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EMI shielding, sealing, grounding, lacquering

Acrylic glass: reflection-free, scratch-resistant, IR filter, large selection of EMC shielding materials. The right solution for electronic displays!


Fabric over Foam, Conductive Foam

Electrically conductive textile gaskets (FoF – Fabric-over-Foam) and conductive foam (CF - conductive foam) represent a cost-effective and easy-to-handle method of EMI shielding. A large number of different profiles and dimensions as well as customer-specific stampings are available. This type of seal in addition to EMI shielding also serves as environmental seal (IP54).


Contact strips

The contact strips made from beryllium copper are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and mounting options. To avoid problems with the compatibility of the material, contact strips are supplied with different surface finishes.


Electrically conductive elastomers

Electrically conductive elastomers (EcE) are available in many different elastomer compounds, fillers and shapes. Common variants are gaskets made from silicone filled with carbon or silver-plated glass or silicone foam with a silver-plated surface. Very good environmental sealing (IP65-IP68) is also guaranteed with this seal.


Full metal fabric cords, metal mesh over elastomer

These highly conductive gaskets are available in different material combinations and profiles and are widely used in cabinet construction.


Board Level Shields

Standard surface mount shields one- and two-piece

One-piece standard surface mount shields offer six sides of protection, with the sixth side being the board itself. One-piece designs offer economical shielding protection where access to covered components is not necessary.

Two-piece standard surface mount shields offer users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without risking board damage by removing the entire shield or incurring tooling costs. Covers snap on and off with ease, which makes repair of the component under the shield quicker and easier and reduces board re-work. Two-piece shields are available unassembled* and are designed to survive drop, shock and no-rattle tests.

There are no tooling costs associated with either the one and/or two-piece design.

Electrically conductive lacquer

Metal housings offer the best shield against electromagnetic radiation. Non-conductive plastics such as polyurethane foam, ABS, ABS/PC etc. are becoming more common for enclosures for electrical and electronic devices. Since these materials cannot resist electromagnetic interference, the function of these devices will affect or interfere with disturb other devices. This requires the use of conductive coatings to achieve electromagnetic compatibility and shielding. The Celerol-EMI coating contains a high proportion of conductive particles for metallization and thus provides a very good attenuation.


EMI Shielding Windows

Recesses in enclosures which contain electronic components often produce EMI problems. The PSC products Solaris-Shield™, an optical filter with resin hardened metal mesh, and Combi-Shield™, a metal mesh stretched over a part, are the solutions offered.


SOLARIS™ IR S306 Infrared Filters

Infrared filters are used to exclude visible light. Acrylic is the most suitable material for the transmission of light in the near-infrared range.

Infrared filters are broadband filters in the interval of 800-2000 nanometres and absorb visible light and ultraviolet rays; they cause a maximum transmission of the display using near-infrared light. The filter has a light transmission of up to 96% in the near-infrared range and prevents the penetration of light with wavelengths of below 750 nm.

SOLARIS™ optical filters

Acrylic glass

Solaris™ optical filters are acrylic glass filters in optical quality, which are known for exceptional optical and mechanical properties. The panes are casted in float glass forms. This casting process results in a perfect optical surface without distortion of the display signal. More than 50 years of experience and know-how in the field of polymerization gives PSC the opportunity of offering you plates with tolerances up to +/- 0.1 mm.

PSC Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings For Polymer

In some applications like medical equipment and navigation computers display readability is extremely important. Displays in these applications must be easy to read from all angles and under all possible ambient light conditions.

For these applications PSC has developed a range of very effective AR (anti reflective) surface treatments, which can all be applied to PMMA and Polycarbonate. They reduce reflections to an absolute minimum and increase undisturbed light transmission.

PSC Clear Hard Coats

A Clear Hard Coat is a clear, virtually invisible and very hard surface treatment. The flawless optical quality makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring maximum light transmittance combined with a scratch-resistant surface. It is often used for applications with high-resolution LCD colour displays or any other application in which protection of the surface is the first priority.

PSC Non-Glare Coatings

PSC has developed surface treatments that effectively reduce surface gloss on plastic products and at the same time eliminate disturbing reflections. This effect takes place without loss of light or distortion of the visual light. All colours are transmitted through PSC Mat-Finish without any limitation of the desired wavelength region. The surface is not at any time sensitive to dust since the polymerisation of the coating material occurs immediately after it has been applied to the surface. This application technique results in a uniform non-glare surface regardless of the size of the item.

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