer Gruppe ist für ihre Kunden seit rund 30 Jahren ein verlässlicher Handelspartner für Maschinen für die Kabelverarbeitung. Seit 2016 gehört sie zu Komax, dem Markt- und Technologieführer von Lösungen für die automatisierte Kabelverarbeitung.


Mit der Übernahme durch Komax hat sich Thonauer Kft. in Ungarn zunehmend zu einem wichtigen Produktionsstandort von Komax entwickelt. Das Unternehmen konstruiert und produziert Sondermaschinen für die weltweite Nachfrage nach Automatisierungslösungen für die Kabelverarbeitung im Bereich der Elektromobilität. Thonauer Kft. hat 2017 sein Team gezielt mit neuen Fachkräften verstärkt, um den Marktanforderungen auch künftig gerecht zu werden.


Damit der Wandel zu einem Komax-Produktionsstandort auch im Firmennamen sichtbar wird, wurde das Unternehmen per 1. November 2017 in Komax Thonauer Kft. umfirmiert. Wir bitten Sie deshalb, in Ihren Datenbanken die Adresse per sofort anzupassen. Die korrekte Anschrift lautet:


Komax Thonauer Kft.
Tiefenweg út. 14-16.
2092 Budakeszi


Komax Thonauer Kft. bleibt unverändert ein wichtiger Vertriebs- und Servicestandort der Thonauer Gruppe. Der Vertrieb wird über das Thonauer-Mutterhaus in Wien gesteuert. Ihre bestehenden An-sprechpersonen werden Ihnen weiterhin gerne zur Verfügung stehen. Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen.


Für nähere Informationen kontaktieren Sie
Herrn Alföldy-Boruss Áron
+36 20 464 2046

Komax Thonauer Kft.

For around 30 years, the Thonauer Group has been a reliable trading partner to its customers for wire processing machinery. In 2016 it became part of Komax, the market and technology leader in auto-mated wire processing solutions.


With the acquisition, Thonauer Kft. in Hungary has developed into an important production site for Komax. The company constructs and produces special machinery to meet the global demand for wire processing automation solutions in the area of electro-mobility. In 2017 Thonauer Kft. expanded its team with new specialists in order to satisfy the market requirements of the future.


To make this transformation into a Komax production site apparent in the company name too, on 1 November 2017 the company was renamed Komax Thonauer Kft. Please therefore amend the ad-dress in your databases with immediate effect. The correct address is:


Komax Thonauer Kft.
Tiefenweg út. 14-16.
2092 Budakeszi


Komax Thonauer Kft. remains a key distribution and service location for the Thonauer Group, with distribution being controlled through Thonauer’s parent company in Vienna. Your existing contact persons will be available to assist you. We look forward to continuing to work together with you.


For additional information, please contact:
Alföldy-Boruss Áron
+36 20 464 2046


AM 04 Duomatic

Stripping and crimping machine for loose, insulated ferrules

Electro pneumatically driven stripping and crimping machine. Crimp quality according to DIN 46228. Special feature: Two cross-sections of any lengths can be processed at the same time. You can switch between preset cross-sections at the push of a button. Thonauer can also supply you with the right ferrules.


Technical data

AM 04 Duomatic
Conductor cross-section4– 10 mm²
Crimp length8–12(18) mm

Mira 340

Thonauer presents the new Mira 340 rotary wire stripping machine. This programmable machine has been developed for universal use while maintaining maximum precision. 


Benefits for you:

  • Processes a broad range of sizes: 0.013–16 mm²
  • Rotary blade – also suitable for difficult insulation applications
  • Easy operation with a touch display
  • Sequential processing – for example, for multi-conductor or multi-layer cables


Ask about our demonstration machine!

> Download datasheet (PDF)
Requests from referer are blocked. - forbidden


Intuitive touch screen


Time-saving processing of various types of cable and insulation


Technik-Kunst in Symbiose


Thonauer lädt zur Eröffnung des neuen Schauraums mit einem facettenreich gestalteten Maschinenpark ein. Der Geschäftsführer zieht darüber hinaus eine kurze Bilanz über das vorherige Geschäftsjahr und gewährt einen generellen Markt-Einblick in die Welt rund um Kabelbe- und -verarbeitung, Misch- und Dosiertechnik und EMV-Abschirmung.


Zur Eröffnung des Zubaus

Der 280 m² große Zubau wurde feierlich durch den Gründer der Fa. Thonauer, Hrn. Ing. Friedrich Thonauer, eingeweiht. „Es freut mich mitzuerleben, wie das Unternehmen durch die Entwicklung von Sondermaschinen mittlerweile selbst neue Innovationen auf den Markt bringt. Ich könnte Stunden hier im Schauraum verbringen, wo sich eine Maschine in einem anschaulichen, praxisbezogenen Produktionsprozess an die andere reiht“, so Hr. Friedrich Thonauer. Der neue Hightech-Showroom zeigt unter anderem den Crimpvollautomaten ZETA 630 und die neue Coating- und Dispensanlage Alpha 6.

Neben hauseigenen Fachvorträgen aus den Bereichen Crimptechnik und Komponentenschutz berichtet der Gastreferent der Fa. EPLAN zum Thema„Automatisierung im Schaltschrankbau“. Zusätzlich stellt Hr. Ing. Mag. (FH) Werner Renner, Geschäftsführer der Fa. Thonauer, die neue Kooperation mit Autosplice und seinem Produkt ACS 2000 vor.

Produktinnovationen und Wahl der Händler

Das Unternehmen zeigt sich seit Jahren innovativ mit immer neuen Maschinen-Überraschungen am Markt. Zur Wahl der Händler meint GF Renner, dass generell versucht werde, nur mit Lieferanten zusammenzuarbeiten, die auch diese Innovationsfreudigkeit mitbrächten. „Das ist für uns entscheidend, sowohl für unsere Konzernmutter Komax, mit ihrer überdurchschnittlichen Innovationsrate, als auch für uns selbst, mit unseren eigenen Produktentwicklungen in Ungarn.“


Das Unternehmen zieht eine vorläufige Bilanz

Hr. Ing. Mag. (FH) Werner Renner, seit Beginn 2016 Geschäftsführer der Firma Thonauer, verweist stolz auf den neuen Maschinenpark im modernen Zubau und lässt einen kleinen Rückblick und eine Vorschau in das kommende Geschäftsjahr zu. „2016 und das bisherige 2017 waren geprägt durch vielschichtige Veränderungen. Einerseits hatten wir natürlich diverse Aktivitäten durch die Integration in die Komax-Vertriebsorganisation, und andererseits konnten wir der großen Marktnachfrage nachkommen“. Der Geschäftsführer verweist auf einen Konzern-Umsatzzuwachs innerhalb der letzten 5 Jahre um 100 %. Der bereits im Geschäftsjahr 2015 erreichte Konzern-Umsatz von 32 Mio. Euro konnte im Jahr 2016 nochmals um 3 Mio. Euro auf 35 Mio. Euro gesteigert werden. Sowohl der Ansatz, die Kabelsatzfertigung für den Schaltschrankbau zu automatisieren, wurde am Markt noch intensiver angenommen als auch die variantenreiche Produktpalette im Bereich der Misch- und Dosiertechnik.



Der Umsatz der Thonauer-Gruppe mit 35 Millionen Euro wurde in den letzten 5 Jahren fast verdoppelt. GF Renner merkt an: „Ich denke, dass viele Kunden die Beratung, den Service und nicht zuletzt die Produktvielfalt und Qualität der von uns vertriebenen Produkte schätzen – und das nun seit fast 30 Jahren. Durch die Integration in die KOMAX-Gruppe im letzten Jahr konnten wir zusätzlich noch den Informationsfluss im Bereich Technik intensivieren, was unseren Kunden definitiv zu Gute kam. Im Geschäftsjahr 2018 wird es einmal mehr um die Kosteneinsparung durch Effizienzsteigerung gehen. Wir haben hier noch viel Arbeit vor uns“.


Trend zur Automatisierung im Bereich Kabelbearbeitung

Schnellere Fertigung, Fehlervermeidung, geringere Toleranzen, Kostendruck, das alles führt zu einem Trend weg von der Handzange zur halb- bzw. vollautomatischen Fertigung. Die Fa. Thonauer sieht vor allem im Schaltschrankbau in Österreich ein enormes Einsparungspotential. „Die Komax Zeta 630, 2016 relaunched, die sich in unserem neuen Showroom zum Angreifen und Testen befindet, ist genau die Maschine für dieses Segment“, so GF Renner. „Im Bereich der Kabelkonfektion ist man in Sachen Automatisierung schon einen Schritt weiter. Hier versucht man über Manufacturing Execution Systeme (MES) – Stichwort Industrie 4.0 – die Effizienz über bessere Planung der Maschinenauslastung noch weiter zu steigern. Gemeinsam mit kürzeren Produktionsdurchlaufzeiten, reduzierten Lagerständen an Rohmaterialen und halbfertigen Waren gibt es hier ein enormes Kosteneinsparungspotenzial. Auch hier können wir maßgeschneiderte Software-Lösungen anbieten.“



Thonauer lässt seit Langem im Bereich Schaltschrankbau immer wieder mit Schlagworten wie „Effizienz“ und „Wirtschaftlichkeit“ aufhorchen. Renner dazu: „In Abhängigkeit von der Anzahl der zu produzierenden Schaltschränke, bieten wir für alle Budgets interessante und sinnvolle Automatisierungslösungen an. Unser Beitrag liegt darin, dass wir über unsere breite Produktpalette und intensive Beratung für jeden Kunden eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung finden.“


Misch- und Dosiertechnik

Das Unternehmen Thonauer ist seit 2014 erfolgreich mit dem Ausbau dieser Produktgruppe beschäftigt und hat das Potenzial am österreichischen Markt frühzeitig erkannt. GF Renner erklärt: „Wir sprechen hier im Speziellen vom Auftragen geschäumter Dichtungen, von Elektroverguss, von Klebemaschinen und von Niederdruckspritzguss. Speziell im Automotive-Segment kommen unsere Anlagen von anerkannten Lieferanten, wie z.B. Rampf, DreiBond oder Werner Wirth, die sich einer enormen Nachfrage erfreuen. Mischen, Dosieren und Dispensern hat sich bei Thonauer zu einem wesentlichen Bestandteil des Programms entwickelt.“


Kunst und Technik in Symbiose

Dass Technik und Kunst sich gut vereinen, wird während der Eröffnungsfeier zusätzlich durch die Künstlerin Gaffa Galaktika zum Ausdruck gebracht. Mit ihrem sprechenden Portraitautomaten zeigt die Performance-Künstlerin das Wechselspiel zwischen Leben und bloßem Funktionieren.


Für nähere Informationen bzw. Anfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an:
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0

MicroForce 80


Crimp force monitor for retrofitting.

The MicroForce 80 is a simple and precise solution on the market that will assure your quality. You can retrofit this crimp force monitor on any crimping machine. Simple, cost-effective and reliable.


  • Easy operation via touchscreen.
  • Simple programming of different measurement curves.
  • Measured values are archived via a USB interface.  


> Download Datasheet (PDF)



Shortest possible changeover times thanks to storage of product details.


The crimp force curve of each crimp is compared with the reference curve.



EHC 13

Battery Crimp Tool EHC 13

EHC 13 Battery Crimp Tool is designed for the crimping of loose piece contacts in small and medium volumes. Small and larger cross sections can be crimped in areas especially difficult to access. The ergonomic design and wide range of crimping profiles provides flexibility and efficiency to your manufacturing environment. The “Quick Connect System” combines the ability to change tool heads and die sets easily to provide several industry standard and custom crimp solutions. An additional benefit is offered with the cutting tool head, which provides the capability to cut cables up to a diameter of 54 mm.

How to make the cut with ease


An all-rounder among cutting machines, the Iota 330 can be used in all situations. It performs as smoothly and reliably as you require and is easy to operate.



  • For cutting a wide range of materials: Flat ribbon cables, leads, tapes, films, plastic, pneumatic hoses, shrink tubing, etc.
  • Material feed via a gentle belt drive
  • Smartphone-like touchscreen operation
  • Best possible productivity
  • Interface to feeding systems


> Download Datasheet (PDF)


Smartphone-like touchscreen operation


Cut a wide range of materials



UP 15

Electric crimping machine for contact processing

The WDT UP15 electric crimping machine is the perfect introduction to contact processing. The extensive tool head system with the option for customer-specific solutions and the stepless tool head for ferrules ensures you will have maximum processing flexibility. The user-friendly touch display enables easy access to additional settings and service options. The linear movement with sequence control ensures the highest crimping quality. It is also suitable for automotive applications.


Technical data

Crimp Force15 kN
Working mechanismLinear
Uninsulated tube and crimp cable lugsup to max. 10 mm²
Automotive applicationsup to max. 6 mm²
Electrical connection115 V,60Hz / 230 V,50Hz
Weight10.5 kg

Das war die SMART Automation 2017


Wie auch im letzten Jahr nahm Thonauer erfolgreich an der SMART Automation teil und präsentierte seine neuesten Maschinen zur Draht- und Kabelbearbeitung wie beispielsweise die Schneidemaschine IOTA 330, die Zeta 630 zur vollautomatischen Kabelsatzfertigung und die Schneide- / Abisoliermaschine KAPPA 315.


IOTA 330

Hr. W. Renner, GF der Thonauer-Gruppe im Gespräch: „Mit unserer Schneidemaschine IOTA 330 vor Ort konnten wir unseren bestehenden und potentiellen Kunden vorführen, wie mit neuester Schneidetechnik vielseitiges Endlosschneidgut bis 1000 m präzise abgelängt werden kann. Diese Maschine ist quasi unser Baby, unser neuestes Schmuckstück in unserem Portfolio“, und zeigte stolz auf das Hightech-Gerät.


Zeta 630

Auch die Zeta 630 war in diesem Jahr wieder ein Hingucker, so waren sich viele Messebesucher einig. Hr. Wiesinger, Vertriebsingenieur bei Thonauer, erklärte die Arbeitsweise, auch für Technik-Anfänger verständlich: „Unsere Zeta ist der Vollautomat im Schaltschrankbau und ist speziell mit der Schnittstelle zu EPLAN für die notwendige Prozessvereinfachung nicht mehr wegzudenken. Die Drähte kommen in der richtigen Reihenfolge fix und fertig geschnitten, mit Kontakten oder Aderendhülsen bestückt und beschriftet, heraus. Die Kabel verlassen gebündelt oder verkettet just-in-time die Maschine, wie sie für den Einbau im Schaltschrank gebraucht werden. Die Ersparnis durch die Vereinfachung der Prozesse liegt bei bis zu 50 %“.


Generell präsentierte Thonauer einen riesigen Maschinenpark auf der diesjährigen SMART. Das begeisterte Publikum konnte sich von den neuesten Maschinen persönlich überzeugen. Zusätzlich stellte das Unternehmen gemeinsam mit WEIDMÜLLER, EPLAN und RITTAL sowie SONEPAR die neue Kooperation „Connected 4 Productivity“ der breiten Öffentlichkeit vor. Anschaulich wurde von den Projektpartnern in Live-Demos gezeigt, wie Firmen miteinander agieren, um Prozesse bei der Steuerungs- und Schaltanlagenfertigung gemeinsam zu optimieren.


„Im Herbst wird unser Showroom in Wien noch größer“, so Renner. „Dann sind wir in der Lage, dass sich unsere österreichischen Kunden und die Ingenieure von morgen direkt vor Ort mit unseren neuesten und größten Maschinen vertraut machen können. Letztendlich steht Thonauer für Kostensenkung, Effizienzsteigerung, Automatisierung. Und was gibt es hier Leichteres, als den Beweis live anzutreten, indem man zeigt, wie man mit unseren Maschinen alle drei Parameter miteinander durchaus vereinen kann. Zusätzlich werden wir unseren Kunden durch den Zubau Schulungsräume anbieten können und diese sehr aktiv nutzen“.


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IOTA 330 und KAPPA 315


IOTA 330 – Was steckt dahinter

Was futuristisch klingt, lässt sich einfach auf den Punkt bringen. Die IOTA 330 ist laut Aussage des Thonauer Geschäftsführers, Hrn. Werner Renner, die Allrounderin unter den Schneidemaschinen für den Einsatz im Elektro-Bereich. Mit dieser neuen Schneidetechnik lässt sich vielseitiges Endlosschneidgut bis 1000 m präzise ablängen. Mit dieser Revolution im Schneidemaschinenbereich lassen sich neben Leitungen auch Plastikbänder, Pneumatikschläuche, Schrumpfschläuche, Flachbandleitungen und vieles mehr problemlos, schonend und zuverlässig schneiden. Für hohe Produktionsmengen können bis zu 4 Spuren zur parallelen Verarbeitung genutzt werden.

> Nähere Produktinformationen finden Sie hier


KAPPA 315 für kleinere Kabel-Querschnitte

Auch die neue KAPPA 315 aus der bekannten KAPPA-Familie ist erstmals mit von der Partie und wird dem Fachpublikum vorgestellt. Was ist neu an dieser Maschine? Schneidkraft, hohe Stückzahlleistung und eine fortschrittliche Sensorik machen den KAPPA 315 Schneid- und Abisolierautomaten zur ersten Wahl auch für kleinere Kabel-Querschnitte bis zu 10 mm² Durchschnitt. Die sensorische Leitungsdurchmesser und Querschnittserkennung erlaubt es, neue Kabelmaterialien per Knopfdruck einzurichten und parametrieren. Das einzigartige, werkzeuglose Messprinzip minimiert das zeitaufwändige Einrichten auf das Minimum.


Maschinentechnik vom Feinsten meets Kostensenkung

Die diesjährige SMART Automations-Messe in Linz wird nicht nur zum Anlass genommen, die neuesten Produkte aus dem Hause Thonauer dem Fachpublikum direkt zu präsentieren. Gezeigt werden zusätzlich Maschinen und Geräte aus den Bereichen Kabelbearbeitung, Dosier- und Dispensertechnik sowie alles zum Thema EMV-­Abschirmung. Der zweite Messe-Themenschwerpunkt neben IOTA und KAPPA ist diesjährig laut Hrn. Renner die „Kostensenkung durch Automatisierung im Schaltschrankbau“.



Daher hat man sich zu einer Kooperation mit namhaften Unternehmen im Bereich Schaltanlagenbau entschlossen und zeigt gemeinsam auf der  Technikmesse SMART Automation Austria Linz 2017 Messebesuchern erstmals „schaltbaunah“, wie es geht. Gezeigt wird auf einem RITTAL Montagetisch, wie Komponenten von WEIDMÜLLER für den fertigen RITTAL Schaltschrank montiert werden, wie die EPLAN-Software, die Planung übernimmt und die Daten an den Komax-Vollautomaten Zeta bei Thonauer übergibt, der dann auch noch die komplette Verkabelung vorbereitet. SONEPAR wird auf Touchscreentischen die Digitalisierung und deren Dienstleistung darstellen.


 W. Renner, Geschäftsführer: „Besuchen Sie uns einfach auf der SMART auf der Empore Stand 601 und nehmen Sie sich Zeit für Fachgespräche mit unseren Technikern. Nutzen Sie diese Gelegenheit, um sich über modernste Produktionsverfahren und Lösungen zu informieren“.




Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien

Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 

Ax150i / Ax350i / A520i

Inkjet printer

The Ax family can be operated stand-alone or in-line. The simple installation and operation together with the easy ink tank change minimize your operating costs. The Ax family is designed to be integrated into a production line and prints on the products in defined positions.


Technical Data

Fot height1–12 mm
Inkslightly pigmentedlightly and heavily pigmentedlightly and heavily pigmented
max. printing speed7.1 m/s9 m/s
FeatureBasis The all-rounderMinimum consumption of inks and make-up

Thonauer informiert: Die Gehäusebestücker von Komax, ein Quantensprung in der vollautomatischen Kabelbaumfertigung


Die vollautomatische Gehäusebestückung und Kabelbaumherstellung wird in Zukunft immer wichtiger. Denn nur durch die maschinelle Ausführung dieser Prozesse mit integrierten Überwachungssystemen wird ein Höchstmaß an Qualität und Effizienz erreicht.

Flexibilität in neuer Dimension

Crimpvollautomaten die sich beliebig erweitern und zum Bestückungssystem ausbauen lassen. Die Zeta633 / Zeta 633 L dem wachsenden Bedürfnis nach uneingeschränkter Flexibilität gerecht. Als hochflexibler Crimpvollautomat  wir die Zeta 633 für die Just-In-Time-Produktion eingesetzt.

Die Zeta 633 L bietet weitere Anlagenkombinationen. Die zusätzlichen Verarbeitungsstationen erlauben es, die nötigen Materialumrüstungen und somit die Produktionsunterbrüche auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Viele Anwendungen sind nun ohne zusätzliche Verlängerung produzierbar, wodurch sich die Investitionskosten stark verringern lassen.

Zuverlässig und prozesssicher Kabelbäume herstellen

In Kombination mit dem hochflexiblen Crimpvoll¬automaten Zeta 633 können auf der Zeta 651 einseitig bestückte Kabelsätze mit ein- und zweireihigen Gehäusen gefertigt werden – eine preiswerte wie auch zuverlässige Gesamtlösung.

