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Komax AG

The Komax Group is a global technology company with operations worldwide that focuses on providing automation solutions. As a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality solutions in the cable processing sector, as well as equipment for the manufacture of applications in the self-medication area, Komax provides aids in the creation of economical and safe production processes, in particular for automotive suppliers and pharmaceutical companies.


Iota 330

Cutting machine

The Iota 330 is the all-rounder of cutting machines. It cuts through pipes reliably and with ease (belt drive), as well as plastic straps, pneumatic hoses, shrink tubing, ribbon cables and much more. The belt drive ensures that the material is handled with care.
Where high production volumes are required, up to four tracks can be operated in parallel. 


Technical data

Length range 1–1,00,000 mm
Length accuracy +/- (1 mm + 0,2 % x L)
Maximum admission height 16–25 mm in the center of the belt drive
Maximum admission width 82 mm

Mira 230

Stripping machine

The programmable Mira 230 by Komax is the answer to today’s demands in wire processing with a large mix of products. The machine meets the high demands with an extraordinary range of applications, easy handling and boosted productivity. Thanks to special functions and its article library, it achieves reproducible top quality. It is first choice for multi-conductor processing owing to its suitability for sequence processing.


Technical data

Line cross-section (stripping)0.03–8 mm², AWG 32–8 ¹)
Max. external diameter6.5 mm
Stripping length1.5–46 mm
Stripping length with cutting46 mm - cutting length
Cutting length46 mm - stripping length
Pull-off length0.01–46 mm
¹) In the case of lines and conductor diameters of over AWG 10 that are difficult to process, we recommend sampling prior to purchase

Mira 340

Rotary stripping machine

Exceptional high-performance due to 4 rotary X-blades. Perfect cut even with critical insulations such as Teflon®, Kapton® or silicone. Sequence processing enables stripping of multi-layer cables. Easy operation by 5” touch screen. State-of-the-art and flexible.


Technical data

Conductor cross-section (stripping)0.013–16 mm²
Stripping lengthup to 72 mm
FeaturesZero-cut, twisting function

Cosmic 42R / 48R / 48RX

Stripping machines for coaxial and semi-flexible cables

Highly precise processing of multi-layer cables. The Cosmic 48R processes coaxial, triaxial and other multi-layered cables in up to 9 steps. The Cosmic 48RX is optimised for the stripping of semi-flexible coaxial cables. All have a twisting function.


Technical data

Application Micro coaxial wire Coaxial-, triaxial and other multilayer cables Semi-flexible coaxial cables
Conductor cross section 0.005–1.5 mm² 0.013–13 mm² (AWG 36–6)
Resolution diameter 0.01 mm
Maximum pull-off length 40 mm

Cosmic 927R / 927RX / 60R-L

Stripping machines for processing demanding conductors

The rotating blade heads of the Cosmic 927 series provide the perfect solution for processing demanding insulation.


Technical data

Applications High variety of conductors Thin, strong sticking isolations (eg Teflon) For high stripping length
Wire outside diameter 0.25–5.3 mm0.25–5.3 mm2.5–10 mm
Stripping length 1–25 mm 1.5–25 mm 3–200 mm
Twisting function Available Available --

Kappa 310 / 315 / 320

Cutting and stripping machine

Power, performance and a new type of sensors are the three key features of the fully automatic Kappa cutting and stripping machines. Interfaces to pre-feeders and inkjet printers are integrated. Easy to use touch screen.


Technical data

Kappa 310Kappa 315 Kappa 320
Wire cross section 0.02–6 mm²0.05–10 mm² 0.05–10 mm²
Max. stripping length:
Full strip
Partial stripping

100 mm,
999.9 mm
Cable transport speed 4 m/sec.2 m/sec.4 m/sec.
Transport system Single rolls

Kappa 322 / 330 / 350

Cutting and stripping machine

Powerful cutting and stripping machines for bigger cross sections. High processing speed guaranties short production cycles. The Kappa 322 offers the simultaneous stripping of multi stranded wire (e.g. power cables). Gentle belt drive transport of wire. Interfaces to printer, pre-feeder and deposit systems.


