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Stripping machines for cables and wires

Effective and reliable equipment is needed to ensure optimal stripping and dismantling results. Offering a wide range of products, Thonauer provides the answer to today's demanding requirements in cable processing. We offer rotary, pneumatic, semi-automatic, electric and laser stripping machines manufactured by Komax, Zoller + Fröhlich, Laselec and Rittmeyer. These machines are suitable for robust industrial use and the economical production of small to medium sized batches, but can also be used for longer runs.

We would be pleased to provide you with more information about our products, without obligation. Do not hesitate to contact us!

To the products:

Stripping individual wires

Mira 32

Stripping machine

The Mira 32 electrical stripping machine is the ideal entry-level model for semi-automated cable processing when hand tools are no longer up to the job. This model is designed for cables used in the automotive and industrial sectors that can be stripped with V-blades. The machine, which can be adjusted with rotary knobs, processes cables with external diameters up to 4 mm and stripping lengths up to 25 mm. Single cables and the cores in sheathed cables can be fully or partially stripped. 


Technical data

Conductor cross-section0.03–3.3 mm²
Stripping length1–25 mm
Special featuresCompact and mobile

Mira 230

Stripping machine

The programmable Mira 230 by Komax is the answer to today’s demands in wire processing with a large mix of products. The machine meets the high demands with an extraordinary range of applications, easy handling and boosted productivity. Thanks to special functions and its article library, it achieves reproducible top quality. It is first choice for multi-conductor processing owing to its suitability for sequence processing.


Technical data

Line cross-section (stripping)0.03–8 mm², AWG 32–8 ¹)
Max. external diameter6.5 mm
Stripping length1.5–46 mm
Stripping length with cutting46 mm - cutting length
Cutting length46 mm - stripping length
Pull-off length0.01–46 mm
¹) In the case of lines and conductor diameters of over AWG 10 that are difficult to process, we recommend sampling prior to purchase

Mira 230 Q

Stripping machine

The Mira 230 Q has all the functions of the Mira 230 plus the ACD electronic cut-in monitoring (Automatic Conductor Detector). This monitoring system detects and signals the slightest contact between the blade and the conductor. This function can be activated during cutting and/or removal for quality assurance purposes. The Mira 230 Q also uses ACD technology as an aid to making adjustments automatically. The cut-in values are set based on the measured conductor diameter.


Technical data

Conductor cross-section (stripping)0.03–8 mm², AWG 32–8 ¹)
Max. external diameter6.5 mm 
Stripping length1.5–46 mm
Special featuresACD cut-in monitoring, can be sequenced


¹)  In the case of lines and conductor diameters of over AWG 10 that are difficult to process, we recommend sampling prior to purchase



AI 01 / AI 02

Electrical stripping machines

Continuous change of wire cross section without tools. Continuous change of stripping length from 3 to 20 mm; integrated spare knife; full or partial stripping possible.


Technical data

AI 01AI 01 E
AI 02
Wire cross section0.05–6 mm²0.05–6 mm²0.05–2.5 mm²
Max. cable diameter5 mm5 mm4 mm
Min. push in length22 mm + stripping length22 mm + stripping length15 mm + stripping length
Power supply100–240 V100–240 V, or built-in rechargeable battery100–240 V

AI 03 / AI 04

Electrical stripping machines

Continuous change of wire cross section from 0.05 to 6 mm² without tools. Continuous change of stripping length from 3 to 20 mm; integrated spare knife; full or partial stripping possible.


Technical data

AI 03AI 04AI 04 E
Wire cross section0.5–6 mm²2.5–16 mm²2.5–16 mm²
Max. outer diameter5 mm8 mm8 mm
Min. infeed length32 mm + stripping length22 mm + stripping length22 mm + stripping length
Stripping length13–30 mm3–20 mm3–20 mm
Power supply100–240 V100–240 V100–240 V or built-in rechargeable battery

AI 2.5–20 auto / AI 16–20 auto

Electrical stripping machines

A sensor measures the cable diameter and automatically defines the corresponding cutting depth. Full and partial stripping is possible.


Technical data

AI 2.5–20 autoAI 16–20 auto
Cross section0.5–2.5 mm²4–16 mm²
Max. outer diameter4 mm8 mm
Min. infeed length24 mm24 mm
Stripping length3–20 mm3–20 mm

Stripping by machinery with rotating blades

Mira 340

Rotary stripping machine

Exceptional high-performance due to 4 rotary X-blades. Perfect cut even with critical insulations such as Teflon®, Kapton® or silicone. Sequence processing enables stripping of multi-layer cables. Easy operation by 5” touch screen. State-of-the-art and flexible.


Technical data

Conductor cross-section (stripping)0.013–16 mm²
Stripping lengthup to 72 mm
FeaturesZero-cut, twisting function


Stripping head with rotating knives

With the BERI.CO.FLEX we present a new and modular concept of a flexible and universal stripping head for all stripping requirements. The head is particularly suitable for stripping coaxial cables. Useable in combination with all standard cutting machines.


Technical data

Stripping diameterUp to 17 mm
Number of knivesUp to 6

Stripping coaxial cables

Mira 440 / Mira 440 SF

Stripping machine for coaxial and triaxial cables

Rotating flat blades guarantee high-level precision when processing coaxial or triaxial cables.The Mira 440 can process up to 9 conductor layers within one sequence and guarantees a high degree of productivity thanks to additional features such as bar code scanning.