Die Zeta 656 ist ein Bestückungsautomat für die beidseitige Gehäusebestückung. Zusammen mit der Basismaschine Zeta 633 verwendet, bilden sie eine standardisierte Gesamtlösung für die automatsche Herstellung von Kabelbäumen. Zuverlässig und prozesssicher Kabelbäume herstellen –schnell und präzise. Darüber hinaus besticht der Bestückungsautomat durch eine hohe Flexibilität und kurze Umrüstzeiten.

Komax bietet Automatisierungslösungen in der Kabelbearbeitung und ist mit ihrer weltweiten Präsenz und Schweizer Qualität führend in diesem Bereich. 1988 startete die Kooperation zwischen dem Schweizer Unternehmen Komax und der Thonauer GmbH. Heute, mehr als 25 Jahre später, kann auf eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit Komax, die mittlerweile zum Weltmarktführer im Bereich Kabelbearbeitung aufgestiegen ist, zurückgeblickt werden.

In der Kooperation mit Komax kann Thonauer seinen Kunden somit neue, hochwertige Anwendungen anbieten und wieder beweisen, der ideale Lösungsanbieter zu sein, wenn es um Qualitätsprodukte im Bereich Kabelkonfektion, Dosieren und Dispensern oder  um EMV-Lösungen geht. Beide Unternehmen freuen sich auf weitere gemeinsame erfolgreiche Jahre der Expansion.

Das Service- und Vertriebsnetzwerk von Thonauer umspannt mit 50 Mitarbeitern die Länder Österreich, Ungarn, Slowakei, Tschechien und Rumänien.


Weitere Informationen:

Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 


The M611 is very popular with customers who want to print labels quickly with smartphones and who are fond of technology. Easy operation for spontaneous printouts. The portable BradyPrinter M611 can be operated via a smartphone and is suitable in combination with the Brady Workstation app “Express Labels” for the identification of cables, components and laboratory samples as well as for complex identification in the electrical field. Using a smartphone, you can easily create 1D and 2D codes and barcodes, serialize data and benefit from a comprehensive image library.


Technical data

Maximum label width48,76 mm
Minimum label width6,40 mm
Connection optionsBluetooth, USB, WiFi
Flash memory256 MB Flash memory; 512 MB RAM - up to 150,000 labels

Change in ownership and management at Thonauer

Thonauer provides a stepping stone to the East from its location in Vienna

Following a fruitful collaboration over 28 years, Swiss-based KOMAX Holding AG will acquire the entire Thonauer Group effective at the start of 2016. The contracts were signed in December and the Romanian competition authorities have now granted their official OK to the deal.

KOMAX offers automation solutions in the wire processing sector and is a leader in the industry thanks to its global presence and Swiss quality. Thonauer is the ideal addition to KOMAX Wire's global service and sales network thanks to its strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe. Thonauer provides KOMAX a stepping stone to the East from its location in Vienna. In addition, the Thonauer Group has a wealth of experience as a provider of solutions and its engineer capacity in Hungary likewise adds local competence for customer-specific application development.

The Thonauer GmbH was founded by engineer Friedrich Thonauer in 1988. Shortly thereafter, he became general agent for KOMAX laying the groundwork for close business and personal relationships between the two companies that continue to this day.

Thonauer began its efforts to open the then-difficult markets of Eastern Europe, such as Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania, 28 years ago and represents KOMAX in these countries in addition to Austria. Today, the Group does business in six countries with a total of 55 employees. This international reach is a tremendous benefit to Thonauer's customers who often have international operations themselves.

The change in ownership is accompanied by a change in management as well. Current managing directors, Friedrich Thonauer, Eng. and his daughter, Ms. Angelika Thonauer, are now passing the reigns to the prior Director of Sales at Thonauer, Mr. Werner Renner, Eng. Mag (FH).

"As part of our business succession planning during 2015 - the most successful year in company history - we decided to sell the company to global market leader KOMAX. We wanted to ensure the future of the company and chose the best partner to make that possible! For 2015, we concluded our record year with an increase in sales of 55%. That is a great send-off for my transition to retirement at the age of 82!," sums up company founder, Friedrich Thonauer, Eng.

"There will not be a lot of change for our customers. Day-to-day business will continue to be run successfully as usual by the exceptional, practiced and experienced team of Thonauer employees. And we will be able to offer our customers even more than before as a result of the synergies made possible by new Swiss owner, KOMAX," notes Director of Sales and new Managing Director, Werner Renner, Eng. Mag. (FH) confidently.

For additional information:
Thonauer GMBH
Perfektastrasse 59, 1230 Vienna
Telephone: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 


About Komax

The Komax Group is a technology company with operations worldwide that focuses its business on providing automation solutions. As a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality solutions in the wire processing sector, as well as instrument mounting equipment for self-medication, Komax provides aids in the creation of economical and safe production processes, in particular for automotive suppliers and pharmaceutical companies. The Komax Group has some 1,550 employees world-wide and offers sales and support services in around 60 countries via subsidiaries and independent representatives.

Eigentümer- und Geschäftsführerwechsel

Thonauer öffnet von Wien ausgehend das Tor zum Osten

Nach erfolgreichen 28 Jahren der Zusammenarbeit übernimmt mit  Anfang des Jahres 2016 die KOMAX Holding AG in der Schweiz die gesamte Thonauer-Gruppe. Die Verträge wurden bereits im Dezember unterzeichnet und nun gab auch die rumänische Wettbewerbsbehörde offiziell ihr OK zu dem Deal.

KOMAX bietet Automatisierungslösungen in der Kabelbearbeitung und ist mit seiner weltweiten Präsenz und Schweizer Qualität führend in diesem Bereich. Durch die starke Präsenz in Mittel- und Osteuropa ist Thonauer die ideale Ergänzung zum weltweiten Service- und Vertriebsnetz von KOMAX Wire und öffnet für KOMAX von Wien aus das Tor in den Osten. Die Thonauer-Gruppe verfügt im Weiteren über große Erfahrung als Lösungsanbieterin, und die Engineering-Kapazitäten in Ungarn erhöhen zudem die lokale Kompetenz für kundenspezifische Applikationsentwicklungen.

Gegründet wurde die Thonauer GmbH durch Herrn Ing. Friedrich Thonauer im Jahre 1988. Kurz danach übernahm er die Generalvertretung von KOMAX und seit damals bestehen enge persönliche und geschäftliche Bande zwischen den beiden Unternehmen.

Thonauer begann schon vor 28 Jahren, die damals noch schwierigeren Ostmärkte wie Ungarn, Slowakei, Tschechien und Rumänien zu erschließen und vertritt KOMAX neben Österreich auch in diesen Ländern. Somit ist der Konzern heute mit über 55 Mitarbeitern in 6 Ländern tätig. Diese Internationalität ist für Thonauer-Kunden, die oft auch selbst internationale Präsenz haben, ein riesiger Vorteil.

Mit der Übernahme erfolgt auch ein Wechsel in der Geschäftsführung. Die bisherigen Geschäftsführer, Herr Ing. Friedrich Thonauer und seine Tochter Frau Angelika Thonauer, übergeben nun ihre Agenden an den bisherigen Verkaufsleiter bei Thonauer, Herrn Ing. Mag. (FH) Werner Renner.

„Wir haben uns im Jahr 2015, im erfolgreichsten Jahr der Unternehmensgeschichte, entschieden, das Unternehmen im Rahmen einer Nachfolgeregelung an den Weltmarktführer KOMAX zu übergeben. Wir wollen die Zukunft des Unternehmens sicherstellen und dazu haben wir den besten Partner gewählt! Das Erfolgsjahr 2015 schlossen wir mit einem Umsatzplus von 55 %. Dies ist ein schöner Abschluss, um nun mit 82 Jahren langsam in Pension zu gehen!“, so Firmengründer, Ing. Friedrich Thonauer.

„Für unsere Kunden und Interessenten wird sich nicht viel ändern. Das Tagesgeschäft wird weiterhin erfolgreich und wie gewohnt durch das tolle, erfahrene Team der Thonauer-Mitarbeiter bedient und weitergeführt. Und durch die zusätzlichen Synergien, die sich nun durch den neuen Schweizer Eigentümer KOMAX erschließen, werden wir unseren Kunden noch mehr Möglichkeiten bieten“, ist Verkaufsleiter und neuer Geschäftsführer, Ing. Mag (FH) Werner Renner, überzeugt.

Für mehr Informationen:
Thonauer GMBH
Ing. Mag. (FH) Werner Renner
Perfektastraße 59, 1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71-0
E-Mail: info@thonauer.at


Unternehmensprofil Komax

Die Komax-Gruppe ist ein global tätiges Technologieunternehmen, welches sich auf Märkte im Bereich der Automatisierung konzentriert. Als führender Hersteller innovativer und qualitativ hochstehender Lösungen für die Kabelverarbeitung sowie für Anlagen zur Montage von Instrumenten für die Selbstmedikation unterstützt Komax wirtschaftliche und sichere Fertigungsabläufe insbesondere bei Automobilzulieferern und Pharmaunternehmen. Die Komax-Gruppe beschäftigt weltweit rund 1.550 Mitarbeitende und bietet über Tochtergesellschaften und unabhängige Vertretungen Verkaufs- und Serviceunterstützung in rund 60 Ländern.


The BMP61 is also available with WLAN function and as a bundle with the WS, etc. It is a state-of-the-art printer and very popular in switch cabinet construction and outdoor applications. The BMP™61 label printer offers several user interfaces, a touch screen, different connectivity options and various options for managing and storing data. The printer prints extremely quickly pre-cut and continuous labels as well as labels in bulk with a width of up to 50.8 mm. Customized labels can also be printed. The BMP™61 comes with the Brady Workstation Suite for product and cable identification, so you can start designing professional labels immediately.


Technical data

OperationStand-alone oder mit PC Anschluss
Maximum label width50,80 mm
Minimum label width6,40 mm
Connection optionsUSB
Flash memory512 MB – up to 250,000 labels
Color touch screenQWERTY

Die neue Revolution in der Kabelkonfektionierung

Maximale Flexibilität, extreme Robustheit, höchste Präzision und eine beispiellose Produktivität – die neuen revolutionären Crimpvollautomaten Alpha 550 und Alpha 530 setzten im Rahmen ihrer Produkteinführung auf der diesjährigen Productronica in München erneut den Standard. Komax Wire präsentiert sich hiermit als führender Komplettanbieter und Dienstleister mit einer großen Palette an innovativen und intelligenten Lösungen.

Alpha 530

Der robuste Alleskönner
Solide, bewährte Technik kombiniert mit innovativen Lösungen sichert und steigert die Wertschöpfungskraft Ihres Unternehmens. Die Alpha 530, der Crimpvollautomat für ein- und beidseitiges Crimpen und Bestücken von Tüllen, erfüllt diese Kriterien mit fundierter, kraftvoller Technik. Die schnellen Einricht- und Umrüstzeiten der Alpha 530 tragen zur hohen Produktivität bei. Nachrüstbare Qualitätsoptionen, wie ACD und SQC, erfüllen auch die höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen. Ihre Allroundqualitäten zeigt die Alpha 530 bei Leiterquerschnitten von 0,13 bis 4 mm².


  • Konkurrenzlos robust und langlebig
  • Hohe Produktionsleistung durch innovative und auf Effizienz optimierte Bedienung
  • Perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte Maschinenprozesse für herausragende CPK-Resultate
  • Optionale Einschneideüberwachung (ACD) und Abisolierqualitätsüberwachung Q1240 (SQC)
  • Solides und zuverlässiges Verarbeiten von Leitungsquerschnitten 0,13–4 mm²
  • Produktiv mit unglaublich kurzen Umrüstzeiten

> Hier geht's zur Alpha 530


Alpha 550
Maximale Leistung
Konstant hohe Produktivität und Flexibilität mit maximaler Präzision sind die heutigen und künftigen Anforderungen an die vollautomatisierte Kabelkonfektionierung. Die Alpha 550, der neuste Crimpvollautomat für beidseitiges Tüllenbestücken, erfüllt sie in der ganzen Bandbreite mit revolutionärer Technik. Standardmäßig mit ACD Einschneideüberwachung ausgestattet, lassen sich Leitungsquerschnitte von 0,13 bis 6 mm2 von höchster Qualität verarbeiten. Dank bester Stückkostenleistung, höchster flexibler Produktionsleistung und herausragender Qualität lassen sich durch die Alpha 550 entscheidende Wettbewerbsvorteile erzielen.


  • Beste Produktivität in dieser Leistungsklasse
  • Schnellstes Einrichten und Umrüsten für höchste Produktionsleistung
  • Integrierte Qualitätssicherungswerkzeuge wie Einschneideüberwachung (ACD) für hochqualitatives Abisolieren
  • Gerüstet für zukünftige Anforderungen (z.B. Aluminiumverarbeitung) durch Qualitätsüberwachung und schonende Kabelverarbeitung
  • Produktion spezieller und komplexer Applikationen dank flexibler Maschinenkonfiguration
  • Robustes und zuverlässiges Verarabeiten von Leitungsquerschnitten 0,13–6 mm²

> Hier geht's zur Alpha 550


40 Jahre an der „Cutting Edge”

Unser langjähriger Partner und Entwickler modernster Kabelbearbeitungstechnologie, die schweizer Komax Wire, feierte ihr 40-jähriges Bestehen im Rahmen der Productronica München und setzt mit der Vorstellung der beiden Crimpvollautomaten Alpha 530 und Alpha 550 neuerlich Maßstäbe in der Kabelkonfektionierung. Thonauer war vor Ort und gratulierte zum Jubiläum.


Cutting Edge

Das Motto des 40-Jahr-Jubiläums "40 years at the cutting edge", oder frei übersetzt "40 Jahre auf des Messers Schneide", ist ein gelungenes Wortspiel, das auf die 4 Jahrzehnte hinweist, in denen das Schneidmesser zum Ablängen und Abisolieren von Kabeln das zentrale Werkzeug jener aus dem griechischen Alphabet benannten halb- und vollautomatischen Bearbeitungsmaschinen darstellt. Dabei hatte man sich alles andere als "auf des Messers Schneide" befunden, steht doch das von Max Koch gegründete Unternehmen seit jeher für Innovationen und Spitzentechnologie bei der Kabelkonfektionierung.


Jubiläums-Event - Gala-Dinner

Am zweiten Abend der Productronica, nach einem langen, erfolgreichen Messetag, lud Komax Wire Mitarbeiter, Partner und Kunden in den Wappensaal, unmittelbar neben der Kongresshalle. Für die etwa 400 Festgäste hatte man mehrere Gänge von kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten vorbereitet, zwischen denen verschiedene Aktionen, wie etwa die Danksagungen und Gratulationen der Partnerfirmen, für Unterhaltung und Abwechslung sorgten. Besondere Höhepunkte waren die sehr persönliche Ansprache des neuen CEO, Matijas Meyer, sowie die Tortenschneidezeremonie mit Max Koch. Dem charismatischen Firmengründer wurden bei seinem Auftritt Standing Ovations zuteil. Die Thonauer-Gruppe, offiziell vertreten durch ihre beiden Geschäftsführer, Ing. Friedrich Thonauer und Angelika Thonauer, gratulierte mit einem Geschenkkorb, der mit Spezialitäten aus den Vertriebsländern befüllt war. Außerdem wurde ein beleuchtetes Plexiglasobjekt überreicht, das mit Tausenden Kabelstücken befüllt war und einen, dem Komax-Logo nachempfundenen, Schriftzug in Form eines 4X (für 40) trug.


> Hier geht's zur Fotostrecke

Artos CS-370

Heavy cable wire cutting and stripping

The Artos CS-370 cutter can strip and cut heavy wires with a diameter of up to 35 mm and a length of just 50 mm with high performance and precision.

The robust wire leveler guides the product on the Artos CS-370 to the precise cutting device. The servo feed drive takes over the additional driving force to enable hands-free and safe working. Optionally, a rotary blade can also be upgraded to make even more accurate cuts without damaging the wires. This cutting module enables several alternatives to stripping for multi-layer and shielded wires. In addition, the Artos CS-370 can be equipped with inkjet wire marking and a wire slitter in order to combine further wire processing steps in one machine.

Technical Data


Wire SizesUp to 300 mm² (500 MCM) - Wire Dependent
Wire DiameterUp to 35mm (1.4") Wire Dependent
Minimum Wire Length (Standard Mode)250 mm (10")
Minimum Wire Length (Short Mode) < 50mm (< 2") Wire Dependent
Strip LengthsProgrammable from 0 to 1000 mm (0 to 40") Wire Dependent
Dimensions (L x W x H) Approximately 998kg (2200 lbs.)
Wire collectionOptions for short, long and coiling collection

Drei Bond – Spezialist in der Klebetechnik - neuer Partner der Thonauer GmbH


Thonauer erweitert sein bestehendes Sortiment für Misch- und Dosiertechnik mit einem weiteren Qualitätslieferanten, dem deutschen Unternehmen Drei Bond.
Seit August dieses Jahres besteht die Partnerschaft zu dem Spezialisten in der Klebetechnik und ermöglicht Thonauer, sein bestehendes Produktportfolio perfekt zu ergänzen.
Drei Bond verfügt seit mehr als 35 Jahren über ein umfangreiches Produktsortiment an Hochleistungskleb- und Dichtstoffen und ist in diesem Bereich ein anerkannter Systemlieferant für die Automobilindustrie.

Das Spektrum reicht von klassischen Cyanacrylaten anaeroben Klebstoffen über UV-Klebstoffe bis zu Hochleistungssilikonen. Typische Anwendungen sind das Verkleben von Fahrzeugteilen, Flächendichtungen für Motore und Getriebe sowie Schraubensicherungen. Die Dosiertechnik wird auch für Befettung und Beölung eingesetzt.

„Wir freuen uns über die neue Kooperation mit der Firma Drei Bond. Wir können somit für unsere Kunden noch weitere wichtige Anwendungsbereiche erschließen und Lösungen anbieten“, so Verkaufsleiter Herr Mag. (FH) Werner Renner.

Die Stärke von Drei Bond liegt zum einen im breitgefächerten Produktportfolio, das nahezu
jede Problemstellung abdeckt, zum anderen in der Entwicklungskompetenz, wenn es darum
geht, für technologisch neue Anwendungen die passenden Lösungen zu finden. Etwa für
das relativ neue Segment der E-Mobilität im Automobilsektor oder in der Nanotechnologie.
Grundsätzlich erfüllen alle Drei Bond-Produkte die hohen Automotive-Anforderungen.

In der Kooperation mit Drei Bond kann Thonauer seinen Kunden somit neue, hochwertige Anwendungen anbieten und wieder beweisen, der ideale Lösungsanbieter zu sein, wenn es um Qualitätsprodukte im Bereich Kabelkonfektion, Dosieren und Dispensern oder  um EMV-Lösungen geht.

Das Service- und Vertriebsnetzwerk von Thonauer umspannt mit 50 Mitarbeitern die Länder Österreich, Ungarn, Slowakei, Tschechien und Rumänien.


Weitere Informationen:
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com

Thonauer startet neue Kooperation mit Energiespeichern von Ads Tec


Einen neuen Markteinstieg startet Thonauer mit Lösungen zur Energiespeicherung, die speziell in der Telekom und bei IT-Unternehmen oder Solaranlagen(-betreibern) eingesetzt werden können. Die intelligenten Lithium-Ionen-Batteriespeicher wurden von der deutschen Firma ads-tec entwickelt und als skalierbares Energy Storage inklusive IT-Management-System produziert. Alle Systeme werden zu 100% im eigenen Haus entwickelt und ausschließlich in Deutschland gefertigt. Das bedeutet höchste Qualität und die Möglichkeit, Batteriespeicher maßgeschneidert für unterschiedliche Kundenanforderungen zu produzieren. Vom großen Eigenheimbesitzer, über Industrie und Gewerbe bis hin zu den Energieversorgern und Netzbetreibern - mit seinen Lithium-Ionen Batteriespeichern möchte nun auch Thonauer einer breiten Kundschaft den Kernbaustein für die Energieversorgung der Zukunft liefern, wie Verkaufsleiter Werner Renner betonte.

Breites Spektrum
Das StoraXe Produktportfolio Industrial & Infrastructure adressiert den Bereich großer Anlagen und Infrastrukturen. Leistungen und Speicherkapazitäten decken Bandbreiten zwischen 100 kW/100 kWh und mehreren MW/MWh ab. Der modulare Aufbau und das umfassende IT-Managementsystem stellen ein nahezu unbegrenztes Skalierungssystem zur Verfügung.

Die für einen optimierten Betrieb des Speichers notwendige intelligente Steuerung, das Energy-Management-System (EMS), sorgt autark dafür, dass zu jeder Zeit eine optimale Betriebsstrategie verfolgt wird. Die Anforderungen der einzelnen Kunden können über verschiedene, miteinander kombinierbare und priorisierbare Betriebsmodi im Speicher hinterlegt werden.

Alle Systeme von ads-tec verfügen über ein redundantes, mehrstufiges Sicherheitskonzept. "Das Thema Sicherheit unserer Batteriespeicher steht an erster Stelle bei allen unseren Entwicklungen", betont Ali Natour, Leiter Systementwicklung Software & Elektronik bei ads-tec. Darüber hinaus engagiert sich ads-tec sehr stark in den relevanten Normierungsgremien, um neue Anforderungen frühzeitig implementieren zu können.

