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Cutting and stripping

Electro-pneumatic crimping machines for loose, insulated and non-insulated wire end ferrules.


Kappa 310 / 315 / 320

Cutting and stripping machine

Power, performance and a new type of sensors are the three key features of the fully automatic Kappa cutting and stripping machines. Interfaces to pre-feeders and inkjet printers are integrated. Easy to use touch screen.


Technical data

Kappa 310Kappa 315Kappa 320
Wire cross section0.02–6 mm²0.05–10 mm²0.05–10 mm²
Max. stripping length:
Full strip
Partial stripping

100 mm,
999.9 mm
Cable transport speed4 m/sec.2 m/sec.4 m/sec.
Transport systemSingle rolls

Kappa 322 / 330 / 350

Cutting and stripping machine

Powerful cutting and stripping machines for bigger cross sections. High processing speed guaranties short production cycles. The Kappa 322 offers the simultaneous stripping of multi stranded wire (e.g. power cables). Gentle belt drive transport of wire. Interfaces to printer, pre-feeder and deposit systems.


Technical data

Kappa 322Kappa 330Kappa 350
Wire cross section0.05–16 mm²0.22–35 mm²2.5–120 mm²
Max. stripping length:
Full stripping,
Partial stripping

100 mm
999 mm

180 mm
999 mm

290 mm
999 mm
Cable transport speed4 m/sec.4.8 m/sec.
Transport systemDual rolls or belt drive

Kappa 331

Powerful cut and strip machine with rotating knife unit

Round, multilayered cables, with and without shielding, are precisely stripped in multiple steps. The machine can be changed over quickly, making it ideal for flexible use.


Technical data

Conductor cross section0.22–35 mm²
Max. outside diameter16 mm
Length range 1–800,000 mm
VersionsUniversal machine with swivel guide, Universal/coax-machine with split guides
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