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Thonauer GmbH

Thonauer ist ein spezialisierter Komplettanbieter hochqualitativer Fertigungseinrichtungen für die Automobil-, Elektro- und Elektronikindustrie.


Thermal wire stripping machine

Thermal wire stripping machine

The heated electrode is pushed against the insulation and rotated around the wire in order to cut through the composite insulation layers in order to melt the braided insulation. The stripping head mechanism is pneumatically actuated and able to process wire diameters up to 11 mm.


Technical data

Max. outer wire diameter11 mm
Max. stripping length100 mm
Cycle timeapprox. 10 sec.

Special machinery building

We are your partner when it comes to special solutions of various automation tasks and modifications of standard machinery in order to optimize for specific tasks. Our main expertise is the automation of wire processing, welding and pressing as well as in the optical images processing.

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