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Digital Offering (by Komax)

To the products:

Digital Products

DLW – Digital Lean Wiring

Software for switch cabinet construction

With an efficient data processing, the DLW (digital lean wiring) software from Komax provides automation in switch cabinet construction. This means that a significant amount of time is saved in comparison to manual manufacturing, even with a batch size of 1.

Compared to conventional ECAD systems, the usage does not cause any cost-intensive maintenance of the components since the cable length can be determined by virtual wiring. It can be done by means of a photograph of the cabinet or a 2-D drawing. Existing data can easily be imported. Alternatively, Komax offers a camera for photographic dimensioning with a round shot in several individual images. The images are then put together into a dimensionally accurate overall picture and imported into the DLW.

The DLW also features an easy-to-handle user interface with touch screen. The DLW Viewer guides the operating staff through the entire wiring path, allowing even less specialized personnel to perform this step.

MES – manufacturing execution system

Software solution for the cable processing industry 4.0

The production software jointly developed by Komax and iTAC has been perfectly custom-tailored to the needs of cable manufacturing. The end-to-end solution has been designed for the entire value chain – from goods receipt through all production steps all the way to goods issuing – of cable processing companies of any size.

The software can be used for automated planning, control and monitoring of the entire production: machines, manual workplaces, auxiliary materials, material flow, resources, etc. Processes can be optimally standardized, defective production can be prevented, and the product quality can be significantly boosted. This makes it possible to produce complex products in the desired quality on schedule.

Digital Services

Software & Networking

Komax Cloud MES

Digital product – production control system

The cloud-based version of the Komax MES gives customers quick access to a professional production control system and does so without financial risks, since cloud technology holds customer investments to a minimum. Production data, which is uploaded to the system as Excel files, can be efficiently planned and then sent onto the machines. All advantages of an MES, such as increased productivity, assured quality and planning flexibility are 100% guaranteed.

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