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Cable handling

Optimum cable handling ensures uninterrupted, high-quality production. Thonauer relies on solutions from Komax. These integrated systems are an ideal complement to our cable processing machines and complete the production lines, creating an automated cable processing system. 

Do you have a requirement for cable handling or reeling and de-reeling cables? Contact us for a consultation, with no obligation!

To the products:

Feeding cables

ads 112

Wire pull machine

The ads 112 wire pull machine is the perfect choice for the optimum feeding of wires from reels, Conipacks or drums. Wire is transported by two synchronous toothed belts. Wires ranging from fine to coarse are fed powerfully yet gently to the processing stations, as are non-round wires. Changeovers are quick and easy.


Technical Data

Wire cross sectionup to 28 mm
Width of flat cablemax. 28 mm
Weight of wire reelmax. 100 kg

ads 115

Wire delivery system

The Komax ads 115 is a wire feed system that can be used very flexibly with Komax automatic cutting and stripping machines. You can easily change the position of the linear storage unit to put it in the ideal spot for every application. Reels up to 400 mm in diameter, loose rings and ribbon cable can be used on the de-reeling stand. The quick clamping system allows the various reels to be changed quickly.


Technical Data

ReelsDia. 600 mm x width 250 mm x core dia. 1495 mm
Wire cross sectionmax. 4 mm²
Weight holding capacitymax. 20 kg

ads 119 / ads 123

Wire delivery system

The reel-clamping system is combined with a simple lifting mechanism that allows you to change heavy wire reels effortlessly. Convenient setup functions like slow advance and reverse travel make rapid reel changes even easier. The powerful motor operates extremely quietly and smoothly.


Technical Data

 ads 119ads 123
Wire reel: Max. diameter
Max. width
Max. weight
  600 mm
500 mm
100 kg
  1000 mm
750 mm
600 kg
Wire: Diameter
Wire cross-section
  up to 15 mm
up to 35 mm²
  up to 35 mm
up to 95 mm²

Komax 106

Cable feed system

The Komax 106 is an active feed system that is especially suitable for the processing of a wide range of different lines at high speed. The feed takes place from loose rings, from cable drums, Conipacks or central cable storage systems. The device can be operated both as a “stand alone” unit and in combination with all cable processing machines. A compatible interface is available for Komax machines in particular.


Technical data

Cable diameter up to 4 mm
Feed speed max. 6 m/sec.
Special featuresControl algorithm with self-learning mode


Cable feed system

The motorized feed system F1150 is the latest in the Komax product range for the automatic processing of low-tension cable reels up to 300 kg. The device can process a wide range of round cables and is particularly suitable for tension-sensitive cables, e.g. coaxial cables. This cable feed system is highly compatible and can easily be integrated into a complete cable processing line.


Technical data

max. diameter,
max. width,
max. weight

800 mm,
650 mm,
300 kg

Optionally 18/35 mm,
95 mm²
Weight300 kg
Special featuresSetup system via remote control

Laying cables and wiring harnesses

dps 375

Deposit system

The variable dps 375 wire deposit system has a mobile frame and active wire ejection for process-orientated use. This model comes with programmable batch size sorting, making it the perfect companion for an automatic Kappa cut-and-strip machine of the third generation. Wires up to 3.5 m in length are sorted and deposited.


Technical Data

Wire diametermax. 35 mm
Wire lengthapprox. 1503.500 mm
Conveyor belt--

KA 3000 / KA 6000

Deposit systems

These wire deposit units are intended for depositing "over-length conductors“ neatly and extended to full length. The KA 3000 deposit unit is suitable for depositing wires up to about 3.000 mm in length; the KA 6000, for depositing wires up to about 6.200 mm in length. The maximum wire diameters for the two models are 18 mm and 35 mm, respectively. With the KA 3000-2 model, two separate batches can be deposited in separate trays.


