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High Voltage

Leading automation solutions for electromobility

The acceptance of a certain level of environmental consciousness has made e-mobility of increasing importance to the economy. In the automotive sector, this has created requirements that demand special new machinery and concepts of automation.

Thonauer can help you find the most efficient solution for the high-quality processing of high-voltage cables in the electric mobility sector. Komax is a manufacturer that develops flexible solutions for the automation of the required process steps, thus meeting the high-level requirements of high-voltage technology.

Expertise in the automated processing of high-voltage cables

Cable processing in the e-mobility sector places high demands on manufacturers with regard to precision, since the cables used have large cross-sections due to the electrical power requirements. In order to ensure efficient and economical processing of increasing quantities of shielded sheathed cables, the automation of processes has become ever more important. Our technologists at Komax Thonauer Kft in Hungary are developing and manufacturing special machinery for this at the newly built plant in Budakeszi.

Our range suits a supplier of individual solutions just as much as a big player with high production volumes

The size of the customer is not the critical factor. There are also smaller volume customers who only specialize in high voltage work that are making very efficient use of our automation solutions.

High-quality, efficient processing of high-voltage cables

Lambda platform - flexible automation solutions for all production volumes

Thonauer offers the Lambda platform manufactured by Komax for the automated processing of shielded and unshielded high voltage wires. The platform-independent modules are freely configurable and can be arranged according to the packaging requirements of the different types of hv connector and hv cable.

The degree of automation can be selected to suit the production volume – from a manual workstation to a fully automatic machine

We cover the entire processing chain for many different types of high-voltage cables and connectors in the field of electric mobility

  • The flexible, modular platforms are supplemented by a range of process modules, conductor and component-specific exchange kits and quality tools.
  • The solution has a workpiece holder and the process modules can be freely arranged as needed.
  • This makes it possible to automate simple processes, such as stripping and crimping, through to the use of more comprehensive cable assembly machines, regardless of the types of cable and plugs.
  • Developed for productive high-voltage automation in close cooperation with the customer.

Economical and flexible automation - the advantages of the Lambda platform

  • Processes single and multi-core shielded and unshielded cables
  • Very short changeover times when switching the cable cross section
  • No set-up times when changing processing lengths
  • Degrees of automation to suit small to large production runs
  • High quality thanks to chained processes

Universal and scalable solutions for cable assembly in the high-voltage range

Flexible solution for high-mix/low-volume production with the Lambda 240 devices

  • 2-3 process stations
  • Short changeover times
  • High flexibility


Lambda 240 SC

High voltage – stripping and crimping machine

The Lambda 240 SC combines three different cable processing steps: stripping, crimping and block loading of 2-pin HV connectors, Class 1 and 2. Simple operation by touch panel and a fast product change thanks to recipe management are other hallmarks of the product.


Technical data

Line cross-sectionTwo-core 2 × 2.5 mm² to 2 × 6 mm²
Cycle time< 15 sec.
Retooling time< 5 min
Special featuresServo control, crimp force monitoring, path controlled assembly process, short circuit test, central extraction unit

Lambda 440

Lambda 440 HV cable assembly machine

The Lambda 440 offers a modular cable processing system for the automated processing of high-voltage cables. Depending on the process, 6-15 modules can be used. Each cable is assembled in a continuous process from preparation to housing assembly.


Technical data

Moldules6-15 process modules based on the Lambda-2 series
automation levelmulti-level
integrationone-sided as well as parallel processing

Lambda 240 SP

High voltage – semi-automatic shield processing machine

The Lambda 240 SP is a compact, semi-automatic solution for processing the shielding braid and inner conductors of HV cables in the field of electric mobility. Serial processing of two individual lines in parallel is possible. The touch panel ensures the simple storage and downloading of process parameters as well as a fast product change.


Technical data

Line cross-section  One-core 2,570 mm²,
Two-core 2 × 2.5 mm² to 5 × 6 mm²  
Processing lengthsup to 100 mm
Cycle time< 15 sec.
Retooling time< 3 min
Special featuresIntegrated extraction system, protection of the inner conductor, freely configurable, rotating cutting unit

Lambda 240 ST

High voltage – shield fixation machine

The compact, semi-automatic machine fixates and secures the shielding braid of high-voltage lines using tape. This solution was designed especially for applications in the electric mobility sector. The taping process meets the requirements of the Hirschmann PowerStar 40-2 connector system. This process is part of an overall solution, because the preparation is done on a Lambda 240 SP (see previous machine).


Technical data

Diameter range9.3–12.8 mm
Tape5 mm Coroplast 838X
Number of windings> 1.5
Cycle time< 10 sec.
Retooling time< 5 min
Special featuresServo control, touch screen

Best possible productivity for volume products using the Lambda 440 HV cable assembly machine

The Lambda 440 is a modular system made up of 6-15 process modules. The system assembles every cable, from preparation to housing assembly, all in a continuous process. Its functions are each designed to fit the connector system in use. Each step in the Lambda 440 is monitored and logged.

Comprehensively automating the assembly of HV cables brings a number of benefits:

  • Safety and quality in production.
  • Large and heavy HV cables can be processed automatically.
  • The 6-15 process modules can assemble large volumes of single and multi-pole cables of various cross-sections and types
  • The smart design of the Lambda 440 platform allows, in some cases, a line to be produced in less than 20 seconds, depending of course on the configuration of the process modules.
  • Working together with their customers, the Komax Thonauer team will specify the exact requirements, combine the system modules to suit and adapt their functions.
  • Despite its individuality, the Lambda 440 will still guarantee its users high added value and an attractive ROI.

Benefit from our 15 years of experience in plant engineering for the automotive industry

In order to process high-voltage cables properly, you need experience in cable technology.

We have been working for over 15 years in high voltage engineering and plant engineering for the automotive industry and have been active in the sector for over 25 years.

We always have an eye on our customer's goals, so Thonauer stands for short reaction times, a great deal of expertise and a network of representatives for individual solutions.

Our machines are there to make automation easier.

  • Our flexible model minimizes changeover times.
  • Operation is simple
  • Low tool cost
  • Our machines operate rapidly and accurately
  • The built-in solutions ensure a high level of technical tidiness


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