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Shrinkage by infrared radiation




The STCS-SYX is a heat shrink system based on infrared technology capable of processing up to six meters long harnesses. The equipment can be supplied only as onesingle main module suitable to process products up to one meter long and extension modules are available to enlarge the machine’s production area.



The ISAC14 (Integrated System Automatic Centering) is a newly developed system to integrate to the existing STCS-CS14 to guarantee the centering of the heat shrink tube on the splice. It’s an automatic system, developed as an addon for STCS-CS14 and it’s compatible with all the previous versions of this model.


Infrared Shrinking Tube Control System

The compact and lightweight STCS-CS14 is ideal for high production quantities. The touch display enables convenient operation. Networking is possible via an Ethernet interface. The ISAC14 is an add-on for the integration into the STCS-CS14 in order to have the heat shrink tube automatically centered on the sealing zone and check whether a tube with the correct length is being used. 

Technical data

Temperature range300550 °C
Max. tubing length60 mm
Max. tubing diameter25 mm


Infrared: Shrinking Tube Control System

The evo500TS is the bestseller in the STCS Series. It is characterised by an extraordinarily high processing speed. The enclosure of the tube leads quickly to a constant temperature around the heat shrink tubing. A reasonable result is achieved within seconds. The STCS-RCM offers an additional centering function, which pushes the tube automatically above the uninsulated area.


Technical data

Temperature range250550 °C300550 °C
Max. tubing length75 mm4575 mm
Max. tubing diameter20 mm21 mm
Centering functionnot integratedintegrated

STCS-VMir / VMir+

Infrared Workbench Shrink System

The STCS-VMir is a heat shrink system, based on infrared technology. It is designed for workbench applications and can process several parts at the same time. The same machine can be used on several applications, since it is equipped with a fast exchangeable shrinking chamber system. The STCS-VMir+ is a variation of the VMirs with a larger shrink chamber.


Technical data

Working temperature250400°C (at the Infrared resistor)250–500°C
Shrinking chambermax. 120 x 120 mm225 mm x 100 mm
ProgrammingTouch Screen, PC
Program selectionTouch Screen, Bar Code


Infrared: Shrinking Tube Control System

The CS19 shrinking system is the ideal choice for processing medium or high volumes. It is designed for workbench applications and can process several parts at the same time. The system has a conveyor with two sets of timing belts that grips the wires with the sleeves and feeds them into an infrared oven for the shrinking process. The assemblies are then carried through a cooling zone and deposited in a collection bin. The parameters can be easily set and controlled.


Technical Data

Temperature range400600 °C
Work area140 x 285 mm
Max. tube diameter30 mm


Shrink tunnel

The STCS-LC (Longitudinal Conveyor) is a heat shrink system based on infrared resistors, which is able to process several and different types of parts at the same time. Different from any other, the LC guarantees flexibility by shrinking virtually almost everything. From normal splices to special applications, one single machine can do it all.


Technical data

Working Temperature250–400 °C250–600 °C
Shrinking Chamber400x360x100 mm500x360x100 mm
ProgrammingTouchscreen, barcode or PCTouchscreen, barcode or PC
Power Supply230 (V) @ 50 (Hz)400 (V) ~3/N @ 50 (Hz)


The STCS-MYX is a heat shrink system based on an infrared quartz oven with Y and X axes movement to improve the process efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s designed with two independent workstations and a shuttle oven that moves from one station to the other, reducing dead-time and boosting productivity.

Optionally, the equipment can be provided with RFID technology for fixture detection to guarantee the process integrity.


Infrared: Shrinking Tube Control System

The RT und CRT versions hold and position the cable, connector and heat shrink tube. Due to the dual chamber, the operator can load and unload one side whilst the other is processed. A variety of products can be processed at the same time.


Technical Data

Temperature range400550 °C
Heating area95 x 285 mm
Open sidesProduct can stand out on 2 sidesProduct can stand out on 3 sides


Infrared shrinking device to work at the assembly board

Easy to use and reliable in result. The device is used directly on the assembly board to shrink the shrink tubing. Infrared radiation, instead of hot air, shortens the process time. The parameters can be selected by means of a bar code reader.


Technical data

Working temperature250–550 °C
Shrinking tube diameterup to 14 mm
Shrinking tube lengthup to 65 mm
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