Technical data

Kappa 322 Kappa 330 Kappa 350
Wire cross section 0.05–16 mm² 0.22–35 mm² 2.5–120 mm²
Max. stripping length:
Full stripping,
Partial stripping

100 mm
999 mm

180 mm
999 mm

290 mm
999 mm
Cable transport speed 4 m/sec. 4.8 m/sec.
Transport system Dual rolls or belt drive

Kappa 331

Powerful cut and strip machine with rotating knife unit

Round, multilayered cables, with and without shielding, are precisely stripped in multiple steps. The machine can be changed over quickly, making it ideal for flexible use.


Technical data

Conductor cross section0.22–35 mm²
Max. outside diameter16 mm
Length range 1–800,000 mm
VersionsUniversal machine with swivel guide, Universal/coax-machine with split guides

bt 712

Bench top crimping press

The semi-automatic bt 712 bench top model is compelling for its modern technology and sets new standards in quality and speed.

This all-purpose press accommodates the use of all common commercial crimping tools. The crimp force analyser, in combination with the bad part cutter, offers highest possible production quality.


Technical data

Crimping force 20 kN
Wire cross section up to 6 mm²
Programmable crimp height +5/-3 mm
Features easy to use, crimp force analyser

bt 722

Bench top crimping press

This bench top press is outstanding in terms of short cycle times, short changeover and setup times, programmable crimp height and the user-friendly TopTouch interface. These features, combined with the optional programmable stripper and bad part cutter, ensure top quality finished conductors regardless of the machine operator.


Technical data

Crimp force 20 kN
Wire cross section up to 6 mm²
Programmable crimp height +0.2/-0.8 mm
Features Integrated crimp force analyser, sequence processing

bt 752

Bench top crimping press

The Komax bt 752 delivers three processes in a single device: stripping, seal loading and crimping. Reliability and top production performance, e.g. short installation and setup times, coupled with the user-friendly TopTouch interface are the features that make this semi-automatic device such a compelling product.


Technical data

Crimp force 20 kN
Wire cross section up to 6 mm²
Programmable crimp height +0.2/-0.8 mm
Features Seal loading


Networking of bench-top presses

The Manufacturing Interface Komax – MIKO for short – is the interface for real time data exchange between your Manufacturing Execution System – MES for short – and cable processing machinery such as crimp presses and fully automated machines. This means that it is an essential for implementing Industry 4.0. Using this interface you will be able to improve process quality, completely document quality and increase the utilization of your machinery. See the data sheet for more information.

Gamma 255

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Gamma 255 is specially designed to crimp small cross section and short cable lengths. No matter what the task, from double side crimping to twisting, fluxing and tinning, the Gamma 255 carries it out with compelling process control and minimal changeover times. In spite of its compactness, this device has fully integrated quality-monitoring and feed systems as part of its standard equipment.


Technical Data

Wire cross section 0.01232.5 mm² (AWG36AWG14)
Length range 1510,000 mm
Stripping lengths 0.115 mm

Gamma 263 S

Fully automatic crimping machine

Although compact in size, this fully automatic crimping machine combines simplicity and functionality with economy and process reliability to deliver a high piece output. It is a real hit when it comes to obtaining excellent value for money. Whether you opt for the roller or belt drive, you can adjust use of this device to your individual needs yourself in no time at all.


Technical Data

Wire cross section 0.13–2,5 mm² (4 mm² on request)
Length range 40–20,000 mm (1.75 in–65.6 ft)
Stripping lengths 0.1–20 mm (0.004–0.79 in)

Alpha 433 H

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 433 models are unsurpassed in their flexibility. Seal loading on one or both wire ends, various terminals and double crimp connections of different lengths, and the same wires can be processed without difficulty.


Technical Data

Wire cross section 0.216 mm² (AWG24AWG5)
Length range 6065,000 mm
Stripping lengths 0.1518 mm

Alpha 477

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 477 fully automatic double crimping machine allows you to process two different wires simultaneously to produce your choice of double crimp or single wires. With four processing stations at the lead termination and two at the trailing end, you have a large number of possible processes at your command.


Technical data

Wire cross section 0.224 mm² (AWG24AWG12),
Optional from 0.13 mm² (AWG26),
Double crimp (cable A+B) <6 mm²
Length range 6080,000 mm (optional 3580,000 mm)
Stripping lengths Both ends: 0.135 mm

Alpha 530

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Robust All-rounder

The Alpha 530 is a fully automatic crimping machine for one and two-sided crimping and seal loading. The machine is optimized for fast setup and conversion times, thus increasing your productivity. Crimp force monitoring CFA+ is standard. QC options, such as automatic conductor detection (ACD) and strip quality check (SQC), can be retrofitted and satisfy the highest quality requirements.


