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Fully automatic crimping machines for cable processing

When crimping, the first requirement is to cut the cables to length with millimeter precision and remove their insulation. The electronic contacts are then attached to one or both sides by crimping. This technology is used in such sectors as the automotive industry, industrial applications, aviation, telecommunications and high-frequency electronics. Solid, proven technology, combined with innovative solutions, secures and increases the added value of your business.

Thonauer supplies reliable and efficient fully automatic crimping machines, producing results that reliably meet all the criteria required for quality assurance in accordance with standards and regulations such as DIN EN 60352-2. These include essential quality criteria for perfect crimp connections, such as tensile strength and avoiding typical crimping faults. These cable making machines are noted for their superb price-performance ratio. 

Some of the fully automatic crimping machines in our range can process two different cables at the same time and can, as an option, produce double crimped or single cables, so that no changeovers are needed when changing the crimping process. Even double crimp connections with different lengths and identical cables are no problem for Komax machines. Small and large cross-sections, short or long cables can be fitted with grommets positioned on one or both sides and a variety of different contacts and crimp connections. If required, crimp contacts and wire end ferrules can be worked from both sides, double crimp connections can be processed with three different contacts, or single-sided grommets and sleeves can be attached.  

Whether using a roller drive or belt drive, the insertion can be adapted to your individual needs and be carried out by the user in no time at all. There is also a possibility of integrating customer-specific applications. By using several process modules it is possible to program different processes such as "twisting cable ends", "positioning sleeves", "ultrasonic compression", "welding", "compacting" and "tinning". Other modules available include the MIL crimp module, double gripper module, grommet module and AEH wire end ferrule module. 

Thonauer provides the right fully automatic crimping machine for your application. In special cases, we can also find a suitable solution using our special machines. Just ask us now!


Gamma 255

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Gamma 255 is specially designed to crimp small cross section and short cable lengths. No matter what the task, from double side crimping to twisting, fluxing and tinning, the Gamma 255 carries it out with compelling process control and minimal changeover times. In spite of its compactness, this device has fully integrated quality-monitoring and feed systems as part of its standard equipment.


Technical Data

Wire cross section0.01232.5 mm² (AWG36AWG14)
Length range1510,000 mm
Stripping lengths0.115 mm

Gamma 263 S

Fully automatic crimping machine

Although compact in size, this fully automatic crimping machine combines simplicity and functionality with economy and process reliability to deliver a high piece output. It is a real hit when it comes to obtaining excellent value for money. Whether you opt for the roller or belt drive, you can adjust use of this device to your individual needs yourself in no time at all.


Technical Data

Wire cross section0.13–2,5 mm² (4 mm² on request)
Length range40–20,000 mm (1.75 in–65.6 ft)
Stripping lengths0.1–20 mm (0.004–0.79 in)

Alpha 433 H

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 433 models are unsurpassed in their flexibility. Seal loading on one or both wire ends, various terminals and double crimp connections of different lengths, and the same wires can be processed without difficulty.


Technical Data

Wire cross section0.216 mm² (AWG24AWG5)
Length range6065,000 mm
Stripping lengths0.1518 mm

Alpha 477

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 477 fully automatic double crimping machine allows you to process two different wires simultaneously to produce your choice of double crimp or single wires. With four processing stations at the lead termination and two at the trailing end, you have a large number of possible processes at your command.


Technical data

Wire cross section0.224 mm² (AWG24AWG12),
Optional from 0.13 mm² (AWG26),
Double crimp (cable A+B) <6 mm²
Length range6080,000 mm (optional 3580,000 mm)
Stripping lengthsBoth ends: 0.135 mm

Alpha 530

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Robust All-rounder

The Alpha 530 is a fully automatic crimping machine for one and two-sided crimping and seal loading. The machine is optimized for fast setup and conversion times, thus increasing your productivity. Crimp force monitoring CFA+ is standard. QC options, such as automatic conductor detection (ACD) and strip quality check (SQC), can be retrofitted and satisfy the highest quality requirements.


Technical Data

Wire cross sections0.134 mm² (optional 5 mm²)
Wire draw-in speedmax. 9 m/s
Crimp force122 kN

Alpha 550

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 550, the newest latest fully automatic crimping machine for two-sided crimping and seal loading, fulfils your requirements towards for productivity, flexibility, and quality.

  • At Features high speed for top maximum unit cost performance
  • Ultra-fast conversion for maximum productivity
  • First-time-right setup approach for almost no rejects
  • Robust system and versatile options
  • Quality control at its best


Technical data

Wire cross sections0.136 mm² (AWG2612)
Wire draw-in speedup to 12 m/s
Crimp force122 kN
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