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Semi automatic crimping machines for industrial applications

Crimping cables is an alternative to welding and soldering. This method is now the preferred way to create secure bonds between conductors and contacts. Semi-automatic crimping machines provide good support, allowing many more crimp connections to be produced in a given time compared to exclusively manual production. Moreover, this method brings with it lower fault rates and as a result higher quality.

To the products:

Stripping and crimping ribbon contacts


Bench Top Stripper/Crimper BT-SC

The Exmore benchtop crimping presses are designed for the production of single and multi-conductor cables. The crimp presses are not only available with a standard foot pedal, but also with a two-handed activation or start sensor. These crimping presses are outstanding in terms of short cycle times, short changeover and setup times. The “patent pending” drive system ensures the short cycle time with a long crimping time.


Technical Data

Crimping force 20 kN
Cross-sectional areaup to 6 mm² (10 AWG)
Cycle Time0.5 s

Crimp Press

Press TT

The TT Crimping Press is available either in semi-automatic (for bench-top use) configuration or in full automatic (integrated into a cut and strip machine) configuration. The standard stroke is 40 mm, but other different strokes are available upon request. The 135.8 mm ± 0.02 mm crimping height allows the TT to accept all the mini-style applicators fitted with the standard T-coupling. A proprietary safety cover guarantees the operator a perfect view of the crimping zone while enjoying complete protection from any hazard. Mecal’s own CFA crimp force analyser can be fitted as an option.


Technical data

Force20 kN
Stroke40 mm
Crimping height135.8 mm ± 0.02 mm

Stripping and crimping wire end ferrules

AM 04 Duomatic

Stripping and crimping machine for loose, insulated ferrules

Electro pneumatically driven stripping and crimping machine. Crimp quality according to DIN 46228. Special feature: Two cross-sections of any lengths can be processed at the same time. You can switch between preset cross-sections at the push of a button. Thonauer can also supply you with the right ferrules.


Technical data

AM 04 Duomatic
Conductor cross-section4– 10 mm²
Crimp length8–12(18) mm

AM 03 / AM 03 C / AM 03 universal

Modular stripping and crimping machine

The AM 03 series from Zoller + Fröhlich offers different models of electro-pneumatically-driven stripping and crimping devices for the processing of loose, twisted pin and socket contacts. The contacts are automatically fed via a vibration conveyor.


Technical data

AM 03AM 03 CAM 03 universal
Conductor cross-section0.14–2.5 mm²0.14–0.5 mm²0.14-0.5 mm²
Insertion length36 mm13 mm36 mm


Stripping and crimping machines for insulated ferrules on reel.

Reliable processing of ferrules on reel. Crimping quality conforms to DIN 46228. The ECM 04 is also available as a version with a built-in rechargeable battery for optional battery operation, the ECM 04 E.

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

Power unitElectricalElectro-pneumaticElectro-pneumatic
Wire cross section0.5–2.5 mm²0.5–2.5 mm²0.5–2.5 mm²
Crimping length8 mm8 mm8 / 10 mm
FeaturesEasy change of cross sectionAutomatic cross section selectionCrimping length 8 / 10 without tool change


Stripping and crimping machine

Processing of 5 different ferrules on rolls, without changing tools or rolls. Easy operation via touch display. Also suitable for Multinorm ferrules (ferrules with extended collars). This device is ideal where the ferrules are changed frequently, as there is no downtime for tool changes.

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

Ferruleauf Rolle
on a roll
Conductor cross-section0.5–2.5 mm²
Crimp length8/10 mm

Crimping wire end ferrules and cable lugs

CR 03 K / Crimper G / Crimper-LS

Crimping machine for insulated ring tongue and ferrules

> Thonauer delivers suitable ferrules as well.