Neben dem Lithium-Ionen-Batteriespeicher befinden sich in den eigenen Hallen der Thonauer GmbH zahlreiche Vorführmaschinen, die technisch den neuesten Stand für das Kleben, Versiegeln, Vergießen und Dichten garantieren. Weiters erfolgt dort auch eine Kleinproduktion kundenspezifischer Anwendungen für Bemusterungen und Kleinserien. Auf bis zu 1.200 x 1.000 mm große Werkstücken können entweder mit flüssigen oder thixotropen Schäumen Dichtungen aufgetragen werden.

Das Service und Vertriebsnetzwerk umspannt mit 50 Mitarbeitern die Länder Österreich, Ungarn, Slowakei, Tschechien und Rumänien. Thonauer ist der ideale Lösungsanbieter, wenn es um Qualitätsprodukte im Bereich Kabelkonfektion, Dosieren und Dispensern oder Ihre EMV Themen geht.


Weitere Informationen:
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com

Komax Kappa 331 - Flexibilität und höchste Präzision


Individuelles Abisolieren mit Rotationsmessern

Die neue Ausgabe der Komax News hat als Schwerpunkt das individuelle Abisolieren durch Rotationsmesser. Die Kappa 331 ermöglicht präzises, flexibles und kabelschonendes Verarbeiten dank Rotationsmessermodul, Längenmessung und Rollen- oder Bandantrieb.

Kappa 331 - Schneid- und Abisoliergerät mit rotierendem Messerkopf

Die Kappa 331 erfüllt das zunehmende Bedürfnis, eine Vielfalt an Kabeltypen in kleinen Losgrößen effizient und mit minimalen Umrüstzeiten zu verarbeiten. Die rotierende Schneideinheit ermöglicht ein präzises, mehrstufiges Abisolieren von runden, mehrschichtigen Leitungen mit oder ohne Schirmung. Dadurch entfallen Beschaffung und Austausch von Formmessern für die jeweiligen Leitungen. Der modulare Maschinenaufbau ermöglicht flexible Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten und erweitert dadurch das breite Einsatzspektrum zusätzlich.

Für den Anwender ergeben sich überzeugende Vorteile:

  • Abisolieren von schwierig zu verarbeitenden Kabeln ohne Formmesser
  • Präziser Schnitt ohne darunterliegende Isolation oder Leiter zu verletzen
  • Hohe Flexibilität durch modularen Aufbau und schnelles Umrüsten
  • Breites Einsatzspektrum durch mehrstufiges Abisolieren mit RotationsmoduB
  • and- oder Rollenantrieb für optimale Kraftübertragung
  • Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis


TopTouch Kappa 14.1
Die neue Bedienoberfläche überzeugt mit intuitiv erfassbaren Funktionen. Einfache Abisolieraufgaben können so mit nur wenigen Vorkenntnissen produziert werden.



Professionelle Lohn- und Auftragsfertigung

Thonauer hat in Wien zahlreiche Vorführmaschinen in den eigenen Hallen. Diese sind am technisch letzten Stand für das Dichten, Kleben, Versiegeln und Vergießen. Alle Maschinen werden praktisch vorgeführt und bieten die Bearbeitung auch Ihrer kundenspezifischen Anwendungen für Bemusterungen oder Kleinserien.

Bereits seit geraumer Zeit bietet Thonauer seinen Kunden die Möglichkeit der Lohnfertigung  für Kleinserien und Prototypen. Viele Kunden schätzen bereits die Leistungen in diesem Bereich, da die Firma Thonauer Know-how und deren Partner hochtechnologische Lösungen anbieten kann, die dem letzten Stand der Technik entsprechen. Die Partner sind durchwegs international führende Anbieter modernster Fertigungstechnologie, die, wie Thonauer selbst, gewohnt sind, spezifischen Anforderungen ihrer Kunden zu begegnen. 
Die Dienstleistung des Auftragens von geschäumten Dichtungen ist speziell für Produkte von kleinsten bis mittleren Stückzahlen hervorragend geeignet, denn erst bei hohen Stückzahlen ist eine Investition in eine eigene Schaumanlage sinnvoll.

Thonauer sieht sich mit interessanten Projekten aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen konfrontiert, wie der Automobilindustrie (Automotive), Medizintechnik, Heizungs- und Lüftungstechnik, Brandschutzsysteme, Elektronikindustrie, Sanitärtechnik, Leuchtentechnik, Signaltechnik, Fahrzeugeinrichtungen, Anlagenbau, Verkehrstechnik, Kunstofftechnik und der Metallverarbeitung. Ob es Teile für Solaranlagenbauer sind oder für neue Duscharmaturen - die möglichen Einsatzgebiete sind grenzenlos.

Thonauer ist ein Problemlöser - von der Entwicklung, über die ersten Musterteile bis hin zur Serienreife wird Erfahrung und Know-how eingebracht.

  • Geschäumte Dichtungen
  • Elektrisch leitende Dichtungen
  • Selektives Lackieren, Vergießen und Dispensern für ...
  • Prototypen
  • Muster
  • Klein- und
  • Kleinstserien



Wachsende Vorteile für Kunden der Thonauer-Gruppe


Die seit vielen Jahren durch die Thonauer GmbH vertretene MCM Cosmic wurde mit Ende 2013 zu Komax Japan.

Durch diese Übernahme ergeben sie für Kunden der Thonauer Gruppe zusätzliche Vorteile wie Erhöhung der Verfügbarkeit der Geräte und der Ersatzteile, Verkürzung der Reparaturzeiten sowie eine Hotline für technische Unterstützung.

„Mit den Produkten von Komax Japan lassen sich kostengünstig die unterschiedlichste Litzen mit schwierig zu bearbeitenden Isolationsmaterialien sowie Koaxialkabel verarbeiten. Dadurch erschließt sich für uns den Zugang zu neuen Kundensegmenten und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten“, so Mag.(FH) Werner Renner, Vertriebsleiter der Thonauer Gruppe.

Die elektrischen Abisoliermaschinen Cosmic 32M und Cosmic 32M CDD verarbeiten Innenleiter von Mantelleitungen mit einem Außendurchmesser von 0,6-4mm. Die integrierte Einschneideüberwachung der Cosmic 32 M CDD ist in dieser Preisklasse einzigartig!
Die rotierenden Messerköpfe der Baureihe Cosmic 927 sind die ideale Lösung für die Verarbeitung von anspruchsvollen Isolationen. Die 927 RX spielt ihre Stärke bei dünnen oder fest haftenden Isolationen aus. Die 927 RX-WL bietet die größte Abisolierlänge von 100mm. Zusätzlich können Sie Litzen für einen folgenden Arbeitsschritt verdrillt werden. 
Die Cosmic 48R und 48RX sind die idealen Werkzeuge für die präzise Bearbeitung von Leitern für Koaxialsteckern. Die Cosmic 48R verarbeitet Koaxial-, Triaxial- und andere mehrschichtige Kabel in bis zu 9 Stufen. Die Cosmic 48RX ist für das Abisolieren semi-flexibler Koaxialleitungen optimiert.
Die Maschinen der Baureihe Cosmic 60 sind portable, halbautomatische Abmantel- und Abisoliermaschine, die dank Ihrer 4-fach rotierenden Messern höchste Abzugskraft aufweisen und auch schwierige Leitungen bis zu einem Durchmesser von 18mm problemlos abisolieren.

Mehr Information:
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com 


Thonauer und EKS Keller geben Zusammenarbeit bekannt - Präsentation auf der SMART 2014.

„Die SMART 2014 war für Thonauer erwartungsgemäß eine gute Gelegenheit, die Vielfalt des Thonauer Sortiments darzustellen. Es wurden insgesamt fast 20 Bearbeitungsmaschinen für die Kabelbearbeitung und Handling und auch Dosier- und Mischtechnik am Stand präsentiert. Viele Besucher waren vom Leistungsangebot von Thonauer überrascht. Auch, dass Speziallösungen und Sonderapplikationen möglich sind. Auch die Gelegenheit, die Produkte vor Ort auszuprobieren, stieß auf großen Anklang. Insbesondere Thonauers neuer Lieferant EKS Keller, ein Hersteller von Widerstandssschweißgeräten, freute sich über die Zusammenarbeit und den erfolgreichen Start“, so Verkaufsleiter Herr Mag. (FH) Werner Renner.

Widerstandsschweißen auf höchstem Niveau
20 Jahre Erfahrung - das bietet EKS Keller in der Entwicklung von kundenspezifischen Lösungen.
In vielen Branchen, wie Automotive, Photovoltaik, Energietechnik, Medizintechnik und Sensorik, ist Widerstandsschweißen wegen seines flexiblen und zuverlässigen Einsatzes ein Standardprozess, welcher entscheidende Vorteile mit sich bringt.
Gegenüber anderen Kontaktierungsmethoden wie Löten sind die Vorteile klar: gezielte, kurze Erwärmung und damit kurze Prozesszeiten, kein Lötzinn oder Flussmittel, einfach automatisierbarer Prozess auch für schwer zugängliche Stellen.
Auch gegenüber dem verwandten  Verfahren des Ultraschallschweißens lassen sich Vorteile erkennen:  Verarbeitung von verzinnten Leitern oder die Möglichkeit, das verschweißte Leitungsende z.B. in einer Klemme zu verschrauben. 
Fasst man diese Vorteile zusammen, ergeben sich viele Einsatzgebiete, in denen Widerstandsschweißen die einzig technisch sinnvolle Lösung ist.

Mehr Information dazu:
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com

Dienstleistung - geschäumte Dichtungen von Thonauer erfreuen sich immer größerer Beliebtheit

In den eigenen Hallen der Thonauer GmbH in Wien befinden sich nicht nur zahlreiche Vorführmaschinen, welche technisch den neuesten Stand für das Kleben, Versiegeln, Vergießen und das Dichten garantieren, sondern es erfolgt dort auch eine Kleinproduktion kundenspezifischer Anwendungen für Bemusterungen und Kleinserien.  Auf bis zu 1.200 x 1.000 mm große Werkstücken können entweder mit flüssigen oder thixotropen Schäumen Dichtungen aufgetragen werden, die unverlierbar und fest mit dem Bauteil verbunden sind.

Die Dienstleistung des Auftragens von geschäumten Dichtungen ist speziell für Produkte von den kleinsten bis mittleren Stückzahlen hervorragend geeignet, da  erst bei mittleren bis hohen Stückzahlen die Investition in eine eigene Anlage lohnt.

Thonauer verfügt über Know-how in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen, wie der Automobilindustrie (Automotive), Medizintechnik, Heizungs- und Lüftungstechnik, Brandschutzsysteme, Elektronikindustrie, Sanitärtechnik, Leuchtentechnik, Signaltechnik, Fahrzeugeinrichtungen, Anlagenbau, Verkehrstechnik, Kunststofftechnik und der Metallverarbeitung. Ob es Teile für Solaranlagenbauer sind oder für neue Duscharmaturen - die möglichen Einsatzgebiete sind grenzenlos.

Geschäumte Dichtungen nach Maß
Mit der Misch- und Dosieranlage von Rampf bietet Thonauer für seine Kunden das Auftragen von Dichtungen auf Werkstücke. Auf bis zu 1.200 x 1.000 mm große Werkstücke können entweder mit flüssigen oder thixotropen (*Erklärung am Ende) Schäumen Dichtungen aufgetragen werden, die unverlierbar und fest mit dem Bauteil verbunden sind.
Die 2-Komponenten Polyurethan-Dichtungsschäume der Fa. Rampf garantieren eine konstante hohe Qualität.
Die Materialien, die je nach Bedarf zum Einsatz kommen, zeichnen sich durch vielfältige Eigenschaften aus, die den unterschiedlichsten Anforderungen gerecht werden. Die Vorteile liegen in einer schnellen, prozesssicheren maschinellen Verarbeitung ohne Stoßstellen der Dichtungsraupe, im einfachen Ausgleich von Bauteiltoleranzen und der Verarbeitbarkeit dreidimensionaler Konturen.

Schaumdichtungen  von 2-15 mm Breite ohne Stoßstellen
Jede Anwendung ist anders. Die Möglichkeiten flüssige und thixotrope Dichtungsschäume aufzutragen, erlauben Thonauer die Abdeckung eines breiten Einsatzbereiches. Hochviskose (thixotrope) Dichtungsschäume sind bei Anwendungen mit und ohne Nut einsetzbar. Sie eignen sich auch hervorragend für die Applikation auf dreidimensionalen Auftragsflächen. Flüssige Dichtungsschäume erfordern eine ausgeprägte Nut und eine ebene Auftragsfläche. Sie sind selbstnivellierend. Die verwendeten Materialien sind haftungsoptimiert und gewährleisten dadurch höchste Dichtsicherheit. Durch die geschlossene Integralhaut bieten sie ausgezeichneten Schutz vor Wasser und haben keine Stoßstellen. Die gemischtzellige Schaumstruktur erlaubt sehr niedrige Montagekräfte.

RAKU-PUR 32-3250-11
RAKU-PUR 32-3250-11 ist ein thixotropes Zweikomponentensystem auf Polyurethanbasis. Es enthält keine Lösungsmittel oder Weichmacher.

  • Gute Weichheit
  • Geringe Wasseraufnahme
  • Hohe Abdichtgüte
  • Sehr hohe Reißfestigkeit
  • Günstiges Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis
  • Hohe mechanische Festigkeit

Der thixotrope Schaum eignet sich zum Auftragen auf ebenen Flächen und zeichnet sich durch exzellente Haftung auf Metall, Holz und vielen Kunststoffen aus. Er dichtet gegen Staub, Verunreinigungen und Flüssigkeiten.

RAKU-PUR 31-3131-1
Das flüssige Zweikomponentensystem auf Polyurethanbasis enthält keine Lösungsmittel oder Weichmacher und ist für den Nutauftrag geeignet. Es weist sehr gute Hafteigenschaften von sehr weich bis mittelfest auf.

  • Hohe Weichheit 30-35 Shore 00
  • Gute Integralhaut und sichere Abdichtung
  • Temperaturbeständigkeit - 40°C bis + 100°C dauernd, kurzfristig bis 160°C
  • Sehr geringe Wasseraufnahme
  • Niedrige Verbauungskräfte
  • Gutes, spontanes Rückstellverhalten
  • Gute mechanische Eigenschaften
  • Abgestimmtes Reaktions- und Fließverhalten

Der Begriff Thixotropie beschreibt die sehr verbreitete Erscheinung, dass sich Gele bei der Einwirkung einer Schub- oder Scherspannung (z.B. beim Rühren oder Schütteln) verflüssigen. Nach Ende dieser Einwirkung verfestigen sie sich wieder. Ihre Viskosität verändert sich also. Lacke werden heute vielfach als thixotrope Flüssigkeiten produziert. Sie werden beim Streichen leicht flüssig und anschließend dickflüssig, so dass sich keine Tropfen und Nasen bilden. Das bekannteste Beispiel für eine thixotrope Flüssigkeit ist Ketchup.

Auftragen von elektrisch leitenden Dichtungen
Mit den Präzisions-Dispensern von PVA verarbeitet Thonauer elektrisch leitfähiges Dichtungsmaterial aus Silikon. Diese Dichtungen sind maßgeschneidert für das Abdichten von elektromagnetischen Strahlungen oder das Ableiten von elektrostatischen Aufladungen. Werkstücke bis zu einer Größe von 400 x 400 mm sind hier präzise, sicher und dauerhaft abgedichtet, mit exzellentem EMI-Dämpfungsverhalten. Ein hoher Freigrad im Design schafft Spielraum für mannigfaltige Anwendungen.

„Lassen Sie uns für Sie dichten!“

Mehr Informationen dazu:
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info.vie@thonauer.com

2-K-DOS - ein System für den vollautomatischen Elektroverguss

Seit vielen Jahren arbeitet die Thonauer GmbH mit der Giebler GmbH zusammen. Giebler, dessen Firmenzweck die Entwicklung und Produktion von elektronisch/feinmechanischen Baugruppen und Geräten ist, wird vor allem für die kostengünstigen Lösungen für die Produktion kleiner Stückzahlen geschätzt.

Anwendungsgebiete sind:

  • vollautomatischer Verguss von Elektronikbaugruppen und Sensoren
  • Auftragen von Dichtungs- und Klebespuren sowie Beschichtungen

Das Misch- und Dosiersystem 2-K-DOS ergibt zusammen mit dem Dosierroboter - dem Positioniersystem ROBO-DOS - ein System zum automatischen Vergießen von Baugruppen und Teilen, wie Elektronikbaugruppen, Sensoren, mechanische Teile in Formen und vieles mehr. Die Teile werden auf einer Palette mehrfach angeordnet auf dem Gerätetisch positioniert und dann nacheinander automatisch vergossen. Mit dem System kann auch entlang einer programmierbaren Spur dosiert werden. Damit können Dichtungswülste aufgetragen oder Fugen beim Zusammenbau von Teilen, z.B. Glasscheiben oder Solarelemente in Rahmen, abgedichtet werden. Der Dosiermischer mischt und dosiert schnell und genau 2-Komponenten Silikon, Polyurethan, Epoxy-Form- und Vergussmassen.

Ein umfangreiches Zubehör wie zum Beispiel ein automatisches Rührwerk oder eine Vakuumpumpe zum Entgasen der Vergussmasse, runden das Angebot ab.

Vorteile gegenüber Handmischung:

  • Jederzeit sofortige Verfügbarkeit der Mischung
  • Luftblasenfreies Mischen
  • Exaktes Mischen, keine Fehlmischungen
  • Genaues Dosieren
  • Einfaches Programmieren der Dosiermenge
  • Rasche Amortisation durch deutliche Zeitersparnis
  • Gleichbleibende Qualität durch erhöhte Prozesssicherheit

NEU: LIN-DOS S ist eine Dreiachslineareinheit zum automatischen Verguss von Schienen z.B. LED-Leuchtleisten, etc. Es stellt die derzeit kostengünstige Lösung für kleine Stückzahlen am Markt dar.

Thonauer`s Service und Vertriebsnetzwerk umspannt mit 46 Mitarbeitern die Länder Österreich, Ungarn, Slowakei, Tschechien und Rumänien.

Thonauer ist der ideale Lösungsanbieter, wenn es um Qualitätsprodukte im Bereich Kabelkonfektion, Dosieren und Dispensern oder Ihre EMV Themen geht.

Für Ihre spezielle Anfrage wenden Sie sich bitte an:
Thonauer GmbH
Perfektastraße 59
1230 Wien
Telefon: +431 804 28 71 0
E-Mail: info@thonauer.at 

Schrumpfschläuche prozesssicher verarbeiten


Prozesssicheres Schrumpfen von Schrumpfschläuchen ist heute in der Automobilindustrie Standard. Jedoch wird auch in anderen Industriezweigen, wie Anlagenbau, Schaltschrankbau und auch Medizintechnik, eine einwandfreie und immer gleichbleibende hohe Qualität der Verarbeitung der Schrumpfschläuche gefordert.

Einsatzgebiete gibt es viele: beispielsweise mechanischer oder elektrischer Schutz von blanken Leitungsteilen (Splice), Abdichtung gegen Nässe, optische Aspekte, etc. Damit der Schrumpfschlauch seine Funktion einwandfrei erfüllt, muss er mit den vom Hersteller vorgegebenen Parametern wie Temperatur und Zeit geschrumpft werden. Schrumpfautomaten gewährleisten eine gleichbleibend gute Qualität auch bei hohen Stückzahlen.

Das automatische oder halbautomatische Schrumpfen verhindert:

  • das Aufreißen von Schrumpfschläuchen sowohl in Längs- als auch Querrichtung
  • undichte Stellen, beispielsweise bei Übergängen zum Ringkabelschuh
  • unterschiedlicher Austritt des Innenklebers
  • asymmetrische Umschließung des Leiters
  • Positionsungenauigkeiten des Schrumpfschlauches
  • Beschädigung von Bauteilen
  • Erhöhte Umgebungstemperatur und Lärmpegel


Halbautomatischer Schrumpfautomat STCS-RCM


Das STCS-RCM ist ein Schrumpfgerät zur automatischen Verarbeitung von allen handelsüblichen Schrumpfschläuchen. Eingebaute Infrarotzellen umschließen den Schrumpfschlauch. Das führt zu einer gleichmäßigen Schrumpfung. Eingebaute Elektroden erkennen die Enden der Isolation und zentrieren den Schrumpfschlauch mittig über der unisolierten Stelle aus. Optional gibt es einen Anschlag, um End-Splice-Schrumpfungen prozesssicher durchzuführen. Die Schrumpfparameter werden über die Tastatur oder einen Barcode-Leser ausgewählt. Die Programmierung erfolgt über die Tastatur oder über PC. Bei wechselnden Schrumpfschläuchen ist eine Sequenzverarbeitung möglich.

Der Bediener legt das Kabel mit dem Schrumpfschlauch in das Gerät. Der Automat fixiert das Kabel und richtet automatisch den Isolierschlauch mittig über der unisolierten Stelle aus. Während des Bearbeitungsprozesses bleibt das Kabel durchgängig fixiert.
Danach startet der Schrumpfprozess. Nach Abschluss des Schrumpfprozesses wird die Baugruppe automatisch vorne am Automaten ausgegeben.


