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Fully automatic cable twisting



bt 188 T / bt 288

Semi-automatic twisting machines

Twisting two, three or even four wires is so easy with the bt 188 T. With the precise multi-conductor twisting option, three or four conductors can be twisted perfectly with no pitch errors. As with twisted pairs, the result is a uniform pitch length with high reproducibility over the entire twisted length of the cable.


Technical data

bt 188 Tbt 288
Wire cross section2 × 0.08 to 2 × 4 mm²
(Optional: 3 or 4 wires)
Pitch length850 mm
Twisted lengthfrom 300 mm to 12 metres in 3-metre steps
Twisting lines per machine12

Sigma 688 ST

Fully automatic twisting machine, including end securing

With the Sigma 688 ST, Komax offers its customers the option of fully automatic crimping of wires, fitting them with a sleeve, twisting them and additionally securing the open end.This meets OEM requirements for fully automatic UTP wire production.


Technical data

Wire cross-section2 x 0.22 – 2.5 mm2
Lay length5 – 80 mm
Finished twisted length700 – 10,000 mm
Open cable ends15 – 125 mm

Alpha 488 S

Fully automatic twisting machine

Alpha 488 S produces twisted pairs fully automatically out of two single bulk wires completely cut to length and terminated, with all quality controls included.


Technical data

Wire cross section2 × 0.22 to 2 × 2.5 mm²
(Optional: from 0.13 mm²)
Pitch length580 mm
Twisted length70010,000 mm
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