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Fully automatic machines for cable processing

Manual processes such as cutting, stripping, crimping, twisting or cable harnessing cost time and, above all, money. Cable processing can be automated using a fully automatic machine.

Thonauer offers fully automatic solutions for processing cables, fully or partially. Our staff will gladly advise you so that you have a solution that works for you in business terms.

To the products:

Fully automatic cutting, stripping, crimping

Gamma 255

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Gamma 255 is specially designed to crimp small cross section and short cable lengths. No matter what the task, from double side crimping to twisting, fluxing and tinning, the Gamma 255 carries it out with compelling process control and minimal changeover times. In spite of its compactness, this device has fully integrated quality-monitoring and feed systems as part of its standard equipment.


Technical Data

Wire cross section0.01232.5 mm² (AWG36AWG14)
Length range1510,000 mm
Stripping lengths0.115 mm

Gamma 450

Fully automated crimping machine

The combination of simplicity, functionality, efficiency and process reliability, along with a high output on minimal floorspace, make this fully automatic crimping machine a sure-fire investment in terms of an excellent cost/performance ratio.Equipped with all standard quality tools from Komax, it ensures a high level of stability and monitoring.


Technical Data

Wire cross section0.13-4 mm²
Crimp force1-22 kN
Number of stations4

Alpha 560

Fully automated crimping machine

The most powerful crimping machine from Komax is impressive thanks to its high-quality processing of large contacts and sleeves.Wire cross sections of up to 16 mm2 can be processed on the Alpha 560.Thanks to the HMI, operating the machine is child’s play; all high-quality tools are also integrated with ease.


Technical Data

Wire cross-section2.5 – 16 mm2
Crimp force1 – 50 kN
Number of stations4

Alpha 477

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 477 fully automatic double crimping machine allows you to process two different wires simultaneously to produce your choice of double crimp or single wires. With four processing stations at the lead termination and two at the trailing end, you have a large number of possible processes at your command.


Technical data

Wire cross section0.224 mm² (AWG24AWG12),
Optional from 0.13 mm² (AWG26),
Double crimp (cable A+B) < 6 mm²
Length range6080,000 mm (optional 3580,000 mm)
Stripping lengthsBoth ends: 0.135 mm

Alpha 530

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 530 is a fully automatic crimping machine for one and two-sided crimping and seal loading. The machine is optimized for fast setup and conversion times, thus increasing your productivity. Crimp force monitoring CFA+ is standard. QC options, such as automatic conductor detection (ACD) and strip quality check (SQC), can be retrofitted and satisfy the highest quality requirements.


Technical Data

Wire cross sections0.136 mm²
Wire draw-in speedmax. 9 m/sec.
Crimp force122 kN

Alpha 550

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 550, the newest latest fully automatic crimping machine for two-sided crimping and seal loading, fulfils your requirements towards for productivity, flexibility, and quality.

  • At Features high speed for top maximum unit cost performance 
  • Ultra-fast conversion for maximum productivity 
  • First-time-right setup approach for almost no rejects 
  • Robust system and versatile options 
  • Quality control at its best


Technical data

Wire cross sections0.136 mm² (AWG 2610), optional 10 mm² (AWG 8)
Wire draw-in speedup to 12 m/sec.
Crimp force122 kN

Fully automatic cable harness production

Zeta 640 / 650

Fully automatic cable assembly machine

Different cables and contacts are processed automatically without having to change over. This makes batch size 1 possible without any special effort. The manufacturing time is reduced by up to 50 % compared to traditional manual methods. A consistent data flow from the planning software to production reduces errors and increases cost-effectiveness.

At the end you get the cables you require in the correct order with the desired marking, and bundled ready for further processing.


Technical data

Zeta 640Zeta 650
Number of stations / with expansion5 / 108 / 13
Number of cables36
Process modulesCrimping, fitting seals, twisting, tinning, sleeve loading, double gripper, ferrules, MIL crimping, welding, ultrasonic compaction
Quality assuranceIntegrated crimp height and pull-out force measurement, crimp force monitoring, splice detection, incision monitoring, material change detection and material verification, Seal position monitoring, contact end detection

Zeta 630

Harness Manufacturing Zeta

The Zeta 630 makes switchboard construction efficient and just in time. Thanks to the economical automation process, cable assembly is highly productive, starting with batch size 1. Automated processes and lot or sequential production without retooling shorten production times by up to 50 percent. The automatic wire changer provides up to 36 different lines, and the CM 1/5 GS module processes up to five different wire end ferrules. The reliable, fully automated production ensures consistent high quality.