  • Zwei Arbeitsmodi
  • Einstellbare Prozessparameter wie Temperatur und Zeit
  • Manuelle und automatische Kalibrierung
  • Programmiermodus Passwort-geschützt
  • Die Vorprogrammierung der Referenzen kann manuell oder mit dem Rechner  über die STCS-RCT Software erfolgen. Datenübernahme aus Excel möglich
  • Die Auswahl der Referenzen kann automatisch mit Einsatz eines Strichcodelesegeräts oder manuell mittels Drehknopf oder Tastatur erfolgen


On.Line Training

Web-based training

Thanks to the Komax On.Line training courses, employees can be trained at any time without any great effort.Various training courses on machines are available but also courses on the basic knowledge of cable processing. Further information under Solutions --> On.Line Training


Coating/Dispensing platform

Alpha 6 is the new innovative and compact processing platform for a wide range of coating and dispensing applications. The system is outstandingly easy to use and highly flexible in meeting many different requirements. The machine is designed as a self-contained working cell that can be used for both coating and dispensing various media, together with other customer-specific applications, such as surface treatment with atmospheric plasma.


Technical data

Accelerationup to 1 g (1000 mm/s2)
Resolution+/- 0,001 mm
Coating/ Dispensing section500 mm x 500 mm
Transport systemStandard chain, electric width adjustment

TM 2000

Handset for laboratory and sample production

The TM 2000 series offers electronically controlled hand dispensing devices for the processing of hotmelt polyamide. Mounting stand and timing ensure reproducible results.


Technical data:

Conveying systemCompressed air
Temperature controlEelectronic

Hotmelt tools

From specimen moulds in the development stage to highly complex tools with slides and ejection systems, different gate techniques or gateless hot runner systems – we equip all of your needs in terms of hotmelt tools. The specimens are developed and made by experienced toolmakers and are always provided in reproducible quality.

TM 2200

Hotmelt moulding platform

The tool holder offers sufficient size for common standard mould sizes with horizontal injection. TM 2200 with its vertically moving cylinder can be adjusted to many different tool heights. The standard height adjustment for moulding head TM 1010 permits the use of different separation levels.


Technical data

Operating pressure min./max.6-10 bar
Mould height120-240 mm

TM 2300

Hotmelt process unit

Due to its unique, modular layout, the processing unit TM 2300 offers a very flexible and compact solution to fit your hotmelt application perfectly.
The system comes either with a manual sliding table (to give you the most space for your tools) or else equipped with a cross sliding table. Both can work with single or multipoint gating. Injection can be done vertically or horizontally.


Techncal data

Melting pressure min/ max.x5 - 50 bar
Material temperature range0-240 °C
Standard mould size (HxWxD)120 x 130 x 120 mm
Clamping force pneumatic14 KN (6 bar)

TM 2500

Hotmelt process unit

As stand-alone devices, the processing systems of the TM 2500 series offer an ideal and economical entry into the hotmelt production of small and medium-sized batches. The freely accessible tool area with its maximum room for manoeuvring is particularly suited for the cable-manufacturing branch.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/max.5 – 50 bar
Standard mould size (HxWxD)120 x 130 x 120 mm
Clamping force pneumatic15 KN (6 bar)

TM 2500-TWIN

Hotmelt moulding platform

The two units in the modular moulding platform TM2500- TWIN communicate with each other and are ideally designed for optimum supplies to both platforms with just one material feed point.

While moulding station 1 is busy with the moulding process and cooling time 1 after closing the mould, moulding station 2 can be prepared by inserting the parts and then triggering the injection and cooling cycle. A switchbox TM 1300 is used to ensure that the moulding cycles are started in succession.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/ max.5 – 100 bar
Standard mould size (HxWxD)120 x 130 x 120 mm

TM 2500-3

Hotmelt moulding platform

As a low-cost standard version, the TM2500-3 moulding station with tank unit TM1004 is the ideal entry level for hotmelt processing. The open design of the mould holder offers sufficient free space particularly when moulding cable systems or partially moulding foils or more complex components.

The optional use of a switchbox makes it possible to operate two TM2500-3 platforms with just one material supply. This results in the greatest possible production capacity for one operator with ideal cost effectiveness.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/ max.5 – 50 bar
Material temperature range0-240°C
Standard mould size (HxWxD)130 x 130 x 120 mm
Clamping force pneumatic1.500kg

TM 3500

Hotmelt process unit

The processing systems of the TM 3500 series were developed for stand-alone operation. They are designed for small to medium batch serial hotmelt moulding.
The modular design for several tool holders enables efficient production. A set of tools comprises 2 bottom halves of a mould and one mould top half. While the moulding process is operating automatically on one side of the sliding table, the finished part can be removed from the second bottom part of the mould and a new part inserted. The table is slid manually.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/ max.5 – 50 bar
Standard mould size (HxWxD)120 x 130 x 120 mm

TM 4500

Hotmelt moulding platform

The TM4500 moulding station is designed for low-pressure injection moulding specifically in medium-sized series.
The lower sub-moulds alternate on an automatic sliding table under the top mould. A Plexiglas safeguard protects the operator while the procedure takes place. Tool clamping is pneumatic up to a clamping force of 1400 kg with maximum occupational safety thanks to the convenient two-hand control.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/ max.5 – 50 bar
Standard mould size (HxWxD)120 x 130 x 120 mm

TM 6800

Hotmelt moulding platform

The TM6800 injection moulding machine is designed specifically for coating inserted parts in mass production.

The TM6800 is designed for processing thermoplastic materials in the temperature range of up to 250°C at max. 200 bar. The machine offers maximum possible flexibility for the tool holder and can be equipped with either a horizontal sliding table for the sub-moulds, the drawer version bringing the sub-moulds to the operator or with a tooling robot moving the sub-mould.


Technical data

Melting pressure min/ max.5 – 100 bar
Standard mould size (HxWxD)120 x 330 x 250 mm
Clamping force pneumatic14 KN (6 bar)

TM 1004/1106/ TM 1500

Material preparation

Either all the material is heated in an oven or only the required amount is melted, provided by an extruder and conveyed to the injection mould.


Technical data

TM 1004/1106TM 1500
TapeMelt ovenExtruder
CharacteristicEasy cleaning
Weekly timer
Temperature lowered when not in use
Tank volume 4,1 l
Quick change of material
Low thermal material load
Low maintenance
Pressure monitoring


Hotmelt moulding materials

To find out the right material for your application is an important challenge. The Know How of our specialists will help you. Beside the materials listed below, there are a few specialized materials more which will meet your requirements.The full details of all materials like mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical properties are available on request.


Technical data

TM 195TM 865TM 867PAR 1000TM 950
Max. temperature for use [°C]20/+170-55/+12040/+150-40/+200-40/+150
Tensile strength [MPa]173669
Elongation at break [%]630500500210500
Hardness Shore D5626403038
Mass spec. resistivity [Ω*cm]10111011101110111012
Therm. conductivity [W/m°K]-0,2-0,2-0,2n.d.-0,2
UL94 Flammability classV2V2V0/V2n.d.n.d

Komax Cloud MES

Digital product – production control system

The cloud-based version of the Komax MES gives customers quick access to a professional production control system and does so without financial risks, since cloud technology holds customer investments to a minimum. Production data, which is uploaded to the system as Excel files, can be efficiently planned and then sent onto the machines. All advantages of an MES, such as increased productivity, assured quality and planning flexibility are 100% guaranteed.

Dual-core cable

Processing dual core cables on the Komax Alpha platform

Machinery for processing dual-core cables significantly increases productivity.

Using the dual-core application on the Komax Alpha platform, round or flat cables can be processed with guaranteed and consistent quality.

Different types of processing for the inner conductor can be achieved, such as crimping, tinning or the insertion of seals or welding. Multi-stage manual work is no longer needed


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha
ProcessingFully automated processing of both side 1 and side 2 of the cable
Cable typeDual-core, flat and round cables

Wire end compression (ultrasonic compaction)

Ultrasonic compaction using the superb interface between Schunk modules and the Komax basic machines

Ultrasonic compression is a well-known process in the cable assembly sector. High-end quality modules from Schunk can be integrated into a number of Komax machines, for example the Alpha or Zeta models.

Wire end compaction reduces production costs and changeover times. This means that ultrasonic compaction is an alternative to using ferrules.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta
ProcessingFully automated processing of both side 1 and side 2 of the cable
Cable typeSingle wire

Resistance welding

Modules supplied by well-known manufacturers such as Miyachi, Strunk or Keller can be integrated in Komax wire processing machines

Resistance welding offers a range of processing options, including - but not limited to - wire end welding, contact welding and mixing various materials (copper, aluminum, Teflon, etc.).

This technology also makes it possible to compact tinned strands. Thonauer supplies machinery for fully automated resistance welding that are suitable for your cable assembly.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta
ProcessingFully automated processing of both side 1 and side 2 of the cable
Cable typeSingle wire

FAKRA cable

Automation solutions for infotainment harnesses in the automotive sector

FAKRA (= FACHKReis Automobil) is a German panel of experts from both the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers who are working on the standardization of road vehicle connectors.

These days, FAKRA is a ubiquitous topic in data communication. There are different versions and models for FAKRA. This means one FAKRA product is not necessarily the same as another.

Based on suitable Komax platforms, Thonauer offers machines for different levels of automation for processing FAKRA components.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta, Komax Lambda
ProcessingDifferent levels of automation depending on the platform
Cable typeCoaxial cable

MIL-Crimp Module (loose turned contacts)

Integration of MIL-Crimp Process Modules on different Komax platforms

A high degree of automation for MIL crimping can be achieved in various industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial and railway.

The MIL crimp modules are either manufactured by Komax or supplied by Zoller&Fröhlich.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta
ProcessingFully automated processing of both cable ends
Cable typeSingle wire

IDC (insulation displacement) cable

Highly automated IDC cable processing

We offer a high degree of automation for processing IDC cables or insulation displacement terminals. These machines have been developed in collaboration with IDC module suppliers such as Stocko and Lumberg.

With a capacity of around 2,300 pieces per hour, this is a solution for one-sided IDC processing on a range of cables. It is even possible to process short cables.

The machinery’s high performance is guaranteed by the parallel processing concept.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha
ProcessingFully automated processing at one cable end
Cable typeSingle wire

Hotmelt molding

If you want to take advantage of the hotmelt process without investing in your own machinery, Thonauer offers the opportunity for you to manufacture your product on our Werner Wirth TM 2500 unit. Small quantities, prototypes or small production runs can be produced cheaply and quickly.

Lambda 440

Lambda 440 HV cable assembly machine

The Lambda 440 offers a modular cable processing system for the automated processing of high-voltage cables. Depending on the process, 6-15 modules can be used. Each cable is assembled in a continuous process from preparation to housing assembly.


Technical data

Moldules6-15 process modules based on the Lambda-2 series
automation levelmulti-level
integrationone-sided as well as parallel processing

Lambda 240 SC

High voltage – stripping and crimping machine

The Lambda 240 SC combines three different cable processing steps: stripping, crimping and block loading of 2-pin HV connectors, Class 1 and 2. Simple operation by touch panel and a fast product change thanks to recipe management are other hallmarks of the product.


Technical data

Line cross-sectionTwo-core 2 × 2.5 mm² to 2 × 6 mm²
Cycle time< 15 sec.
Retooling time< 5 min
Special featuresServo control, crimp force monitoring, path controlled assembly process, short circuit test, central extraction unit

Lambda 240 SP

High voltage – semi-automatic shield processing machine

The Lambda 240 SP is a compact, semi-automatic solution for processing the shielding braid and inner conductors of HV cables in the field of electric mobility. Serial processing of two individual lines in parallel is possible. The touch panel ensures the simple storage and downloading of process parameters as well as a fast product change.


Technical data

Line cross-section  One-core 2,570 mm²,
Two-core 2 × 2.5 mm² to 5 × 6 mm²  
Processing lengthsup to 100 mm
Cycle time< 15 sec.
Retooling time< 3 min
Special featuresIntegrated extraction system, protection of the inner conductor, freely configurable, rotating cutting unit

Lambda 240 ST

High voltage – shield fixation machine

The compact, semi-automatic machine fixates and secures the shielding braid of high-voltage lines using tape. This solution was designed especially for applications in the electric mobility sector. The taping process meets the requirements of the Hirschmann PowerStar 40-2 connector system. This process is part of an overall solution, because the preparation is done on a Lambda 240 SP (see previous machine).


Technical data

Diameter range9.3–12.8 mm
Tape5 mm Coroplast 838X
Number of windings> 1.5
Cycle time< 10 sec.
Retooling time< 5 min
Special featuresServo control, touch screen

Mira 32

Stripping machine

The Mira 32 electrical stripping machine is the ideal entry-level model for semi-automated cable processing when hand tools are no longer up to the job. This model is designed for cables used in the automotive and industrial sectors that can be stripped with V-blades. The machine, which can be adjusted with rotary knobs, processes cables with external diameters up to 4 mm and stripping lengths up to 25 mm. Single cables and the cores in sheathed cables can be fully or partially stripped. 


Technical data

Conductor cross-section0.03–3.3 mm²
Stripping length1–25 mm
Special featuresCompact and mobile

Test de

Multi spindle automatic coil winding machine

A high speed fully automatic coil winding machine with advanced PC control of multi axis servo systems, for winding inductive devices with fine wire in medium and large volume. Applications include relay coils, magnetic head coils, LCD coils, transformers, ignition coils, inductors, sensor coils, solenoids, and other bobbin-wound products.


Technical data

No. of spindles (more on request)468
Wire size0.02–0.5 mm0.02–0.5 mm0.02–0.5 mm
Max. bobbin diameter100 mm62 mm50 mm
Spindle speed9,000 rpm18,000 rpm18,000 rpm


Heavy duty coil winding machine

The E-1200 is a floor standing style winding medium sized machine. This machine is specially designed for the manufacture of solenoids and power and distribution transformers from 10 to 1,200 KVA, using aluminium or copper wires, including rectangular or flat wires with a special guider.


Technical data

Version500 rpm250 rpm
Max. wire diameter0.01–30 mm0.01–30 mm
Torque172 Nm at 500 rpm413 Nm at 250 rpm
Max. distance between points1,200 mm1,200 mm

Foil Winding Machine

The foil and insulation de-reelers are provided with an automatically controlled brake system, which applies a constant tension to the materials during the winding process. The winding unit is equipped with a pressure roller system and the machine is supplied with two expanding mandrels for the copper foil and two for the paper insulation. There are various configurations possible, up to 300 mm width. This allows winding of primaries easily and with very short production cycle times.


Technical data: Custom made


Tape Cutting Machine

The tape dispenser dispenses and cuts any length of tape. Either on pressing a button or automatically as soon as a cut piece is taken.


Technical data

Cutting length30–999 mm
Tape width7–50.8 mm


Cutting tool, for precise cutting of copper and aluminium cables.


Technical data

Cutit 8Cutit 22Cutit 45R
Max. diameter8 mm22 mm45 mm
Max. cross section (details in the datasheet)16 mm²95 mm²400 mm²




Stripping and cutting tools

For fine-stranded and solid conductor; useable for all insulations. The stripping length can be adjusted with a limiter.


Technical data

Stripit 6Stripit 16
Cross section0.08–6 mm²6–16 mm²


Crimping tools for ferrules

Crimping tool for ferrules (according to DIN 46228 part 1 and 4) with and without plastic collars.


Technical data

Crimpit F4Crimpit F6 EN.
Crimpit F6 auto
Feature--Crimp acc EN 60947-1Feeding from the front
Ferrules0.5–4 mm²0.25–6 mm²0.5–6 mm²
Twin ferrules2 x 0.34–2 x 2.5 mm²2 x 0.34–2 x 4 mm²2 x 0.34–2 x 4 mm²



The hand tool actuator is a universal assistance for any manual hand tool. The hand tool is operated by the lever. This makes it easy to work for longer periods with hand tools.

Mira 230

Stripping machine

The programmable Mira 230 by Komax is the answer to today’s demands in wire processing with a large mix of products. The machine meets the high demands with an extraordinary range of applications, easy handling and boosted productivity. Thanks to special functions and its article library, it achieves reproducible top quality. It is first choice for multi-conductor processing owing to its suitability for sequence processing.


Technical data

Line cross-section (stripping)0.03–8 mm², AWG 32–8 ¹)
Max. external diameter6.5 mm
Stripping length1.5–46 mm
Stripping length with cutting46 mm - cutting length
Cutting length46 mm - stripping length
Pull-off length0.01–46 mm
¹) In the case of lines and conductor diameters of over AWG 10 that are difficult to process, we recommend sampling prior to purchase

Mira 230 Q

Stripping machine

The Mira 230 Q has all the functions of the Mira 230 plus the ACD electronic cut-in monitoring (Automatic Conductor Detector). This monitoring system detects and signals the slightest contact between the blade and the conductor. This function can be activated during cutting and/or removal for quality assurance purposes. The Mira 230 Q also uses ACD technology as an aid to making adjustments automatically. The cut-in values are set based on the measured conductor diameter.


Technical data

Conductor cross-section (stripping)0.03–8 mm², AWG 32–8 ¹)
Max. external diameter6.5 mm 
Stripping length1.5–46 mm
Special featuresACD cut-in monitoring, can be sequenced


¹)  In the case of lines and conductor diameters of over AWG 10 that are difficult to process, we recommend sampling prior to purchase



Mira 440 / Mira 440 SF

Stripping machine for coaxial and triaxial cables

Rotating flat blades guarantee high-level precision when processing coaxial or triaxial cables.The Mira 440 can process up to 9 conductor layers within one sequence and guarantees a high degree of productivity thanks to additional features such as bar code scanning.


Technical data

 Mira 440Mira 440 SF
ApplicationCoaxial and triaxial cables, single wiresSemiflex coaxial cable
Outside diameter0,15-9 mm
Maximum stripping length40 mm

Mira 340

Rotary stripping machine

Exceptional high-performance due to 4 rotary X-blades. Perfect cut even with critical insulations such as Teflon®, Kapton® or silicone. Sequence processing enables stripping of multi-layer cables. Easy operation by 5” touch screen. State-of-the-art and flexible.


Technical data

Conductor cross-section (stripping)0.013–16 mm²
Stripping lengthup to 72 mm
FeaturesZero-cut, twisting function

Cosmic 42R

Stripping machines for coaxial and semi-flexible cables

Highly precise processing of multi-layer cables.


Technical data

Application Micro coaxial wire
Conductor cross section 0.005–1.5 mm²
Resolution diameter 0.01 mm
Maximum pull-off length 40 mm

Kappa 310 / 315 / 320

Cutting and stripping machine

Power, performance and a new type of sensors are the three key features of the fully automatic Kappa cutting and stripping machines. Interfaces to pre-feeders and inkjet printers are integrated. Easy to use touch screen.


Technical data

Kappa 310Kappa 315Kappa 320
Wire cross section0.02–6 mm²0.05–10 mm²0.05–10 mm²
Max. stripping length:
Full strip
Partial stripping

100 mm,
999.9 mm
Cable transport speed4 m/sec.2 m/sec.4 m/sec.
Transport systemSingle rolls

Kappa 330

Cutting and stripping machine

The Kappa 330 comes in two configurations, as a single head variant with a knife line and a dual head variant with a double knife head together with the additional option of separating and stripping the inner conductor of a sheathed cable. The Kappa 330 also offers other options such as programmable slitting, processing ribbon cables and integration of various sensors for process monitoring.


Technical Data

Cable cross-section0.22–35 mm²
Max. external diameter16 mm
Maximum stripping length:
Full strip,
Half strip

180 mm
999 mm
Cable transport4 m/sec.
Transport systemRoller or belt drive

Kappa 340

Kappa 340 with RIU / without RIU

The Kappa 340 handles the precise processing of uneven cable surfaces, battery, multicore, HV and sensor cables as well as hard, tough, thick and thin insulation.

The versatile Kappa 340 stripper and cutter is equipped for all current and future wire processing requirements: The dual head double cutting head with various V, V-radius and form blades processes wires with a thickness of 0.22 to 70 mm² and ribbon cables up to a width of 16 mm. The device is also available with a RIU (rotating incision unit) for even more precise and careful stripping and cutting. Thanks to the 4 m/s belt drive, even complex sequences are processed efficiently. The integrated two-stage length measurement enables precise incision positioning as well as length correction and detects slip. In addition, the optional quality assurance with optical sensor minimizes cutting losses.

Technical data

Wire protection/ground6 A
Wire guide, side 1Swivel guide
Wire guide, side 2Fixed guide / split wire guide
Processing outside the specifications Processing outside the specifications upon request. In case of doubt, we will be happy to provide processing samples for your wires.
Hard, tough wiresIn the case of extremely hard, tough wires, processing may not be possible even within the cross section range. In case of doubt, Komax will be happy to provide processing samples of your wires.
Electrical connection115/230 VAC ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz, 680 VA

Kappa 350

Cutting and stripping machine

The power pack in the Kappa family from Komax, made for large cable cross-sections. Thanks to a clever sensor system, when setting up the machine, the cutting losses can be reduced to a minimum. This is a cost factor, especially with large cross-sections. With a large number of knife geometries and the option of using customer-specific knives, this machine is also suitable for difficult conductors and processing high-voltage automotive cables used in electric vehicles.


Technical Data

Cable cross-section2.5–120 mm²
Max. external diameter35 mm
Maximum stripping length:
Full strip,
Half strip

290 mm /
999 mm
Cable transport4,8 m/sec.
Transport systemRoller or belt drive

Iota 330

Cutting machine

The Iota 330 is the all-rounder of cutting machines. It cuts through pipes reliably and with ease (belt drive), as well as plastic straps, pneumatic hoses, shrink tubing, ribbon cables and much more. The belt drive ensures that the material is handled with care.
Where high production volumes are required, up to four tracks can be operated in parallel. 