Technical Data

Wire cross sections0.134 mm² (optional 5 mm²)
Wire draw-in speedmax. 9 m/s
Crimp force122 kN

Alpha 550

Fully automatic crimping machine

The Alpha 550, the newest latest fully automatic crimping machine for two-sided crimping and seal loading, fulfils your requirements towards for productivity, flexibility, and quality.

  • At Features high speed for top maximum unit cost performance
  • Ultra-fast conversion for maximum productivity
  • First-time-right setup approach for almost no rejects
  • Robust system and versatile options
  • Quality control at its best


Technical data

Wire cross sections 0.136 mm² (AWG2612)
Wire draw-in speedup to 12 m/s
Crimp force122 kN

bt 188 T / bt 288

Semi-automatic twisting machines

Twisting two, three or even four wires is so easy with the bt 188 T. With the precise multi-conductor twisting option, three or four conductors can be twisted perfectly with no pitch errors. As with twisted pairs, the result is a uniform pitch length with high reproducibility over the entire twisted length of the cable.


Technical data

bt 188 T bt 288
Wire cross section 2 × 0.08 to 2 × 4 mm²
(Optional: 3 or 4 wires)
Pitch length 850 mm
Twisted length from 300 mm to 12 metres in 3-metre steps
Twisting lines per machine 1 2

Zeta 640 / 650

Fully automatic cable assembly machine

Different cables and contacts are processed automatically without having to change over. This makes batch size 1 possible without any special effort. The manufacturing time is reduced by up to 50 % compared to traditional manual methods. A consistent data flow from the planning software to production reduces errors and increases cost-effectiveness.

At the end you get the cables you require in the correct order with the desired marking, and bundled ready for further processing.


Technical data

Zeta 640Zeta 650
Number of stations / with expansion5 / 108 / 13
Number of cables36
Process modulesCrimping, fitting seals, twisting, tinning, sleeve loading, double gripper, ferrules, MIL crimping, welding, ultrasonic compaction
Quality assuranceIntegrated crimp height and pull-out force measurement, crimp force monitoring, splice detection, incision monitoring, material change detection and material verification, Seal position monitoring, contact end detection

Zeta 630

Harness Manufacturing Zeta

The Zeta 630 makes switchboard construction efficient and just in time. Thanks to the economical automation process, cable assembly is highly productive, starting with batch size 1. Automated processes and lot or sequential production without retooling shorten production times by up to 50 percent. The automatic wire changer provides up to 36 different lines, and the CM 1/5 GS module processes up to five different wire end ferrules. The reliable, fully automated production ensures consistent high quality.


Technical data

Line cross-sections 0.22–6 mm² (AWG 24–AWG 10)
Wire changer max. 36 wires (in steps of 6 wires)
Lengths with double-sided processing 240–3,000 mm standard trough;
240–5,000 mm optional
Lengths with one-sided processing 85–3,000 mm standard trough;
85–5,000 mm optional
Number of stations 2

Omega 740 / 750

Fully automatic cable harness manufacturing machine

The Omega 740 and 750 are used for the fully automatic production of cable harnesses that are fitted from both sides. Up to 36 different cable types can be processed at the same time. With up to eight processing stations, almost all manufacturing processes can be reproduced and cable assemblies can be made efficiently without change overs. Marking is automated, using two ink-jet printers. The Omega passes the cables to a connected block loader fully automatically.  With many improvements such as optical monitoring, a larger carrier plate and much more, it can now even fit the smallest connector housings or other components, fault-free.


Technical data

Omega 740Omega 750
Number of stations / with expansion5 / 108 / 13
Number of cables36
Process modulesCrimping, fitting seals, MIL crimping, ferrules, ultrasonic compaction
Quality assuranceIntegrated crimp height and pull-out force measurement, crimp force monitoring, splice detection, incision monitoring, material change detection and material verification,
Assembly: Collision, insertion force and contact locking Monitoring

Alpha 488 S

Fully automatic twisting machine

Alpha 488 S produces twisted pairs fully automatically out of two single bulk wires completely cut to length and terminated, with all quality controls included.