Technical data

KA 3000KA 6000
Conductor diametermax. 18 mmmax. 35 mm
Conductor length3503.000 mm3506.200 mm
Conveyor beltactive


Electronic harness assembly board

An electronic harness assembly board allows different wiring harnesses to be produced without having to make a board for each harness. This eliminates the need for storage of harness assembly boards. Subsequent changes in the wiring harness can be implemented quickly. Installation instructions are displayed online, thus reducing faults in the manufacture of the cable harness.


Technical data

Wiring harness lengthup to 11 m
Screen sizeup to 86" modular


EasyWiring Additional functions

Touch mode
EasyTouch automatically detects when an operator touches the cable end. The cable identification as well as the routing and pinning information are transmitted and displayed directly to the EasyWiring wiring harness assembly board. This makes the operation of your electronic cable harness assembly board even faster and easier.


Continuity test mode
By connecting a plug connector to the test unit, the continuity test can be performed on a single connector during the cable harness assembly process. This way, errors are pointed out to the operator who can rectify them more quickly. But when you create all connections to the EasyTouch test unit, a final testing of the entire cable harness is performed. A comprehensible test report is delivered. It ensures a strict quality control. This function makes your production more efficient and boosts quality.

Rewinding and winding strands

Multi spindle automatic coil winding machine

A high speed fully automatic coil winding machine with advanced PC control of multi axis servo systems, for winding inductive devices with fine wire in medium and large volume. Applications include relay coils, magnetic head coils, LCD coils, transformers, ignition coils, inductors, sensor coils, solenoids, and other bobbin-wound products.


Technical data

No. of spindles (more on request)468
Wire size0.02–0.5 mm0.02–0.5 mm0.02–0.5 mm
Max. bobbin diameter100 mm62 mm50 mm
Spindle speed9,000 rpm18,000 rpm18,000 rpm


Heavy duty coil winding machine

The E-1200 is a floor standing style winding medium sized machine. This machine is specially designed for the manufacture of solenoids and power and distribution transformers from 10 to 1,200 KVA, using aluminium or copper wires, including rectangular or flat wires with a special guider.


Technical data

Version500 rpm250 rpm
Max. wire diameter0.01–30 mm0.01–30 mm
Torque172 Nm at 500 rpm413 Nm at 250 rpm
Max. distance between points1,200 mm1,200 mm

Foil Winding Machine

The foil and insulation de-reelers are provided with an automatically controlled brake system, which applies a constant tension to the materials during the winding process. The winding unit is equipped with a pressure roller system and the machine is supplied with two expanding mandrels for the copper foil and two for the paper insulation. There are various configurations possible, up to 300 mm width. This allows winding of primaries easily and with very short production cycle times.


Technical data: Custom made

KRI 800-T / dps 272


The KRI 800-T wire coiler is designed for the efficient coiling of long conductors. After coiling, the guide posts automatically lower, and the safety cover opens to allow easy removal of the coiled wire. The KRI 800-T is particularly well suited to large-size conductors.

The Komax dps 272 coiler is the perfect choice for coiling over-length cables. With its dual-drum design and automatically sliding safety cover, processing is fast, reliable and safe.


Technical Data

KRI 800-Tdps 272
Wire diametermax. 35 mmmax. 15 mm
Wire lengthmin. 1.000 mm
Inside diameter of coil,
Outside diameter of coil
250600 mm,
max. 750 mm
100300 mm,
max. 400 mm
Coil weightmax. 80 kgmax. 10 kg

KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind + Pull


KRI 450 / 850 Coil

The Komax Kappa cut-to-length machine guides the cable directly into the winding mandrels of the ring coiler via a guide tube. The winding diameters can be individually adjusted. After the winding process, the mandrels lower automatically, the safety hood is opened, and the cable ring can be removed. Even very heavy cable rings can easily be pushed away flat over a table.


KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind

Integration of an additional manual taping device. The cable ring is shifted sideways at the same height and guided flush into the taping device by hand.


KRI 450 / 850 Coil + Bind + Pull

Integration of a fully automatic handling and tying-off system. The handling system carries out a fully automatic taping process and releases the cable bundle in a controlled manner.


