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Soldering machines and welding machines

Soldering is a thermal process in which a surface alloy is created by melting solder. After the solder has solidified there is a so-called substance-to-substance bond.

Soldering can now be reliably automated. ATN supplies robots and 3-axis systems. The melting of the solder takes place either via a soldering iron or using a non-contact method with inductive heating or radiation. These methods are particularly suited to soldering large components, PCB connectors and cable contacts.

Thonauer provides the right soldering system for your application.

To the products:

Welding cables, wires and strands

KWM008 Kompakt AC

Bench top resistance welding unit

Appropriate for labs and small series. Compact design with integrated welding head. Controller offers a variety of adjustment options. Its HV inverter delivers a precise, controlled output current.


Technical data

Output current< 6,000 A
Welding headCylinder dia. 40 mm, stroke 5.00 mm

Sequential compacting station

Sequential compacting station

Compacting allows the further processing of a copper stranded wire without ferrules. The compact design of this unit makes it easy to use. The compacting width is adjustable using an electric motor.


Technical data

Stranded wireup to 10 mm²
Cycle time< 2 sec.
Compacting widthstepless, up to 3.5 mm

M1 - 10/40

DC power supply

The M1 Series is a compact and cost-effective DC power supply for resistance welding. Welding heads on request.


Technical data

Max. output current1,000 A DC4,000 A DC
Cycle time10 ms/sec.5 ms/sec.
Inverter technologyLinearHFDC


DC High performance power supply

The m31 Smart series of HFDC resistance welding power supply is designed for high availability, demanding resistance welding applications requiring a high degree of process control and real time data capture. The units employ a unique twin loop control circuit enabling HFDC technology to provide performance similar to Linear DC supplies. The unique system ensures a minimal output ripple across the entire operating range, thereby permitting highly accurate process measurements to be taken in real time. 


Technical data

Max. Output
Current (A)
6,00012,000 18,000
Output Voltage at
Full Load
Full Output Duty
5 % @ 6,000 A5 % @ 12,000 A5 % @ 18,000 A


DC power supply

Quick-response welding controller with precise output current. Welding heads on request.


Technical data

Output currentup to 4,000 A
Cycle timeup to 2.5 % (25 ms/sec.)
Output accuracy< 2 % of set value

DC2013 T

DC power supply 

The DC2013T SMART is the first high-performance resistant welding power supply in the industry, which combines a integrated database process control and monitoring by means of touch panel with ultra-high duty and low ripple 3,000-A-DC output.

Various weld-head configurations are also available. Contact us for turn-key welding solutions. 


Technical data

Duty cycleup to 6 % (60 ms/s) @ 2,000 A, up to 3 % (30 ms/s) @ 3,000 A
Output accuracy± 1 %-a

Weld Heads

Modular precision gap and parallel weld head

The precision ultra-low inertia weld head modules can be used standalone mounted on third party application products or may be supplied as bench mounted units. A large range of custom and standard electrode holders are available to suit almost any application. Available as integrated weld heads as well as weld head modules for integration.


Technical data

Force range2–500 N
Electrode stroke25 mm (integrated version)

Soldering cable connections

Economic A300 / A400

Soldering machine

The economic A300/400 is a universal, pc-controlled bench top soldering robot with three axes. This unit is especially suitable for process evaluation of new products or for manufacturing small and medium series.


Technical Data

Work area (x/y)295 x 200 mm395 x 300 mm

Soldering systems

Lightbeam: contactless heat transfer from tool to work piece; selective reflow soldering.

Hot iron soldering: automatic hot iron soldering with robot.

Induction soldering: automatic induction soldering with robot.

> Thonauer can supply the right soldering system for your application. 

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