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Solutions for cable marking

Cable marking is a fundamental part of quality management. Cables are clearly identified by identification numbers. The products can then be traced and the installation of the cables made easier by being marked for their function or installation instructions.

Let Thonauer advise you so that you can find the ideal identification method for your production parameters.

To the products:

Cable marking with labels


The M611 is very popular with customers who want to print labels quickly with smartphones and who are fond of technology. Easy operation for spontaneous printouts. The portable BradyPrinter M611 can be operated via a smartphone and is suitable in combination with the Brady Workstation app “Express Labels” for the identification of cables, components and laboratory samples as well as for complex identification in the electrical field. Using a smartphone, you can easily create 1D and 2D codes and barcodes, serialize data and benefit from a comprehensive image library.


Technical data

Maximum label width48,76 mm
Minimum label width6,40 mm
Connection optionsBluetooth, USB, WiFi
Flash memory256 MB Flash memory; 512 MB RAM - up to 150,000 labels


The BMP61 is also available with WLAN function and as a bundle with the WS, etc. It is a state-of-the-art printer and very popular in switch cabinet construction and outdoor applications. The BMP™61 label printer offers several user interfaces, a touch screen, different connectivity options and various options for managing and storing data. The printer prints extremely quickly pre-cut and continuous labels as well as labels in bulk with a width of up to 50.8 mm. Customized labels can also be printed. The BMP™61 comes with the Brady Workstation Suite for product and cable identification, so you can start designing professional labels immediately.


Technical data

OperationStand-alone oder mit PC Anschluss
Maximum label width50,80 mm
Minimum label width6,40 mm
Connection optionsUSB
Flash memory512 MB – up to 250,000 labels
Color touch screenQWERTY

Wraptor™ Printer A6500

Print jobs for the Wraptor printer applicator are created on a PC with Brady's easy-to-use, Brady Workstation™ labelling software. Brady Workstation™ software eliminates the material handling cost of manual identification, and also optimises wire identification with variable, serialized and graphical information as well as multi-legend marking and barcode.


Technical Data

Processing diameterdia. 1.5215.24 mm
Printing head300 dpi, thermal transfer

BMP™41 / BMP™71

Mobile label printer / Bench top label printer

The BMP™41 Label printer is a rugged, portable solution that gives you the versatility to create die-cut or continuous labels up to 25 mm wide, anywhere, anytime!

The mobile Label printer BMP™71 is Brady's newest high performance printer for wire and cable marking. The versatile printer BMP™71 is especially suitable in the telecommunication and electronic industry.


Technical Data

TypeBench top label printerMobile label printer
Max. label widthup to 25 mmup to 51 mm

Cable marking by ink jet printer

Ax150i / Ax350i / A520i

Inkjet printer

The Ax family can be operated stand-alone or in-line. The simple installation and operation together with the easy ink tank change minimize your operating costs. The Ax family is designed to be integrated into a production line and prints on the products in defined positions.


Technical Data

Fot height1–12 mm
Inkslightly pigmentedlightly and heavily pigmentedlightly and heavily pigmented
max. printing speed7.1 m/s9 m/s
FeatureBasis The all-rounderMinimum consumption of inks and make-up

M1630 Jet

Inkjet printer

Working together with Domino, the latest generation of Komax inkjets impresses with its compact construction and its very user- and maintenance-friendly design. Equipped with RFID readers, the modules used are continuously checked and the operator informed in good time of any events. This technology, can, for example, prevent filling with the wrong ink.


Technical data

 M1630 Jet BC
(Black color)
M1630 Jet P
M1630 Jet S
(Small character)
Min. / max. character height0,9–4,6mm0,9–4,6mm0,8–4,4mm
InksDye-based ink and lightly pigmented inkHeavily pigmented inksSmall type, dye-based ink, currently only in black
Max. speedFast print 7.4/12 m/s
Standard print 7.9/11.2 m/s
Fast print 7.4/12 m/s
Standard print 7.9/11.2 m/s
Fast print 7.8/12 m/s
Standard print 11/11.2 m/s

Printer Ink

Wiedenbach offers one of the widest portfolios of inks, covering all types: dye based, lightly pigmented and highly pigmented. Our inks are known for their bright colours, fast drying time and excellent adhesion on a range of different substrates.

Cable marking by laser

MRO 200

Laser marking device

When compared to other marking methods, its greatest advantage lies in the elimination of consumables (e.g. ink) and the fact that the system requires no maintenance. The MRO 200 is particularly suited to small and medium-sized quantities.


Technical data

Outside diameter0.75–6.3 mm
Conductor length0.15–999 m
Laser355 nm UV-Laser Class 1


In-line Wire and Cable Laser Marking Solution

Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available in the market, without usage of additives e.g. ink or any other undesirable substance. The laser beam does not wear, it produces a highly accurate, repeatable marking time after time. Laser marking is therefore the most economical solution when wires or cables must be identified.


Technical Data

Cable outer diameter 2 - 35 mm
Font typesLaser Font, True Type Font, Crystal Font, Open Type Font, Laser Font extended, Crystal Font extended, Free Type Font
Barcodes EAN128C, EXT-2 (=EAN-2), EXT-5 (=EAN-5)
2D codesdata matrix, QR-codes (square and rectangular)

ULYS Modena

Laser printing system

UV-laser printing system for high volumes. Cable marking of thin or asymmetric conductors without damage to the insulation. Ideal for aerospace and military applications, because the lettering no longer wears off.


Technical data

Laser355 nm solid-state laser, Class 1
Cable diameter0.75–6.3 mm
Special featuresAuto calibration of the laser, powered pot coiler, knot and splice detection
OptionsMulti-roller cable feeder system, automatic cable changer, robot for automated cable removal (RapidShare)


Laser printing system

UV laser printing device for inline applications. Ideal for integrating into a production line. Komax offers ready-made solutions for integrated use with Kappa or Zeta (UVM03).


Technical data

Laser355 nm diode solid-state laser, Class 1
Max. optical power3 watts10 watts
Cable diameter0.8–5 mm
CharactersAlmost unlimited, including bar code and logos


RapidShare enables the automated processing of wires and cables at machine output. It is a modular and flexible solution where workstations-output sorting, labelling, grouping, storage etc. - adapt according to your needs. Linked to a Ulys Modena machine equipped with an automatic cable loading system, the RapidShare system offers advanced cable grouping and sorting functions to accelerate production of electric harnesses. The complete equipment includes the multispool cabinet, Automatic Feeding System, the Ulys Modena machine and the RapidShare system.


An ideal tool for checking your cable markings, EasyContrast ensures an accurate and repeatable contrast measurement in compliance with EN 3475 – 705 and SAE AS 4373 standards. EasyContrast has been designed to meet the latest requirements of the aviation industry as part of Airbus’ AIPS and Boeing’s BAC5152 process. EasyContrast is very easy to use and allows you to define all types of clear cables in record time and to edit both complete and meticulously presented measurement reports.

Thonauer provides a comprehensive range of products for marking cables, packaging, circuit boards, all extruded materials and other equipment. Efficient cable management requires marking solutions that can be easily integrated into the production process, even where the requirements of production are diverse. Thonauer offers both manual and automatic marking solutions. Solutions for label printing, ink jet printing and laser printing technology for industrial cable marking and marking equipment.

We are happy to help you to find the right labeling solution for your specific profile of requirements.

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