Technical data

KRI 450KRI 850
Cable diametermax. 20 mmmax. 35 mm
Cable lengthmin. 1,000 mm
Inner winding diameter120 mm250–600 mm
Outer winding diametermax. 430 mmmax. 850 mm
Winding weightmax. 80 kgmax. 80 kg
Coil + Bind + PullOptionalOptional


BRAIDO machines provide the perfect solution to the demanding production requirements of electromagnetic shields and mechanical protection for electrical harnesses. The quality and the precision of the braid are guaranteed by the machine's software, which also ensures the complete traceability of your operations.



  • RAPID loading of carriers
  • AUTOMATICALLY set overbraiding characteristics
  • Complete TRACEABILITY of production
  • REPEATABLE manufacturing process
  • OPTIMISED Production


Coiling machine

The task of the OE-VE10/BA is to pull the cable from the drum and the wind it up in precise layers. The length measuring system and the automatic cutting function make for a complete system, which is transported on rollers to the respective drums.


Technical data

Speedsteplessly adjustable 070 rpm
Diameter/pitch320600 mm/50 mm


Manual coiler-uncoiler

Easy, manual coiling of cables. By using a built-up measuring unit in combination with the compact shears, the entire cut to length and winding process can be carried out simply and economically.


Technical data

Max. cable diameter for shears 20 mm, optionally up to 35 mm
Max. cable outer diameter for measuring unit 35 mm
Weight of final productUp to 100 kg

WH 751

One spindle winding machine

The WH 751 is a single spindle bench top coil winding machine with tailstock and digital control for semi-automatic operation. This coil winding machine can be fitted with a wide selection of accessories and provided with variable drive ratios, and it is suitable for winding all types and sizes of coil including transformers, chokes and motors. An all-round performer and highly versatile workhorse.


Technical data

Memory for 999 program sequences, which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.
Wire size0.023.0 mm
Bobbin diameter200 mm (max)
Winding width300 mm (max) / (700 mm Option)*

WH 800i / WH 764

Two spindle small inductor winding machine WH 800i

Four spindle small inductor winding machine WH 764

WH 800i and the WH 764 are high speed, semi-automatic bench top coil winding machines with digital controller for winding small inductors with fine wire. The high speed of up to 6,000 rpm enables short cycle times. Applications include the manufacture of ignition coils, motors, relays, solenoids and many forms of sensor coil in small and medium batch quantities.


Technical data

WH 800iWH 764
Microprocessor controlled, capable of holding 999 program sequences which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.
Wire size0.020.6 mm
Number of spindles24
Bobbin diameter110 mm (max)100 mm (max)
Winding width110 mm (max)100 mm (max)

WH 900

Toroid Winding Machine

The WH 900 is a digitally controlled toroid winding machine, ideally suited to the manufacture of toroidal power transformers, isolation transformers, inductors, chokes and other toroidal devices of up to 60 mm finished outside diameter. The machine can be equipped with either 4 or 6-inch toroid winding heads, both of which are available in belt and side slider versions.


Technical data

Head TypeB4 Belt typeB6 Belt typeS4 Slider typeS6 Slider type
Toroidal coil, outside diameter (OD)560 mm860 mm860 mm860 mm
Min. finished, inside diameter (ID)3 mm6 mm7 mm7 mm
Max. height25 mm45 mm25 mm45 mm
Wire Size0,120,8 mm 0,250,9 mm 0,040,35 mm 0,050,4 mm


Electronic Tensioner

The TH3 is a floor-model heavy-duty tensioner and is suitable for wires of 0.5 to 3 mm in diameter. Soft wire guiding and electronically controlled brakes make this tensioner perfectly suitable for all heavy duty winders.


Technical data

Maximum spool diameter/height500 mm/650 mm
Max. torque12 Nm


Tying and bundling cables

dps 261


The Komax dps 261 binder binds wire coils quickly and gently. Its ease of operation and great reliability make this device an ideal supplement for all coilers. The knot created in binding is easy to undo. The Komax dps 261 binder is operated with a foot pedal. A high degree of safety and reliability are ensured by the needle slide clutch. The Komax dps 261 binder not only processes wires. It can also be used to bind other products.


