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Marking with inkjet printer

Thonauer relies on Komax, Domino and Wiedenbach for industrial cable marking using inkjet printers. Inkjet printers allow very high labeling speeds and can be used in all modern production lines for the non-contact labeling of materials. Take advantage of our advice service, so that together we can find the optimal solution for your application. 

The printing systems are able to operate with a high throughput because the cables are printed while they are still moving. For text formatting, the manufacturers offer text editors with versatile layout options. Printer control can be via the monitor on the cable processing machine. However, the printers can also be used as stand-alone solutions for printing on piece goods, plugs and other components.


ims 295 BC / BS / MC

Inkjet printer

The Komax ims 295 BC (Black Colour), ims 295 BS (Black Small) and ims 295 MC (Multi Colour) inkjet marking systems excel in their high marking speeds and in the simple and reliable way in which they process the wire. All IMS marking systems have two different interfaces, an RS232 and an Ethernet (TCP/IP). That means they can be operated with current as well as future Komax machines. They are particularly suitable in combination with automatic Kappa strippers and with the Alpha, Gamma and Zeta fully automatic crimping machines.


Technical Data

ims 295 BCims 295 BSims 295 MC
Min. font height1,3 mm0,9 mm1,3 mm
InksNon-/lightly pigmentedNon-pigmentedHighly pigmented
Maximum marking speed8 m/s9 m/s8 m/s

CS 405 / CS 407 / WP 405

Inkjet printer

The CS Series devices are suitable for use as standalone printers or in a production line. The easy installation and operation, together with easy ink change, reduce your operating costs. The WP Series is designed for integration into a cable processing line and prints on the cable at defined positions.


Technical Data

CS 405CS 407WP 405
Font height112 mm
Inkslightly pigmentedlightly and highly pigmentedlightly pigmented
Maximum marking speedup to 800 m/min.

Printer Ink

Wiedenbach offers one of the widest portfolios of inks, covering all types: dye based, lightly pigmented and highly pigmented. Our inks are known for their bright colours, fast drying time and excellent adhesion on a range of different substrates.

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