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Marking with laser

Cable marking for the permanent printing of thin or asymmetric conductors without damage to the insulation.

MRO 200

Laser marking device

When compared to other marking methods, its greatest advantage lies in the elimination of consumables (e.g. ink) and the fact that the system requires no maintenance. The MRO 200 is particularly suited to small and medium-sized quantities.


Technical data

Outside diameter 0.75–6.3 mm
Conductor length 0.15–999 m
Laser 355 nm UV-Laser Class 1

Nova 800

Laser marking system

High-performance UV laser marking system for complex applications. Can be used inline; continuous printing on thin and asymmetric wires with no damage to insulation. The right choice for aerospace and military applications since marking is permanent.


Technical Data

Laser UV 355 nm
Wire range diameter 0.686.4 mm
Print specification Full alpha-numeric + customised

Nova 1000

Laser printing system

The Nova 1000 in-line unit is a high-speed UV laser marker designed for the printing of manufacturer identifications onto wire and cable with laser-markable insulations. Designed for integration into the extrusion line, the material to be marked does not require any treatment (flame/heat/plasma/irradiated) prior to marking. In addition, the system can be incorporated into an external re-wind line with suitable pay-off and take-up units.


Technical data


Character setFull alphanumeric and graphical capability possible
Min./max. diameter0.8–10 mm
Max. marking speed105 m/min

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