Technical data

Inside diameter of coilmin. 120 mm
Coil height/push-through heightmax. 145 mm
RPM of turntable/speedapprox. 0.67 sec./cycle


Spot taping machine

The versatile and robust machine for spot taping, marking, fixing and insulating. You save up to 50 % processing time compared to manual production. This device can be integrated into a fully automated process.


Technical data

Tape width9–50 mm
Bundling diameter3–40 mm
Materialany conventional adhesive tape

KTB E Twist Spot

Twisted cables require a secure fixing at the open ends so that the twist does not unravel. To protect such cables, KABATEC has developed the KTB E Twist Spot electric automatic bundling machine. It is based on the proven technology of the KTB E PLUS. The KTB E Twist Spot is used after the cables have been removed from the fully automatic or semi-automatic twisting machine. Using specifications defined by the user, the semi-automatic machine applies a spot tape to fix the open ends of the twisted-pair cables, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality. The KTB E Twist Spot is also the ideal solution for processing critical cable cross-sections.

KTB 50 E Plus / KTB E9P

Taping machine

Taping of simple and long cable kits as well as complex cable harnesses without length measurement. High rotational speed reduces processing time. This device processes any conventional adhesive tape.The KTB E9P is particularly suitable for integrating into a production line, thanks to its slim design.


Technical data

KTB 50 E Plus
Bundle diameter318 mm118 mm
Adhesive tape width950 mm919 mm

Taping cables

KTHB Micro

Hand taping tool

This tool is the first step towards reproducible quality compared with manual taping. Consistent tape tension and an ergonomic motion lead to a uniform slope and wrinkle-free surface.


Technical data

Tape core diameter 1.5" or 1.25", optional 1"
Cable harness diameter3–20 mm
Tape width9–19 mm


Hand taping tool

The KTHB Mini is a mobile, electric taping tool for use on assembly boards. This makes it possible to tape even longer segments quickly and easily by pressing a button.


Technical data

Rotational speed120–280 rpm
Cable harness diameter3–20 mm
Tape width9–19 mm, optional 25 mm
Tape core diameter1.5" or 1.25", optional 1"
Tape outer diametermax. 110 mm


Benchtop taping machine

The KTHB-SMART is easy to handle, ergonomic and efficient, can be set up anywhere and is small, light and compact. This machine is specially designed for short and medium-length cable windings. The KTHB-SMART is suitable for all commercially available adhesive tapes. The clever design allows working in both directions, from left to right and from right to left. The winding head can be easily adjusted to different working positions.


Technical data

Tape width919 mm, optionally 25 mm
Tape holding arbor1.5", optionally 1", 1 1/4", 3"
Tape roll outer diameter max.max. 110 mm
Taping diameter325 mm


High dimensional accuracy, easy handling and tailor-made options: The KTR 10 CS (Control System) table machine offers an ideal introduction to program-supported taping. It has a combined length measuring and roll feed system and can store up to 20 production steps. This means that high-precision taped products can be created according to individual specifications. Whether simple cable sets or module cable sets for doors, mirrors or headlining:the powerful KTR 10 CS impresses with its speed and reliable performance.

KTR 15

When dealing with long cables and branches, optimal handling is vital. That is why KABATEC has developed the KTR 15 for cable sets, which can be conveniently inserted into the machine from the front or from the side. In addition, the open winding head allows maximum flexibility when long sets are being taped with different types of adhesive tape. There is no need to laboriously thread the cable through a closed winding head, it is simply passed through the open winding head. The process then starts at precisely the desired point. An advantage that certainly pays off when manufacturing trailer cable harnesses, for example. On the one hand, these are exceptionally long (up to 10 meters), while on the other, different types of adhesive tape are required for indoor and outdoor use.

KTR 10

Taping machine

Easy, quick and cost-effective taping solution. It is flexible and easy to use. This device processes any conventional adhesive tape.


Technical data

Rotational speed1001,000 rpm.
Wire diameter< 20 mm
Tape width919 mm

KTL 10

Taping machine

Small, quick and reliable for completing the most diverse taping tasks. It offers a customized solution and reproducible repeat accuracy for every application that requires in particular length measurement of individual winding laps.


