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Bench top coiling machines

Cable winding machine with digital control for semi-automatic operation. Air-core coils, plastic coils or iron-core coils can be made.


WH 751

One spindle winding machine

The WH 751 is a single spindle bench top coil winding machine with tailstock and digital control for semi-automatic operation. This coil winding machine can be fitted with a wide selection of accessories and provided with variable drive ratios, and it is suitable for winding all types and sizes of coil including transformers, chokes and motors. An all-round performer and highly versatile workhorse.


Technical data

Memory for 999 program sequences, which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.
Wire size0.023.0 mm
Bobbin diameter200 mm (max)
Winding width300 mm (max) / (700 mm Option)*

WH 800i / WH 764

Two spindle small inductor winding machine WH 800i

Four spindle small inductor winding machine WH 764

WH 800i and the WH 764 are high speed, semi-automatic bench top coil winding machines with digital controller for winding small inductors with fine wire. The high speed of up to 6,000 rpm enables short cycle times. Applications include the manufacture of ignition coils, motors, relays, solenoids and many forms of sensor coil in small and medium batch quantities.


Technical data

WH 800iWH 764
Microprocessor controlled, capable of holding 999 program sequences which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.
Wire size0.020.6 mm
Number of spindles24
Bobbin diameter110 mm (max)100 mm (max)
Winding width110 mm (max)100 mm (max)

WH 900

Toroid Winding Machine

The WH 900 is a digitally controlled toroid winding machine, ideally suited to the manufacture of toroidal power transformers, isolation transformers, inductors, chokes and other toroidal devices of up to 60 mm finished outside diameter. The machine can be equipped with either 4 or 6-inch toroid winding heads, both of which are available in belt and side slider versions.


Technical data

Head TypeB4 Belt typeB6 Belt typeS4 Slider typeS6 Slider type
Toroidal coil, outside diameter (OD)560 mm860 mm860 mm860 mm
Min. finished, inside diameter (ID)3 mm6 mm7 mm7 mm
Max. height25 mm45 mm25 mm45 mm
Wire Size0,120,8 mm 0,250,9 mm 0,040,35 mm 0,050,4 mm
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