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Special applications

Modules for various types of cable assembly

There are some cable assembly processes that do not run as standard on certain machines. We have special applications that offer a solution for special and customized requirements. Modules can be used to combine applications from different manufacturers.

Thonauer offers the basic machinery suitable for crimp-to-crimp and automatic placement machines, either developed by ourselves or by partner companies. This means that special applications can be created for different cable types. If you are looking for solutions over and above conventional cable assembly, just ask us.

We look forward to hearing your special requirements.


Dual-core cable

Processing dual core cables on the Komax Alpha platform

Machinery for processing dual-core cables significantly increases productivity.

Using the dual-core application on the Komax Alpha platform, round or flat cables can be processed with guaranteed and consistent quality.

Different types of processing for the inner conductor can be achieved, such as crimping, tinning or the insertion of seals or welding. Multi-stage manual work is no longer needed


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha
ProcessingFully automated processing of both side 1 and side 2 of the cable
Cable typeDual-core, flat and round cables

Wire end compression (ultrasonic compaction)

Ultrasonic compaction using the superb interface between Schunk modules and the Komax basic machines

Ultrasonic compression is a well-known process in the cable assembly sector. High-end quality modules from Schunk can be integrated into a number of Komax machines, for example the Alpha or Zeta models.

Wire end compaction reduces production costs and changeover times. This means that ultrasonic compaction is an alternative to using ferrules.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta
ProcessingFully automated processing of both side 1 and side 2 of the cable
Cable typeSingle wire

Resistance welding

Modules supplied by well-known manufacturers such as Miyachi, Strunk or Keller can be integrated in Komax wire processing machines

Resistance welding offers a range of processing options, including - but not limited to - wire end welding, contact welding and mixing various materials (copper, aluminum, Teflon, etc.).

This technology also makes it possible to compact tinned strands. Thonauer supplies machinery for fully automated resistance welding that are suitable for your cable assembly.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta
ProcessingFully automated processing of both side 1 and side 2 of the cable
Cable typeSingle wire

FAKRA cable

Automation solutions for infotainment harnesses in the automotive sector

FAKRA (= FACHKReis Automobil) is a German panel of experts from both the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers who are working on the standardization of road vehicle connectors.

These days, FAKRA is a ubiquitous topic in data communication. There are different versions and models for FAKRA. This means one FAKRA product is not necessarily the same as another.

Based on suitable Komax platforms, Thonauer offers machines for different levels of automation for processing FAKRA components.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta, Komax Lambda
ProcessingDifferent levels of automation depending on the platform
Cable typeCoaxial cable

MIL-Crimp Module (loose turned contacts)

Integration of MIL-Crimp Process Modules on different Komax platforms

A high degree of automation for MIL crimping can be achieved in various industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial and railway.

The MIL crimp modules are either manufactured by Komax or supplied by Zoller&Fröhlich.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha, Komax Zeta
ProcessingFully automated processing of both cable ends
Cable typeSingle wire

IDC (insulation displacement) cable

Highly automated IDC cable processing

We offer a high degree of automation for processing IDC cables or insulation displacement terminals. These machines have been developed in collaboration with IDC module suppliers such as Stocko and Lumberg.

With a capacity of around 2,300 pieces per hour, this is a solution for one-sided IDC processing on a range of cables. It is even possible to process short cables.

The machinery’s high performance is guaranteed by the parallel processing concept.


Basic cable processing machineKomax Alpha
ProcessingFully automated processing at one cable end
Cable typeSingle wire

Additional machine solutions for your cable assembly

The above technologies are just a few of the solutions available from Thonauer. Our years of experience and close contact with the customer means we can find a suitable solution for your needs.

For us, it is always important that our customers are satisfied, with our solutions bringing economic benefits whilst maintaining the required quality in the cables.

We would be pleased to make you a non-binding offer.


We are happy to answer your questions personally, by phone or e-mail.

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