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High Voltage



Lambda 240 SC

High voltage – stripping and crimping machine

The Lambda 240 SC combines three different cable processing steps: stripping, crimping and block loading of 2-pin HV connectors, Class 1 and 2. Simple operation by touch panel and a fast product change thanks to recipe management are other hallmarks of the product.


Technical data

Line cross-sectionTwo-core 2 × 2.5 mm² to 2 × 6 mm²
Cycle time< 15 sec.
Retooling time< 5 min
Special featuresServo control, crimp force monitoring, path controlled assembly process, short circuit test, central extraction unit

Lambda 240 SP

High voltage – semi-automatic shield processing machine

The Lambda 240 SP is a compact, semi-automatic solution for processing the shielding braid and inner conductors of HV cables in the field of electric mobility. Serial processing of two individual lines in parallel is possible. The touch panel ensures the simple storage and downloading of process parameters as well as a fast product change.


Technical data

Line cross-sectionOne-core 2,570 mm²,
Two-core 2 × 2.5 mm² to 5 × 6 mm²
Processing lengthsup to 100 mm
Cycle time< 15 sec.
Retooling time< 3 min
Special featuresIntegrated extraction system, protection of the inner conductor, freely configurable, rotating cutting unit

Lambda 240 ST

High voltage – shield fixation machine

The compact, semi-automatic machine fixates and secures the shielding braid of high-voltage lines using tape. This solution was designed especially for applications in the electric mobility sector. The taping process meets the requirements of the Hirschmann PowerStar 40-2 connector system. This process is part of an overall solution, because the preparation is done on a Lambda 240 SP (see previous machine).


Technical data

Diameter range9.3–12.8 mm
Tape5 mm Coroplast 838X
Number of windings> 1.5
Cycle time< 10 sec.
Retooling time< 5 min
Special featuresServo control, touch screen
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