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Special Machinery Building and Services

For small series and for covering capacity peaks, Thonauer offers sub-contracting in the area of foamed PUR seals, application of EMC seals, hot melt moulding and electrical component potting. Another part of the Thonauer service portfolio is the in-house manufacture of special purpose machinery, in which we develop and implement automation solutions of all kinds.

To the products:

Foamed gaskets (polyurethane basis)

PU gaskets

With our mixing and dispensing equipment from RAMPF, you have the option of applying seals to your work pieces. Items of up to 1,000 mm in size can be processed either with liquid or thixotropic foams. Our service is tailored specifically to small and medium quantities. You can employ the best technology with no additional investment. The 2-component polyurethane sealing foams from RAMPF guarantee consistently high quality.


EMI sealing based on silicone

Silicone sealing

Electrically conductive silicone-based gaskets offer protection against electromagnetic radiation and prevent electrostatic charges. Customized EMI gaskets for complete sealing of housing parts and assembly segments are the main fields of application. Especially in lower quantities, the use of EMI gaskets offers a price advantage over other customised solutions and offers great flexibility. These seals adhere very well to aluminium, stainless steel, copper or nickel plating plastics.



Protection of electrical and electronic assemblies

Protection against pollution, moisture, liquids, environmental influences, unintentional changes or contact plays a major role in the entire electrical and electronics industry. Our services cover selective coating, casting plugs and electro-mechanical and electronic components, modules and sensors, as well as the applying of seals. We handle almost every 1-component material, time and UV-curing.


Hot-melt molding

Hotmelt molding

If you want to take advantage of the hotmelt process without investing in your own machinery, Thonauer offers the opportunity for you to manufacture your product on our Werner Wirth TM 2500 unit. Small quantities, prototypes or small production runs can be produced cheaply and quickly.

Special machinery building

Special machinery building

We are your partner when it comes to special solutions of various automation tasks and modifications of standard machinery in order to optimize for specific tasks. Our main expertise is the automation of wire processing, welding and pressing as well as in the optical images processing.

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