Technical data

Length range1–1,00,000 mm
Length accuracy+/- (1 mm + 0,2 % x L)
Maximum admission height16–25 mm in the center of the belt drive
Maximum admission width82 mm

Delta Series

Delta series: Delta 220 / Delta 240 / Delta 260

The basic model of the Delta 220 series offers simple crimping with integrated crimp force monitoring – optionally with bad crimp cutter and stripping unit.

The Delta 220 fully automatic wire processing machine enables high repeat acuracy and process quality thanks to the precise and robust mechanics. The integrated CFA/CFA+ crimp force monitoring system checks the quality during the crimping process and thus enables high processing quality. In contrast to Delta 240 and 260, the crimp height is set manually. Set-up and changeover are easy. Thanks to the brilliant color display and the Komax HMI Delta graphic user interface, operation is simple and user-independent with a storage space of up to 5,000 articles and 1,000 wires. Optionally, Delta 220 can also be equipped with a stripping unit and the bad crimp cutter for easy sorting out of faulty crimps.

Technical data

Repetition accuracy0.12 mm
Weight110 kg
Relative humidity, non-condensing max.90 %
Split cycle for closed terminals min.1 mm
Compressed-air connection for options4-6 bar
Cut conductors (BCC) max.6.6 mm²


Networking of bench-top presses

The Manufacturing Interface Komax – MIKO for short – is the interface for real time data exchange between your Manufacturing Execution System – MES for short – and cable processing machinery such as crimp presses and fully automated machines. This means that it is an essential for implementing Industry 4.0. Using this interface you will be able to improve process quality, completely document quality and increase the utilization of your machinery. See the data sheet for more information.


Bench Top Stripper/Crimper BT-SC

The Exmore benchtop crimping presses are designed for the production of single and multi-conductor cables. The crimp presses are not only available with a standard foot pedal, but also with a two-handed activation or start sensor. These crimping presses are outstanding in terms of short cycle times, short changeover and setup times. The “patent pending” drive system ensures the short cycle time with a long crimping time.


Technical Data

Crimping force 20 kN
Cross-sectional areaup to 6 mm² (10 AWG)
Cycle Time0.5 s

Gamma 255

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Gamma 255 is specially designed to crimp small cross section and short cable lengths. No matter what the task, from double side crimping to twisting, fluxing and tinning, the Gamma 255 carries it out with compelling process control and minimal changeover times. In spite of its compactness, this device has fully integrated quality-monitoring and feed systems as part of its standard equipment.


Technical Data

Wire cross section0.01232.5 mm² (AWG36AWG14)
Length range1510,000 mm
Stripping lengths0.115 mm

Gamma 450

Fully automated crimping machine

The combination of simplicity, functionality, efficiency and process reliability, along with a high output on minimal floorspace, make this fully automatic crimping machine a sure-fire investment in terms of an excellent cost/performance ratio.Equipped with all standard quality tools from Komax, it ensures a high level of stability and monitoring.


Technical Data

Wire cross section0.13-4 mm²
Crimp force1-22 kN
Number of stations4

Alpha 560

Fully automated crimping machine

The most powerful crimping machine from Komax is impressive thanks to its high-quality processing of large contacts and sleeves.Wire cross sections of up to 16 mm2 can be processed on the Alpha 560.Thanks to the HMI, operating the machine is child’s play; all high-quality tools are also integrated with ease.


Technical Data

Wire cross-section2.5 – 16 mm2
Crimp force1 – 50 kN
Number of stations4

Alpha 477

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 477 fully automatic double crimping machine allows you to process two different wires simultaneously to produce your choice of double crimp or single wires. With four processing stations at the lead termination and two at the trailing end, you have a large number of possible processes at your command.


Technical data

Wire cross section0.224 mm² (AWG24AWG12),
Optional from 0.13 mm² (AWG26),
Double crimp (cable A+B) < 6 mm²
Length range6080,000 mm (optional 3580,000 mm)
Stripping lengthsBoth ends: 0.135 mm

Alpha 530

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 530 is a fully automatic crimping machine for one and two-sided crimping and seal loading. The machine is optimized for fast setup and conversion times, thus increasing your productivity. Crimp force monitoring CFA+ is standard. QC options, such as automatic conductor detection (ACD) and strip quality check (SQC), can be retrofitted and satisfy the highest quality requirements.


Technical Data

Wire cross sections0.136 mm²
Wire draw-in speedmax. 9 m/sec.
Crimp force122 kN

Alpha 550

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 550, the newest latest fully automatic crimping machine for two-sided crimping and seal loading, fulfils your requirements towards for productivity, flexibility, and quality.

  • At Features high speed for top maximum unit cost performance 
  • Ultra-fast conversion for maximum productivity 
  • First-time-right setup approach for almost no rejects 
  • Robust system and versatile options 
  • Quality control at its best


Technical data

Wire cross sections0.136 mm² (AWG 2610), optional 10 mm² (AWG 8)
Wire draw-in speedup to 12 m/sec.
Crimp force122 kN

bt 188 T / bt 288

Semi-automatic twisting machines

Twisting two, three or even four wires is so easy with the bt 188 T. With the precise multi-conductor twisting option, three or four conductors can be twisted perfectly with no pitch errors. As with twisted pairs, the result is a uniform pitch length with high reproducibility over the entire twisted length of the cable.


Technical data

bt 188 Tbt 288
Wire cross section2 × 0.08 to 2 × 4 mm²
(Optional: 3 or 4 wires)
Pitch length850 mm
Twisted lengthfrom 300 mm to 12 metres in 3-metre steps
Twisting lines per machine12

Sigma 688 ST

Fully automatic twisting machine, including end securing

With the Sigma 688 ST, Komax offers its customers the option of fully automatic crimping of wires, fitting them with a sleeve, twisting them and additionally securing the open end.This meets OEM requirements for fully automatic UTP wire production.


Technical data

Wire cross-section2 x 0.22 – 2.5 mm2
Lay length5 – 80 mm
Finished twisted length700 – 10,000 mm
Open cable ends15 – 125 mm


This semi-automatic un-twisting machine offers high production efficiency in combination with perfect processing quality. It is also easy to operate, attractively priced and guarantees accurate performance. With its compact dimensions, it can be placed on any bench top hardly taking up any space. The intuitive software (touchscreen operated) enables you to save the un-twisting parameters.


Technical data


Max. cable diameter2x1 mm² (2 x 17 AWG)
Min. cable diameter2 x 0.15 mm² (2 x 26 AWG)
Max. twisted length100mm (3.94”)
Min. twisted length17 mm (0.67”)


Zeta 640 / 650

Fully automatic cable assembly machine

Different cables and contacts are processed automatically without having to change over. This makes batch size 1 possible without any special effort. The manufacturing time is reduced by up to 50 % compared to traditional manual methods. A consistent data flow from the planning software to production reduces errors and increases cost-effectiveness.

At the end you get the cables you require in the correct order with the desired marking, and bundled ready for further processing.


Technical data

Zeta 640Zeta 650
Number of stations / with expansion5 / 108 / 13
Number of cables36
Process modulesCrimping, fitting seals, twisting, tinning, sleeve loading, double gripper, ferrules, MIL crimping, welding, ultrasonic compaction
Quality assuranceIntegrated crimp height and pull-out force measurement, crimp force monitoring, splice detection, incision monitoring, material change detection and material verification, Seal position monitoring, contact end detection

Zeta 630

Harness Manufacturing Zeta

The Zeta 630 makes switchboard construction efficient and just in time. Thanks to the economical automation process, cable assembly is highly productive, starting with batch size 1. Automated processes and lot or sequential production without retooling shorten production times by up to 50 percent. The automatic wire changer provides up to 36 different lines, and the CM 1/5 GS module processes up to five different wire end ferrules. The reliable, fully automated production ensures consistent high quality.


Technical data

Line cross-sections0.22–6 mm² (AWG 24–AWG 10)
Wire changermax. 36 wires (in steps of 6 wires)
Lengths with double-sided processing240–3,000 mm standard trough;
240–5,000 mm optional
Lengths with one-sided processing85–3,000 mm standard trough;
85–5,000 mm optional
Number of stations2

DLW – Digital Lean Wiring

Software for switch cabinet construction

With an efficient data processing, the DLW (digital lean wiring) software from Komax provides automation in switch cabinet construction. This means that a significant amount of time is saved in comparison to manual manufacturing, even with a batch size of 1.

Compared to conventional ECAD systems, the usage does not cause any cost-intensive maintenance of the components since the cable length can be determined by virtual wiring. It can be done by means of a photograph of the cabinet or a 2-D drawing. Existing data can easily be imported. Alternatively, Komax offers a camera for photographic dimensioning with a round shot in several individual images. The images are then put together into a dimensionally accurate overall picture and imported into the DLW.

The DLW also features an easy-to-handle user interface with touch screen. The DLW Viewer guides the operating staff through the entire wiring path, allowing even less specialized personnel to perform this step.

Omega 740 / 750

Fully automatic cable harness manufacturing machine

The Omega 740 and 750 are used for the fully automatic production of cable harnesses that are fitted from both sides. Up to 36 different cable types can be processed at the same time. With up to eight processing stations, almost all manufacturing processes can be reproduced and cable assemblies can be made efficiently without change overs. Marking is automated, using two ink-jet printers. The Omega passes the cables to a connected block loader fully automatically.  With many improvements such as optical monitoring, a larger carrier plate and much more, it can now even fit the smallest connector housings or other components, fault-free.


Technical data

Omega 740Omega 750
Number of stations / with expansion5 / 108 / 13
Number of cables36
Process modulesCrimping, fitting seals, MIL crimping, ferrules, ultrasonic compaction
Quality assuranceIntegrated crimp height and pull-out force measurement, crimp force monitoring, splice detection, incision monitoring, material change detection and material verification,
Assembly: Collision, insertion force and contact locking Monitoring

Wire-XL / Wire-XXL

Multi Connection Machine

The Wire-XL / Wire-XXL can be equipped with a wide variety of modules for the following processes: Stripping multi-conductor cable, shrinking of contacts and sensors, compacting, welding, fluxing-soldering, splicing, housing insertion, etc. Various modules are also available for quality control, such as crimpheight measurement, colour detection, crimpforce monitoring, pullforce measurement, camera, insertion force, insertion depth, etc. It’s designed for high volumes in the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors.

MES – manufacturing execution system

Software solution for the cable processing industry 4.0

The production software jointly developed by Komax and iTAC has been perfectly custom-tailored to the needs of cable manufacturing. The end-to-end solution has been designed for the entire value chain – from goods receipt through all production steps all the way to goods issuing – of cable processing companies of any size.

The software can be used for automated planning, control and monitoring of the entire production: machines, manual workplaces, auxiliary materials, material flow, resources, etc. Processes can be optimally standardized, defective production can be prevented, and the product quality can be significantly boosted. This makes it possible to produce complex products in the desired quality on schedule.

ads 112

Wire pull machine

The ads 112 wire pull machine is the perfect choice for the optimum feeding of wires from reels, Conipacks or drums. Wire is transported by two synchronous toothed belts. Wires ranging from fine to coarse are fed powerfully yet gently to the processing stations, as are non-round wires. Changeovers are quick and easy.


Technical Data

Wire cross sectionup to 28 mm
Width of flat cablemax. 28 mm
Weight of wire reelmax. 100 kg

ads 115

Wire delivery system

The Komax ads 115 is a wire feed system that can be used very flexibly with Komax automatic cutting and stripping machines. You can easily change the position of the linear storage unit to put it in the ideal spot for every application. Reels up to 400 mm in diameter, loose rings and ribbon cable can be used on the de-reeling stand. The quick clamping system allows the various reels to be changed quickly.


Technical Data

ReelsDia. 600 mm x width 250 mm x core dia. 1495 mm
Wire cross sectionmax. 4 mm²
Weight holding capacitymax. 20 kg

ads 119 / ads 123

Wire delivery system

The reel-clamping system is combined with a simple lifting mechanism that allows you to change heavy wire reels effortlessly. Convenient setup functions like slow advance and reverse travel make rapid reel changes even easier. The powerful motor operates extremely quietly and smoothly.


Technical Data

 ads 119ads 123
Wire reel: Max. diameter
Max. width
Max. weight
  600 mm
500 mm
100 kg
  1000 mm
750 mm
600 kg
Wire: Diameter
Wire cross-section
  up to 15 mm
up to 35 mm²
  up to 35 mm
up to 95 mm²

Komax 106

Cable feed system

The Komax 106 is an active feed system that is especially suitable for the processing of a wide range of different lines at high speed. The feed takes place from loose rings, from cable drums, Conipacks or central cable storage systems. The device can be operated both as a “stand alone” unit and in combination with all cable processing machines. A compatible interface is available for Komax machines in particular.


Technical data

Cable diameter up to 4 mm
Feed speed max. 6 m/sec.
Special featuresControl algorithm with self-learning mode


Cable feed system

The motorized feed system F1150 is the latest in the Komax product range for the automatic processing of low-tension cable reels up to 300 kg. The device can process a wide range of round cables and is particularly suitable for tension-sensitive cables, e.g. coaxial cables. This cable feed system is highly compatible and can easily be integrated into a complete cable processing line.


Technical data

max. diameter,
max. width,
max. weight

800 mm,
650 mm,
300 kg

Optionally 18/35 mm,
95 mm²
Weight300 kg
Special featuresSetup system via remote control

dps 375

Deposit system

The variable dps 375 wire deposit system has a mobile frame and active wire ejection for process-orientated use. This model comes with programmable batch size sorting, making it the perfect companion for an automatic Kappa cut-and-strip machine of the third generation. Wires up to 3.5 m in length are sorted and deposited.


Technical Data

Wire diametermax. 35 mm
Wire lengthapprox. 1503.500 mm
Conveyor belt--

KA 3000 / KA 6000

Deposit systems

These wire deposit units are intended for depositing "over-length conductors“ neatly and extended to full length. The KA 3000 deposit unit is suitable for depositing wires up to about 3.000 mm in length; the KA 6000, for depositing wires up to about 6.200 mm in length. The maximum wire diameters for the two models are 18 mm and 35 mm, respectively. With the KA 3000-2 model, two separate batches can be deposited in separate trays.


Technical data

KA 3000KA 6000
Conductor diametermax. 18 mmmax. 35 mm
Conductor length3503.000 mm3506.200 mm
Conveyor beltactive

KRI 450


As uncomplicated additional devices in the processing line, the KRI 450 wire ring winders create perfectly shaped and bound wire rings with an inner diameter of at least 120 mm.

The KRI 450 is a powerful piece of peripheral equipment that very carefully prepares wires for downstream processes. When in use, the KRI 450 C picks up the wire directly in a guide tube. The winding arbors then turn the wire into a flat-shaped wire ring. After processing, the arbors lower and the cover opens automatically. Heavy wire rings can also be pushed away flat over a table. Models with CB and CBP offer additional steps: The CB models have an integrated manual spot-taping station; the CBP models, on the other hand, are fully automatic winding-spot taping machines and therefore do not require any manual intervention.



KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind + Pull


KRI 450 / 850 Coil

The Komax Kappa cut-to-length machine guides the cable directly into the winding mandrels of the ring coiler via a guide tube. The winding diameters can be individually adjusted. After the winding process, the mandrels lower automatically, the safety hood is opened, and the cable ring can be removed. Even very heavy cable rings can easily be pushed away flat over a table.


KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind

Integration of an additional manual taping device. The cable ring is shifted sideways at the same height and guided flush into the taping device by hand.


KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind + Pull

Integration of a fully automatic handling and tying-off system. The handling system carries out a fully automatic taping process and releases the cable bundle in a controlled manner.


Technical data

KRI 450KRI 850
Cable diametermax. 20 mmmax. 35 mm
Cable lengthmin. 1,000 mm
Inner winding diameter120 mm250–600 mm
Outer winding diametermax. 430 mmmax. 850 mm
Winding weightmax. 80 kgmax. 80 kg
Coil + Bind + PullOptionalOptional

dps 261


The Komax dps 261 binder binds wire coils quickly and gently. Its ease of operation and great reliability make this device an ideal supplement for all coilers. The knot created in binding is easy to undo. The Komax dps 261 binder is operated with a foot pedal. A high degree of safety and reliability are ensured by the needle slide clutch. The Komax dps 261 binder not only processes wires. It can also be used to bind other products.


Technical data

Inside diameter of coilmin. 120 mm
Coil height/push-through heightmax. 145 mm
RPM of turntable/speedapprox. 0.67 sec./cycle

KTS 50 Comfort

Tape dispenser

This machine is a robust tape dispenser made for industrial tapes with high unwind forces. The tape pieces are dispensed in succession or in single-step mode. Up to 12 lengths can be set via touch panel.


Technical data

Tape width9–50 mm (customized widths on request)
Tape sections25–9,999 mm
Materialany conventional tape

KTHB Micro

Hand taping tool

This tool is the first step towards reproducible quality compared with manual taping. Consistent tape tension and an ergonomic motion lead to a uniform slope and wrinkle-free surface.


Technical data

Tape core diameter 1.5" or 1.25", optional 1"
Cable harness diameter3–20 mm
Tape width9–19 mm

M1630 Jet

Inkjet printer

Working together with Domino, the latest generation of Komax inkjets impresses with its compact construction and its very user- and maintenance-friendly design. Equipped with RFID readers, the modules used are continuously checked and the operator informed in good time of any events. This technology, can, for example, prevent filling with the wrong ink.


Technical data

 M1630 Jet BC
(Black color)
M1630 Jet P
M1630 Jet S
(Small character)
Min. / max. character height0,9–4,6mm0,9–4,6mm0,8–4,4mm
InksDye-based ink and lightly pigmented inkHeavily pigmented inksSmall type, dye-based ink, currently only in black
Max. speedFast print 7.4/12 m/s
Standard print 7.9/11.2 m/s
Fast print 7.4/12 m/s
Standard print 7.9/11.2 m/s
Fast print 7.8/12 m/s
Standard print 11/11.2 m/s


Hand taping tool

The KTHB Mini is a mobile, electric taping tool for use on assembly boards. This makes it possible to tape even longer segments quickly and easily by pressing a button.


Technical data

Rotational speed120–280 rpm
Cable harness diameter3–20 mm
Tape width9–19 mm, optional 25 mm
Tape core diameter1.5" or 1.25", optional 1"
Tape outer diametermax. 110 mm

SM 15 2PLC / SM 30 2PLC

Cutting machine

The extremely reliable and solid universal cutting machine has been designed to process a wide range of different materials. In addition, Ulmer and Thonauer can also adapt the cutting machine to your needs.

Punching cut for tubes, foamed rubber, sealing profiles. Shearing cut for flat and round cables and stranded wire, shrinking tubes. Tube cut for several tube materials.

Optional bevel cut blades available.


Technical data

SM 15 2PLCSM 30 2PLC
Length range0,1–999,999 mm
Max. passage height15/30 mm15 mm
Max. passage width150 mm300 mm

SG 400 V

Cutting machine

The SG 400 V has been designed especially for the cutting of large-sized cables or lateral cuts respectively. Multi-core cables are cut to an outside diameter of 26 mm and cross section of up to 150 mm².

The robust and powerful feeder (as used in the ZG 400 B2) enables precise positioning of the cutting material.


Technical Data

Max. length input0,1–999,999 mm
Throughput height/widthup to 30 mm
Upper belt liftPneumatic, to a limited extent mechanical

SSM 60 / SSM 800

Hose cutting machine

The hose cutting machine SSM 60 is suitable for cutting closed and slit corrugated tube, PVC, rubber hose as well as further types of hose with an outer diameter of up to 60 mm. The use of the guillotine cut (blade is fixed in a 45° angle) makes for a precise cutting angle as well as high cutting quality.


Technical Data

SSM 60SSM 800
Length range0,1–999,999 mm
Max. throughput heightup to 60 mmup to 20 mm
Max. throughput widthup to 60 mmup to 800 mm
Cutting headPneumatically operated

WSM 30E / WSM 60E / WSM 60ESB

Corrugated tube cutting machine

Corrugated tubes are used in slit and non-slit versions to protect cables and harnesses, for instance, in the automotive and machine construction industries. Tubes from medical devices or white goods can also be processed. Precise and reliable cutting at the wave top is important. High cutting quality is important to ensure tightness at the contact point. 

To do this, a rotating knife is used to avoid sharp edges damaging inner wires.


Technical Data

Length range0,1–999,999 mm
Throughput height/width7–32 mmup to 60 mmup to 60 mm
Feeding length200 mm200 mm1000 mm

Crimp Press

Press TT

The TT Crimping Press is available either in semi-automatic (for bench-top use) configuration or in full automatic (integrated into a cut and strip machine) configuration. The standard stroke is 40 mm, but other different strokes are available upon request. The 135.8 mm ± 0.02 mm crimping height allows the TT to accept all the mini-style applicators fitted with the standard T-coupling. A proprietary safety cover guarantees the operator a perfect view of the crimping zone while enjoying complete protection from any hazard. Mecal’s own CFA crimp force analyser can be fitted as an option.