Technical data

Rotational speed100–1,000 rpm.,
variable speed control via foot pedal
Cable harness diameter< 20 mm (as per customer requirements)
Tape width9–19 mm (other widths upon request)

KTR 160

Taping machine

Taping cable harnesses and modules, e.g. door cable harnesses,mirror wiring, battery cable harnesses, roof cable harnesses, etc. Taping lengths and feed rates can be programmed in individual winding steps and processed in succession, enabling a wide variety of cableharness geometries.


Technical data

Rotational speed100–1,000 rpm, programmable
Cable harness diameter< 20 mm
Tape width919 mm
No. of visualized programming stepsup to 20

KTR 1800

A model that is creating some excitement in the trade: The KTR 1800 is perfectly designed for processing high-voltage (HV) cables and cable sets with large diameters. Technically, the machine is based on the KTR 160 and, as an option, has two different lengths of the linear system: With a length of 750 mm and optionally 1,500 mm, it is ideally suited for taping long cables and branches. The open winding head is designed for easy handling and fast processing times. This allows long branches to be inserted and removed from the front. The KTR 1800 was also specially designed for taping cable harnesses that have up to 25 branches. The individual taping steps can be visualized on the 15-inch display.

KT 800

Taping machine

The KT 800 combines minimum cycle times through high-speed taping with the highest precision and contributes significantly to innovation in taping technology. Due to the high degree of automation and very short process times, this machine sets new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness for the taping of simple and short cable sets.


Technical data

Revolutions100–2,000 rpm, programmable
Cable diameter< 10 mm
Tape width919 mm
Tape core diameter1,5'' and 3''
Tape outer diameter< 180 mm

Adhesive tape dispenser for cable assembly


Tape Cutting Machine

The tape dispenser dispenses and cuts any length of tape. Either on pressing a button or automatically as soon as a cut piece is taken.


Technical data

Cutting length30–999 mm
Tape width7–50.8 mm

KTS 50 Comfort

Tape dispenser

This machine is a robust tape dispenser made for industrial tapes with high unwind forces. The tape pieces are dispensed in succession or in single-step mode. Up to 12 lengths can be set via touch panel.


Technical data

Tape width9–50 mm (customized widths on request)
Tape sections25–9,999 mm
Materialany conventional tape

Cable storage systems

Fully automatic reel storage system "Cable Cat"

The storage system has been designed exclusively for reels and provides optimum use of storage and production space. The absence of warehouse pallets allows not only the best utilisation of storage height, but also reduces operating costs. Our storage system offers the possibility to connect several production lines, such as cable cutting/stripping lines or cable rewinding systems. The integrated double de-reelers make for high productivity through fast exchange of cables (within max. 60 seconds).


Technical data

Small versionBig version
PlatformMotor driven
Reel dimensionsup to 800 mmup to 1,250 mm
Reel weightup to 250 kgup to 1,000 kg
Reel numberfrom 250from 300

Cable reel storage

Cable storage requirements for are well known! They should be easy to build, cost effective and space saving. Above all, they should be safe. De-reeling has to work smoothly, quickly and easily. These requirements are also applicable to the change-over of the reels.


Technical Data

Work areaCustomer specific
RealisationTogether, we plan the best storage for your wires. Then, Thonauer and Nicoletti design the most suitable rack for you. The aim is to build a cost-effective and space-saving storage system.

For cable pre-processing, Thonauer offers traction machinery and feeding systems that carry out the reeling, de-reeling or rewinding of cables. Light to heavy coils can be used. Motorized lifting devices as well as automated setup features help you make changes quickly and easily, especially from medium weight to heavy cable reels. Compact table models can be flexibly combined with suitable cutting and stripping machines. Traction machinery can be used to feed cables from coils, conipacks or cable drums.

Storage systems ensure correct cable storage, for example for storing extra-long cables. In turn, rewinders spool up extra long cables. They can also be used for large cable cross-sections or for the efficient winding of long cables. The coiled cables can be removed from the equipment as bound coils of cable. 

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