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Soldering machines

Soldering is a thermal process in which a surface alloy is created by melting solder. After the solder has solidified there is a so-called substance-to-substance bond.

Soldering can now be reliably automated. ATN supplies robots and 3-axis systems. The melting of the solder takes place either via a soldering iron or using a non-contact method with inductive heating or radiation. These methods are particularly suited to soldering large components, PCB connectors and cable contacts.

Thonauer provides the right soldering system for your application.


Economic A300 / A400

Soldering machine

The economic A300/400 is a universal, pc-controlled bench top soldering robot with three axes. This unit is especially suitable for process evaluation of new products or for manufacturing small and medium series.


Technical Data

Work area (x/y)295 x 200 mm395 x 300 mm

Soldering systems

Lightbeam: contactless heat transfer from tool to work piece; selective reflow soldering.

Hot iron soldering: automatic hot iron soldering with robot.

Induction soldering: automatic induction soldering with robot.

> Thonauer can supply the right soldering system for your application. 

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