Technical data

Force20 kN
Stroke40 mm
Crimping height135.8 mm ± 0.02 mm

Evolution Series

Mini Applicator

The Mini Applicator processes linked terminals with a cross section of up to 6 mm². This Evolution crimping tool is available in side-feed and end-feed versions. It fits all presses with a T-coupling and a crimping height of 135.8 mm. It can be used with bench top presses as well as with fully automatic crimping machines.

We deliver the right applicator for almost all contacts.


Technical data

Crimping height135.8 mm
Stroke40/30 mm
Pitch< 28 mm
Wire cross-sectionmax. 6 mm ²
Terminal thickness< 0.6 mm

Restyling Serie


The Restyling mini-applicator crimps on-reel terminals with a thickness < 1.2 mm, pitch < 27 mm and wire section from between 0 and 10 mm². Mechanical side-feed system for linked terminals to be unrolled left to right. Can be fitted to any benchtop or automatic press having a crimping height of 135.8 mm (mounting plate to press T-coupling). Available as: left-side-feed (MRS), end-feed (MRF), pneumatical left-side-feed (MRSP), pneumatical end-feed (MRFP)

We deliver the right applicator for almost all contacts. 


Technical data

Crimping height135.8 mm
Stroke40/30 mm
Pitch< 28 mm
Wire cross sectionmax. 10 mm²
Terminal thickness< 1.2 mm

AI 01 / AI 02

Electrical stripping machines

Continuous change of wire cross section without tools. Continuous change of stripping length from 3 to 20 mm; integrated spare knife; full or partial stripping possible.


Technical data

AI 01AI 01 E
AI 02
Wire cross section0.05–6 mm²0.05–6 mm²0.05–2.5 mm²
Max. cable diameter5 mm5 mm4 mm
Min. push in length22 mm + stripping length22 mm + stripping length15 mm + stripping length
Power supply100–240 V100–240 V, or built-in rechargeable battery100–240 V

AI 03 / AI 04

Electrical stripping machines

Continuous change of wire cross section from 0.05 to 6 mm² without tools. Continuous change of stripping length from 3 to 20 mm; integrated spare knife; full or partial stripping possible.


Technical data

AI 03AI 04AI 04 E
Wire cross section0.5–6 mm²2.5–16 mm²2.5–16 mm²
Max. outer diameter5 mm8 mm8 mm
Min. infeed length32 mm + stripping length22 mm + stripping length22 mm + stripping length
Stripping length13–30 mm3–20 mm3–20 mm
Power supply100–240 V100–240 V100–240 V or built-in rechargeable battery

AI 2.5–20 auto / AI 16–20 auto

Electrical stripping machines

A sensor measures the cable diameter and automatically defines the corresponding cutting depth. Full and partial stripping is possible.


Technical data

AI 2.5–20 autoAI 16–20 auto
Cross section0.5–2.5 mm²4–16 mm²
Max. outer diameter4 mm8 mm
Min. infeed length24 mm24 mm
Stripping length3–20 mm3–20 mm

AM 02 C / AM 02.1 C

Electro-pneumatic crimping machines for loose, insulated and uninsulated ferrules

The AM 02 C / AM 02.1 C ("Compact") is an electro-pneumatic, modular stripper-crimper for rapid and reliable processing of loose insulated and uninsulated ferrules of small cross sections. Features: easy tool change, short tooling time, quick processing and crimping quality which conforms to DIN 46228.

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

AM 02 CAM 02.1 C
Wire cross section0.140.34 mm²0.250.75 mm²
Crimping length6/8 mm510 mm

AM 03 / AM 03 C / AM 03 universal

Modular stripping and crimping machine

The AM 03 series from Zoller + Fröhlich offers different models of electro-pneumatically-driven stripping and crimping devices for the processing of loose, twisted pin and socket contacts. The contacts are automatically fed via a vibration conveyor.


Technical data

AM 03AM 03 CAM 03 universal
Conductor cross-section0.14–2.5 mm²0.14–0.5 mm²0.14-0.5 mm²
Insertion length36 mm13 mm36 mm

AM 02 universal / AM 04 / AM 04.1

Stripping and crimping machines for loose, insulated ferrules

Electro-pneumatic, universal stripper-crimper for rapid and reliable processing of loose insulated ferrules. Crimping quality conforms to DIN 46228. The AM 02 CK is a special version of the AM 02 universal, with integrated crimp force monitoring.

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

AM 02 universalAM 04AM 04.1
Wire cross section0.5–2.5 mm²4–10 mm²4–10 mm²
Crimping length6–12 mm8–12 mm9–15 mm

Unic-L / Unic-LS / Unic-LZ

Stripping and crimping machines for loose, insulated ferrules.

Electro-pneumatic stripping and crimping machines.

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

Wire cross section0.52.5 mm²0.52.5 mm²2 x 0.52 x 1.5 mm²
Crimping length8 mm6/8/10 mm8 mm

CR 03 K / Crimper G / Crimper-LS

Crimping machine for insulated ring tongue and ferrules

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

CR 03 KCrimper-GCrimper-LS
Ring tongue ferrules

On reel

Type--DIN 46228DIN 46228
Wire cross section0.56 mm²0.52.5 mm²0.344 mm²
Crimping length--8 mm612 mm
Power unitElectro-pneumatic


Stripping and crimping machines for insulated ferrules on reel.

The Z+F EVOCRIMP is an automatic stripping and crimping machine for insulated ferrules. The machine is universally applicable and processes ferrules from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² (AWG 20 - 14).

> Komax delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

Crimping range:0,5 – 2,5 mm²
(AWG 20 – 14)
Crimping length:8 mm
(0.31 in.)
Infeed length:30 mm (1.18 in.)
Cycle time:1,5 s
Power supply:100 - 240/50 - 60/100


Stripping and crimping machine

Processing of 5 different ferrules on rolls, without changing tools or rolls. Easy operation via touch display. Also suitable for Multinorm ferrules (ferrules with extended collars). This device is ideal where the ferrules are changed frequently, as there is no downtime for tool changes.

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

Ferruleauf Rolle
on a roll
Conductor cross-section0.5–2.5 mm²
Crimp length8/10 mm

Wire Processing Center (WPC)

Wire Processing Center (WPC)

The WPC is an integrated solution to prepare wires for switch cabinets. It is suitable for preparing wires in the cross-section range from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm². Step by step, it processes all orders from EPLAN or another CAE system.

The wire to be processed is sequentially cut to length and crimped with the UNIC-GV using the Z+F EVOFEED® multi feeder. Markers and labels are printed with the thermal transfer printer (THM-MMP).  The printer produces labels from the MultiMark family as well as continuous material, fabric and polyester labels, heat shrink tubing or PLC labels. In this way, processes can be ideally designed and the WPC can be optimally integrated into production processes.


UNIC GVPrinter
Computer unitTouchscreen


Stripping device with crimp option

The SC11 is a stripping device that can be integrated in a crimping station (squeezing machine and applicator). With a gentle motion, the SC11 grips the cable, strips it and moves it to the anvil of the applicator where it is crimped. The electro-pneumatic drive system is PLC-controlled and allows for easy installation, handling and maintenance. The SC11 by Mecal is also suitable for multi-core cables.


Technical data

Wire cross-section0.035–3 mm² (32–12 AWG)
Stripping length2–12 mm

Z+F Ferrules


Wire end ferrules create first-class, solderless connections, ensuring precise, long-term operational reliability.

Zoller + Fröhlich is the inventor of ferrules with plastic collars that are used for solderless connections in cable assemblies throughout the world. Thonauer supplies the entire range. We supply ferrules with or without plastic collars, from 0.14 to 150 mm² in different colors and different termination lengths, assortment boxes, ring or spade lugs, blade receptacles, etc. Our range also includes taped or loose ferrules.

Z + F is the only company in the world to have had all their insulated ferrules UL-certified  since 2012, and CSA-US certified since 2002. This not only applies to loose wire end ferrules with a cross-section from 0.14 to 50 mm² (AWG 26-1), but also to twin wire ferrules and taped ferrules.

Ferrules and cable lugs from Zoller + Fröhlich GmbH also comply with the RoHS (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances) regulations. For processing the ferrules, Thonauer offers a wide range of hand tools and crimping machines for semi-automatic processing.

We would be pleased to advise you of our extensive range.





Stripping head with rotating knives

With the BERI.CO.FLEX we present a new and modular concept of a flexible and universal stripping head for all stripping requirements. The head is particularly suitable for stripping coaxial cables. Useable in combination with all standard cutting machines.


Technical data

Stripping diameterUp to 17 mm
Number of knivesUp to 6


The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a coax machine for large cables and designed for the precise stripping of coax cables 24.5 mm (0.96”) OD and for stripping length up to 100.0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now.


Technical data

Stripping diameter1.0–24.5 mm
(0.04”–0.96”) OD
Stripping length0–100.0 mm
Stripping stepsUp to 10


Coax Shielding Cutting Device

The BERI.CO.CUT is a highly accurate device for cutting shieldings and braidings of the type found in coax cables with multiple layers. In particular high voltage cables used in the new generation of electric vehicles can be processed with the BERI.CO.CUT reliably, within seconds and cost-effectively.


Technical data

Outer diameterFrom 0.28” (7.0 mm) up to 0.71” (18.0 mm) depending on insulation
Braided shield lengthUp to 15.75” (400.0 mm) depending on insulation

MicroForce 70

Crimp force monitoring

Missing strands and insulation inside the crimp are frequent reasons for defective contacting in modern wire harnesses. Every single crimp therefore has to be monitored to ensure proper functioning. MicroForce 70 enables gapless crimp force monitoring to be carried out easily and efficiently and meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


Technical data

Cross section range0.35–6 mm² (AWG 22–AWG 10)
Dimensions L × W × H146 × 46 × 106 mm


Integrated optical stripping, sleeve and crimp monitoring for Komax fully automatic machines

The Q1250 is integrated into the latest generation of Komax crimp machines, checking the quality of the stripping, the correct processing of the sleeve and the crimp quality during processing. This means that there is no need for a visual inspection by the machine operator at the end of a batch. The digital eye also helps when setting up the machine, shortening the changeover times.


Technical data

Cable cross-section0,13–6 mm²
Test area27 x 20 mm
Machine typesAlpha 530, Alpha 550 with Komax HMI

MicroForce 80

Crimp force monitoring

The MicroForce 80 is currently the best crimp force monitoring system on the market. It detects missing strands or insulation that has been caught in the crimp, and can be retrofitted to all crimp presses.
Its many features mean it offers incredible efficiency, high productivity and flexibility. For example, it has product libraries to reduce retooling times, measurement data are saved on an external USB drive, and there are sensitivity settings and the facility for sequence processing. The color touch display provides an image of crimp curves in order to better assess the crimp quality.


Technical data

Cross sectional area range0.35–6 mm² (AWG 22–AWG 10)
Display5.0 inch color display with touch functionality
Special featuresSensitivity setting, product memory, data interface, sequence processing, headroom adjustment, predefined access rights


Pneumatic cable stripping unit

The AM.STRIP.1 is a universally usable, semi-automatic cable stripping machine for use in harsh industrial environments for economical production of small and medium volumes. Its special knives, adapted to the processed cable, can process nearly every available cable on the market.


Technical data

Wire Diameter:
Round cable,
Flat ribbon cable
0.5–15 mm,
up to 20 mm width
1.0–25 mm,
up to 35 mm width
up to 30 mm,
up to 32 mm
Stripping length:
up to 65 mm,
up to 250 mm
up to 120 mm,
up to approx. 450 mm
up to 500 mm


Pneumatic stripping machine with rotating blades

With the semi-automatic stripping machine AM.ALL.ROUND you can perform high-precision round cuts and strip jobs quickly, easily and safely. Easy stripping of demanding insulations, where conventional cutting and stripping processes are not sufficient or even not possible.


Technical data

Wire diameter2–24 mm
Stripping length:
5 to 160 mm,
up to 400 mm

Sylade 7 H

Hand-held laser stripping device

The first hand-held laser wire stripper in the world. Difficult cables – such as twisted or asymmetrical ones – can be easily and reliably stripped with this laser. Its unique feature is its handy design that enables a laser stripper to be used in mobile situations for the first time.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.9–7 mm
Stripping length180 mm
Insulation materialPTFE, polyimides, ETFE, X-ETFE, FEP, etc.
StandardsCE, FDA, FCC, Class 1 laser, EN2812, SAE AIR6894

Sylade 7

Laser stripping device

A laser wire stripper is the safest and fastest way to strip the insulation from shielded and twisted cables. The rotating diode laser cuts without making contact and is thus even able to remove difficult insulations gently and accurately.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.9–7 mm
Stripping length2–200 mm
Insulation materialPTFE, polyimides, ETFE, X-ETFE, FEP, fiberglass, etc.
StandardsCE, FDA, FCC, Class 1 laser, EN2812, SAE AIR6894

MRO 200

Laser marking device

When compared to other marking methods, its greatest advantage lies in the elimination of consumables (e.g. ink) and the fact that the system requires no maintenance. The MRO 200 is particularly suited to small and medium-sized quantities.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.75–6.3 mm
Conductor length0.15–999 m
Laser355 nm UV-Laser Class 1


In-line Wire and Cable Laser Marking Solution

Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available in the market, without usage of additives e.g. ink or any other undesirable substance. The laser beam does not wear, it produces a highly accurate, repeatable marking time after time. Laser marking is therefore the most economical solution when wires or cables must be identified.


Technical Data

Cable outer diameter 2 - 35 mm
Font typesLaser Font, True Type Font, Crystal Font, Open Type Font, Laser Font extended, Crystal Font extended, Free Type Font
Barcodes EAN128C, EXT-2 (=EAN-2), EXT-5 (=EAN-5)
2D codesdata matrix, QR-codes (square and rectangular)

ULYS Modena

Laser printing system

UV-laser printing system for high volumes. Cable marking of thin or asymmetric conductors without damage to the insulation. Ideal for aerospace and military applications, because the lettering no longer wears off.


Technical data

Laser355 nm solid-state laser, Class 1
Cable diameter0.75–6.3 mm
Special featuresAuto calibration of the laser, powered pot coiler, knot and splice detection
OptionsMulti-roller cable feeder system, automatic cable changer, robot for automated cable removal (RapidShare)


Laser printing system

UV laser printing device for inline applications. Ideal for integrating into a production line. Komax offers ready-made solutions for integrated use with Kappa or Zeta (UVM03).


Technical data

Laser355 nm diode solid-state laser, Class 1
Max. optical power3 watts10 watts
Cable diameter0.8–5 mm
CharactersAlmost unlimited, including bar code and logos


RapidShare enables the automated processing of wires and cables at machine output. It is a modular and flexible solution where workstations-output sorting, labelling, grouping, storage etc. - adapt according to your needs. Linked to a Ulys Modena machine equipped with an automatic cable loading system, the RapidShare system offers advanced cable grouping and sorting functions to accelerate production of electric harnesses. The complete equipment includes the multispool cabinet, Automatic Feeding System, the Ulys Modena machine and the RapidShare system.


An ideal tool for checking your cable markings, EasyContrast ensures an accurate and repeatable contrast measurement in compliance with EN 3475 – 705 and SAE AS 4373 standards. EasyContrast has been designed to meet the latest requirements of the aviation industry as part of Airbus’ AIPS and Boeing’s BAC5152 process. EasyContrast is very easy to use and allows you to define all types of clear cables in record time and to edit both complete and meticulously presented measurement reports.


BRAIDO machines provide the perfect solution to the demanding production requirements of electromagnetic shields and mechanical protection for electrical harnesses. The quality and the precision of the braid are guaranteed by the machine's software, which also ensures the complete traceability of your operations.



  • RAPID loading of carriers
  • AUTOMATICALLY set overbraiding characteristics
  • Complete TRACEABILITY of production
  • REPEATABLE manufacturing process
  • OPTIMISED Production


Electronic harness assembly board

An electronic harness assembly board allows different wiring harnesses to be produced without having to make a board for each harness. This eliminates the need for storage of harness assembly boards. Subsequent changes in the wiring harness can be implemented quickly. Installation instructions are displayed online, thus reducing faults in the manufacture of the cable harness.


Technical data

Wiring harness lengthup to 11 m
Screen sizeup to 86" modular


EasyWiring Additional functions

Touch mode
EasyTouch automatically detects when an operator touches the cable end. The cable identification as well as the routing and pinning information are transmitted and displayed directly to the EasyWiring wiring harness assembly board. This makes the operation of your electronic cable harness assembly board even faster and easier.


Continuity test mode
By connecting a plug connector to the test unit, the continuity test can be performed on a single connector during the cable harness assembly process. This way, errors are pointed out to the operator who can rectify them more quickly. But when you create all connections to the EasyTouch test unit, a final testing of the entire cable harness is performed. A comprehensible test report is delivered. It ensures a strict quality control. This function makes your production more efficient and boosts quality.

UP 14 / UP 14 BA / UP 14 Z

Pneumatic crimping machine for loose contacts

The perfect tool for beginners because of its good value for money. Use of all WEZAG die sets also possible, with optional positioner.


Technical data

UP 14
UP 14 BAUP 14 Z
Crimping force14 kN at 6 bar
insulated cable lugs 0.256 mm²,
non-insulated pipe cable lugs and crimp-type cable lugs
0.516 mm²,
insulated and non-insulated wire ends 0.1450 mm²,
twisted contacts 0.1416 mm²,
non-insulated FASTON flat plugs 0.146 mm²,
non-insulated pipe cable lugs and butt connectors 1.06.0 mm²
Special featureStandardAutomatic contact retaining system With compulsory sequence control


Pneumatic safety crimping machine for loose contacts

The patented safety mechanism does not release the crimp if the opening of the dies exceeds 5.9 mm. Therefore, safety protection covers are not needed which speeds up the production process.


Technical data

Crimping forcemax. 35 kN at 6 bar
FeaturesSafety mechanism

UP 35 / UP 35 BA

Pneumatic crimping machine for loose contacts

Due to its innovative design this almost maintenance-free machine needs less space. It is light and can be easily transported with the provided T-handle. Operation is simplified through the use of the safety foot pedal – the hands remain free to insert the terminals and the conductor. No tools are required for easy exchange of the die adapter.


Technical data

UP 35UP 35 BA
Crimping force35 kN at 6 bar
Features--Automatic contact holding system

UP 60

Pneumatic crimping machine for loose contacts

Powerful universal machine. Features: safety foot pedal offers short cycle time; tool-less die set exchange; integrated LED Illumination; integrated counter.


Technical data

Crimping forcemax. 75 kN at 6 bar
Opening dimensionsStroke min. 632 mm

UP 65

Hydraulic crimp machine for loose contacts

The UP 65 hydraulic benchtop crimp machine offers even more power for processing loose electrical contacts of up to 400 mm². Owing to the newly-developed, integrated hydraulic unit, the machine is space-saving, quiet and easy to install. The machine is flexibly usable, since it has to be connected only electrically.


Technical data

Max. crimp force150 kN
Max. stroke40 mm
FeaturesElectronic counter, 30-program disk space, Programmable crimping height, Die sets are easy to change

UP 150

Hydraulic table crimping machine

The UP 150 is a real space saver thanks to its integrated hydraulic power unit. This powerful machine makes the processing of large cross-sectional areas easy. One highlight is its integrated crimp force monitoring system, which always gives the right result. This table crimping machine also allows the crimping range and stroke to be set individually.


Technical data

Crimp force150 kN
Special featuresIntegrated crimp force monitoring, tool-free quick-change adapter

Splicing Machine

The flexible Exmore splicing machines make it possible to manufacture perfect and efficient connections. In one processing step the necessary piece of the continuous splice band is cut off without waste, the cut piece is formed and the connecting components are crimped to a durable and reliable crimping connection using the pre-formed piece of the splice band. These splice bands are made in a wide range of materials/alloys, sizes and profiles.

ACS 2000

Splicing machine

The ACS 2000 splicing device is characterized by its ease of use, accurate workmanship and top-notch price-performance ratio. The high number of different tool sizes allows for nearly unlimited variations in terms of connections. Fast retooling minimizes setup times, costs for spare parts and maintenance.


Technical data

Crimp force10 kN
Lift30 mm
Splicing tape width2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm
Max. splicing tap length19 mm


Benchtop taping machine

The KTHB-SMART is easy to handle, ergonomic and efficient, can be set up anywhere and is small, light and compact. This machine is specially designed for short and medium-length cable windings. The KTHB-SMART is suitable for all commercially available adhesive tapes. The clever design allows working in both directions, from left to right and from right to left. The winding head can be easily adjusted to different working positions.


Technical data

Tape width919 mm, optionally 25 mm
Tape holding arbor1.5", optionally 1", 1 1/4", 3"
Tape roll outer diameter max.max. 110 mm
Taping diameter325 mm


High dimensional accuracy, easy handling and tailor-made options: The KTR 10 CS (Control System) table machine offers an ideal introduction to program-supported taping. It has a combined length measuring and roll feed system and can store up to 20 production steps. This means that high-precision taped products can be created according to individual specifications. Whether simple cable sets or module cable sets for doors, mirrors or headlining:the powerful KTR 10 CS impresses with its speed and reliable performance.

KTR 15

When dealing with long cables and branches, optimal handling is vital. That is why KABATEC has developed the KTR 15 for cable sets, which can be conveniently inserted into the machine from the front or from the side. In addition, the open winding head allows maximum flexibility when long sets are being taped with different types of adhesive tape. There is no need to laboriously thread the cable through a closed winding head, it is simply passed through the open winding head. The process then starts at precisely the desired point. An advantage that certainly pays off when manufacturing trailer cable harnesses, for example. On the one hand, these are exceptionally long (up to 10 meters), while on the other, different types of adhesive tape are required for indoor and outdoor use.

