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Special coil winding machines

Owing to gentle wire guiding and electronically controlled brakes, also suitable for all heavy-duty winders. Special designs are no problem!


Multi spindle automatic coil winding machine

A high speed fully automatic coil winding machine with advanced PC control of multi axis servo systems, for winding inductive devices with fine wire in medium and large volume. Applications include relay coils, magnetic head coils, LCD coils, transformers, ignition coils, inductors, sensor coils, solenoids, and other bobbin-wound products.


Technical data

No. of spindles (more on request)468
Wire size0.02–0.5 mm0.02–0.5 mm0.02–0.5 mm
Max. bobbin diameter100 mm62 mm50 mm
Spindle speed9,000 rpm18,000 rpm18,000 rpm


Heavy duty coil winding machine

The E-1200 is a floor standing style winding medium sized machine. This machine is specially designed for the manufacture of solenoids and power and distribution transformers from 10 to 1,200 KVA, using aluminium or copper wires, including rectangular or flat wires with a special guider.


Technical data

Version500 rpm250 rpm
Max. wire diameter0.01–30 mm0.01–30 mm
Torque172 Nm at 500 rpm413 Nm at 250 rpm
Max. distance between points1,200 mm1,200 mm

Foil Winding Machine

The foil and insulation de-reelers are provided with an automatically controlled brake system, which applies a constant tension to the materials during the winding process. The winding unit is equipped with a pressure roller system and the machine is supplied with two expanding mandrels for the copper foil and two for the paper insulation. There are various configurations possible, up to 300 mm width. This allows winding of primaries easily and with very short production cycle times.


Technical data: Custom made


Tape Cutting Machine

The tape dispenser dispenses and cuts any length of tape. Either on pressing a button or automatically as soon as a cut piece is taken.


Technical data

Cutting length30–999 mm
Tape width7–50.8 mm


Electronic Tensioner

The TH3 is a floor-model heavy-duty tensioner and is suitable for wires of 0.5 to 3 mm in diameter. Soft wire guiding and electronically controlled brakes make this tensioner perfectly suitable for all heavy duty winders.


Technical data

Maximum spool diameter/height500 mm/650 mm
Max. torque12 Nm


Special coil winding machines

We can solve all winding problems.

Send us your request, and we will provide the appropriate winding machine.


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