Technical data

 Mira 440Mira 440 SF
ApplicationCoaxial and triaxial cables, single wiresSemiflex coaxial cable
Outside diameter0,15-9 mm
Maximum stripping length40 mm

Cosmic 42R

Stripping machines for coaxial and semi-flexible cables

Highly precise processing of multi-layer cables.


Technical data

Application Micro coaxial wire
Conductor cross section 0.005–1.5 mm²
Resolution diameter 0.01 mm
Maximum pull-off length 40 mm


The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a coax machine for large cables and designed for the precise stripping of coax cables 24.5 mm (0.96”) OD and for stripping length up to 100.0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now.


Technical data

Stripping diameter1.0–24.5 mm
(0.04”–0.96”) OD
Stripping length0–100.0 mm
Stripping stepsUp to 10

Stripping cables by laser

ILC Bench Top

Laser Stripping Device

The ILC Bench Top laser stripping device is equipped with advanced features, making your cable processing both rapid and uncomplicated. A variety of cable types can be processed extremely cleanly, thanks to its high-precision infrared laser rotary cut. Depending on the model, the device accepts a wide range of cable diameters. The modern program supplied ensures quick mechanical changes between cables with different characteristics and external diameters. The ILC Bench Top can handle the majority of insulation materials and the most difficult types of cable, even processing intermediate insulation.


Technical Data

ILC-20/8 BTILC-20/8 BTSILC-30/20 BTS
Outside diameterfrom 0.5 to 7.8 mmfrom 0.5 to 7.8 mmfrom 1 to 20 mm
Stripping length3-115 mm3-115 mm 3-115 mm
Laser type and strengthInfrared CO2, 20 wattInfrared CO2, 20 wattInfrared CO2, 30 watt
Laser cutCircumferential cutCircumferential, longitudinal, and spiral cutCircumferential, longitudinal, and spiral cut

Sylade 7 H

Hand-held laser stripping device

The first hand-held laser wire stripper in the world. Difficult cables – such as twisted or asymmetrical ones – can be easily and reliably stripped with this laser. Its unique feature is its handy design that enables a laser stripper to be used in mobile situations for the first time.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.9–7 mm
Stripping length180 mm
Insulation materialPTFE, polyimides, ETFE, X-ETFE, FEP, etc.
StandardsCE, FDA, FCC, Class 1 laser, EN2812, SAE AIR6894

Sylade 7

Laser stripping device

A laser wire stripper is the safest and fastest way to strip the insulation from shielded and twisted cables. The rotating diode laser cuts without making contact and is thus even able to remove difficult insulations gently and accurately.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.9–7 mm
Stripping length2–200 mm
Insulation materialPTFE, polyimides, ETFE, X-ETFE, FEP, fiberglass, etc.
StandardsCE, FDA, FCC, Class 1 laser, EN2812, SAE AIR6894

Stripping sheathing from strands


Stripping device with crimp option

The SC11 is a stripping device that can be integrated in a crimping station (squeezing machine and applicator). With a gentle motion, the SC11 grips the cable, strips it and moves it to the anvil of the applicator where it is crimped. The electro-pneumatic drive system is PLC-controlled and allows for easy installation, handling and maintenance. The SC11 by Mecal is also suitable for multi-core cables.


Technical data

Wire cross-section0.035–3 mm² (32–12 AWG)
Stripping length2–12 mm


Pneumatic cable stripping unit

The AM.STRIP.1 is a universally usable, semi-automatic cable stripping machine for use in harsh industrial environments for economical production of small and medium volumes. Its special knives, adapted to the processed cable, can process nearly every available cable on the market.


Technical data

Wire Diameter:
Round cable,
Flat ribbon cable
0.5–15 mm,
up to 20 mm width
1.0–25 mm,
up to 35 mm width
up to 30 mm,
up to 32 mm
Stripping length:
up to 65 mm,
up to 250 mm
up to 120 mm,
up to approx. 450 mm
up to 500 mm


Pneumatic stripping machine with rotating blades

With the semi-automatic stripping machine AM.ALL.ROUND you can perform high-precision round cuts and strip jobs quickly, easily and safely. Easy stripping of demanding insulations, where conventional cutting and stripping processes are not sufficient or even not possible.


Technical data

Wire diameter2–24 mm
Stripping length:
5 to 160 mm,
up to 400 mm

The stripping machines can handle the most demanding cables, conductors and insulation materials and can be set up for a wide variety of uses. For example, Thonauer offers devices suitable for a wide range of applications, including stripping and dismantling of strands, coaxial and semi-flex cables, single conductors and the inner conductors in sheathed cables, high-voltage cables, ribbon conductors and asymmetrical cables. The sequence processing also allows multi-layer cables and multi-layer insulation to be stripped. Thonauer also offers the ideal solution for difficult-to-process cables or critical insulations such as Teflon®, Kapton® or silicone. 

Whether stripping thin, tight-fitting or thick insulation, Thonauer has the right device for every stripping length and density. Machines with rotating blades guarantee a precise, round cut, centering the conductor and creating high pull-off forces. This allows a wide range of cables to be processed. Either a full strip or a partial strip can be achieved. The specialized and efficient functioning of these machines results in increased productivity, reduces production time and ensures high, reproducible quality.

Thonauer always strives to bring its customers the latest technologies, so of course our product range also includes laser stripping devices from Laselec. 

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