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Connector loading

Flexible machine designs for a virtually unlimited number of options. Cost-effective and reliable solutions for block loading.


Omega 740 / 750

Fully automatic cable harness manufacturing machine

The Omega 740 and 750 are used for the fully automatic production of cable harnesses that are fitted from both sides. Up to 36 different cable types can be processed at the same time. With up to eight processing stations, almost all manufacturing processes can be reproduced and cable assemblies can be made efficiently without change overs. Marking is automated, using two ink-jet printers. The Omega passes the cables to a connected block loader fully automatically.  With many improvements such as optical monitoring, a larger carrier plate and much more, it can now even fit the smallest connector housings or other components, fault-free.


Technical data

Omega 740Omega 750
Number of stations / with expansion5 / 108 / 13
Number of cables36
Process modulesCrimping, fitting seals, MIL crimping, ferrules, ultrasonic compaction
Quality assuranceIntegrated crimp height and pull-out force measurement, crimp force monitoring, splice detection, incision monitoring, material change detection and material verification,
Assembly: Collision, insertion force and contact locking Monitoring
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