Technical data

CR 03 KCrimper-GCrimper-LS
Ring tongue ferrules

On reel

Type--DIN 46228DIN 46228
Wire cross section0.56 mm²0.52.5 mm²0.344 mm²
Crimping length--8 mm612 mm
Power unitElectro-pneumatic

SC 05

Electro pneumatic crimping machine for loose ferrules

Using the standard built-in Quadro crimping tool, the ferrules from 0.5 mm² to 4 mm² (insulated/uninsulated) and twin wire end sleeves with plastic collars from 2 x 0.5 mm² to 2 x 2.5 mm² in crimp lengths 6 - 18 mm can be processed without changeovers. The adjustment to the different sleeve cross-sections is carried out by turning the adjustment knob on the front panel. No further settings are required. Other crimp shapes or wire cross-sections are available on request or by submitting samples and carrying out tests.


Technical data

SC 05 universal
Ferrule types
Conductor cross-section0.5– 4 mm²
Twin wire ferrule processing2 x 0.5 mm² to 2 x 2.5 mm²
Crimp length6-18 mm
Crimp formQuadro – Crimp
Special featureNo set-up

Crimping loose contacts and cable lugs

Dies (example)

Depending on the contact type and cross-section, the right WDT-branded die for hand tools or machines can be used, easily and at low cost. The widest range of contact types can be processed in this way, from wire end ferrules to tube cable lugs or twisted contacts. Further dies and tool heads are available for almost all types of loose contact.

Technical Data

Set 441
Set 66 (D) Set RM 4 CSV 10 - F 4,8
0.5 - 6.0mm2
dies for insulated press cable lugs
0.1 - 10.0mm2
dies for insulated crimp cable lugs (mandrel crimp)
0.14 - 4.0mm2
dies for twisted contacts incl. RM positioner
0.5 - 1.0/1.5 - 2.5mm2
tabs + receptacle for 4.8mm width tabs to DIN 46247 Sheet 2

EHC 13

Battery Crimp Tool EHC 13

EHC 13 Battery Crimp Tool is designed for the crimping of loose piece contacts in small and medium volumes. Small and larger cross sections can be crimped in areas especially difficult to access. The ergonomic design and wide range of crimping profiles provides flexibility and efficiency to your manufacturing environment. The “Quick Connect System” combines the ability to change tool heads and die sets easily to provide several industry standard and custom crimp solutions. An additional benefit is offered with the cutting tool head, which provides the capability to cut cables up to a diameter of 54 mm.

UP 15

Electric crimping machine for contact processing

The WDT UP15 electric crimping machine is the perfect introduction to contact processing. The extensive tool head system with the option for customer-specific solutions and the stepless tool head for ferrules ensures you will have maximum processing flexibility. The user-friendly touch display enables easy access to additional settings and service options. The linear movement with sequence control ensures the highest crimping quality. It is also suitable for automotive applications.


Technical data

Crimp Force15 kN
Working mechanismLinear
Uninsulated tube and crimp cable lugsup to max. 10 mm²
Automotive applicationsup to max. 6 mm²
Electrical connection115 V,60Hz / 230 V,50Hz
Weight10.5 kg

UP 14 / UP 14 BA / UP 14 Z

Pneumatic crimping machine for loose contacts

The perfect tool for beginners because of its good value for money. Use of all WEZAG die sets also possible, with optional positioner.


Technical data

UP 14
UP 14 BAUP 14 Z
Crimping force14 kN at 6 bar
insulated cable lugs 0.256 mm²,
non-insulated pipe cable lugs and crimp-type cable lugs
0.516 mm²,
insulated and non-insulated wire ends 0.1450 mm²,
twisted contacts 0.1416 mm²,
non-insulated FASTON flat plugs 0.146 mm²,
non-insulated pipe cable lugs and butt connectors 1.06.0 mm²
Special featureStandardAutomatic contact retaining system With compulsory sequence control


Pneumatic safety crimping machine for loose contacts

The patented safety mechanism does not release the crimp if the opening of the dies exceeds 5.9 mm. Therefore, safety protection covers are not needed which speeds up the production process.


Technical data

Crimping forcemax. 35 kN at 6 bar
FeaturesSafety mechanism

UP 35 / UP 35 BA

Pneumatic crimping machine for loose contacts

Due to its innovative design this almost maintenance-free machine needs less space. It is light and can be easily transported with the provided T-handle. Operation is simplified through the use of the safety foot pedal – the hands remain free to insert the terminals and the conductor. No tools are required for easy exchange of the die adapter.


