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Hand tools for cable assemblies

Cutting, stripping, crimping and stripping both sheathing and insulation - at Thonauer you will find hand tools by Zoller + Fröhlich and WEZAG for professional applications in trade and industry. The Cutit range of products includes tools for cutting copper and aluminum cables without damaging them.

Stripit and Stripax stripping and cutting tools are used to precisely prepare cables for attaching ferrules. These precision tools can strip and cut conductors with halogen-free insulation as well as fine wire and solid conductors that are insulated with PVC. You will also find stripping tools for insulated cables and round PVC cables.

With Crimpit crimping tools, the stripped cable ends are connected precisely to the ferrules, both electrically and mechanically, and in compliance with product standards. There are tools for ferrules and twin ferrules with or without plastic collars. The insertion of the ferrule can be carried out from the front or side. You can choose from tools ranging from one to five crimping stations.
Thonauer offers a range of tools for use in trade and industry, from stripping and cutting to crimping, suitable for every need. We would be pleased to give you more information about our range, with no obligation. Do not hesitate to contact us!



Cutting tool

Cutting tool, for precise cutting of copper and aluminium cables.


Technical data

Cutit 8Cutit 22Cutit 45R
Max. diameter8 mm22 mm45 mm
Max. cross section (details in the datasheet)16 mm²95 mm²400 mm²




Stripping and cutting tools

For fine-stranded and solid conductor; useable for all insulations. The stripping length can be adjusted with a limiter.


Technical data

Stripit 6Stripit 16
Cross section0.08–6 mm²6–16 mm²


Crimping tools for ferrules

Crimping tool for ferrules (according to DIN 46228 part 1 and 4) with and without plastic collars.


Technical data

Crimpit F4Crimpit F6 EN.
Crimpit F6 auto
Feature--Crimp acc EN 60947-1Feeding from the front
Ferrules0.5–4 mm²0.25–6 mm²0.5–6 mm²
Twin ferrules2 x 0.34–2 x 2.5 mm²2 x 0.34–2 x 4 mm²2 x 0.34–2 x 4 mm²

Hand tool actuator


The hand tool actuator is a universal assistance for any manual hand tool. The hand tool is operated by the lever. This makes it easy to work for longer periods with hand tools.

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