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On.Line Training

Web-based training 24/7/365 Boost the know-how and motivation of your employees and thus your productivity.

The web-based online courses offer an easy way to refresh and expand existing knowledge about machines, modules, tools, software and test systems and to impart basic knowledge about cable processing to new employees. The courses are in German and English and available for the manufacturers Komax, TSK and Kabatec.


Your advantages:

  • Reduction of in-house training units and training costs through fast and targeted online training courses
  • Safety and security of your employees in handling the machines and their software
  • Boost in quality and production through the optimization of operation and maintenance
  • Increasing safety and reliability in production
  • Certification per training course and employee

Further advantages of the On.Line training courses:

  • Flexible training units independent of location and time – thanks to 24/7/365 availability
  • Specific training content and packages for products, process modules and quality modules as well as software
  • The range of On.Line training courses is continuously expanded and updated


Key facts about the webinars:

  • Duration per teaching unit: approx. 30 minutes
  • Internet access from any computer and tablet via the direct.komaxgroup.com platform
  • Separate access per training unit and employee for 12 or 24 months
  • Training courses can be repeated, paused and carried out as often as you like
  • Languages: German and English
  • Manufacturers: Komax, TSK, Kabatec

Overview of courses:

  • Essential courses and performance courses are aimed at operating and maintenance personnel
  • Quality courses are primarily intended for quality assurance staff
  • Ultimate courses are designed for shift supervisors and production managers


Course contents:

  • Grundlagen der Kabelverarbeitung
  • Basics of cable processing
  • Stripping machines
  • Cutting machines and stripping machines
  • Crimping and crimping machines
  • Machines for the production of cable harnesses
  • Process modules in cable processing
  • Software and networking of cable processing machines
  • Marking of cables and stranded wires
  • Quality tools
  • Bundling and taping machines
  • Testing systems


Course structure:

  1. Introduction and explanation of the product
  2. Professional and proper operation
  3. Maintenance and upkeep
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Tips and tricks
  6. Final test with personalized certificate



Further information:

You can also find all information on our advanced training courses in our information brochure.

> Information folder about the certified training courses

> Get the demo version of an On.Line training course now!


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