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Machines for the cutting of round and flat cables, tubes, PVC strips, various foils, paper, fabric, etc.


Iota 330

Cutting machine

The Iota 330 is the all-rounder of cutting machines. It cuts through pipes reliably and with ease (belt drive), as well as plastic straps, pneumatic hoses, shrink tubing, ribbon cables and much more. The belt drive ensures that the material is handled with care.
Where high production volumes are required, up to four tracks can be operated in parallel. 


Technical data

Length range1–1,00,000 mm
Length accuracy+/- (1 mm + 0,2 % x L)
Maximum admission height16–25 mm in the center of the belt drive
Maximum admission width82 mm


Cutting tool

Cutting tool, for precise cutting of copper and aluminium cables.


Technical data

Cutit 8Cutit 22Cutit 45R
Max. diameter8 mm22 mm45 mm
Max. cross section (details in the datasheet)16 mm²95 mm²400 mm²




Stripping and cutting tools

For fine-stranded and solid conductor; useable for all insulations. The stripping length can be adjusted with a limiter.


Technical data

Stripit 6Stripit 16
Cross section0.08–6 mm²6–16 mm²

SM 15 2PLC / SM 30 2PLC

Cutting machine

The extremely reliable and solid universal cutting machine has been designed to process a wide range of different materials. In addition, Ulmer and Thonauer can also adapt the cutting machine to your needs.

Punching cut for tubes, foamed rubber, sealing profiles. Shearing cut for flat and round cables and stranded wire, shrinking tubes. Tube cut for several tube materials.

Optional bevel cut blades available.


Technical data

SM 15 2PLCSM 30 2PLC
Length range0,1–999,999 mm
Max. passage height15/30 mm15 mm
Max. passage width150 mm300 mm

SG 400 V

Cutting machine

The SG 400 V has been designed especially for the cutting of large-sized cables or lateral cuts respectively. Multi-core cables are cut to an outside diameter of 26 mm and cross section of up to 150 mm².

The robust and powerful feeder (as used in the ZG 400 B2) enables precise positioning of the cutting material.


Technical Data

Max. length input0,1–999,999 mm
Throughput height/widthup to 30 mm
Upper belt liftPneumatic, to a limited extent mechanical

SSM 60 / SSM 800

Hose cutting machine

The hose cutting machine SSM 60 is suitable for cutting closed and slit corrugated tube, PVC, rubber hose as well as further types of hose with an outer diameter of up to 60 mm. The use of the guillotine cut (blade is fixed in a 45° angle) makes for a precise cutting angle as well as high cutting quality.


Technical Data

SSM 60SSM 800
Length range0,1–999,999 mm
Max. throughput heightup to 60 mmup to 20 mm
Max. throughput widthup to 60 mmup to 800 mm
Cutting headPneumatically operated

WSM 30E / WSM 60E / WSM 60ESB

Corrugated tube cutting machine

Corrugated tubes are used in slit and non-slit versions to protect cables and harnesses, for instance, in the automotive and machine construction industries. Tubes from medical devices or white goods can also be processed. Precise and reliable cutting at the wave top is important. High cutting quality is important to ensure tightness at the contact point. 

To do this, a rotating knife is used to avoid sharp edges damaging inner wires.


Technical Data

Length range0,1–999,999 mm
Throughput height/width7–32 mmup to 60 mmup to 60 mm
Feeding length200 mm200 mm1000 mm


Cutting device

Ideal for cutting electric cables with cross-sections of 0.08–10 mm². The cutting parameters are either set on the device itself or loaded into the device using PC software.


Technical data

Length range2–99,999 mm
Conductor diameter8 mm max.
Speed1.5 m/s
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