Technical data

Wire cross section 2 × 0.22 to 2 × 2.5 mm²
(Optional: from 0.13 mm²)
Pitch length 580 mm
Twisted length 70010,000 mm

ads 112

Wire pull machine

The ads 112 wire pull machine is the perfect choice for the optimum feeding of wires from reels, Conipacks or drums. Wire is transported by two synchronous toothed belts. Wires ranging from fine to coarse are fed powerfully yet gently to the processing stations, as are non-round wires. Changeovers are quick and easy.


Technical Data

Wire cross section up to 28 mm
Width of flat cable max. 28 mm
Weight of wire reel max. 100 kg

ads 115

Wire delivery system

The Komax ads 115 is a wire feed system that can be used very flexibly with Komax automatic cutting and stripping machines. You can easily change the position of the linear storage unit to put it in the ideal spot for every application. Reels up to 400 mm in diameter, loose rings and ribbon cable can be used on the de-reeling stand. The quick clamping system allows the various reels to be changed quickly.


Technical Data

Reels Dia. 600 mm x width 250 mm x core dia. 1495 mm
Wire cross section max. 4 mm²
Weight holding capacity max. 20 kg

ads 119 / ads 123

Wire delivery system

The reel-clamping system is combined with a simple lifting mechanism that allows you to change heavy wire reels effortlessly. Convenient setup functions like slow advance and reverse travel make rapid reel changes even easier. The powerful motor operates extremely quietly and smoothly.


Technical Data

  ads 119 ads 123
Wire reel: Max. diameter
Max. width
Max. weight
  600 mm
500 mm
100 kg
  1000 mm
750 mm
600 kg
Wire: Diameter
Wire cross-section
  up to 15 mm
up to 35 mm²
  up to 35 mm
up to 95 mm²

dps 375

Deposit system

The variable dps 375 wire deposit system has a mobile frame and active wire ejection for process-orientated use. This model comes with programmable batch size sorting, making it the perfect companion for an automatic Kappa cut-and-strip machine of the third generation. Wires up to 3.5 m in length are sorted and deposited.


Technical Data

Wire diameter max. 35 mm
Wire length approx. 1503.500 mm
Conveyor belt --

KA 3000 / KA 6000

Deposit systems

These wire deposit units are intended for depositing "over-length conductors“ neatly and extended to full length. The KA 3000 deposit unit is suitable for depositing wires up to about 3.000 mm in length; the KA 6000, for depositing wires up to about 6.200 mm in length. The maximum wire diameters for the two models are 18 mm and 35 mm, respectively. With the KA 3000-2 model, two separate batches can be deposited in separate trays.


Technical data

KA 3000 KA 6000
Conductor diameter max. 18 mm max. 35 mm
Conductor length 3503.000 mm 3506.200 mm
Conveyor belt active

KRI 800-T / dps 272


The KRI 800-T wire coiler is designed for the efficient coiling of long conductors. After coiling, the guide posts automatically lower, and the safety cover opens to allow easy removal of the coiled wire. The KRI 800-T is particularly well suited to large-size conductors.

The Komax dps 272 coiler is the perfect choice for coiling over-length cables. With its dual-drum design and automatically sliding safety cover, processing is fast, reliable and safe.


Technical Data

KRI 800-T dps 272
Wire diameter max. 35 mm max. 15 mm
Wire length min. 1.000 mm
Inside diameter of coil,
Outside diameter of coil
250600 mm,
max. 750 mm
100300 mm,
max. 400 mm
Coil weight max. 80 kg max. 10 kg

dps 261


The Komax dps 261 binder binds wire coils quickly and gently. Its ease of operation and great reliability make this device an ideal supplement for all coilers. The knot created in binding is easy to undo. The Komax dps 261 binder is operated with a foot pedal. A high degree of safety and reliability are ensured by the needle slide clutch. The Komax dps 261 binder not only processes wires. It can also be used to bind other products.