Technical data

UP 35UP 35 BA
Crimping force35 kN at 6 bar
Features--Automatic contact holding system

UP 60

Pneumatic crimping machine for loose contacts

Powerful universal machine. Features: safety foot pedal offers short cycle time; tool-less die set exchange; integrated LED Illumination; integrated counter.


Technical data

Crimping forcemax. 75 kN at 6 bar
Opening dimensionsStroke min. 632 mm

UP 65

Hydraulic crimp machine for loose contacts

The UP 65 hydraulic benchtop crimp machine offers even more power for processing loose electrical contacts of up to 400 mm². Owing to the newly-developed, integrated hydraulic unit, the machine is space-saving, quiet and easy to install. The machine is flexibly usable, since it has to be connected only electrically.


Technical data

Max. crimp force150 kN
Max. stroke40 mm
FeaturesElectronic counter, 30-program disk space, Programmable crimping height, Die sets are easy to change

UP 150

Hydraulic table crimping machine

The UP 150 is a real space saver thanks to its integrated hydraulic power unit. This powerful machine makes the processing of large cross-sectional areas easy. One highlight is its integrated crimp force monitoring system, which always gives the right result. This table crimping machine also allows the crimping range and stroke to be set individually.


Technical data

Crimp force150 kN
Special featuresIntegrated crimp force monitoring, tool-free quick-change adapter

Splicing Machine

The flexible Exmore splicing machines make it possible to manufacture perfect and efficient connections. In one processing step the necessary piece of the continuous splice band is cut off without waste, the cut piece is formed and the connecting components are crimped to a durable and reliable crimping connection using the pre-formed piece of the splice band. These splice bands are made in a wide range of materials/alloys, sizes and profiles.

Splicing cables

ACS 2000

Splicing machine

The ACS 2000 splicing device is characterized by its ease of use, accurate workmanship and top-notch price-performance ratio. The high number of different tool sizes allows for nearly unlimited variations in terms of connections. Fast retooling minimizes setup times, costs for spare parts and maintenance.


Technical data

Crimp force10 kN
Lift30 mm
Splicing tape width2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm
Max. splicing tap length19 mm

This makes it possible to comply with international standards and regulations, such as the crimp quality laid down in the quality criterion of DIN 46228. Another variant is a fully automatic crimping machine, which you can also find on our website.

Together we will find you the right crimping equipment. In addition to standard applications, we can also develop customer-specific applications at any time. Make an appointment for a consultation now, with no obligation!

Thonauer offers the right crimping tools for crimping loose, linked, insulated and uninsulated wire end ferrules. Even special sizes (S) of wire end ferrules with plastic collars can be processed. Other crimping materials include insulated compression cable lugs, non-insulated tubular cable lugs and crimp lugs. Processing single conductors, multi-core cables, even with short stripping lengths, turned and electrical contacts, flat plugs and butt connectors pose no problem. Both small and large cross-sections can be crimped. 

The highlight of our product range is the bt 752 by Komax, which can even combine three processes - stripping, positioning grommets and crimping - all in one device. Some machines manufactured by Zoller + Fröhlich also combine stripping and crimping functions in one. 

The advantages of our crimping machines:                                                                                                 

  • Very fast changeover, setup and cycle time 
  • Active quality control even during setup 
  • Integrated crimp force monitoring                                                                                  
  • Integrated defective part handling 
  • Simple operation with top touch
  • Saving of machine and processing parameters      
  • Programmable crimp height
  • Toolless exchange of the die adapter
  • Uses all standard crimping tools

So that you have a comprehensive solution for your production process, we also provide you with the appropriate interface for data exchange between your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and the crimping presses. Komax's Manufacturing Interface (MIKO) is thus a prerequisite for the implementation of Industry 4.0. Thonauer’s range also includes suitable wire end ferrules as well as dies and adapters. 

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