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  • EMI Shielding, Display Window Solutions and Temperature Indicators

    Temperature indicators 

    When you need to check the temperature in manufacturing processes, we offer irreversible temperature indicators as alternatives to thermometers. Wherever thermometers have reached their limits and cannot be used easily, REATEC® temperature measuring strips or points can provide a practical and cost-effective solution. That is why they belong in a manufacturer’s quality assurance toolbox. Let our experts advise you of the benefits and possible uses of temperature indicators in your manufacturing processes!

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

    Thonauer offers a large portfolio of products for the EMC shielding of electrical or electronic equipment. In our range you will find many applications for ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). A wide range of electrically conductive textile gaskets, full metal fabric cords, conductive elastomers, copper beryllium contact strips, contact fingers and EMC lacquers (e.g. copper conductive lacquers, nickel lacquers ...) are available. 

    For recesses in housings (e.g. displays) that contain electronic components, you will find Thonauer Solaris-Shield™ EMC Shielding Windows (optical filters with metal mesh) or Combi-Shield™ Aluminum Frames with metal mesh.

    A specialist is available who can discuss your special requests and EMC problems and come up with a solution.

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