KTR 10

Taping machine

Easy, quick and cost-effective taping solution. It is flexible and easy to use. This device processes any conventional adhesive tape.


Technical data

Rotational speed1001,000 rpm.
Wire diameter< 20 mm
Tape width919 mm

KTL 10

Taping machine

Small, quick and reliable for completing the most diverse taping tasks. It offers a customized solution and reproducible repeat accuracy for every application that requires in particular length measurement of individual winding laps.


Technical data

Rotational speed100–1,000 rpm.,
variable speed control via foot pedal
Cable harness diameter< 20 mm (as per customer requirements)
Tape width9–19 mm (other widths upon request)

KTR 160

Taping machine

Taping cable harnesses and modules, e.g. door cable harnesses,mirror wiring, battery cable harnesses, roof cable harnesses, etc. Taping lengths and feed rates can be programmed in individual winding steps and processed in succession, enabling a wide variety of cableharness geometries.


Technical data

Rotational speed100–1,000 rpm, programmable
Cable harness diameter< 20 mm
Tape width919 mm
No. of visualized programming stepsup to 20

KTR 1800

A model that is creating some excitement in the trade: The KTR 1800 is perfectly designed for processing high-voltage (HV) cables and cable sets with large diameters. Technically, the machine is based on the KTR 160 and, as an option, has two different lengths of the linear system: With a length of 750 mm and optionally 1,500 mm, it is ideally suited for taping long cables and branches. The open winding head is designed for easy handling and fast processing times. This allows long branches to be inserted and removed from the front. The KTR 1800 was also specially designed for taping cable harnesses that have up to 25 branches. The individual taping steps can be visualized on the 15-inch display.

KT 800

Taping machine

The KT 800 combines minimum cycle times through high-speed taping with the highest precision and contributes significantly to innovation in taping technology. Due to the high degree of automation and very short process times, this machine sets new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness for the taping of simple and short cable sets.


Technical data

Revolutions100–2,000 rpm, programmable
Cable diameter< 10 mm
Tape width919 mm
Tape core diameter1,5'' and 3''
Tape outer diameter< 180 mm


Spot taping machine

The versatile and robust machine for spot taping, marking, fixing and insulating. You save up to 50 % processing time compared to manual production. This device can be integrated into a fully automated process.


Technical data

Tape width9–50 mm
Bundling diameter3–40 mm
Materialany conventional adhesive tape

KTB E Twist Spot

Twisted cables require a secure fixing at the open ends so that the twist does not unravel. To protect such cables, KABATEC has developed the KTB E Twist Spot electric automatic bundling machine. It is based on the proven technology of the KTB E PLUS. The KTB E Twist Spot is used after the cables have been removed from the fully automatic or semi-automatic twisting machine. Using specifications defined by the user, the semi-automatic machine applies a spot tape to fix the open ends of the twisted-pair cables, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality. The KTB E Twist Spot is also the ideal solution for processing critical cable cross-sections.

KTB 50 E Plus / KTB E9P

Taping machine

Taping of simple and long cable kits as well as complex cable harnesses without length measurement. High rotational speed reduces processing time. This device processes any conventional adhesive tape.The KTB E9P is particularly suitable for integrating into a production line, thanks to its slim design.


Technical data

KTB 50 E Plus
Bundle diameter318 mm118 mm
Adhesive tape width950 mm919 mm

KWM008 Kompakt AC

Bench top resistance welding unit

Appropriate for labs and small series. Compact design with integrated welding head. Controller offers a variety of adjustment options. Its HV inverter delivers a precise, controlled output current.


Technical data

Output current< 6,000 A
Welding headCylinder dia. 40 mm, stroke 5.00 mm

Sequential compacting station

Sequential compacting station

Compacting allows the further processing of a copper stranded wire without ferrules. The compact design of this unit makes it easy to use. The compacting width is adjustable using an electric motor.


Technical data

Stranded wireup to 10 mm²
Cycle time< 2 sec.
Compacting widthstepless, up to 3.5 mm

DC-L0600A and DC-L1000A series

DC-L0600A and DC-L1000A Series Linear DC Resistance Welding Power Supplies

The DC-L Family of Linear DC Resistance Welding Power Supply are high performance 1,000 Amp precision Linear DC spot welding power supplies. Both models combine an easy-to-use touch panel interface, integrated database process control and monitoring with a high accuracy, zero ripple linear transistor output stage that delivers ultra-fast 10µs dynamic process response rates, with absolute closed loop 1amp incremental accuracy and repeatability.


Technical data

Max. output current1,000 A1,000 A
Duty Cycle5% @600A, 3% @1,000A5% @ 1000A
Input Voltage95 – 265 VAC, Single Phase380 – 480 VAC, Three Phase

DC-H3000A and DC-H6000A

DC-H3000A and DC-H6000A High Performance DC Resistance Welding Power Supplies

The DC-H Family of HFDC Resistance Welding Power Supply are high performance 3,000 Amp and 6,000 Amp precision Inverter DC spot welding power supplies. Both models combine an easy-to-use touch panel interface, integrated database process control and monitoring with high duty, low ripple DC output.


Technical data


Maximum Output Current3,000 A6,000 A
Duty Cycle3%@3000A5% @ 6000A
Input Voltage380 – 480 VAC, Three Phase380 – 480 VAC, Three Phase





WH-M070A, WH-U070A and WH-L090A

WH-M070A, WH-U070A and WH-L090A Resistance Welding Weld Heads

The WH Family of Weld Heads offers a flexible, simple and feature rich range of Weld Head solutions for Micro Joining Applications. Incorporating a precision ultra-low inertia mechanism, Weld Heads can be specified as modules for machine integration, standalone Weld Heads or fully integrated into bench solutions. Displacement monitoring and force setting options can be selected to suit application and process optimisation requirements.


Technical data

WH-M070A ModuleWH-U070A Weld HeadWH-L090A Weld Head
Drive TypeModule OnlyMechanical (Cable) or Pneumatic    Linear Motor
Force Range2 – 70N    2 – 70N7 – 90N
Configuration OptionsModule OnlyOpposed, Compliant Tip, Twin ModuleOpposed, Compliant Tip



PA-H series

PA-H Series Pulsed Arc Power Supplies

The PA-H range of programmable pulsed arc power supplies are linear DC precision arc-welding units extensively used in contactless, high-speed solder-free coil and wire termination industries. Available for single output laboratory use and multi-output high-speed automation applications alike, these units employ state-of-the-art closed-loop electronic arc control circuitry to deliver output accuracies and repeatability better than 1% with currents up to 200 amps.

Welding currents and profiles are fully programmable with real-time graphical oscilloscope feedback that provides process monitoring and quality assurance.

Technical data

Maximum Output Current20A40A60A100A200A
Input Voltage110V/230 VAC, Single Phase110V/230 VAC, Single Phase110V/230 VAC, Single Phase380 / 415 VAC, Three Phase380 / 415 VAC, Three Phase





C16 and C25

C16 and C25 Compacting Equipment

Resistance Welding Compacting is ideally suited for stranded wires, sensors and Y connectors. It applies an eve, intense and massive compression. As compared to ultrasonic methods the surface of a compacted Resistance Welding wire is even and uniform. There are no individual strands in the compacting areas. Compacting delivers an even and uniform wire surface. Combined with the brazing technique compacting is ideally suited to join cables of a large dimension in automotive applications such as the intelligent battery sensor application which allows for smart battery power management. The compacted wire diameter may be up to 16, 25 or 70 mm2.


Technical data

ConfigurationSingle or double compacting unit for a copper braid with a diameter of up to 16 mm2Single compacting unit for a copper braid with a diameter of up to 25 mm2
Air pressure supplyMax. 6 barMax. 6 bar
Copper braid diameterUp to 16 mm2*Up to 25 mm2*

*Exact ranges depend on the application. AMADA WELD TECH is pleased to recommend a suitable configuration for compacting devices which meets the specific needs.




Economic A300 / A400

Soldering machine

The economic A300/400 is a universal, pc-controlled bench top soldering robot with three axes. This unit is especially suitable for process evaluation of new products or for manufacturing small and medium series.


Technical Data

Work area (x/y)295 x 200 mm395 x 300 mm


Infrared Shrinking Tube Control System

The compact and lightweight STCS-CS14 is ideal for high production quantities. The touch display enables convenient operation. Networking is possible via an Ethernet interface. The ISAC14 is an add-on for the integration into the STCS-CS14 in order to have the heat shrink tube automatically centered on the sealing zone and check whether a tube with the correct length is being used. 

Technical data

Temperature range300550 °C
Max. tubing length60 mm
Max. tubing diameter25 mm

Soldering systems

Lightbeam: contactless heat transfer from tool to work piece; selective reflow soldering.

Hot iron soldering: automatic hot iron soldering with robot.

Induction soldering: automatic induction soldering with robot.

> Thonauer can supply the right soldering system for your application. 


Infrared: Shrinking Tube Control System

The evo500TS is the bestseller in the STCS Series. It is characterised by an extraordinarily high processing speed. The enclosure of the tube leads quickly to a constant temperature around the heat shrink tubing. A reasonable result is achieved within seconds. The STCS-RCM offers an additional centering function, which pushes the tube automatically above the uninsulated area.


Technical data

Temperature range250550 °C300550 °C
Max. tubing length75 mm4575 mm
Max. tubing diameter20 mm21 mm
Centering functionnot integratedintegrated

STCS-VMir / VMir+

Infrared Workbench Shrink System

The STCS-VMir is a heat shrink system, based on infrared technology. It is designed for workbench applications and can process several parts at the same time. The same machine can be used on several applications, since it is equipped with a fast exchangeable shrinking chamber system. The STCS-VMir+ is a variation of the VMirs with a larger shrink chamber.


Technical data

Working temperature250400°C (at the Infrared resistor)250–500°C
Shrinking chambermax. 120 x 120 mm225 mm x 100 mm
ProgrammingTouch Screen, PC
Program selectionTouch Screen, Bar Code


Infrared: Shrinking Tube Control System

The CS19 shrinking system is the ideal choice for processing medium or high volumes. It is designed for workbench applications and can process several parts at the same time. The system has a conveyor with two sets of timing belts that grips the wires with the sleeves and feeds them into an infrared oven for the shrinking process. The assemblies are then carried through a cooling zone and deposited in a collection bin. The parameters can be easily set and controlled.


Technical Data

Temperature range400600 °C
Work area140 x 285 mm
Max. tube diameter30 mm


Shrink tunnel

The STCS-LC (Longitudinal Conveyor) is a heat shrink system based on infrared resistors, which is able to process several and different types of parts at the same time. Different from any other, the LC guarantees flexibility by shrinking virtually almost everything. From normal splices to special applications, one single machine can do it all.


Technical data

Working Temperature250–400 °C250–600 °C
Shrinking Chamber400x360x100 mm500x360x100 mm
ProgrammingTouchscreen, barcode or PCTouchscreen, barcode or PC
Power Supply230 (V) @ 50 (Hz)400 (V) ~3/N @ 50 (Hz)


The STCS-MYX is a heat shrink system based on an infrared quartz oven with Y and X axes movement to improve the process efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s designed with two independent workstations and a shuttle oven that moves from one station to the other, reducing dead-time and boosting productivity.

Optionally, the equipment can be provided with RFID technology for fixture detection to guarantee the process integrity.


Infrared: Shrinking Tube Control System

The RT und CRT versions hold and position the cable, connector and heat shrink tube. Due to the dual chamber, the operator can load and unload one side whilst the other is processed. A variety of products can be processed at the same time.


Technical Data

Temperature range400550 °C
Heating area95 x 285 mm
Open sidesProduct can stand out on 2 sidesProduct can stand out on 3 sides


Infrared shrinking device to work at the assembly board

Easy to use and reliable in result. The device is used directly on the assembly board to shrink the shrink tubing. Infrared radiation, instead of hot air, shortens the process time. The parameters can be selected by means of a bar code reader.


Technical data

Working temperature250–550 °C
Shrinking tube diameterup to 14 mm
Shrinking tube lengthup to 65 mm


Hot air: Shrinking Tube Control System

The aim of automated shrinking of heat shrink tubing is to reduce processing time and increase quality. To achieve this, our hot air products are a good starting option. They are produced and installed according to customer-specific requirements.


Technical Data

Temperature range150350 °C
MountingBench topMounted on panel using a suction vacuum pump
Shrinking Chamber15 x 50 mm15 x 50 mm80 x 50 mm


Hot air: Shrinking Tube Control System

The VM and BWT Series with customer-specific product holder enables the processing of several products at the same time. This leads to a time reduction of 50 to 70 %. During processing time an operator can load and unload the product holder.


Technical Data

Temperature range150350 °C
Shrinking chamberCustomer-specific
Position of hot air unitFrom the topFrom the bottom

IR Mobile Device (IRMO)

The Exmore Infrared Mobile Device is an Infrared (IR) processing device for product diameters up to 16 mm. The Infrared processing appliance allows efficient and reliable processing of the following components: Heat shrink tubing, Adhesive coated heat shrinking tubes, Label sleeves, Solder sleeves, Heat shrinkage caps, Related heat-shrink materials and products.

An additional Infrared Digital Control Unit IRDC-2000 is required for the operating of the processing appliance.


Technical Data

Connected loadmax. 300W
Cable length3m
Estimated life of the IR radiant element 2000 h

IR Single Shrink Device (IRSS)

The Exmore Infrared Single Shrink Device is an Infrared (IR) processing device to process multiple shrinking sleeves in one action, depending on the dimensions of heat shrink tubing and cable. Multiple cables or wires can be held in different holders, which gives the Single Shrink Device a wide range of applications. By sliding the movable unit between the emitters, the shrinking process is started.


Technical Data

Ambient temperature range0-40°C
Ambient humidity range15 - 85% r.h.
Cable length1.5m
Estimated life of the IR radiant element5000h

IR Digital Control Unit (IRDC)

The newest Exmore IR Digital Control Unit, is a digital controller with ergonomic design and a clear display with touchscreen, for controlling the Exmore Infrared appliances. There are different versions available, so that we can offer the most suitable device for every wish or application. Both versions can also be operated via a PC, tablet or smartphone.


Technical Data

Power Supply110-230VAC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption10W (w/o Infrared Unit)
Connecting load230V
1 Channel: 2300 W/Ch
2 Channel: 1150 W/Ch
1 Channel: 1100 W/Ch
2 Channel: 550 W/Ch


The STCS-BLTTS is a test equipment to check sealed splices. Based on touchscreen technology, it can perform two independent tests: bubble test, to check if the splice is waterproof; and leakage test, to measure the splice’s insulation resistance or current


Splice testing unit

An easy but reliable device to test the sealed splice connection by applying a bubble test and a leakage detection.


Mäder is one of the leading German manufacturers of hand-operated and compressed air presses. mäder presses are extremely versatile and can be used for assembly, pressing, joining, bending, crimping, riveting, punching, gluing and much more. Our presses cover the capacity range from 30 N to 100 kN. Customer-specific offers on request.


Technical Data

Toggle pressesRack + Pinion pressesPneumatic presses
ApplicationManual presses, ideal for assembling, pressing, punching, bending, and much more.Perfect for delicate manual work, when constant force is required.Ideal for operations when constant force is required over the complete length of stroke.

Wraptor™ Printer A6500

Print jobs for the Wraptor printer applicator are created on a PC with Brady's easy-to-use, Brady Workstation™ labelling software. Brady Workstation™ software eliminates the material handling cost of manual identification, and also optimises wire identification with variable, serialized and graphical information as well as multi-legend marking and barcode.


Technical Data

Processing diameterdia. 1.5215.24 mm
Printing head300 dpi, thermal transfer

BMP™41 / BMP™71

Mobile label printer / Bench top label printer

The BMP™41 Label printer is a rugged, portable solution that gives you the versatility to create die-cut or continuous labels up to 25 mm wide, anywhere, anytime!

The mobile Label printer BMP™71 is Brady's newest high performance printer for wire and cable marking. The versatile printer BMP™71 is especially suitable in the telecommunication and electronic industry.


Technical Data

TypeBench top label printerMobile label printer
Max. label widthup to 25 mmup to 51 mm

Printer Ink

Wiedenbach offers one of the widest portfolios of inks, covering all types: dye based, lightly pigmented and highly pigmented. Our inks are known for their bright colours, fast drying time and excellent adhesion on a range of different substrates.

MicroLab 10

Mobile micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 10 enables micrographs to be taken quickly and easily regardless of the location. It covers all relevant processing steps – from cutting and polishing to etching and visualization. The compact carry-case design enables the quality of crimp and splice connections to be assessed with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness.


Technical data

Processing rangeØ 0.302.50 mm
Cross section rangeup to 5.00 mm²

MicroLab 30

Micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 30 micrograph laboratory offers a fast and flexible way to produce a micrograph. The wide cross section range lets you monitor most of your production. The fully automated process run results in a perfect micrograph without external influence.


Technical Data

Wire range diameterdia. 0.5010.00 mm
Cross section range0.0880.00 mm²

MicroLab 35

Micrograph laboratory

MicroLab 35 is designed for the fast creation of grinding patterns of contacts up to a diameter of 3 mm. The fully automated transport system and the tried-and-tested technology facilitate short processing times. The parallel processes allow the continuous creation of one grinding pattern per minute. Laser-supported, the sample is clamped quickly, hence defining the grinding surface precisely. Without repositioning, MicroLab 35 grinds the sample on its own. As soon as it has reached the analysis unit, it is electrolytically cleaned, the grinding pattern is recorded and analysed.


Technical data

Wire range diameterdia. 0.303.00 mm
Cross section range0.086.00 mm²

MicroLab 55

Micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 55 grinding pattern laboratory facilitates the generation of grinding patterns of all types of crimp available on the market, both transverse and longitudinal grinding. This also applies to products such as printed circuit boards or housings outside the automotive area. The optimum arrangement of the individual modules makes very short processing times possible. A reproducible sample preparation is 100 % guaranteed, since no repositioning of the sample between the individual machining steps is necessary.


Technical data

Wire range diameterdia. 0.5023.00 mm
Cross section range0.08400.00 mm²

Micropull 10

Stripping force tester

The new Micropull 10 tension and compression testeris equipped with an intuitive user interface and, thanks to its various modes, makes it possible to carry out the correct verification at all times. Verifications involving both individual and a series of measurements are possible, with or without standard specifications. For standard specifications, the usual standards can be selected or the customer’s own standards can also be stored.


Technical data

Measuring range20 – 1000 N
Stripping speed25/50/100 mm/min
FeaturesTouch display, can be networked, report generation, user level with password protection


Micrograph analyser

The program analyses the micrographs of the widest variety of crimp connections established on the market. It can photograph, measure, evaluate and document the entire terminal in addition to transverse and longitudinal sections. It guides users reliably through the standard and the respective measured variables.


Technical data

Analyzable types of crimpsB-Crimp, IDC, longitudinal grinding, Aluminium, Copper
Deposited industry standards

USCAR 21, PSA 9634115099, TYCO 114-18022-10, Renault 36-05-019, VW-Norm 60330


Manual test device

Electronic force test devices for checking the clamping force in cable tie guns. Suitable for both manual and pneumatic cable tie pliers. The device has a rugged and low-maintenance mechanism and can be used with a large number of cable tie guns thanks to a variety quick-change tools. Optionally available as “CGT” with dot matrix touch display or as “CGT-Touch” with color touch screen and a higher display resolution.


Technical data

Measuring systemOnly tensile force range
Max. force range500 N1,000 N
OperationWith a clamped cable tie gun
Measured value storage-4,000 measured values


Manual test device

Electronic force test device with hand lever operation and digital display for the measurement of tensile forces, e.g. on pre-assembled lines with crimped, soldered, welded, glued and similar connections on flat plugs, cable lugs, wire end sleeves, etc. Thanks to the simple and precise handling by means of the hand lever and parallel load carriage, the device is ideal for use in production plants as well as in test laboratories and similar test facilities. Optionally available as “FT” with dot matrix touch display or as “FT-Touch” with color touch screen and a higher display resolution.


Technical data

Measuring systemMainly tensile force; compressive force possible as well
Max. force range1,000 N
Measured value storage10,000 measured values4,000 measured values


Manual force measuring device

Force display with compatible force transducers to check tensile and compressive forces in mobile and stationary applications. Up to 8 force transducers with maximum power ranges between 50 N and 10,000 N can be registered at the same time. The detection of the respective connected force transducer takes place automatically. Due to its compact design, the device is also suitable for the calibration at production locations directly on site. Furthermore, the force measurement device is characterized by its high measurement resolution and simple operation via color touch screen.

ETM - Serie

Motorized Tester Models

Re-designed model series for tensile and compressive force measurements with a high level of measurement accuracy and a simple control concept and durable construction. High internal measurement frequency and resolution to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.


