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Tools for cable processing

When cutting, stripping, removing sheathing and crimping, save time and money by using professional hand tools. Their long service life, low tolerances and accurate manufacture means processes can be shortened and wastage reduced. At Thonauer you will find hand tools for professional use in the trade and in industry, both portable hand tools and stationary tools for larger volumes.

We would be pleased to advise you to help find a solution for your application, without obligation.

To the products:

Crimp tools

Evolution Series

Mini Applicator

The Mini Applicator processes linked terminals with a cross section of up to 6 mm². This Evolution crimping tool is available in side-feed and end-feed versions. It fits all presses with a T-coupling and a crimping height of 135.8 mm. It can be used with bench top presses as well as with fully automatic crimping machines.

We deliver the right applicator for almost all contacts.


Technical data

Crimping height135.8 mm
Stroke40/30 mm
Pitch< 28 mm
Wire cross-sectionmax. 6 mm ²
Terminal thickness< 0.6 mm

Restyling Serie


The Restyling mini-applicator crimps on-reel terminals with a thickness < 1.2 mm, pitch < 27 mm and wire section from between 0 and 10 mm². Mechanical side-feed system for linked terminals to be unrolled left to right. Can be fitted to any benchtop or automatic press having a crimping height of 135.8 mm (mounting plate to press T-coupling). Available as: left-side-feed (MRS), end-feed (MRF), pneumatical left-side-feed (MRSP), pneumatical end-feed (MRFP)

We deliver the right applicator for almost all contacts. 


Technical data

Crimping height135.8 mm
Stroke40/30 mm
Pitch< 28 mm
Wire cross sectionmax. 10 mm²
Terminal thickness< 1.2 mm

Press tools for cable processing


Mäder is one of the leading German manufacturers of hand-operated and compressed air presses. mäder presses are extremely versatile and can be used for assembly, pressing, joining, bending, crimping, riveting, punching, gluing and much more. Our presses cover the capacity range from 30 N to 100 kN. Customer-specific offers on request.


Technical Data

Toggle pressesRack + Pinion pressesPneumatic presses
ApplicationManual presses, ideal for assembling, pressing, punching, bending, and much more.Perfect for delicate manual work, when constant force is required.Ideal for operations when constant force is required over the complete length of stroke.

Wire end ferrules for industrial processing

Z+F Ferrules


Wire end ferrules create first-class, solderless connections, ensuring precise, long-term operational reliability.

Zoller + Fröhlich is the inventor of ferrules with plastic collars that are used for solderless connections in cable assemblies throughout the world. Thonauer supplies the entire range. We supply ferrules with or without plastic collars, from 0.14 to 150 mm² in different colors and different termination lengths, assortment boxes, ring or spade lugs, blade receptacles, etc. Our range also includes taped or loose ferrules.

Z + F is the only company in the world to have had all their insulated ferrules UL-certified  since 2012, and CSA-US certified since 2002. This not only applies to loose wire end ferrules with a cross-section from 0.14 to 50 mm² (AWG 26-1), but also to twin wire ferrules and taped ferrules.

Ferrules and cable lugs from Zoller + Fröhlich GmbH also comply with the RoHS (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances) regulations. For processing the ferrules, Thonauer offers a wide range of hand tools and crimping machines for semi-automatic processing.

We would be pleased to advise you of our extensive range.




Hand tools for cable assemblies


Cutting tool, for precise cutting of copper and aluminium cables.


Technical data

Cutit 8Cutit 22Cutit 45R
Max. diameter8 mm22 mm45 mm
Max. cross section (details in the datasheet)16 mm²95 mm²400 mm²




Stripping and cutting tools

For fine-stranded and solid conductor; useable for all insulations. The stripping length can be adjusted with a limiter.


Technical data

Stripit 6Stripit 16
Cross section0.08–6 mm²6–16 mm²


Crimping tools for ferrules

Crimping tool for ferrules (according to DIN 46228 part 1 and 4) with and without plastic collars.


Technical data

Crimpit F4Crimpit F6 EN.
Crimpit F6 auto
Feature--Crimp acc EN 60947-1Feeding from the front
Ferrules0.5–4 mm²0.25–6 mm²0.5–6 mm²
Twin ferrules2 x 0.34–2 x 2.5 mm²2 x 0.34–2 x 4 mm²2 x 0.34–2 x 4 mm²



The hand tool actuator is a universal assistance for any manual hand tool. The hand tool is operated by the lever. This makes it easy to work for longer periods with hand tools.

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