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Temperature indicators

For temperature monitoring in process and manufacturing engineering, Thonauer recommends temperature indicator stickers by REATEC®. They can be used as an alternative when thermometers are unsuitable. The temperature measuring strips or points operate in the temperature range between 37.8°C and 264°C by irreversibly changing color from gray to black. They are available in strips with ten temperature elements or as control points. Whether in quality assurance, maintenance or warranty compliance work, temperature indicators are practical and inexpensive tools. 

Further information can be found in the data sheets - or simply ask our experts!


REATEC® Temperature Indicator Standard Strips

The standard strips have been designed for use under normal, clean and dry conditions, which ensure that the indicator points do not come in contact with grease, oils, solvents or moisture. Contact with these substances could lead to a fake colour change.

The self-adhesive (non-adhesive possible) strip with 10 elements measure 5 x 95 mm (temperature ranges 37.8 °C to 265 °C).

REATEC® temperature indicators are an important alternative to thermometers. They can be used for those applications for which thermometers fail, owing to their size, rigidity, shock sensitivity or for other reasons.

REATEC® Temperature Indicator Strips, Type P

For use around damaging substances such as water, oil, fat and solvents.

Ranges P01, P1A, P2A and P03 (20 x 105 mm) are fully sealed, ranges P3A, P04 and P41 (25 x 110 mm)  will be fully sealed only if the covering adhesive foil is carefully stuck on a smooth, clean surface.

Type P indicator strips are less sensitive to compression. They are therefore particularly suitable for applications on presses, calender rolls, etc.

Strips with narrow increments are not available in REATEC Type P.

REATEC® Temperature Indicator Points

Mini Individual Points, 5 x 7 mm (standard type)

Available for all temperatures listed. From 37.8 °C to 264 °C paper backed 


Indicator Points, 17 x 17 mm (Type P)

(indicator element protected on both sides by foil) can be supplied for list temperatures of 37.8 °C to 121 °C. They correspond to Type P. 


Indicator Points, round (Type P)

may be ordered for customer-specific applications with large quantities

The temperature indicators are used in such areas as:

  • Machinery and mechanical equipment - to identify overheating in heat pumps, gearboxes, etc.
  • Electrical equipment - to identify overheating in generators, motor housings, etc. 
  • Electronic components - for displaying surface temperature measurements 
  • Aerospace technology and research - instrument systems, aircraft surfaces, etc. 
  • Automotive engineering - cooling systems, brake components, etc. 
  • Transport
  • Proving guarantee claims- for displaying safe temperatures  
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