Technical data

Inside diameter of coil min. 120 mm
Coil height/push-through height max. 145 mm
RPM of turntable/speed approx. 0.67 sec./cycle

ims 295 BC / BS / MC

Inkjet printer

The Komax ims 295 BC (Black Colour), ims 295 BS (Black Small) and ims 295 MC (Multi Colour) inkjet marking systems excel in their high marking speeds and in the simple and reliable way in which they process the wire. All IMS marking systems have two different interfaces, an RS232 and an Ethernet (TCP/IP). That means they can be operated with current as well as future Komax machines. They are particularly suitable in combination with automatic Kappa strippers and with the Alpha, Gamma and Zeta fully automatic crimping machines.


Technical Data

ims 295 BC ims 295 BS ims 295 MC
Min. font height 1,3 mm 0,9 mm 1,3 mm
Inks Non-/lightly pigmented Non-pigmented Highly pigmented
Maximum marking speed 8 m/s 9 m/s 8 m/s

MicroForce 70

Crimp Force Monitor

Missing strands and insulation inside the crimp are frequent reasons for defective contacting in modern wire harnesses. Every single crimp therefore has to be monitored to ensure proper functioning. MicroForce 70 enables gapless crimp force monitoring to be carried out easily and efficiently and meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


Technical data

Cross section range 0.35–6 mm² (AWG 22–AWG 10)
Dimensions L × W × H 146 × 46 × 106 mm

MicroForce 80

Crimp force monitoring

The MicroForce 80 is currently the best crimp force monitoring system on the market. It detects missing strands or insulation that has been caught in the crimp, and can be retrofitted to all crimp presses.
Its many features mean it offers incredible efficiency, high productivity and flexibility. For example, it has product libraries to reduce retooling times, measurement data are saved on an external USB drive, and there are sensitivity settings and the facility for sequence processing. The color touch display provides an image of crimp curves in order to better assess the crimp quality.


Technical data

Cross sectional area range 0.35–6 mm² (AWG 22–AWG 10)
Display 5.0 inch color display with touch functionality
Special features Sensitivity setting, product memory, data interface, sequence processing, headroom adjustment, predefined access rights

MicroLab 10

Mobile micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 10 enables micrographs to be taken quickly and easily regardless of the location. It covers all relevant processing steps – from cutting and polishing to etching and visualization. The compact carry-case design enables the quality of crimp and splice connections to be assessed with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness.


Technical data

Processing range Ø 0.302.50 mm
Cross section range up to 5.00 mm²

MicroLab 30

Micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 30 micrograph laboratory offers a fast and flexible way to produce a micrograph. The wide cross section range lets you monitor most of your production. The fully automated process run results in a perfect micrograph without external influence.


Technical Data

Wire range diameter dia. 0.5010.00 mm
Cross section range 0.0880.00 mm²

MicroLab 35

Micrograph laboratory

MicroLab 35 is designed for the fast creation of grinding patterns of contacts up to a diameter of 3 mm. The fully automated transport system and the tried-and-tested technology facilitate short processing times. The parallel processes allow the continuous creation of one grinding pattern per minute. Laser-supported, the sample is clamped quickly, hence defining the grinding surface precisely. Without repositioning, MicroLab 35 grinds the sample on its own. As soon as it has reached the analysis unit, it is electrolytically cleaned, the grinding pattern is recorded and analysed.


Technical data

Wire range diameterdia. 0.303.00 mm
Cross section range0.086.00 mm²

MicroLab 55

Micrograph laboratory

The MicroLab 55 grinding pattern laboratory facilitates the generation of grinding patterns of all types of crimp available on the market, both transverse and longitudinal grinding. This also applies to products such as printed circuit boards or housings outside the automotive area. The optimum arrangement of the individual modules makes very short processing times possible. A reproducible sample preparation is 100 % guaranteed, since no repositioning of the sample between the individual machining steps is necessary.


Technical data

Wire range diameter dia. 0.5023.00 mm
Cross section range 0.08400.00 mm²


Micrograph analyser

The program analyses the micrographs of the widest variety of crimp connections established on the market. It can photograph, measure, evaluate and document the entire terminal in addition to transverse and longitudinal sections. It guides users reliably through the standard and the respective measured variables.


Technical data

Analyzable types of crimpsB-Crimp, IDC, longitudinal grinding, Aluminium, Copper
Deposited industry standards

USCAR 21, PSA 9634115099, TYCO 114-18022-10, Renault 36-05-019, VW-Norm 60330

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