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Stripping coaxial cables



Mira 440 / Mira 440 SF

Stripping machine for coaxial and triaxial cables

Rotating flat blades guarantee high-level precision when processing coaxial or triaxial cables.The Mira 440 can process up to 9 conductor layers within one sequence and guarantees a high degree of productivity thanks to additional features such as bar code scanning.


Technical data

 Mira 440Mira 440 SF
ApplicationCoaxial and triaxial cables, single wiresSemiflex coaxial cable
Outside diameter0,15-9 mm
Maximum stripping length40 mm

Cosmic 42R

Stripping machines for coaxial and semi-flexible cables

Highly precise processing of multi-layer cables.


Technical data

ApplicationMicro coaxial wire
Conductor cross section0.005–1.5 mm²
Resolution diameter0.01 mm
Maximum pull-off length40 mm


The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a coax machine for large cables and designed for the precise stripping of coax cables 24.5 mm (0.96”) OD and for stripping length up to 100.0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now.


Technical data

Stripping diameter1.0–24.5 mm
(0.04”–0.96”) OD
Stripping length0–100.0 mm
Stripping stepsUp to 10
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