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Stripping sheathing from strands




Stripping device with crimp option

The SC11 is a stripping device that can be integrated in a crimping station (squeezing machine and applicator). With a gentle motion, the SC11 grips the cable, strips it and moves it to the anvil of the applicator where it is crimped. The electro-pneumatic drive system is PLC-controlled and allows for easy installation, handling and maintenance. The SC11 by Mecal is also suitable for multi-core cables.


Technical data

Wire cross-section0.035–3 mm² (32–12 AWG)
Stripping length2–12 mm


Pneumatic cable stripping unit

The AM.STRIP.1 is a universally usable, semi-automatic cable stripping machine for use in harsh industrial environments for economical production of small and medium volumes. Its special knives, adapted to the processed cable, can process nearly every available cable on the market.


Technical data

Wire Diameter:
Round cable,
Flat ribbon cable
0.5–15 mm,
up to 20 mm width
1.0–25 mm,
up to 35 mm width
up to 30 mm,
up to 32 mm
Stripping length:
up to 65 mm,
up to 250 mm
up to 120 mm,
up to approx. 450 mm
up to 500 mm


Pneumatic stripping machine with rotating blades

With the semi-automatic stripping machine AM.ALL.ROUND you can perform high-precision round cuts and strip jobs quickly, easily and safely. Easy stripping of demanding insulations, where conventional cutting and stripping processes are not sufficient or even not possible.


Technical data

Wire diameter2–24 mm
Stripping length:
5 to 160 mm,
up to 400 mm
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