Technical data

Line cross-sections0.22–6 mm² (AWG 24–AWG 10)
Wire changermax. 36 wires (in steps of 6 wires)
Lengths with double-sided processing240–3,000 mm standard trough;
240–5,000 mm optional
Lengths with one-sided processing85–3,000 mm standard trough;
85–5,000 mm optional
Number of stations2

DLW – Digital Lean Wiring

Software for switch cabinet construction

With an efficient data processing, the DLW (digital lean wiring) software from Komax provides automation in switch cabinet construction. This means that a significant amount of time is saved in comparison to manual manufacturing, even with a batch size of 1.

Compared to conventional ECAD systems, the usage does not cause any cost-intensive maintenance of the components since the cable length can be determined by virtual wiring. It can be done by means of a photograph of the cabinet or a 2-D drawing. Existing data can easily be imported. Alternatively, Komax offers a camera for photographic dimensioning with a round shot in several individual images. The images are then put together into a dimensionally accurate overall picture and imported into the DLW.

The DLW also features an easy-to-handle user interface with touch screen. The DLW Viewer guides the operating staff through the entire wiring path, allowing even less specialized personnel to perform this step.

Omega 740 / 750

Fully automatic cable harness manufacturing machine

The Omega 740 and 750 are used for the fully automatic production of cable harnesses that are fitted from both sides. Up to 36 different cable types can be processed at the same time. With up to eight processing stations, almost all manufacturing processes can be reproduced and cable assemblies can be made efficiently without change overs. Marking is automated, using two ink-jet printers. The Omega passes the cables to a connected block loader fully automatically.  With many improvements such as optical monitoring, a larger carrier plate and much more, it can now even fit the smallest connector housings or other components, fault-free.


Technical data

Omega 740Omega 750
Number of stations / with expansion5 / 108 / 13
Number of cables36
Process modulesCrimping, fitting seals, MIL crimping, ferrules, ultrasonic compaction
Quality assuranceIntegrated crimp height and pull-out force measurement, crimp force monitoring, splice detection, incision monitoring, material change detection and material verification,
Assembly: Collision, insertion force and contact locking Monitoring

Wire-XL / Wire-XXL

Multi Connection Machine

The Wire-XL / Wire-XXL can be equipped with a wide variety of modules for the following processes: Stripping multi-conductor cable, shrinking of contacts and sensors, compacting, welding, fluxing-soldering, splicing, housing insertion, etc. Various modules are also available for quality control, such as crimpheight measurement, colour detection, crimpforce monitoring, pullforce measurement, camera, insertion force, insertion depth, etc. It’s designed for high volumes in the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors.

MES – manufacturing execution system

Software solution for the cable processing industry 4.0

The production software jointly developed by Komax and iTAC has been perfectly custom-tailored to the needs of cable manufacturing. The end-to-end solution has been designed for the entire value chain – from goods receipt through all production steps all the way to goods issuing – of cable processing companies of any size.

The software can be used for automated planning, control and monitoring of the entire production: machines, manual workplaces, auxiliary materials, material flow, resources, etc. Processes can be optimally standardized, defective production can be prevented, and the product quality can be significantly boosted. This makes it possible to produce complex products in the desired quality on schedule.

Fully automatic cable twisting

bt 188 T / bt 288

Semi-automatic twisting machines

Twisting two, three or even four wires is so easy with the bt 188 T. With the precise multi-conductor twisting option, three or four conductors can be twisted perfectly with no pitch errors. As with twisted pairs, the result is a uniform pitch length with high reproducibility over the entire twisted length of the cable.


Technical data

bt 188 Tbt 288
Wire cross section2 × 0.08 to 2 × 4 mm²
(Optional: 3 or 4 wires)
Pitch length850 mm
Twisted lengthfrom 300 mm to 12 metres in 3-metre steps
Twisting lines per machine12

Sigma 688 ST

Fully automatic twisting machine, including end securing

With the Sigma 688 ST, Komax offers its customers the option of fully automatic crimping of wires, fitting them with a sleeve, twisting them and additionally securing the open end.This meets OEM requirements for fully automatic UTP wire production.


Technical data

Wire cross-section2 x 0.22 – 2.5 mm2
Lay length5 – 80 mm
Finished twisted length700 – 10,000 mm
Open cable ends15 – 125 mm


This semi-automatic un-twisting machine offers high production efficiency in combination with perfect processing quality. It is also easy to operate, attractively priced and guarantees accurate performance. With its compact dimensions, it can be placed on any bench top hardly taking up any space. The intuitive software (touchscreen operated) enables you to save the un-twisting parameters.


Technical data


Max. cable diameter2x1 mm² (2 x 17 AWG)
Min. cable diameter2 x 0.15 mm² (2 x 26 AWG)
Max. twisted length100mm (3.94”)
Min. twisted length17 mm (0.67”)


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