Technical data

Max. indication range10 kN10 kN10 kN
Drive systemMotorMotorMotor
Testing speeds (at max. 3000 N)50/75/100/800 mm/minSettable 5–800 mm/minSettable 5–800 mm/min
Additional functions (Excerpt)--Break-stop function, Cycle test, Force pre-selection for non-destructive testingBreak-stop function, Cycle test, Force pre-selection for non-destructive testing, Repeat testing between two positions

Fully automatic reel storage system "Cable Cat"

The storage system has been designed exclusively for reels and provides optimum use of storage and production space. The absence of warehouse pallets allows not only the best utilisation of storage height, but also reduces operating costs. Our storage system offers the possibility to connect several production lines, such as cable cutting/stripping lines or cable rewinding systems. The integrated double de-reelers make for high productivity through fast exchange of cables (within max. 60 seconds).


Technical data

Small versionBig version
PlatformMotor driven
Reel dimensionsup to 800 mmup to 1,250 mm
Reel weightup to 250 kgup to 1,000 kg
Reel numberfrom 250from 300

Cable reel storage

Cable storage requirements for are well known! They should be easy to build, cost effective and space saving. Above all, they should be safe. De-reeling has to work smoothly, quickly and easily. These requirements are also applicable to the change-over of the reels.


Technical Data

Work areaCustomer specific
RealisationTogether, we plan the best storage for your wires. Then, Thonauer and Nicoletti design the most suitable rack for you. The aim is to build a cost-effective and space-saving storage system.


Coiling machine

The task of the OE-VE10/BA is to pull the cable from the drum and the wind it up in precise layers. The length measuring system and the automatic cutting function make for a complete system, which is transported on rollers to the respective drums.


Technical data

Speedsteplessly adjustable 070 rpm
Diameter/pitch320600 mm/50 mm


Manual coiler-uncoiler

Easy, manual coiling of cables. By using a built-up measuring unit in combination with the compact shears, the entire cut to length and winding process can be carried out simply and economically.


Technical data

Max. cable diameter for shears 20 mm, optionally up to 35 mm
Max. cable outer diameter for measuring unit 35 mm
Weight of final productUp to 100 kg

WH 751

One spindle winding machine

The WH 751 is a single spindle bench top coil winding machine with tailstock and digital control for semi-automatic operation. This coil winding machine can be fitted with a wide selection of accessories and provided with variable drive ratios, and it is suitable for winding all types and sizes of coil including transformers, chokes and motors. An all-round performer and highly versatile workhorse.


Technical data

Memory for 999 program sequences, which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.
Wire size0.023.0 mm
Bobbin diameter200 mm (max)
Winding width300 mm (max) / (700 mm Option)*

WH 800i / WH 764

Two spindle small inductor winding machine WH 800i

Four spindle small inductor winding machine WH 764

WH 800i and the WH 764 are high speed, semi-automatic bench top coil winding machines with digital controller for winding small inductors with fine wire. The high speed of up to 6,000 rpm enables short cycle times. Applications include the manufacture of ignition coils, motors, relays, solenoids and many forms of sensor coil in small and medium batch quantities.


Technical data

WH 800iWH 764
Microprocessor controlled, capable of holding 999 program sequences which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.
Wire size0.020.6 mm
Number of spindles24
Bobbin diameter110 mm (max)100 mm (max)
Winding width110 mm (max)100 mm (max)

WH 900

Toroid Winding Machine

The WH 900 is a digitally controlled toroid winding machine, ideally suited to the manufacture of toroidal power transformers, isolation transformers, inductors, chokes and other toroidal devices of up to 60 mm finished outside diameter. The machine can be equipped with either 4 or 6-inch toroid winding heads, both of which are available in belt and side slider versions.


Technical data

Head TypeB4 Belt typeB6 Belt typeS4 Slider typeS6 Slider type
Toroidal coil, outside diameter (OD)560 mm860 mm860 mm860 mm
Min. finished, inside diameter (ID)3 mm6 mm7 mm7 mm
Max. height25 mm45 mm25 mm45 mm
Wire Size0,120,8 mm 0,250,9 mm 0,040,35 mm 0,050,4 mm


Electronic Tensioner

The TH3 is a floor-model heavy-duty tensioner and is suitable for wires of 0.5 to 3 mm in diameter. Soft wire guiding and electronically controlled brakes make this tensioner perfectly suitable for all heavy duty winders.


Technical data

Maximum spool diameter/height500 mm/650 mm
Max. torque12 Nm



Mixing and dispensing system

This mixing and dispensing system delivers 2-component material and adhesives based on polyurethane, epoxy and silicone quickly and accurately.


Technical data

Mixing range1:1 to 1:10
Flow rate201,000 g/min
Mixing systemstatic


Hobbok dosing system

HOBBO-DOS is a device with which the two components A and B from the two containers on the ground below – HOBBOK – are directly conveyed into the 2-K-DOS mixing and dosing device.


Technical data

Flow ratemax. 1,000 ml/min depending on the potting compound
Viscositymax. 40,000 mPas


3-axis working table

The ROBO-DOS in combination with the mixing and dosing system 2-K-DOS forms a robot system for fully automatic dispensing and application of electronic assemblies, sensors, seal tracks, etc.


Technical data

Work areafrom 40 x 30 to 100 x 60 cm
Max. speed50 mm/sec.


Linear unit

LIN-DOS is a three axis linear unit for the automatic sealing of rails, in particular LED strip light, in combination with the mixing and dispensing units 2-K-DOS or 2 K MiniDOS.


Technical data

Work areaX: 6 m max.; Y: 50 cm max.; Z: 110 mm
Transportation speed0.1100 mm/sec.

DC-CNC 250

Workbench dosing cell

  • Compact design and yet flexible
  • High-precision dispensing of small volumes, from 5 mg/dosing point
  • Processing of highly abrasive 2K materials


Technical data

Flow rate, mixing ratio0.02–0.5 cm³/sec @ mixratio 1:1
Mixing ratioup to 1:100
Shot sizemin 0.005 cm³, max. 5 cm³
Material supply20-oz.cartridges (600 ml)

DC-CNC 800

Dispensing cell

Compact and flexible - the new dispensing system for dynamic sealing, bonding and encapsulating. Features: 2K-material conditioning on carriage for easy maintenance; servo-driven high-precision gear pumps; integration into existing production lines possible, etc.


Technical Data

Flow rate, mixing ratio, viscosityDepends on installed mixing system
Max. travel speedX, Y = 60 m/min., Z = 40 m/min.
Work areaX, Y, Z = 800, 400, 200 mm


Dispensing robot

Variable X-Y-Z strokes enable the three-dimensional dispensing of sealants, adhesives, and encapsulates. The DR-CNC is equipped with the highest standards in CNC technology to combine the mixing and dispensing system with maintenance-free CNC linear axis.


Technical Data

Flow rate, mixing ratio, viscosityDepends on installed mixing system
Max. travel speedX, Y = 60 m min-¹; Z = 24 m min-¹


Compact dispensing system

The C-DS dispensing system is highly versatile and can be used as a manually operated unit, an automated partial solution, or a fully automated robot system. The system consists of a material conditioning, metering, and mixing unit, and PLC controls. The modular design simplifies integration into existing production lines.


Technical Data

Flow rate, mixing ratio, viscosityDepends on installed mixing system
No. of material components14

MK and MS

Mixing systems

Mixing systems, as diverse as your applications. A solution for every task: selection of the mixing system is according to material and application.


Technical Data

MK 0108MK 200MS-SC
Dosing range0,011 g sec-¹5200 g sec-¹0.055 g sec-¹
Mixing ratio5:100100:1001:100100:10010:100100:100
Mixing systemDynamicDynamicStatic

2K Foam Gaskets based on polyurethan

The product is used for the production of formed-in-place foam gaskets (FIPFG). The gasket provides reliable sealing, low water absorption, high compression recovery and smooth surface. 2K foamed gaskets will be applied on all surfaces with process reliabili.

Typical applications are:

  • Automotive: all kinds of electronic housings, noise reduction, headlamps and various light fixtures.
  • Industry: doors of electrical cabinets, covers, sealing of lamps, air conditioning units

Technical data: see “Download Product Overview”


Thixotropic sealing foams

You can use these high viscosity sealing systems in applications with or without a groove. The advantage is in the secure sealing, particularly on three-dimensional parts. No dripping or drain off. The materials are applied with 2 Components-low pressure mixing & dosing systems.

Beside these basic grades which are shown here, you can get additional, comprehensive information for all available materials on request.


Technical data

Type2K PUR thixotropic2K PUR thixotropic2K PUR thixotropic
Mixing ratio A:B100:22.2100:18.2100:20
Viscosity Comp. A [mPa*s]70,000–100,00050,000–80,00040,000–60,000
Cream time [s]20–3035–4540–60
Tack free [min]2–46–102–5
Hardness Shore 0045–5045–5525–40
Water absorption [%]6–896
Compression recovery [%]99–10099–10099–100
CharacteristicsFast curing, High viscosity, Low compression hardness, High tensile strengthUniversal PUR foam for a broad application range, Good adhesion on coated surfaceFast curing, RAKU SPEED Technology, Very good sealing properties, Very good compression set
ApprovalsUL50 + UL50EUL50 + UL50E--
ApplicationsEnclosures, door modulesEnclosure, door modulesDoor modules


Liquid sealing systems

Liquid sealing systems require a distinct groove and a level application surface. They are applied directly to the part using 2-component low-pressure mixing and dispensing equipment and expand in situ.

Beside these basic grades which are shown here, you can get additional, comprehensive information for all available materials on request.


Technical data

Type2K PUR liquid2K PUR liquid
Mixing ratio A:B100:18.2100:16.7
Viscosity Comp. A [mPa*s]2,000–4,0002,500–3,500
Cream time [s]35–4530–40
Tack free [min]5–83–7
Hardness Shore 0040–5035–40
Water absorption [%]approx. 6approx. 7
Compression recovery [%]99–10099–100
CharacteristicsExcellent mech. Properties,
Tough skin,
Low water absorption,
Good compression set
Very soft,
Low water absorption,
Very good compression set at higher temperatures
ApprovalsUL50 + UL50E--
ApplicationsElectrical housings,
Automotive applications


Silicone sealing systems

Silicones offer you the optimum solution for sealing, protecting, bonding, and casting components in response to your specific requirements profile. Process reliability is ensured during manufacturing, which normally takes place on low-pressure mixing and dispensing equipment.

Beside these basic grades which are shown here, you can get additional, comprehensive information for all available materials on request.


Technical data

Type2K PUR thixotropic2K PUR liquid
Colordark greydark grey
Mixing ratio A:B100:100100:100
Viscosity Comp. A [mPa*s]50,000–70,0008,000–12,000
Cream time [s]120–16060–150
Tack free [min]6–106–10
Hardness Shore 0035–5040–55
Water absorption [%]0,30,1
Compression recovery [%]99–10099–100
CharacteristicsThixotropic – for free foamed sealing systems, High temperature resistance
up to 220 °C, Flexible to -40 °C,
Hydrophobic, High chemical resistance, UV stable
Liquid – for applications in grooves, High temperature resistance
up to 220 °C, Flexible to -40 °C, Hydrophobic, High chemical resistance, UV stable
ApprovalsUL50 + UL50E, UL157, UL508UL50 + UL50E, UL157, UL508
ApplicationsOutdoor, Off-Shore, Abrasive environmentOutdoor, Off-Shore, Abrasive environment

Compact cell

With its semi and fully automatic dosing systems, Drei Bond can be integrated into a wide range of dosing technologies. The selection of the ideal application technique takes place after a thorough review of the application, the component geometry, dosing medium and your quality requirements. Both classical pressure/time dosing systems and volumetrically controlled systems are available in order to achieve the best possible dosing procedure. In addition, Drei Bond offers a particularly flexible component holding fixture that allows different workpieces to be processed in a very short period of time.

Greasing, oiling

Drei Bond supplies equipment for the greasing or oiling of surfaces, holes, internal threads or cylindrical surfaces. The valves make it possible to apply the media finely, smoothly and evenly and even circumferentially (360 degrees). 

DB-DS 40-1 A

Pneumatic dosing system with analogue display

  • Suitable for dosing of nearly all fluid agents
  • Programmable time switch for precise dosing 
  • Dosing time range from 0.01 to 36 seconds
  • “No drop” vacuum holding functionality to prevent dripping of low viscosity agents
  • Save handling by manual operated dosing process
  • Manual or timed dosing
  • Operation by hand or foot switch
  • Analogue display


Technical data

Dosing speed> 100 shots per minute
Input pressure1–7 bar
Output pressure0.1–7 bar
Min. dosage volume0.005 ml
Dimensions H x D x W70 x 210 x 241 mm
Dispensing valves1

DB-DS 50-1 D

Pneumatic dosing system with digital display

  • Suitable for dosing of nearly all fluid agents
  • Precise dosing in the time range from 0.01 to 36 seconds programmable
  • “No drop” vacuum holding functionality to prevent dripping of low viscosity agents
  • Save handling by manual operated dosing process
  • Manual or timed dosing
  • Operation by hand or foot switch
  • Digital display


Technical data

Dosing speed> 100 shots per minute
Input pressure1–7 bar
Output pressure0.1–7 bar
Min. dosage volume0.005 ml
Dimensions H x D x W70 x 210 x 241 mm
Dispensing valves1



The range of adhesives includes cyanoacrylates, silicones, anaerobic and UV light curing adhesives as well as epoxides. In addition, we deliver activators, cleaners and sealant removers. There is a great diversity of applications such as surface seals, thread sealants and screw adhesives. We will gladly advise you in selecting the right adhesive for your application.

Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy resin adhesives are used when high strengths are required. The structural bondings often replace conventional mechanical connections. Epoxides enable highly durable bonding of a diverse range of material combinations.


Technical data

Viscosity [MPas]15,000–25,00080,000–200,00010–24
Temperature [°C]-40 to +180-40 to +180-40 to +80
CharacteristicsConstruction adhesive,
Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces,
Excellent mechanical properties in cured state
Construction adhesive,
High viscosity,
Low thixotropy,
Typ. curing temp.  120 °C
Not suitable for PE, PP and PTFE,
Good chemical resistance

Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are instant adhesives (commonly known as superglue), which are characterized primarily by their curing speed – generally within seconds. They can be used for sealing and bonding almost all materials and are particularly suited for small and medium-sized areas. Drei Bond also offers specific products for materials which are difficult to bond, such as Teflon.


Technical data

Viscosity [MPas]5–101,200–2,00010–20
Temperature [°C]-50 to +80-50 to +80-50 to +80
CharacteristicsLow viscosity,
Quick initial curing also for difficult bonding situations
High viscosity,
Very good gap filling capacity,
Slightly delayed initial curing enables mounting corrections
No blooming effect,
No labelling necessary

REATEC® Temperature Indicator Standard Strips

The standard strips have been designed for use under normal, clean and dry conditions, which ensure that the indicator points do not come in contact with grease, oils, solvents or moisture. Contact with these substances could lead to a fake colour change.

The self-adhesive (non-adhesive possible) strip with 10 elements measure 5 x 95 mm (temperature ranges 37.8 °C to 265 °C).

REATEC® temperature indicators are an important alternative to thermometers. They can be used for those applications for which thermometers fail, owing to their size, rigidity, shock sensitivity or for other reasons.

REATEC® Temperature Indicator Strips, Type P

For use around damaging substances such as water, oil, fat and solvents.

Ranges P01, P1A, P2A and P03 (20 x 105 mm) are fully sealed, ranges P3A, P04 and P41 (25 x 110 mm)  will be fully sealed only if the covering adhesive foil is carefully stuck on a smooth, clean surface.

Type P indicator strips are less sensitive to compression. They are therefore particularly suitable for applications on presses, calender rolls, etc.

Strips with narrow increments are not available in REATEC Type P.

Fabric over Foam, Conductive Foam

Electrically conductive textile gaskets (FoF – Fabric-over-Foam) and conductive foam (CF - conductive foam) represent a cost-effective and easy-to-handle method of EMI shielding. A large number of different profiles and dimensions as well as customer-specific stampings are available. This type of seal in addition to EMI shielding also serves as environmental seal (IP54).


REATEC® Temperature Indicator Points

Mini Individual Points, 5 x 7 mm (standard type)

Available for all temperatures listed. From 37.8 °C to 264 °C paper backed 


Indicator Points, 17 x 17 mm (Type P)

(indicator element protected on both sides by foil) can be supplied for list temperatures of 37.8 °C to 121 °C. They correspond to Type P. 


Indicator Points, round (Type P)

may be ordered for customer-specific applications with large quantities

Contact strips

The contact strips made from beryllium copper are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and mounting options. To avoid problems with the compatibility of the material, contact strips are supplied with different surface finishes.


Electrically conductive elastomers

Electrically conductive elastomers (EcE) are available in many different elastomer compounds, fillers and shapes. Common variants are gaskets made from silicone filled with carbon or silver-plated glass or silicone foam with a silver-plated surface. Very good environmental sealing (IP65-IP68) is also guaranteed with this seal.


Full metal fabric cords, metal mesh over elastomer

These highly conductive gaskets are available in different material combinations and profiles and are widely used in cabinet construction.


Board Level Shields

Standard surface mount shields one- and two-piece

One-piece standard surface mount shields offer six sides of protection, with the sixth side being the board itself. One-piece designs offer economical shielding protection where access to covered components is not necessary.

Two-piece standard surface mount shields offer users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without risking board damage by removing the entire shield or incurring tooling costs. Covers snap on and off with ease, which makes repair of the component under the shield quicker and easier and reduces board re-work. Two-piece shields are available unassembled* and are designed to survive drop, shock and no-rattle tests.

There are no tooling costs associated with either the one and/or two-piece design.

Electrically conductive lacquer

Metal housings offer the best shield against electromagnetic radiation. Non-conductive plastics such as polyurethane foam, ABS, ABS/PC etc. are becoming more common for enclosures for electrical and electronic devices. Since these materials cannot resist electromagnetic interference, the function of these devices will affect or interfere with disturb other devices. This requires the use of conductive coatings to achieve electromagnetic compatibility and shielding. The Celerol-EMI coating contains a high proportion of conductive particles for metallization and thus provides a very good attenuation.


EMI Shielding Windows

Recesses in enclosures which contain electronic components often produce EMI problems. The PSC products Solaris-Shield™, an optical filter with resin hardened metal mesh, and Combi-Shield™, a metal mesh stretched over a part, are the solutions offered.


SOLARIS™ IR S306 Infrared Filters

Infrared filters are used to exclude visible light. Acrylic is the most suitable material for the transmission of light in the near-infrared range.

Infrared filters are broadband filters in the interval of 800-2000 nanometres and absorb visible light and ultraviolet rays; they cause a maximum transmission of the display using near-infrared light. The filter has a light transmission of up to 96% in the near-infrared range and prevents the penetration of light with wavelengths of below 750 nm.

SOLARIS™ optical filters

Acrylic glass

Solaris™ optical filters are acrylic glass filters in optical quality, which are known for exceptional optical and mechanical properties. The panes are casted in float glass forms. This casting process results in a perfect optical surface without distortion of the display signal. More than 50 years of experience and know-how in the field of polymerization gives PSC the opportunity of offering you plates with tolerances up to +/- 0.1 mm.

PSC Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings For Polymer

In some applications like medical equipment and navigation computers display readability is extremely important. Displays in these applications must be easy to read from all angles and under all possible ambient light conditions.

For these applications PSC has developed a range of very effective AR (anti reflective) surface treatments, which can all be applied to PMMA and Polycarbonate. They reduce reflections to an absolute minimum and increase undisturbed light transmission.

PSC Clear Hard Coats

A Clear Hard Coat is a clear, virtually invisible and very hard surface treatment. The flawless optical quality makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring maximum light transmittance combined with a scratch-resistant surface. It is often used for applications with high-resolution LCD colour displays or any other application in which protection of the surface is the first priority.

PSC Non-Glare Coatings

PSC has developed surface treatments that effectively reduce surface gloss on plastic products and at the same time eliminate disturbing reflections. This effect takes place without loss of light or distortion of the visual light. All colours are transmitted through PSC Mat-Finish without any limitation of the desired wavelength region. The surface is not at any time sensitive to dust since the polymerisation of the coating material occurs immediately after it has been applied to the surface. This application technique results in a uniform non-glare surface regardless of the size of the item.

Special machinery building

We are your partner when it comes to special solutions of various automation tasks and modifications of standard machinery in order to optimize for specific tasks. Our main expertise is the automation of wire processing, welding and pressing as well as in the optical images processing.

Special coil winding machines

We can solve all winding problems.

Send us your request, and we will provide the appropriate winding machine.


PU gaskets

With our mixing and dispensing equipment from RAMPF, you have the option of applying seals to your work pieces. Items of up to 1,000 mm in size can be processed either with liquid or thixotropic foams. Our service is tailored specifically to small and medium quantities. You can employ the best technology with no additional investment. The 2-component polyurethane sealing foams from RAMPF guarantee consistently high quality.


Silicone sealing

Electrically conductive silicone-based gaskets offer protection against electromagnetic radiation and prevent electrostatic charges. Customized EMI gaskets for complete sealing of housing parts and assembly segments are the main fields of application. Especially in lower quantities, the use of EMI gaskets offers a price advantage over other customised solutions and offers great flexibility. These seals adhere very well to aluminium, stainless steel, copper or nickel plating plastics.


Protection of electrical and electronic assemblies

Protection against pollution, moisture, liquids, environmental influences, unintentional changes or contact plays a major role in the entire electrical and electronics industry. Our services cover selective coating, casting plugs and electro-mechanical and electronic components, modules and sensors, as well as the applying of seals. We handle almost every 1-component material, time and UV-curing.


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