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Test systems for cable harness production

Testing equimpent used in harness production.

To the products:

Micrograph laboratories

MicroLab 10

Mobile micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 10 enables micrographs to be taken quickly and easily regardless of the location. It covers all relevant processing steps – from cutting and polishing to etching and visualization. The compact carry-case design enables the quality of crimp and splice connections to be assessed with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness.


Technical data

Processing rangeØ 0.302.50 mm
Cross section rangeup to 5.00 mm²

MicroLab 30

Micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 30 micrograph laboratory offers a fast and flexible way to produce a micrograph. The wide cross section range lets you monitor most of your production. The fully automated process run results in a perfect micrograph without external influence.


Technical Data

Wire range diameterdia. 0.5010.00 mm
Cross section range0.0880.00 mm²

MicroLab 35

Micrograph laboratory

MicroLab 35 is designed for the fast creation of grinding patterns of contacts up to a diameter of 3 mm. The fully automated transport system and the tried-and-tested technology facilitate short processing times. The parallel processes allow the continuous creation of one grinding pattern per minute. Laser-supported, the sample is clamped quickly, hence defining the grinding surface precisely. Without repositioning, MicroLab 35 grinds the sample on its own. As soon as it has reached the analysis unit, it is electrolytically cleaned, the grinding pattern is recorded and analysed.


Technical data

Wire range diameterdia. 0.303.00 mm
Cross section range0.086.00 mm²

MicroLab 55

Micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 55 grinding pattern laboratory facilitates the generation of grinding patterns of all types of crimp available on the market, both transverse and longitudinal grinding. This also applies to products such as printed circuit boards or housings outside the automotive area. The optimum arrangement of the individual modules makes very short processing times possible. A reproducible sample preparation is 100 % guaranteed, since no repositioning of the sample between the individual machining steps is necessary.


Technical data

Wire range diameterdia. 0.5023.00 mm
Cross section range0.08400.00 mm²


Micrograph analyser

The program analyses the micrographs of the widest variety of crimp connections established on the market. It can photograph, measure, evaluate and document the entire terminal in addition to transverse and longitudinal sections. It guides users reliably through the standard and the respective measured variables.


Technical data

Analyzable types of crimpsB-Crimp, IDC, longitudinal grinding, Aluminium, Copper
Deposited industry standards

USCAR 21, PSA 9634115099, TYCO 114-18022-10, Renault 36-05-019, VW-Norm 60330

Tension and compression tester

CT 50

Universal tester models

Electronic test station for tension and compression tests with digital indication. Versatile test station e.g. for tensile testing of crimped, pressed, glued and soldered parts such as crimped terminals and connections in cable harnesses as well as for cable insulation pull-off testing, insertion and extraction tests of connectors, shearing tests and cable tie testing.


Technical data

Indication range500 N
Test speed80 mm/flexible


Manual test device

Electronic force test devices for checking the clamping force in cable tie guns. Suitable for both manual and pneumatic cable tie pliers. The device has a rugged and low-maintenance mechanism and can be used with a large number of cable tie guns thanks to a variety quick-change tools. Optionally available as “CGT” with dot matrix touch display or as “CGT-Touch” with color touch screen and a higher display resolution.


Technical data

Measuring systemOnly tensile force range
Max. force range500 N1,000 N
OperationWith a clamped cable tie gun
Measured value storage-4,000 measured values


Manual test device

Electronic force test device with hand lever operation and digital display for the measurement of tensile forces, e.g. on pre-assembled lines with crimped, soldered, welded, glued and similar connections on flat plugs, cable lugs, wire end sleeves, etc. Thanks to the simple and precise handling by means of the hand lever and parallel load carriage, the device is ideal for use in production plants as well as in test laboratories and similar test facilities. Optionally available as “FT” with dot matrix touch display or as “FT-Touch” with color touch screen and a higher display resolution.


Technical data

Measuring systemMainly tensile force; compressive force possible as well
Max. force range1,000 N
Measured value storage10,000 measured values4,000 measured values


Manual force measuring device

Force display with compatible force transducers to check tensile and compressive forces in mobile and stationary applications. Up to 8 force transducers with maximum power ranges between 50 N and 10,000 N can be registered at the same time. The detection of the respective connected force transducer takes place automatically. Due to its compact design, the device is also suitable for the calibration at production locations directly on site. Furthermore, the force measurement device is characterized by its high measurement resolution and simple operation via color touch screen.

ETM - Serie

Motorized Tester Models

Re-designed model series for tensile and compressive force measurements with a high level of measurement accuracy and a simple control concept and durable construction. High internal measurement frequency and resolution to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.


Technical data

Max. indication range6,000 N6,000 N6,000 N
Drive systemMotorMotorMotor
Testing speeds (at max. 3000 N)50/75/100/800 mm/minSettable 5–800 mm/minSettable 5–800 mm/min
Additional functions (Excerpt)--Break-stop function, Cycle test, Force pre-selection for non-destructive testingBreak-stop function, Cycle test, Force pre-selection for non-destructive testing, Repeat testing between two positions


Motorized test equipment

Digital testing system with motorized drive for the testing of tensile and compressive forces. Suitable for use in quality assurance at production sites as well as in laboratory environments. The tool holders allow for quick and easy retooling and thus for the testing of a great number of different materials. Easy to operate via membrane keyboard and dot matrix touch display; the ATM model is additionally equipped with different test programs and variable speed adjustment.


Technical data

Max. force range0–10,000 N
OperationManually via membrane keyboard, load carriage feed while pressing the button; stop when releasing it Membrane keyboard control unit with ON/OFF switch and 6 buttons for start/stop, fast-rewind, tension, pressure, breakage stop and cycle
Speed (with a maximum of 5,000 N)50/100/300 mm/min 5–300 mm/min
Measured value storage10,000 measured values

Crimp force monitor

MicroForce 70

Crimp force monitoring

Missing strands and insulation inside the crimp are frequent reasons for defective contacting in modern wire harnesses. Every single crimp therefore has to be monitored to ensure proper functioning. MicroForce 70 enables gapless crimp force monitoring to be carried out easily and efficiently and meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


Technical data

Cross section range0.35–6 mm² (AWG 22–AWG 10)
Dimensions L × W × H146 × 46 × 106 mm

MicroForce 80

Crimp force monitoring

The MicroForce 80 is currently the best crimp force monitoring system on the market. It detects missing strands or insulation that has been caught in the crimp, and can be retrofitted to all crimp presses.
Its many features mean it offers incredible efficiency, high productivity and flexibility. For example, it has product libraries to reduce retooling times, measurement data are saved on an external USB drive, and there are sensitivity settings and the facility for sequence processing. The color touch display provides an image of crimp curves in order to better assess the crimp quality.


Technical data

Cross sectional area range0.35–6 mm² (AWG 22–AWG 10)
Display5.0 inch color display with touch functionality
Special featuresSensitivity setting, product memory, data interface, sequence processing, headroom adjustment, predefined access rights
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