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Electronic harness assembly board

Thonauer offers the perfect computer-aided solution for the production and prototyping of electrical cables harnesses. Using the electronic board means you save the need to store assembly boards, because it is no longer necessary to create a new one for each different cable harness. 

The benefits of our products from Laselec: 

  • Fast job preparation for new production lines
  • Immediate implementation of changes to the cable harness
  • Reduction of faults in the cable harness manufacturing by displaying laying instructions 
  • Modular frames and screens
  • Polycarbonate protective housing
  • Accessory kit for cable holders

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Electronic harness assembly board

An electronic harness assembly board allows different wiring harnesses to be produced without having to make a board for each harness. This eliminates the need for storage of harness assembly boards. Subsequent changes in the wiring harness can be implemented quickly. Installation instructions are displayed online, thus reducing faults in the manufacture of the cable harness.


Technical data

Wiring harness lengthup to 11 m
Screen sizeup to 82" modular
Digital Product catalog
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